Caretaker for disabled bhabhi – Part 1

Hi all, My name is Sonu. I am a 20-year-old college student. I live in Pune with my older brother Raj, age 27, and his wife Sheetal, age 26. My parents died when we were young. Bhaiya had to bear all the hardships, getting a job while studying and taking the role of my parents. He made sure I never felt the loss of my parents and took care of all expenses and needs.

Bhaiya was not just my older brother, he was my whole world. He was my father and mother and if there was a God, he would be in the image of bhaiya.

When Bhaiya was 25, my relatives found a match for him. Then he got married to Bhabhi. Bhabhi was very fair. She was 5 feet 9 inches tall, which is a good match for bhaiya’s 6 feet 3 inches. She was well-built and homely. And she had motherly looks just like those bhabhis you see in the Indian serials.

As for me, I got the short end of the genetic stick and stand at a measly 5 feet 2 inches with a frail physique compared to bhaiya’s tall and well-toned build. To my embarrassment, those who didn’t know us would think I was their child and both of them towered over me.

Bhabhi coming into our house was a gift from the Gods. She had a calm but jovial light-hearted personality that brightened up the house and more importantly, gave bhaiya a life partner who allowed him to slow down and smile without always feeling like he had to be the older brother with nothing in life except responsibilities.

He started enjoying life once again with a future to look forward to. Not long after the marriage, bhabhi became pregnant and had a son. Motherhood had a big effect on bhabhi. Her physique changed drastically and it was obvious to anyone that her figure had completely changed. From what looked like 36c before pregnancy, she had grown to about 36dd, primarily due to her lactating.

We were all overjoyed with the addition of another life into our home which after a long time felt like a full home again. My brother was overjoyed at becoming a father and things couldn’t be any better for him. Unfortunately, his happiness was short-lived as he was notified by his company that he would have to relocate to Dubai for his work.

He did not want to go or uproot his wife from her hometown, especially now that she had become a new mother. So he decided yet again to sacrifice his happiness and move to Dubai alone so as not to cause any disruption in our lives.

Bhaiya told me that he was leaving bhabhi and his son in my care and that now was my time to ensure that they were well cared for and lacked nothing in his absence. He said he trusted me to look after them and I promised him I would do my best to care for them.

So, it was finally my time to grow up and in some little way pay back for all the hardships he had endured in raising me. Little did I know at the time the tragedy that would soon happen to us and change everything.

A couple of weeks after bhaiya left, bhabhi also made plans to visit her aged parents as they were unable to travel for health reasons. One day, I received a call from Bhabhi’s father informing me that bhabhi had gotten into an accident and was in serious condition. My heart collapsed upon hearing this and for a moment, I was paralyzed, not knowing what to say or do next.

Then I remembered my promise to Bhaiya, got a hold of myself, and immediately told him, I was coming to the hospital. When I arrived there, bhabhi’s father and cousin brother were there. Her mother was at home looking after the baby. I asked them if bhabhi was okay. They said she was in an intensive care unit and waiting for the doctor to come out and give an update.

We waited there for a few hours after which the doctor came out and spoke to us. He said that she was in critical condition but she would survive. He said that she had lost feelings in her hand and would no longer be able to use them.

We all went silent as if the earth had stopped spinning. We could not believe what we were hearing. His father started to cry and I consoled him, telling him not to worry and we would figure this out somehow. When Bhabhi regained consciousness, we were allowed to go and see her. She didn’t say anything but the tears rolling down her eyes conveyed her emotions.

We took turns staying at bhabhi’s bedside for a few days until the hospital said she was well enough to be discharged. During this time, I called my brother to break the news and he broke down on the phone crying. He was helpless as he could not leave at the risk of losing his job. He told me that he didn’t want to burden me to be a caretaker for bhabhi. But he had no choice. He said that in his absence, I must ensure that she was taken care of.

I promised bhaiya I would not let him down and that everything would be okay and not to worry. This pacified him. But I knew he was in hell, to be stuck there while this tragedy had happened to his beloved wife. Her father told me he had made all the arrangements to take his daughter to their home where they would take care of her while bhaiya was away.

I remembered what bhaiya told me about bhabhi returning to our home and that he was leaving her well-being and care with me. And I had promised him I would. I relayed to bhabhi’s father the promise I had made to bhaiya and how upset he would be if his wife could not be taken care of in her husband’s home which was her rightful place after marriage.

Her father said: Beta, I understand. But how will you manage this? You are only 20 years old. And now she is not able to use her hands and on top of that she has a newborn baby. This will be too much for you to manage on your own.

Although what he was saying was not wrong, I could not go back on my promise and disappoint bhaiya.

So I told him: No matter how challenging it gets, I will make good on my promise. Do not need worry about your daughter. She will get all the care and support she needs.


In part 2, I will tell you all what happens upon bhabhi returning home, the challenges faced with her hands being paralyzed and a newborn baby of 3 months to care for.