Priya and Sripriya – Part 4

“This is not fair, Priya. You can’t leave me like this. I am not a small boy to masturbate. At least suck me till I cum,” I was almost pleading with her to relieve me.

Priya gave me a look at me and my cock, picking the lungi from the floor and handing it to me. She said, “I have an idea. Come with me to my home. My dad will be coming by 9 p.m. Sripriya will be alone in the kitchen. You can take her by surprise while she is cooking and I will come later. What do you say?”

I thought it was not a bad idea to take the slut wife into her own home. I wore the T-shirt and wrapped the lungi. I said, “I just need a pussy to drill and to deposit my cum. Mom or daughter doesn’t matter. But you must keep guard and let me know if your dad or relatives show up as it’s Onam today.”

I closed the door and went down to Priya’s house. Priya closed the main door and signalled me towards the kitchen. The kitchen platform was not visible from the hall. I went in and saw Sripriya standing near the stove with her back towards the door and humming.

I silently went near her. Bending, I lifted her saree, exposing her plump buttocks. The bitch was not wearing panties, as I had it with me. Sripriya was startled when her saree was lifted, and tried to turn back. I quickly swung into action.

Dropping my lungi down, holding my cock in my right hand and pressing her head down, keeping my left hand on the back of her head. I tried to push my cock between her ass cheeks, trying to find her pussy door.

But Sripriya, who was in a state of shock, was wriggling her ass and legs, making it difficult for me to penetrate her. Bending my head down close to her ear, I whispered, “It’s me, Sripriya. Don’t create a scene. Cooperate with me for 10 minutes.”

Sripriya turned her head. Seeing me, she was relieved, but with mock anger, she said, “What is this, Chetta? My husband may come anytime, and Priya should be in the house too.”

“Don’t worry about Priya. She went to her friend’s place after my tuition, and your hubby will come by 9. So we have 2 hours to enjoy. Give me half an hour. I am really horny dear,” I said, still trying to locate her door to heaven.

“You are impossible, Chetta. You just fucked me a few hours before, and already horny. Did you get hard by seeing Priya’s young body,” Sripriya said, smiling.

My left hand was pressing her breasts on the blouse. My right hand was showing my cock in the direction of her love hole. “Priya is still a young girl, and you are…” My cock found an opening and tried to enter it.

“Stop. You are trying to enter the wrong hole, Chetta. Wait, I will help you,” Sripriya inserted her right hand from under her thighs and held my cock. I released my right hand, and both hands were on her boobs for grip, ready to mount her. She had taken charge of my cock.

Sripriya expertly placed my cock at the opening of her pussy, I gave a gentle push, and I was fully inside her. She was wet already, and it made it easy to enter her so easily.

Sripriya, moaning, turned back and asked, “Priya is still young, and am I old Chetta?” Pulling my cock a bit out and ramming in her again, I said, “Who said you are old? You are ripe, ready to be eaten and taken anytime, dear.”

I was pounding her from my back in slow strokes, feeling her soft buttocks hitting my abdomen. Sripriya’s saree pallo was on the floor. I inserted my hands in her blouse top and ripped it apart.

Her breasts were released from the confines of her tight blouse. Cupping both her breasts, I began to pound her hard now.

“Chetta, you are killing me. Oh, yes, fuck me hard, Chetta. More, still harder,” Sripriya was screaming. I kept on fucking her nonstop without pausing.

“If you are so tight at this age, I wonder how your daughter will be, Sripriya,” I said, pounding her and she had an orgasm creaming my cock with her cum.

“Ah, do you want to fuck Priya, Chetta?” Sripriya said, taking a deep breath.

“Sure, why not if I get the chance? She is inexperienced, and I will give her sex education along with Math if you permit,” I said fondling her hanging boobs.

“My husband will kill you if you try something like that. You have already taken his wife, and you want his daughter, too. Aren’t you greedy? I will satisfy you myself. Don’t even think of seducing my little girl, Chetta,” Sripriya said in a firm tone.

But the bitch didn’t know that her little girl had already seduced me and made me her pussy eater and sex toy. I heard movement behind me and turned back. I was not surprised to see Priya standing behind my back. Placing a finger to her lips, Priya signalled me not to give out her presence.

She held my dancing balls in her left hand, and her right hand gripped my creamed cock at the base. She was feeling her stepmom’s ass and my cock moving in and out of Sripriya’s slushy pussy. I looked back when I felt Priya’s body upon me.

The young slut had lifted her shirt and was pressing her naked firm boobs on my back. What a lucky day it was for me. The stepmom and the daughter sandwiched me. It was a nice feeling to have Priya’s young tits being crushed on my back.

“Chetta, why did you slow down? Fuck me fast and hard. I don’t want Priya to come and catch us like this. Finish off quickly. I will come in the afternoon tomorrow, and you can fuck me as long as you like,” Sripriya said, panting urging to finish soon.

I came to my senses, hearing her, gripping her boobs tightly began to ram her as fast I could. I knew I was close as Priya was rubbing my balls and holding my cock tightly at the base. I saw her kneeling on the floor. I sensed my cock being licked up as I was moving in and out of Sripriya’s moist pussy.

I was baffled at the young girl’s courage. She asked me to fuck her stepmom in her own house. Now she was licking me as her stepmom was being fucked. I hated the young girl’s guts. But I plundered her mom’s ripe pussy, wondering when I would get the chance to enter this gutsy girl’s pussy.

I knew I was close and gave long strokes. I pushed my cock all the way inside Sripriya’s pussy and began shooting my cum. Sripriya had become silent, receiving my cum gracefully in her womb. I pulled my cock out.

Priya took my cock in her mouth and sucked my cum and her stepmom for a brief second. She silently went out of the kitchen. I stepped back, and Sripriya’s saree fell, covering her legs. Sripriya stood up, turned towards me began hitting my chest with her free breasts juggling on her chest.

“What has gotten in you, Chetta? You shocked me literally,” Sripriya said, lifting her pallo and wiping my cock clean of our juices.

“You could have sucked my cock clean with your mouth. Why did you use your saree, dear?” I said, pinching her hard nipples.

“Chee, you are very naughty Chetta. Don’t worry, I will make it up for you. I will give you a nice morning blowjob early in the morning before my hubby wakes up. Keep the door locked. I will use my key and enter. I thought of doing it without telling you before you came here now. Now, it won’t be a surprise. Look what you have done to my blouse,” Sripriya said, showing her torn blouse hooks.

“Don’t worry, I will get you a new dress tomorrow if you give me a nice blowjob in the morning,” I said and wrapped my lungi across my tummy, kissed her on the lips and left her house.