It’s Time For A Family Swap – Part 3 (Expressing Their Darkest Desires)

This is a fictional story about the darkest desires of 2 young boys. All the characters are fictional and strictly above 19. I prefer stories with a plot that gets us involved in the story, leading to sex, rather than stories with just wild sex.

My stories are a bit lengthy and usually have everything like gay sex, lesbianism, threesomes, group sex, and mainly incest. Enjoy the story. You can give me feedback at

So far, we have seen how Rahul and Akram reveal their feelings towards each other’s moms. And then how they end up finding out about their parents’ secret and end up watching them in group sex.

Next, Rahul convinced Akram to have gay sex with him, and Rahul ended up having sex with his father.

The story continues.

Akram woke me up with a call. He sounded very pissed as soon as I picked up the call.

Me: What’s up, bro? Is everything alright? What happened to our plan?

Akram: You bastard! My ass is hurting like crazy because of you and your god damned plan.

Me: Why, bro? It didn’t work?

Akram: It worked. I ended up sucking my dad’s cock. But it just didn’t end there. It ended with me getting fucked by my dad in my asshole.

I was relieved our plan worked. But at the same time was sorry for Akram as this was something we were not prepared for. Lucky for me, I ended up fucking my dad. But for him, he ended up getting fucked in his asshole. It must have hurt him like crazy as it was his first time.

Me: I am sorry, bro. I didn’t expect it would go that far.

Akram: It’s alright. Though it was painful initially and it hurts now, it was a great experience. I enjoyed it a lot. I don’t mind getting fucked again. Anyways tell me about your story. Did it work?

Me: Yes, dude. But luckily for me, I ended up fucking my dad. So it doesn’t hurt as much. (I laughed.)

Akram: Don’t worry, bro. You will get your turn. So, shall we plan for the next step today?

Me: Yes. You and Akbar uncle come home for dinner. I will arrange everything. And then we will take it from there.

Akram: Alright. See you in the evening.

I arranged everything for the evening. Got dinner and drinks sorted. As planned, Akram and Akbar uncle came home in the evening around 6. Dad was also home watching TV.

We gossiped for a bit about politics and movies and other stuff. We then started having drinks. After having a good couple of drinks, it was finally time to implement our plan.

Me: So Akbar uncle, how were things last night? I heard crazy things happened.

He and Dad were shocked to hear this. They probably did not expect us to talk about this.

Akbar: What crazy things?

Me: Come on, uncle. You don’t have to hide things. I am sure everyone here knows about everything that happened last night. Don’t tell me you and dad didn’t already talk about what happened last night! Akram and I have already talked about everything in detail.

Both of them were horrified to hear this. They were just staring at each other and then were staring at us. They didn’t know how to react as we took them by surprise. They thought for some time before replying.

Dad: That’s true. It’s an open secret now. There is no point in hiding it anymore.

Akbar: Yes. You are right, Raghu. Our kids are all grown up now and exploring all kinds of stuff, even with us. There is no point in treating them as kids anymore.

Akram: Yes, Dad. Treat us like your friends. We are very happy to learn a lot of things from you guys. You guys are our role models, and we want to be just like you guys when we grow old.

Me: Yes, uncle. So how was it last night? Had a good time?

Akbar: Yes. I had fun. Never in my wildest dreams had I thought I would have sex with my son, but I enjoyed it. It was good to have a virgin asshole after a long time.

Akram: You enjoyed it, and my ass still hurts.

Akbar: Hahaha. Somethings you will only learn in a hard way, son. This is one of those.

Me: oh yes. I am sure it must have been great. Even we had a lot of fun. Isn’t it, dad?

Dad: Yes. It was good.

Me: I enjoyed sucking your cock. I heard you have an amazing cock, too, Akbar uncle. If it is ok, I would like to taste what Akram enjoyed yesterday and what my dad has enjoyed for so many years.

Akbar: What?

Me: Please, uncle. Both my dad and my best friend did it. I feel left out. Even I want to be a part of it.

Akram: Yes. Even I heard a lot about Raghu uncle’s cock, and even I want to taste it.

Akbar: What the heck. Why not! I already did it with my son. So there is nothing wrong with doing with you, I guess. What do you say, Raghu?

Dad: Yea. I guess so. We will have two young and energetic cocks readily accessible to satisfy our needs.

That was the green signal we were looking for. And once we heard it, Akram and I removed all our clothes immediately and stood stark naked in front of our dads. We walked towards them. I went to Akbar uncle and pulled down his trousers. Akram did the same with my dad.

I took Akbar uncle’s cock in my hands and stroked it gently at first. As it stiffened up, I took it in my mouth and started sucking it gently, just the way my dad sucked my cock the night before. From the corner of my eye, I saw Akram giving a blowjob to my dad.

After sucking Akbar uncle’s cock for a good few minutes, he cum in my mouth. I swallowed the whole of it and licked his dick clean with my tongue.

Akbar: Looks like your dad trained you well, beta. You did it just like him. Now it’s my turn.

Me: Thanks, uncle. My cock is all yours.

On the other side, even Akram swallowed all of my dad’s cum and licked it clean. My dad got into position to suck Akram’s cock. My cock was already fully stiffened up, which Akbar uncle took the whole of it in his mouth in one gulp.

Though Akram and my dad gave me blowjobs, both of them couldn’t take the whole of my cock in their mouth. Akbar uncle was enjoying my cock very much. Our dads sucked our cocks for some time, gave us an orgasm, and swallowed all of our cum.

