Erotica With Bhabhi – Part 4 (Sex Saga Begins!)

What is caring? Feeling or showing concern for or kindness to others is caring. That same feeling of caring took me to her place. Tanu bhabhi called me to give her a massage as her back was paining.

She was pregnant now, and it was common in pregnancy to have some pain and mood swings. So I was worried about her. And as I already decided to take care of Tanu Bhabhi all the way through her pregnancy, it was my duty to report to her as quickly as possible.

I went back in just 15 minutes. I knocked on the door and I found it open already.

“Arre khula hi hai, aa jao (It’s already open, come in)”.

I went in. I saw her sitting on the bed where we used to sit together and stick with each other. As I saw her sitting like this, I remembered those old days when we used to stick like hell and chat as if it was the last time we were talking.

I could already feel her soft hand sticking to mine. Her heavenly smell hitting my nose and her side hairs flying over my face and tickling my cheeks and ears. I was again lost in my world. Rose petals flying over, the cold breeze rubbing over my body, and the butterflies in my stomach.

“Arre kaha kho gaye ho? (Hey, where are you lost?)”, bhabhi asked me.

I got my senses back and replied, “Kahi nahi, aa raha hu (Nothing, just coming)”.

I went near her bed and sat on my position in the bed. Our hands and shoulders were touching each other. I was happy to get back to my position and my best friend.

I was so happy and had a huge smile on my face and she too was happy. Wait, what? She said that she had back pain but she was smiling like everything was normal.

I asked her about her back pain, showing my concern. Bhabhi replied with a smirk “Nahi, actually koi back pain nahi hai, bas aise hi bula liya aapko, socha aap ke sath thoda time spend kar lu (No, actually there’s no back pain, I just called you to spend some time with you).”

“OMG bhabhi, back pain ka bahana karne ki koi zaroorat nahi thi, aap bula lete to main waise bhi aa jata (OMG bhabhi, you didn’t need to give a back pain excuse to call me over)”, I replied.

“Faltu mein hi tension de diya tha mujhe aapne (You just gave me tension for no reason)”, I complained.

“Mm, sorry, but jab aap aaye tab aapki smile ko dekh ke lag nahi raha tha ki aap tension mein the (Mm, sorry, but seeing your smile, it didn’t felt like you were in tension)”, bhabhi asked.

Damn! That was an excellent question and I was not sure of how I would explain to her that it was great to get her back.

“Arre bolo na, shant kyun ho? (Come on, speak. Why are you silent?)”, she asked.

I didn’t know how to answer. I couldn’t just tell her that I loved her so much that I automatically started smiling when she was around.

Now I was staring at the TV. I turned my face to her to see her expression. She was literally staring at me with a huge naughty smile on her face. I was scared with that smile. Her expressions were too clear to read. She knew the answer already and was trying to see how I said it.

Now we were staring at each other – bhabhi with a huge naughty smile and I with no expression, but a question mark on my face.

Suddenly, she just laughed loudly and pulled her left hand, cupped my face from the right side, and said, “Rehne do aap se nahi honga. Mujhe pata hai ki aap bahut khush ho ki apan wapas sath mein aa gaye (Let it be so as you’ll not be able to answer. I know you are happy to have us together)”.

I didn’t reply anything because I was not in my senses since she cupped my face with her smooth and warm hand. Again, I was lost. Her hand was too warm and smooth and comforting. I was totally paralyzed and high now. My eyesight was stuck in one place staring at her face and enjoying every inch of her warm hand.

“Arre, kaha kho gaye firse, kuch bolo na (Hey, you lost again? Say something)” she yelled.

I got my senses back again and I replied, “Haa, main bahut khush hu (Yes, I am very happy).”

She smiled a little again and asked, “Aap kaha kho jate ho beech-beech mein (Where did you get lost sometimes?)”

“Kahi nahi, main kho nahi jata (No, I didn’t get lost)”, I replied.

“Haa, aap kho jaate ho, jaise hi maine aapke face pe apna hath rakha, aap kho se gaye the (Yes you do. As I cupped your face, you were totally lost)”, she said.

I was so ashamed to answer that.

“Haa (yes)” I said.

As I replied ‘yes’ I was so ashamed that I lowered my face and cut my stare. That was an embarrassing moment for me. I was worried about what Tanu bhabhi was gonna think about me, that, ‘I was lost in my own bhabhi.’

“Aapko acha laga jab maine aapke face pe hath rakha? (Did you feel good when I cupped your face?)”, she asked.

I was shocked to hear that question. I again looked at her with a question mark on my face.

“Batao na (tell me)”, she asked again. I was confused about whether I should answer yes or no.

If I say yes, she might get mad at me, and if I say no, I might lose my chance to tell her about my feelings. I thought about it so hard and finally decided to answer, ‘No’. I replied “Haa (Yes)”.

(Sorry guys, but I said ‘yes’. I tried hard to say no but I didn’t make it.)

