My Journey Of Sex – Part 4 (Risky sex in classroom!)

Disclaimer: This is a fucking hot and sexy story which is long, so bear with me till the end.

It is a series story, so kindly read the previous part for more experience and excitement.

Intro of me and her:-

I am Rahul, medium build, tall, and 6-inch big veiny cock.

My girlfriend/classmate Nia, (34D-28-36) who looks like a young mallu actress Honey Rose, but is short in height and fluffy hanging boobs. Little chubby too. Hot round ass.

Ann was somewhat taller than Nia, but not that much. She is like the actress Shruti Hassan (34-30-36), but not as busty as Nia. She has round boobs and ass which is 34B, I think.

I thought she would be showing the video of me watching her and masturbating but to my surprise, it was not.

It was Nia. In the video, she was having her tender finger inside her wet pussy and was rubbing on them slowly. To my surprise, she was eyeing Ann while fingering her tight pussy with the other hand clenching my hard cock and stroking it. She was looking at Ann’s pink pussy while fingering. (I don’t think Nia knew that I was looking at Ann).

Watching this hot video of my girlfriend masturbating and thinking of Ann made my dick rise. And as I was not fully dressed, my cock popped out of my pants. Ann noticed that and grabbed my cock and slowly started to stroke it, with one hand on my cock and the other holding the phone.

All of these were making me horny. She slowly increased her stroking pace and I was already dripping precum. At a glance, I could see Ann’s boobs slowly bouncing up and down with the stroking of her hands. It was making me so hard and my veins were popping.

Then she whispered in my ear, “Rahul, my pussy is so wet. I want your hard dick inside me. and fuck me hard..Mmm..” Hearing this, I lost all my control and soon cummed all over her hands. My cock was twitching even after the climax. As cum fell on her hand, she licked it all up from her hand and went out of the class. I was confused seeing and hearing all this.

Days passed and me and Nia were fooling here and there but not that much. Ann was also not showing any interest, maybe because of Nia’s presence with me. In between, I even asked Nia if she had any interest in Ann, but she ignored the question.

Exams went on and we forgot about these things. On the last day of the class, things took a turn. We were sitting at our usual places and as usual, the class was boring and I was sleeping on the table. I woke up feeling something poking on my crotch. I looked down and saw Nia sitting under my table and slowly unzipping my pants like opening a gift wrap. I could see her sexy cleavage from the unbuttoned white shirt in her sexy red mini-skirt.

My gf took my dick out and started rubbing it. As it was flaccid, she looked at me confused and asked, “Why is it not getting hard, baby?”

I whispered to her, “Nia, maybe it needs some kisses”.

She looked at me with a naughty smile and took my dick all in and started sucking it. I started getting horny and it made my dick hard just like she wanted. She was sucking and licking my dick like a baby eating ice cream. Even she was circling at the tip with her soft tongue in between. She was milking my dick with her mouth and licking all the precum. She even tried to take it all in which made her choke.

Then she stopped and unbuttoned her full shirt (not removed) exposing her boobs supported in a white bra. I could see her hard nipples through the bra. She then slid my dick through her bra between the cleavage. The hooked bra was making my dick squeeze in between her cleavage. It was really tight.

Nia then started moving up and down with my dick between her boobs. The tight boobs were making me super horny and hard and even made me leak precum. She started moving faster and it made my cock twitch with pleasure. She was pushing her boobs from both sides to make it even tighter.

I told her, “Nia, I am about to cum.” Suddenly, my horny girlfriend took my dick out of her boobs and said, “Baby, I want you inside me.” I was shocked to hear it. I said, “Nia, not in class time, we will do it after class”.

She looked into my eyes like an innocent kid. I couldn’t say no.

I said, “Mmm, okay, but wait for 5 minutes. Ma’am will leave now and the next period is free, deal?” She agreed to it by nodding her head.

Then she started licking off all my precum on my cock like eating an ice cream. Seeing this, I slapped her tits and pinched her rock-hard nipples and said, “You horny bitch”. She moaned, “Yes” hearing that. As the ma’am went out, the students started doing their usual chit-chatting.

Nia buttoned her shirt, climbed up, and sat on my lap facing forward to the class. As she was on my lap, I put my hand under her miniskirt and tried to feel her panties. But she was not wearing any panties. I could feel her pussy lips and it was dripping wet.

