College Humiliation

Hello guys, this is my story about college humiliation is fictional. It is based on a virtual world, which is male dominant and is on BDSM.

There was a small country which was highly self-dependent and followed their own rules. Males dominated the country, and they held all senior positions.

The country had only one college specializing in medical, engineering, commerce, arts, etc. Being the only college, there was a good strength of students. However, the students had to live in a hostel and were not allowed to go home apart from annual holidays.

There was no housekeeping staff. The college girls did all the work of the hostel and college. They had to do all the work like cleaning the classes, hostel, college, ground and whole college premises. They also had to do cooking, washing utensils, laundry, and every other work.

The Dean of the college was dominant. He was carrying the legacy further that was being carried out for the last 200 years. All the parents knew about how the college operates. They had also studied there and been fine with it.

Even at home, it was the same way. The males dominated the house, and the ladies didn’t have any stake in the decisions. The girls and ladies were slaves though not sex slaves.

The college has its own rules and mechanism to punish students for their mistakes. If a boy makes a mistake, he was first given a couple of warnings followed by suspension for a few days. If the mistake was too severe, then there is canning in a closed room.

On the other hand, if a girl makes a mistake, there were no warnings but a painful punishment and, most importantly, very humiliating. This story will follow a girl, Juhi, who committed a big mistake and had to follow pain and humiliation, and what all she had to go through.

From now, I will be narrating from her point of view.

I am born and brought up in this country. I have seen this as a male-dominant country with very few things women can do. They though are quite educated, but none of them are allowed to have administrative positions.

Women doing jobs is not preferred in this country. But some jobs are allowed like kindergarten school, teacher, nurse, and so on. The highest job a woman can do is a doctor, which was allowed after too much resistance.

I am Juhi, and I am a student of first-year MBBS degree. I am a shy type of person. Our college was male-dominated, and we did all other work. So I didn’t get much time for my studies. The exams were in the next couple of weeks, and I was nowhere close to passing the exam.

The rules for women here were different. If they fail in any of the exams, they were expelled and had to leave their studies. So I had to pass anyhow. Girls in the college were not allowed to take help from boys. They can, though, take help from other girls.

The problem was there were very few girls. They had the same condition when it comes to preparation. I tried hard to prepare but wasn’t successful. When I knew that it is impossible now, I thought of trying something different. I gave some thoughts and planned to steal the paper from the office.

I didn’t know at that time that this would be the biggest mistake of my life. Then, during the nighttime, I reached the professor’s office. It was locked with a small lock, and with ease, I was able to open it. I entered the room, got hold of the paper, scanned it properly, and kept it back again.

I didn’t tell this to anyone as I didn’t want to take a risk. The next day, I was a little worried about getting caught, but it passed away. I was more relaxed now, but I didn’t know that some things are going in the background, and my happiness is short-lived.

The professor had arrived late that day, and he got suspicious seeing his lock getting open very easily. He then checked the CCTV camera, and he knew the whole story. He had informed the Dean. I wasn’t aware of this and was busy going through those questions.

The next morning, as usual, we assembled for morning prayers. After that, the Dean started to address all of us.

“This college has been running for more than 100 years. For the first time, we have seen such misconduct. We didn’t have any punishment for such misconduct as we didn’t think that any student will do such an act. After discussing this with other professors, we have come up with a new punishment that is more painful and humiliating.”

Everyone, including me, was thinking who was this unlucky person, and soon Dean announced the name. “Miss Juhi from the medical department, can you please come to the stage?” I was frozen hearing this. I wasn’t expecting this, especially after one day had passed.

My legs were not able to move, and the Dean announced again. All the students were turning and looking at me. I was slowly walking to the stage. This was the hardest walk of my life, though. It was just 100 meters, but it looked like 100 miles.

It took me more than 5 minutes to reach the stage after repeated orders from Dean to come fast. I was now on stage, and everyone was anxious to know what I have done.

Dean said, “Miss Juhi had made a mistake and stolen the anatomy exam papers, and this deserves severe punishment. We initially thought not to allow her to appear for the exam. She would fail, and as per rule, would be expelled. We then thought that this would be a very light punishment. We wanted to set an example so that no one will attempt such a mistake in the future.”

Dean: (Looking at me) Miss Juhi, is there anything you want to say? Also, do you accept that you have done this? If you want to counter, it is up to you. But if you counter, and you are found guilty, then punishment duration would be doubled, so it’s your choice. This is how your punishment is defined after much thought and discussion.

