College Humiliation – part 8

Thank you, guys, for the appreciation. Before continuing with the eighth part, let me give a brief background. This story is about a male-dominated country. A girl studying at a college makes the mistake of stealing the exam paper and is punished and humiliated by the Dean of the college.

She is stripped naked and punished. She had a very humiliating session in the anatomy class. Then she had a pee compilation punishment, and later she had a blowjob compilation. Later, she is exposed to body shaming, and her nipples are pierced.

She was subjected to body painting, and her rights to walk were revoked. Fellow students pee on her, and her virginity is taken by professors. Silicon is inserted in her breasts, and she is given a new dress of wax. The story continues with the next part.

I now had a dress of wax to carry with me. One way it was good was hiding my nudity, but I knew it was short-lived as it could not stay on my body. While I started to crawl, the wax started to go out of my body. Soon, all the wax started to go off.

By the end of the day, I was nude again with some patches of wax on my body.

That day went by with the usual punishment and not much humiliation. I woke up the next day and went to the Dean’s office for my morning fuck.

Dean: Where is the wax dress?

Me: As I crawled, it went all off.

Dean: The instructions were pretty clear that you needed to take care of your dress.

Me: It’s not my fault. With body movements, it all got removed.

Dean: I can understand for a few bits to get removed but not the whole dress.

Me: Again, reiterated, I didn’t do it purposefully; it all was due to body movements, but Dean didn’t listen to all this.

Dean: This deserves a punishment, which will be announced in the assembly.

I was so angry, but I had no choice. Then five professors fucked me hard, and all their cum was dripping from my pussy. I crawled back to the assembly, and everyone gathered. Some students were happy to see me naked again. The morning assembly kicked off, and all regular activities were carried out.

As the assembly was reaching its end, I was getting anxious about my punishment. Dean took the mic and announced Miss Juhi was given the task of keeping her dress intact, which she failed to adhere to. She is liable for punishment now.

Her punishment would be that she would no longer be allowed to drink water. Hearing this, I was about to collapse. How can I survive without water? I said to Dean that this punishment was life-threatening and I could die due to it. This is injustice, and students have also started to take my side.

This was the first time students were supporting me, and tears started to flow through my eyes. Dean stopped them and said, Let me finish. Miss Juhi cannot drink water, but she is allowed to consume liquid in another way. She is now only allowed to drink pee.

From now on, she needs to request either professors, male students, or even female students and drink their pee. This is the only way to consume liquid. She is not allowed to drink her pee. On any given day, she needs to take it from all three (professors, male students, and female students) at least once.

Otherwise, her punishment would be extended by a month. Consumption should be direct, not like someone peeing in a glass and then Miss Juhi drinking it. Hearing this again, the faces of fellow students turned bright, and they started to praise the Dean. I was dumbstruck.

It was better to die than go through this. I protested about this, but the Dean didn’t hear anything about it. I thought that I wouldn’t drink anything. But now the Dean has made it mandatory to consume it with at least three people.

The next order from Dean was that Miss Juhi had to pee in a big bowl and place it in one corner of the assembly. While peeing, she needs to take the dog position on all fours, put one leg up like a dog, and pee in it. Not a single drop should be wasted. While doing it, someone needs to monitor this.

Miss Juhi needs to request either a professor, teacher, or warden during the night. They need to monitor that not a single drop goes outside the bowl. If it goes, then she has to lick and clean it up. There would be other punishments she would be subjected to as well.

Miss Juhi always needs to climb up the stage and pee in this bowl kept here. Dean then handed me a bowl full of uncooked rice and ordered me to take two wrists full of rice, which I did. He then put that in a box and gave it to me. He announced in the assembly that Miss Juhi’s food was rice only for today.

She needs to split it in half and cook it for lunch and dinner. I seem to be okay with this, as though it were just rice, but still better than other punishments. I was just wondering, How can things be simple with me? And I was right. The next announcement gave me goosebumps.

Miss Juhi needs to cook the rice with her pee. She is not allowed to use water. Once the rice is cooked, she needs to eat on all fours like a dog in front of the crowd after the sticky note task in the afternoon and on the stage during the night.

Rice should be cooked properly, which means that there should be a sufficient amount of pee for it to be cooked. This is getting really humiliating for me now. I hadn’t thought that Dean would go to such an extent. Dean then put the bowl in between the assemblies and ordered me to pee.

It was like killing myself with humiliation. I was dumbstruck and again heard Dean’s voice: Make it fast.