“Haa mujhe bahut acha aur comfortable feel hua (Yes, I felt good and comfortable)”.

She smiled and said, “Theek hai, ab main aur karungi (Ok, I’ll do it more then)”.

Then she started rubbing my face slowly, up and down. I just won my race and now it was time to get the prize. It was the best feeling I ever had. She was continuously rubbing my face with her warm hands and I was getting high. My heart was racing and my hands were shivering.

Now I was breathing a little heavy and my dick was erect and was ready to tear my pants. I thought that if bhabhi continued to do that, I would surely gonna cum! I had been having sex with my girlfriend many times, but she was my girlfriend and it was common to have sex with her.

But guys, just imagine. Tanu was my bhabhi and she was getting me high by rubbing her hand on my face and making my heart beat fast. She was making me breathe faster, and getting my dick erect. This was a totally different feeling!

My bhabhi was rubbing my face and making me sexually erect. OMG, there was nothing better than this.

I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the session. She did it for around two minutes and stopped. Then she pulled her hand back. I opened my eyes and turned my head back toward the TV. Then I told her that it was great and she smiled at me and told me that she was glad to hear that.

She grabbed my hand into hers like we always used to do and sat enjoying each other’s company. Then she changed the channel and we sat there watching the movie. After about 30 minutes, I asked her to fetch me a glass of water. She stood up and went to the kitchen. I heard her voice yelling in pain. I was curious about what had happened. So I rushed to the kitchen and saw Bhabhi holding her back and moaning in pain.

I asked her, “What happened?”

She said, “Actually maine meri back pain ke baare mein jhooth bola tha, mujhe sach mein back pain hai (Actually, I lied about my back pain, I don’t have pain!).”

“Fir aapne jhooth kyun bola bhabhi? (Then why did you lie?),” I asked.

“Arre, wo mujhe acha nahi lag raha tha aapse kaam karwana. Isliye maine jhooth bol diya tha (Actually, I didn’t feel good to ask you to do my work. So, I just lied)” she said.

“Arre bhabhi, main to aapki sewa karna chaahta hu. Aap kyun aise sochte ho? Maine to aapse vaada kiya tha ki aap ki care karunga (Bhabhi, I want to take care of you. I promised you that I’ll do my best for you),” I said in anger.

Then I held her hand and took her to the bed and made her rest on her stomach. Her back was facing me. She was wearing a full night white pants and a blue t-shirt.

“Theek hai ab kar hi do massage meri (Ok, then give me a massage)”, bhabhi ordered.

I asked her if she had coconut oil. She guided me with the oil and finally, I was ready for a massage.

She then asked me to sit on her legs, possibly above her knees and below her butts. I climbed the bed and sat as she said. I could see her bulgy and round ass clearly. Her pants were properly stuck to her ass forming a perfect shape. I was getting high and also nervous as I was seeing her in this way for the first time.

She then pulled her both hands back, grabbed her t-shirt from below, and started pulling it up. I was totally high at that moment and eager to see her full-back. She was pulling it slowly and revealing her back inch by inch, and every inch was making me more and more horny. My dick was getting erect inch by inch.

After around 4 to 5 seconds, bhabhi’s back was fully visible to me from her waist to her shoulders. It was fucking fair and had a perfect curve. Her figure was killing me. She was wearing a bra and it had a very broad strip at the back hiding some part of her upper back. It was grey and perfectly fit.

“Hmm, shuru ho jaiye devar ji (Ok then, get started, devar ji)”, she ordered.

I was already horny and her order called me ‘devar ji’ for the first time made me hornier. I took some oil on my left hand, rubbed both my hands together, and gently placed my hands on her lower back first. Then I started massaging her from the lore back.

I was gently rubbing and massaging her back and asking her if it was comfortable, “Kaisa lag raha hai bhabhi ji? (How did it feel, bhabi ji?)”, I asked.

She replied, “Bahut acha lag raha hai devar ji (It feels good, devar ji)”, (OMG, again ‘devar ji’.)

Her words were killing me. Whenever she said ‘devarji’, I increased my speed and pressure.

After massaging her lower back, it was time to go for her upper back. I tried to massage her upper back near her shoulders. But I wasn’t able to, because of her bra strips.

“Ye bra strips ke kaaran mujhe massage karna nahi ho raha hai bhabhi (I can do it properly because of this bra strip)” I said.

“Ok, koi baat nahi, rehne do (Ok, no worries, leave it then)”, she replied.

But I was not ready to get up now. I didn’t want to lose that sexy feeling so early. I suggested she unstrap it for a while, but she denied it and asked me to get up.

Then I got up from her knees and sat beside her. My bhabhi too got up and sat beside me and lowered her t-shirt back to its position. I was looking at her with full disappointment.

She then looked at me and smiled a little like a naughty girl and asked me, “Sach batao, straps ke kaaran aapko such mein massage karna nahi jam raha tha? Ya aapko bas mujhe unstrap karna tha meri poori back dekhne ke liye? (Tell me the truth. Was it really not comfortable to do a massage because of the strap? Or you just wanted to unstrap it to see my fully naked back?).”