Me: I am sorry, sir.

Dean: Does that mean you accept that you have done this?

Me: I am sorry, sir.

Dean: Yes or No?

Me: Yes, sir.

Dean: So now you have accepted it, this is the way your punishment goes.

1.Your punishment duration will be for 1 month.
2. In this duration, you cannot go out, and no one from outside can come to college and meet you, not even your parents.
3. Any teacher can ask you to perform any activity, and you will have to abide by it.
4. You will be caned every week and in front of the students.
5. Before going to pee, you would need to take permission from any teacher.
6. Now the most important one. You will be nude for this whole duration.

(Hearing this, there was a roar among the students. I was frozen, and I could see stars in front of my eyes.)
7. You will need to keep yourself and your body clean and wax and shave your private parts.

I was in total shame and have put my hands on my face. I couldn’t think of how will I face my peers, juniors, and seniors being nude. What sorts of comments they will pass. What they will look at, my tits or my pussy. What sort of gossips they will do.

I was getting faint thinking all this, and soon Dean’s voice hit my ears, “Start stripping.”

Dean’s voice again hit my ears, “ Miss Juhi, strip your shirt, please.” I came back to my senses, but my hands were not moving. Dean again said, “Strip your shirt, miss Juhi.” I was totally in a different state of mind. I knew what I need to do.

But, I seem to be losing control of my hands. It looked like my hands have gained weight, and difficult to move them to my shirt button. Dean was pissed off seeing the delay. He said, “Miss Juhi if you won’t start, I will ask 5 boys to remove your clothes.”

This came as a bomb to me. 5 boys stripping me would be the height of shame, and I wont be able to bear it. With great difficulty, I moved my hands to my button and started to strip. I had started to do it but was very slow. Dean’s voice again struck my ears, “Do it fast. Else I will ask boys to do the needful.”

On the other hand, the boys were getting anxious and praying that they get a chance to strip me. With great difficulty, I opened my first button and then second. It took me some good time to open all buttons. Then, I slowly removed the shirt and didn’t know what to do.

Dean asked Mr. Jai to take my clothes. I folded the shirt and handed it to the professor. I was now in a bra and long skirt below. Boys were trying everything to have a look. Since I was on stage, it was visible to almost all of them. Dean again said, “We don’t have the whole day. Strip your skirt.”

I slowly moved my hands down and unzipped the chain of the skirt. I moved my hands to the sides of the skirt. But I was not getting enough power to move them down. All the thoughts of humiliation were going through my mind. Dean again said, “Faster, miss Juhi.”

Seeing no option, I forced my hands, and my skirt started to slide down. My creamy and fair legs were now in front of more than 1000 eyes. Up till now, only my mother had seen me in this condition. My skirt slid down to the floor, and I was now standing in only a black bra and panty.

Dean pointed to my skirt. I pulled it out of my legs and folded it, later handed it to the professor. I was only in bra panty now. I had a good figure. My boobs were 34C, and my vital stats were 34-28-34. However, my tits were not so big, but we’re good and firm.

“Continue, miss Juhi.”

I was in a dilemma now on what to strip next? If I strip my bra, my tits would be visible to the whole audience. If I strip my panty, my glory hole would be visible. I was still in a dilemma when I heard 5 names – Rohit, Amar, Akash, Abhishek, and Sam called by Dean.

He said, “You 5 students, please come on the stage.” So they all walked on the stage. He said, “If miss Juhi doesn’t strip another cloth in the next 1 minute, you all go and strip it out without my permission.”

Hearing this, I was terrified. My hands went back and started to strip the hooks of my bra. My tits were a little free but still under the bra. I could not get the courage to remove the bra completely. My hands were still at my back, holding the hooks.

Dean raised his voice and said 30 seconds are over. This again hit me hard, and I started to remove my bra. I had slowly removed it now but still was trying to cover my boobs with my hands.

The next voice again was from the Dean. “Strip your panty now, and you have one minute.” Then he asked the 5 boys to go ahead and strip if the cloth is still on my body. I have no choice. I took one hand on the panty and was trying to push it below, and with the other hand, was covering my tits.

I was able to push the panty from one side, but the other side was not moving down. Trying to keep covering my boobs and stripping the panty was very difficult. Dean didn’t ask me to remove my hands from my boobs. He knew that I would need to remove my hands to strip the panty.