I started rubbing her wet pussy with my fingers. And said, “Babe, you are so wet”. She just winked at me. I was encircling her wet pussy with my fingers. I could feel her soft ass on my dick as she was sitting on me.

Then I asked: Are you horny, baby?

She: Yes, mmm.

Me: Do you want my dick inside your wet pussy, baby?

She: Mmm.

Then I slapped her pussy and said, “Say clearly, bitch.”

She: Mmmmm, yes I want your veiny cock inside my pussy.. Mmm..

Then I pulled her up and made her sit on my dick. As she sat on my cock with her tight pussy, it made her moan loudly, “Ahhhhh..” which made the whole class turn around looking at us! Noticing this, I wrapped my hands around her navel and pulled her down to my lap making my dick penetrate her tight pussy deep and made her hold still and said not to move.

They all looked back and saw Nia sitting on my lap. As they looked, my dick was deep inside Nia’s wet pussy. They saw Nia just sitting on my lap and her mini skirt was covering the rest. They didn’t feel suspicious as in our class couples sit like this. So they turned back and started doing their job. She started moving her hips with my dick inside her pussy. It was really hot and it was turning me on.

My girlfriend then slowly started to move up and down milking my cock with her tight pussy. My dick was hard as a rod. After some time, she stood up and turned around to face me, and said, “Rahul, I need you to cum inside me”. While saying that, she sat on my dick penetrating her wet pussy. She sat facing me and her face was really cute, so I kissed her with my tongue circling and twirling inside her mouth.

We then started fucking as she moved up and down. We were not having any fear of getting caught by our classmates as it was pure lust and horniness. Imagine it, “Me and Nia, sitting on the last bench, with our batchmates in the class and I am having my cock out through my zipper and Nia sitting on my dick, wearing a red miniskirt and white shirt facing me.”

Because of Nia’s short skirt, they could have seen her ass soft bouncing while having sex”. Till the bell rang, we both fucked mindlessly without even looking if someone was noticing us. When the bell rang, we both paused for a moment for the students to go out. While going out, I saw some of our classmates laughing at us. The moment they left, I grabbed her soft ass and squeezed it hard by saying, “Everyone saw us fucking because of your horniness bitch.”

Then Nia bit on my earlobe because of the pain and stood up taking my dick out of her pussy, leaving it dripping in her wet pussy juice. She turned around and sat again on my dick facing away from me and started sucking my cock with her tight pussy by saying, “Fuck me hard, babe. I want your cum inside me.”

It was turning to get really horny for me. I squeezed her boobs over the shirt. I could feel her rock-hard nipples through the shirt. Then I ripped her shirt open, exposing her white bra while fucking her hard. I could notice her boobs bouncing up and down. Then I raised a bit and started moving my hips too which made her moan in pleasure.

I was fucking my girlfriend hard and deep inside the classroom. Her pussy was getting to twitch. I pinched hard on her both nipples over the bra while fucking hard, which made her orgasm, making her body tremble with pleasure. Her pussy was clenching my cock hard and it made me cum hard inside her pussy. I filled her pussy with my cum and when I took my dick out, cum was oozing out of her pussy. Without wasting any drop, she licked it all. Then we fooled around for some time and then went home.

Days went by and because of vacation, we couldn’t see each other. Our sexual urges were at their peak. After a few days, Nia called me and said that we could set a meet-up the next day at her home. I was so excited.

The next day when I was about to go, she called me and said, “Baby, some guests came by, so we can’t meet here. You do one thing, go to Ann’s home. I have already told her about us, so I will meet you there, bye”. And she disconnected the call.

As Ann’s parents went to work, it would be easy for us to meet up there. So I went to her home and knocked on the door. I could hear the footsteps approaching the door. And there she opened the door. I looked at her and what I saw there was not what I expected.

This was what I saw, imagine this in mind, “Ann was standing there with the door open. Her sexy face and juicy lips had water droplets on them. Her body was fully covered with water. And her hair was dripping in water. She was covered only with a pink bathrobe which was not that thick, so it stuck to her body (34B-30-36) showing her sexy curves and figure.

As the top was unbuttoned, I could see her sexy deep cleavage, and water droplets were flowing between her big cleavage and disappearing to her deep cleavage. The short pink bathrobe was barely covering her ass. Her sexy long legs and thighs were exposed with it and I could even see some glimpses of her hard nipples over the bathrobe. She was looking like a sex bomb”.

Seeing Ann’s sexy figure gave me an instant hard-on.

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