I was shocked to hear that. I was embarrassed and shy to answer her question. It was true that I just wanted to see her full back and wanted to unstrap her bra. It was literally nothing to do with massage. But how could I say yes to her question?

I just said, “Nahi, mujhe massage karna nahi jam raha tha, isliye (No, actually I was not able to do a massage).”

Then I lowered my face and cut eye contact with her. She had already read my expressions and knew what I actually wanted. She laughed a little, waved her hand over my hair, and said, “Abhi massage khatam nahi hui hai (Massage is not finished yet)” and she again lay on the bed like before on her stomach and her back facing me.

“Aao, massage karo (Come on, do the massage)” she ordered.

I was confused because of her laugh and her hand gesture on my hair. I did what she said and got on her thighs back and took some oil on my hands. Then I started massaging her again and she said, “Bra unstrap karo devar ji (Unstrap my bra, devar ji).”

Wow Wow Wow, WTF! She has asked me to unstrap her bra. It amazed me.

Then I gently held her strap and started detaching the hooks. Bhabhi unhooked her bra strap and threw the straps on both sides, revealing her fully naked back. It was mesmerizing for me. I was high enough to touch the sky and my dick was trying to get out of my pants.

I gently started rubbing her back from top to bottom and she was enjoying it too. I massaged her for 10 minutes continuously. Then I thought that it would be enough. I asked her if it was done now, and she replied, “Nahi, aur karo (Do it more).”

I then continued doing it and as per her reply, I got a good idea about that she liked it.

After a few seconds, she started moaning a little like releasing an, “Ahh” whenever I put pressure and released the back. I was maintaining a rhythm of the level of pressure to put in a fixed interval on time. Whenever I exerted pressure, she let out “Ahh”. We both were maintaining a good rhythm now and we both were enjoying it.

I was getting high and high by the time and bit by bit horny with her every moan. I was getting lost in that rhythm and started to push myself up toward my bhabhi’s butts. Then I slowly started to move my hip back and forward with the rhythm.

After about 5 minutes, I reached her butt, and the bulge in the pant of my erect dick was totally touching her ass crack. I was totally lost in the rhythm and she too. She also started moving her hip up and down a little to match the rhythm of my hips. Then I lost my control over my senses and my eyes closed automatically.

We both were moving in the same rhythm and got more and more horny with every pound. After 2 to 3 minutes, I heard her voice saying, “Kaise dheele jaise massage kar rahe ho, thoda zor to lagao. Tab jaake massage jaisi feeling aayegi (How lightly you are doing this? Put some more pressure so that it could feel like a real massage).”

After hearing this, I was at the peak of my horniness and started pounding and moving my hips faster and applied more pressure. I was rubbing my bhabhi’s ass crack harder with my erect dick inside my pants. She too increased her hip movement speed to match the rhythm. Her moans were louder now. She was moaning like hell and faster with full intensity.

After 5 minutes, I was reaching my climax and she too was. I started to moan with her. We were kind of singling and dancing together, falling in love with each other.

Now we were at our extreme speed and finally, we climaxed together!

I released a big load of cum in my pants and she too must have released her juices in hers. We both were breathing heavily. My ass and dick were throbbing. Her pussy too might have been shivering.

Today, Tanu and I, I mean Tanu bhabhi and I masturbated on each other like hell and I knew that it was the start of something new now.

I hooked her bra straps back again and got up from her. She too got up and adjusted her t-shirt. We sat beside each other sticking our hands and shoulders.

We looked at each other and smiled. She said, “Thank you Pratik ji, bahut mast massage ki aapne (Thanks Pratik ji, you did it really nice).”

“Haa bhabhi, aap ne sath na diya hota to bilkul maza nahi aata, to thanks aap ko bhi (Yes bhabhi, but if you hadn’t give your full support, this wouldn’t have been this great. So, thanks to you too),” I replied.

We grabbed each other’s hand and sat still for a while, looking toward the TV. Then I got up and asked her for permission to go back to my home. She smiled a little and said, “Thek hai! (Ok!).”

I reached home, rushed toward my room, shut the door, threw all my clothes off my body, and started masturbating imagining the massage session we just had.

The next morning, I woke up late because of my late-night masturbation sessions and bhabhi’s thoughts. I woke up at 11 am. Then I picked up my phone and checked the notifications. I was overjoyed when I saw Tanu’s message. Oh sorry, I mean Tanu bhabhi’s message that,

“Pratik ji, good morning. Aapke bhai job par chale gae hai aur mere pair bahut pain kar rahe hai. Please aake massage kar do na (Good morning, Pratik ji. Your brother has gone to his office and my legs are paining so much. Please come and give me another massage).”

And I replied, “Haa, ji Bhabi ji! (Sure, bhabi ji!)”

Story will continue.


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