Dean again said 15 seconds left by looking at his watch. I knew that I had no option. If I try with one hand, it won’t be possible. So I removed my other hand and put it on the other end of the panty. All eyes from the students were focused on my tits, and their mouths were open.

I was in a lot of shame, but I had to go deeper into it and strip my panty. I slide my hands down, and with that, my panty had also gone down. In a couple of seconds, it was touching the ground. Dean asked to hand it over to the professor.

I collected both my bra and panty, folded them, and handover to the professor. I am sure he would have sniffed my panty.

Now, I was standing completely nude in front of every college student, professor, and other staff. I had covered my tits with one hand and my glory hole with the other hand. Students were trying to adjust their place to try to see my whole body.

Dean, seeing this, ordered me to put my hands down to the sides. Hearing this, I was in more shame. My hands were not moving. He ordered again, but I was not able to get the courage to move them. Seeing this, Dean was furious, and he said, “Boys, your turn now.”

Hearing this, I was terrified, and my hands automatically moved down to the sides. Now my full body was available to all the lusty eyes. Everyone had a good view of my body. I am sure many would have planned for masturbation after college.

I was broken, but I didn’t know that this was just a trailer. This was just the first hour of my punishment. There was a whole month I have to go through. What all students will be thinking, what all punishments will I have to go through, will I be getting spanked completely nude in front of the whole college.

These all things have already started to make me sweat. Dean announced in the assembly that the first period for the whole college is canceled Today, and you all will now witness the first punishment of miss Juhi. Dean asked Professor Jai to bring the canes and ropes.

Next, Dean asked the 5 boys to bring a table. They all went and soon arrived with it. Soon the setup was done. The table was right in the middle of the stage. Dean ordered me to come near the table. I knew what was in the store for me. My legs were shaking while walking, but slowly I started to walk near the table.

With lots of effort, I reached near the table. Every student prying eyes were on me. There was a lot of silence, and none of the students were talking. Everyone concentrated on me. Dean asked me to stand near the table such that my back was facing the students. My ass and my bareback were visible to them.

Dean ordered me to bend down on the table. I bend down 90 degrees, and soon my boobs were resting on the table. My ass was pointed out in the direction of all students. I thanked God that my holes were only partially visible but that happiness was short-lived.

Dean ordered me to stretch my hands on the table in the upward direction. He ordered professor Jai to tie my hands to the legs of the table. Professor Jai tied the ropes to my hands and then to the table legs. Dean then ordered me to stretch my legs. I could only die of shame hearing this.

Mr. Jai tied the ropes to my legs and stretched them further, and tied them to the legs of the table. My legs were quite stretched, and both my love holes were in front of every student. My pussy had some hairs, which might have saved me from being completely visible. But my ass hole would be visible.

Dean said, “Today, you would be spanked 50 strokes of the cane on your bottom. You are not allowed to shout. Else that hit won’t be counted.” I talked to myself, “Are you serious? You are hitting canes on my ass, and I am not even allowed to shout.”

My talks with myself were broken when I heard the sound of a cane waving in the air. The next words from Dean were – Be ready now. He also said to count out loud all the hits. If I don’t say it, then stroke won’t be counted.

Dean had now taken his position and all students as well. None of the student’s eyes were blinking. There was the first hit on my bumps. It made a great sound when it hit the skin. This was the first time I was getting caned, and I didn’t know that it pains so much.

I could not see it but was sure that it had made a red line on my ass. After I recovered from the pain, I remembered that I need to count and said 1. After few seconds again, I hear the waive of the cane, and the next second it stuck my bottom. It was harder than the first one.

I counted loud 2, and this had gone until 50 strokes. After 50, there was no point on my bottom that it was not hurting and wouldn’t be red. The whole students and professors had a free show. The only good part of this caning was that I didn’t have to match eyes with anyone.

Dean asked Mr. Jai to bring a mirror. Dean then showed my ass to me in the mirror. It was all red. There were lines of the canes, and at some places, it was dark red as well. I was cursing myself. Why did I try to steal the paper? Anyways time cannot move in a backward direction.

My legs and hands were opened. Dean ordered me to shave and wax my body in the night. All the students were asked to move to their respective classes. Dean ordered me to move to my class as well. This came as another bombshell to me. I haven’t thought that I would have to sit naked in the class.

So, guys, I will end the first part and continue the next part on how Juhi has to go through punishment and humiliation. Will she be able to cope with punishment and humiliation?

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