Canceled Her Flight For Hard Fucks

Hello, everyone. This is Raj, and here’s my story. I stayed in Dallas, US, for the past few years now, and this is my experience. I’m 30 years old, 6 feet tall, moderately well built with good looks.

This was the time when I started settling down in my job and got into my comfort zone. But I was kind of bored in life due to long-distance relationships. I was looking to flirt with someone and have a fun time.

A few days passed, and suddenly, I received a friend request from a school friend on Facebook. Her name is Priya, and when it comes to her structure, she is 5’7 tall, fair and has a nice ass. I immediately accepted her friend request. I started chatting to her about the school days and school topics.

As days passed, we started speaking closely, and every day, we started speaking for hours. She was desperate for me and was looking for time to meet me. I understood this, but I was looking for a good time to start this conversation.

One day, she was travelling to her sister’s place and had a transit stop in Dallas for 4 hours. She mentioned to me about this. I said with a sad expression, “You are going to be in Dallas without meeting me.” She replied that we could meet as she had a 4-hour transit. And I was eagerly waiting for this day.

The day came when she took the flight and landed in Dallas. I went to pick her up. She looked stunning in a red skirt, and she looked as if she was ready to meet me. As soon as we met, I gave a formal hug. I asked if we could go to a coffee place, grab a coffee and walk around a nearby lake.

We bought the coffee and headed towards the lake. Then, I started a conversation about whether she had a boyfriend. She said, “If I had a boyfriend, would I have come with you alone so far?” Then, I started sensing her feelings.

She was trying to hint at her feelings for me. She said it was hot in this city and wide opened her top enough for her cleavage to be more visible. My dick started sensing, and I was trying to control myself.

She tried to sit in a comfortable position where I could see her busty thighs. Then she started asking me if I was ever in a relationship. I mentioned I was looking for more of friends with benefits type and nothing serious. She looked at me and asked what do I think about her and her looks.

I was neutral and answered, “You are good-looking, nice height, and to be frank, you know you have a nice bottom that’s too hot to handle.” She replied, “How can you say it’s too hot to handle without trying it out?” I was shocked.

I grabbed her face and came closer. We started kissing each other so much that I was enjoying it. Then we decided to go to a nearby hotel. She went to freshen up, and I was waiting for her in bed.

She looked stunning when she came out wearing a lace thong and bra. I said, “You are well prepared for this time.” She replied, “What else did you think our meet would turn into, baby?”

She put me on the bed and slowly played with my skin from head to toe. She got me undressed and started teasing my dick. I then took my turn and started teasing and licking her tits and started eating her pussy. She started moaning and said she wanted to get fucked hard.

Then I slowly started rubbing my cock against her skin. I kept saying, “Not so soon, baby,” and she was on cloud nine. I started rubbing her clit slowly in a circular motion, and she cum. Then, I gave her time to relax for a moment.

She then started rubbing my dick with her hand. She tried to stroke me in a way for me to cum. She then put my dick in her mouth and sucked it so hard and spitting on it. Now I started licking her ass slowly, and she was enjoying it.

I then took my dick and slowly rubbed against her pussy lips. She started saying, “This is the time I was waiting for. Do it, baby, I’m all yours, treat me as your bitch, fuck me as hell.” I couldn’t stop myself from her being so sexy.

Then I inserted my dick into her juicy pussy. As my dick went deep inside, she started moaning loudly and said, “Keep fucking me more and more, baby.” Then I slowly took my dick outside and then started fucking and then increased the speed.

She stretched her hands away from me, holding the bed and holding her boobs. We did a missionary position. I fucked her so much that I started holding her boobs and teasing her tits with my tongue. Then I started sucking her boobs with fucking in a missionary position.

She was enjoying it so much that she was moaning a lot and loud. I was almost reaching climax. Then I asked, “It is getting late for your connecting flight.” She replied, “Forget the flight. I’m your bitch for today fuck me like anything.”

So I started fucking in full force. I inserted in and out for 25-30 strokes, making sounds. I reached my climax again. I said I’m about to cum. She said to do it on her face. I immediately pulled out by the time and cum on her eyes, mouth and tits. She started sucking my dick again, and we were done.

We went out and had lots of good Indian food. I asked if she wanted me to drop her at the airport to catch the next flight. She called her sister and told her her flight had been cancelled, and she was going to postpone her trip.

I said, “We have the room anyway. Let’s go back.” So we bought tequila shots late evening. We were on fire again and started round 2 of batting. I fucked her ass in a doggy style this time which was a wonderful experience. We tried a few other positions, and she returned to her city the next day morning.

So this is my story, friends. Please do reach out to me at for fun.