I unwillingly crawled into the centre of the stage and took my position with my pee hole just resting above the bowl. I lifted my left leg and was about to pee, but Dean stopped me and asked me to lift my right leg. He was not leaving any possibility of humiliating me.

I switched legs and then peed in the bowl. Peeing like this in itself is so humiliating, and I was doing it in front of the whole class. I had lifted my leg but couldn’t muster the courage to pee. Dean hit my ass with the wooden stick and shouted, “Pee fast, we don’t have all day.”

With no option, I put some pressure on it, and warm liquid started to flow into the bowl. To my bad luck, and since this was the first time, I couldn’t do it properly. Some of it went to the floor as well. Dean was quite happy to see this, and he ordered me to lick the floor.

Up until now, I had been consumed by other people as well, so it wasn’t a big issue. But doing it in front of a whole crowd was so humiliating. I put my tongue on the floor and started to lick it clean. In the next 3–4 minutes, I made the floor clean. The bowl was put again in the corner.

The assembly was dispersed, and I crawled to the classroom with so many things going through my mind. In the break time, I was asked to pee in the bowl on the stage. Unfortunately, since I hadn’t consumed liquid, I was not able to fill the bowl much.

The Dean also ordered me to drink pee from three professors, and I had to oblige. One of them was a female professor. She took me to the side of the stage, where there were curtains. I was ordered to lie down, and she sat on top of my face.

Her pussy was bald and resting on top of my mouth. She ordered me to open my mouth, and started to pee. I could understand males, but now females have also started to humiliate me. Once she was done, she ordered me to lick her clean.

Due to the pee consumed, I peed in the bowl after a couple of hours and then went to the kitchen to cook the rice. Everybody in the kitchen was giggling, but I was now used to it. I had to skip a class to get my lunch prepared. I went back to class, and the final class was over as the bell rang.

Now, everyone was eagerly waiting for me to finish eating my lunch. Everyone assembled on the ground. I was asked to go to the kitchen, put the cooked rice in the bowl, attach that bowl to my nipple clamps, and crawl to the centre of the ground. The bowl should not fall, so the clamps should be absolutely right.

I put the clamps very tight as I didn’t want them to fall, which meant that my nipples were going numb and we were paining. Anyway, I crawled back with thousands of eyes watching me. I was now in the centre of the earth. Dean ordered me to detach the bowl.

Dean then took out my butt plug. It was a relief, though it hurt while taking it out. I was a little relieved by it, but as you can expect from this inhuman Dean, it was short-lived. Dean then put the butt plug near my ass and started to push in. I was wondering what Dean had in mind.

If he had to put it in again, why did he pull it out? Dean put some force on it, and the plug went inside. In the next 10 seconds, I started to feel a burning sensation in my ass. I was not able to understand what happened. Dean then applied some lube to my nipples as well.

My nipples started to have a burning sensation. Next, the Dean took a cucumber, applied the same gel to it, and pushed it inside my pussyfoot. He pulled it out and again pushed it in. He was trying to reach every part of my pussy wall by pushing and pulling it out.

My pussycat has also started to have a burning sensation now. Now I was having burning sensations in three places: My ass, pussyfoot, and nipples. Dean then showed me the bottle, and it was balm, which he had used. The burning sensation was intensifying every second.

The Dean then showed the bottle to the crowd. Every student started to praise him for his creativity and cruel thinking. I was ordered to eat my food now. At no point was I supposed to touch the bowl with my hands, and not a single grain of rice should be left over.

My head was not moving. It was such a disgusting thing to eat; it was so difficult for me. The Dean ordered that either you start or 10 professors will add their cum into it. Unwillingly, I put my mouth in the bowl and started to eat.

The smell and taste were making me feel disgusted, but I didn’t have any options. Everyone was laughing, seeing me like this and eating my pee rice. Yes, that’s what I would call it. It took me almost half an hour to finish this. After finishing the rice, the Dean ordered me to go back to my routine work.

Every time I had to pee, I had to do it in the bowl on the stage, and students standing there used to laugh at me. I was now used to I have seen so many things in the last 25 days that people don’t experience in their whole lives. I wanted this to be over soon.

In the evening, I was called to the medical room. My boobs were analysed, and some more silicon was inserted into them. Dean was also present, and he asked the doctor whether silicon could be inserted in the nipples. The doctor said that he hasn’t tried it but can give it a try if he wishes.

