Shug and her power

When Shug walked into the room, Jai was bent over a cake, putting the icing on. Bending over in the little dress revealed Jai’s little thong and butt cheeks.

Shug smirked at the sight and quietly picked up a wooden cutting board off the table. She then swung the board and swatted Jai’s butt with power. Jai squeaked with surprise as he went flying forward. His face splatted directly into his cake.

Jai remained still in shock with his butt in the air, so Shug smacked his ass again. His face was buried deeper in the chocolate cake. This happened several times, with Shug setting Jai’s butt on fire.

Shug finally grabbed his hair and pulled him into a chokehold. Jai’s face turned red as Shug held him in a headlock until Jai passed out. When Jai regained consciousness, he was tied up and bent over the sofa. He was wearing a ball gag.

Shug had called in two women that would teach Jai to accept his place. Her friend Briana wore a 14-inch dildo on a strap-on. Her friend Jasmine wore a 14-inch strap-on as well.

Shug pulled off Jai’s ball-gag. Briana stepped up and slid the dildo into Jai’s throat. She pumped her hips with speed and domination. She blister-banged his throat so forcefully that Jai’s watering eyes fluttered and rolled back.

Jasmine yanked Jai’s panties down and approached him from behind. She lubed up her dildo and then pushed it into Jai’s ass. Her dildo sank deep into his ass until it was fully buried. Jasmine pumped her hips, making Jai her blushing whore.

Jai did not have a choice. He could only blush and whimper repeatedly. The girls fucked Jai into a blubbering wimpy mess. He pouted and whimpered when he wasn’t slurping on the huge dildo.

Jai’s mascara ran down his face as Briana fucked his throat so hard and deep. It was the tonsil banging of the year. Jasmine pushed herself into Jai’s ass so very deep. Her pelvis slapped against his butt cheeks, repeatedly filling the room with a ‘SLAP!’ sound.

Jasmine was fucking Jai’s ass and spanking his ass simultaneously. He would not be sitting down for a few days. Briana pushed the dildo so deep into Jai’s throat that his esophagus was being stretched.

Shug clapped and laughed as she watched Jai easily turn into a very dominated sissy bitch. Jasmine pulled out of Jai’s ass when Briana pulled out of his mouth. Jai collapsed onto his hands and knees and grunted in exacerbation. He was completely humiliated beyond belief.

Shug rose to her feet and walked towards Jai, who panted to catch his breath. Shug clipped a leash to his collar and pulled him across the floor. Jai crawled on his hands and knees after Shug.

“Bark like a dog for us, little bitch!” Shug demanded.

“ARF! ARF! ARF!” Jai barked.

Shug reached down and smacked Jai’s bottom. He wiggled his bottom for her and looked over his shoulder at her. He squeaked, “Oh, mistress!”

Shug smacked his ass again with strong dominance. She then grasped his little thong and yanked it upward, administering a thong wedgie for Jai. He gasped as his mouth dropped open in shock and embarrassment.

“Get on your fucking knees, sissy bitch and beg like a dog!” Shug demands.

Jai sat up on his knees with his hands held in front of him like doggy paws. He panted with his tongue hanging out. He made little begging whiney noises and then barked some more.

Shug smirked as she leaned over and grabbed a handful of Jai’s hair, and pulled his head back. She demanded that he open his mouth, and then she spat in it.

She held his head back as she lit a cigarette and blew the smoke in Jai’s face. She pinched Jai’s nose closed until he opened his mouth to breathe. Shug then took a deep drag off her cigarette and flicked some ashes in Jai’s mouth.

Jai swallowed her spit and the ashes. Shug slapped his face a few times and smirked. “I am going to put you to work, you worthless slut! I am going to run a train on you! Those boys are going to fuck your mouth hard!” Shug warned.

Suddenly, the door opened and in came 16 black guys. They all undressed and formed a line in front of Jai. One by one, each guy’s power plunged into Jai’s throat with their huge cocks. They each fed Jai mouthfuls of cum.

Shug shook her head and said, “What a stupid gobbling gizz guzzler!”

After all the men finished with Jai’s slutty mouth, Jai sat in stunned silence. He was the slutty cock-whore of the year. He was embarrassed and flabbergasted at what had occurred.

Shug and her friends giggled at what they had observed. Shug grabbed the leash, pulled Jai to the bathroom, and instructed him to shower. When Jai emerged from his shower, he was clean and wearing only a floral print thong.

Shug pushed him across the bed and smacked his ass several times. She then flipped him over. So he was lying on his back on the bed. She hiked her skirt up, peeled off her panty, and climbed on the bed. She sat on his face and began grinding her hips.

Jai’s lips and tongue serviced her clit. Shug moaned in pleasure as she pumped her hips. Jai’s tongue pushed inside her, so she started bouncing on his face. Her butt cheeks slapped against his face as he tongue fucked her. She rode his face so hard.

Shug gasped and orgasmed hard as she dumped cum all over Jai’s face. She wiggled, pumped, and bounced as she smeared her cum all over his face.

Then Shug spun around and dropped her ass on his face. Jai’s tongue explored her anus and then pushed deep inside her ass. She bounced on his face as Jai cleaned her ass.

She pulled her cheeks apart and wiggled her anus tight against Jai’s mouth. His tongue swirled 4 inches deep inside her ass. She smiled as he cleaned her ass. When she stood up, she slid her panties back on. Jai sat up and looked shell-shocked. He just mumbled incoherently in brain scrambled humiliation.

Shug bent over, grabbed his panty’s top, and delivered a farewell thong wedgie. She spat in Jai’s face and walked towards the door. She stopped and smirked as she said, “Sit on the floor and bounce that stupid ass, you sissy slut!”

Jai immediately blushed as he plopped on his bottom on the hard floor. He began to bounce up and down, his butt cheeks slapping the hard floor repeatedly.

Shug smirked and said, “Bounce harder, sissy! Bounce those panties for me!”

Jai bounced and whimpered as his bottom grew sore. His butt made loud popping noises in the room. Each PLOP! made Jai blush more and more. His embarrassment grew more intense until he whined and sniffled.

Shug called Jai on the phone. When he picked up, she asked, “Are you bouncing, you sloppy bitch!”

PLOP! “Yes, I am ma’am!” whimpered Jai.

“Bounce those slutty cheeks hard, you whore!” she instructed.

“Ouchie-wow-wow! My poor whittle panties!” whined Jai.

“Bounce harder, you slut! Bounce your tranny panties!” she demanded.

Jai sniffled and moaned in weak surrender to Shug’s superior Girl Power. His butt cheeks throbbed with discomfort. His face burned with intense embarrassment.

“Wowsie-ow ow ow! My poor panties! My cheeks are ouchie!” Jai whimpered in pitiful, pathetic weakness.

Shug laughed and declared, “You stupid whore! Bark and bounce for me!”

As Jai bounced his butt, he loudly barked, “ARF! ARF! ARF!” Shug giggled at his foolishness and declared, “Fucking bounce hard and yell out about your love for sucking cocks!”

Jai blushed and bounced firmly as he yelled, “I want to suck cocks! I want to suck cocks! I want to suck cocks!”

Shug laughed and hung up the phone. Her domination had once again humiliated Jai and put him in his place.