I was shocked. My breast had now gotten enlarged, which is still fine and can be covered in normal life. But if my nipples got enlarged, it would be very difficult to hide them. I requested Dean not to do this, but he refused and requested the doctor go ahead with it.

The doctor said that he could, but he doesn’t have a small needle for it, and with a big needle, it would hurt a lot. Dean said that he didn’t care for that and gave the go-ahead for it. The doctor ordered me to climb on the table and lay down on my back. My legs were shaking, but I didn’t have any options.

After lying down, my hands and legs were tied down with the straps. The doctor prepared the injection, and it was really with a broad needle. He brought it close to my nipples, and I couldn’t see it and closed my eyes. The doctor inserted the injection in my left nipple, and it hurt like hell.

I could feel silicon going inside my nipple. Once the left nipple was done, the doctor inserted the right one and emptied his injection. I could feel my nipples getting heavier, and of course, they were now bigger. I was dying of humiliation.

How would I face the people with these heavy nipples always poking around? I was trying to digest this, and what I heard next blew me away. Dean asked the doctor, “Can this be repeated to her daughter as well?” Clit is so sensitive.

With silicon filled in, it would be painful. Over that, I wasn’t sure if I would have an orgasm easily. I was now focused on the doctor’s answer, and I knew I was not that lucky. The doctor said that, theoretically, it’s possible, but he hasn’t tried it. Dean said, “Then go ahead and do it for the first time.”

Again, my eyes were focused on the wide needle. My leg straps were opened. I was asked to fold them, and then they were separated wide apart. The doctor took a pinch and took hold of the clitoral. He then prepared the injection and inserted it in the clitoral area.

It was pain beyond imagination, and he emptied silicon there as well. While the doctor was inserting silicon, I farted due to pain. Dean was very angry about this. He thought for some time and discussed it with the doctor in private. The doctor removed my straps and asked me to lie down on one side.

He then folded my legs and moved to my backside. I couldn’t see him now. He inserted his finger in my ass hole, and looked like he was lubing it up. I didn’t understand the purpose of it but couldn’t dare turn around as Dean was watching me.

Next, he inserted something in my ass, something that was thin, so it didn’t hurt, but I didn’t have any clue what was going on. Sometimes I could feel something going inside my ass, probably some liquid. In a few seconds, I was able to make out that they were giving me an enema.

After some time, the fluid stopped, and I started to get cramps. After it got unbearable for me to hold, I was allowed to realise I hadn’t seen such an inhuman person in my life. God knows what is next on his cards.

I was then ordered to carry out my routine activities and have dinner the same way I had lunch. It was pathetic, and then I slept in the night. The next day, when I crawled to the Dean’s office in the morning, I was surprised to see a cake on the table. In all this humiliation, I forgot that it was my birthday today.

I was a little happy seeing the cake and thought that I might get an exception today. Probably, my punishment would be terminated prematurely as well. These all lit my eyes, and my face had a smile. The Dean welcomed me, and all the other professors clapped for my birthday.

I noticed that there were more professors today than usual. There were a few lady professors as well. There were two cakes. One was big, and the other was small. The cake had an imprint of a naked girl in bondage. The text read: “Happy birthday, slave Juhi.”

I started to think that this could become an unforgettable day for me. Dean placed both cakes in front of me, lit the candles, and asked me to cut them. After the usual celebration of eating cake and singing, The Dean removed his lowers and placed his ass on the cake.

Likewise, every professor, including the lady professor, did the same. I was quite surprised to see this, but I was not able to think beyond it. Dean then ordered me to lick the cake from each ass, and there shouldn’t be a single part of it left on the ass.

This blew me away again; they were not leaving me on my birthday as well. Dean again shouted, “We don’t have time left; start now.” I crawled to Dean and started licking and eating his ass. It took me a good 5 minutes to clear his bumps. The Dean asked other professors, “Is it looking clean?”

One professor said that bumps are clear but not cracks. Dean ordered me to lick the crack and make it clean. Up until now, it was still bearable, but the crack and hole looked too humiliating. Unwillingly, I separated the bumps and started to lick and clean them until they were totally clean.

For the first time in my life, I didn’t like the taste of the cake. This went in, and I had to lick everyone’s asses and holes; even the female professor enjoyed this. I almost licked around 18–20 asses before it ended. I was thinking about what a great start to my birthday it had been.

So, guys, I will end the 08 part here and continue the humiliation of Juhi in the next part. Her birthday was celebrated uniquely, and she was humiliated to the core.

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