All four of us lay down on the bed next to each other to get some rest. We compared our dicks and figured out Akram’s was the thickest and mine was the longest cock. Although our dads’ cocks were not in their prime, they were still pretty good for their age.

After getting rest for a bit, Akbar uncle turned towards me and asked me to get into a doggy position. I had no option but to obey his order. Akram and dad, both licked and kissed Akbar uncle’s cock to lubricate it.

Once it stiffened, Akbar uncle got into position behind me, and with one push, he pushed his cock into my asshole. I shouted at the top of my voice with pain. My dad put his cock in my mouth to make me stop shouting. I started sucking his cock.

He signaled Akram to come and fuck him from behind. Which Akram gladly accepted. He got into position behind my dad and pushed his cock into my dad’s asshole. I was getting fucked by Akbar uncle in my ass while giving a blowjob to my dad. While dad was getting fucked in his asshole by Akram.

After stroking for a while, all three of them cummed pretty much at the same time. WithvAkbar uncle cumming in my asshole, dad in my mouth, and Akram in my dad’s asshole. After resting for a bit, I told Akbar uncle that I wanted to fuck him. He gladly got into the doggy position in front of me.

I went crazy and fucked Akbar uncle wildly. The other two were enjoying the free gay porn in front of them. All four of us were tired. We had our dinner completely naked. After dinner, we were back in bed, lying next to each other. It was finally the time I was waiting for.

Me: That was some crazy shit we did today, guys.

Dad: Yes. It was. I remembered my college days. After a very long time, I had three cocks at a time.

I was happy with what I heard. It was going in the direction I wanted. Today was the day to get out all the darkest secrets of our parents.

Akram: Wow, uncle. That’s crazy. You had days like these before too?

Akbar: Yes, beta. What do you think, that only you are crazy bastards? We were crazy, too, when we were younger. Although we never did it with our dads. That is some crazy shit we did now.

Me: I guess it is ok as long as everyone involved is having fun, uncle. So what kind of crazy stuff did you guys do? I want to know more. How did you guys start it, etc.?

Dad: Oh. We did a lot of stuff. It all started when we were in our college and were staying in a hostel. As we were staying in the hostel, there wasn’t much privacy. We didn’t have internet or access to porn like you guys do today. Nor did we have girlfriends.

Dad: All we had back then was playboy or some other magazines. So we would jerk off looking at those magazines when there was no one around. One time, I felt very horny, and I took a magazine to the bathroom to jerk off. But our warden caught me red-handed.

Dad: What we didn’t know until then was, our warden was gay. He offered to give me a blowjob, which I rejected at first. But I had to accept to avoid punishment. Although it felt weird in the beginning, I enjoyed it. I let Akbar know about it, and he also wanted to experience it.

Dad: So I informed the warden, and he gladly accepted. So it started with him giving us blowjobs now and then. One day, he took both of us to his home and asked us to give him a blowjob. We rejected at first, but he convinced us, and we ended up sucking his cock.

Dad: As Akbar had a thicker cock, he asked Akbar to fuck him in his asshole. At the same time, he wanted to fuck me in my asshole. We resisted, but he again convinced us. So we ended up in a sandwich with Akbar fucking him and him fucking me. We changed positions, and I fucked him while he was fucking Akbar.

Akbar: This is one reason why I like fucking more, and Raghu likes getting fucked more.

Dad: After a few days, Akbar and I also started having sex with each other. Our warden managed to convince a couple of other boys, too, and all of us would have sex together once in a while. It was like a cock fest where many young desperate cocks were looking to fuck anything and everything they could find. So our journey started in that way.

Me: Oh wow. That’s crazy. So you did see and enjoy quite a few cocks back then. Didn’t you feel like having sex with a girl during that time?

Akbar: Of course we did. We were straight guys who fantasized about women all the time. But our circumstances made us bisexual. Although, we are happy about it. We were looking for every chance to have sex with a woman. But ours was a boys-only hostel and college. So we hardly met any girls. Do you want to know the craziest thing we did? We even hired a prostitute once.

Akram: What? Are you serious? You guys are very courageous. We never had the courage or money, or sources to hire prostitutes.

Akbar: We didn’t have a lot of money either, but one of our friends knew a prostitute. So both of us saved for months and months to spend it on a prostitute for one night.

Me: Ok. So did you guys enjoy it with her?

Akbar: Of course we did. It was our first time with a woman. And we didn’t know when we would get another chance. So we had sex with her all night. We fulfilled every desire of ours with her. It was pretty much a threesome.

Akbar: While one was busy fucking her, the other was either busy sucking her boobs or getting a blowjob. I still remember we had 4 orgasms that day. The most for us in a single day till now. We even sandwiched her between us and fucked both her pussy and asshole at the same time.

Me: Wow. That’s crazy, uncle. You really are the best of friends. You even lost your virginity together. I hope Akram and I will be able to be like you guys. So what other crazy stuff did you guys do?

Dad: Once, we had sex with an older couple. While we were renting a house, our owner wanted to see his wife get banged by a younger guy. Lucky for him, both of us were ready. We ended up fucking both wife and husband, though. That was fun.

Me: It looks like you guys did a lot of crazy stuff together. That’s good to know. Can I ask you guys something?

Akbar: Of course you can. We have already told so many of our secrets.

Me: Promise, you won’t lie!

Akbar: We won’t. What is it?

Me: You guys have shared so many things in life. Have you guys shared your wives too? They are both beautiful women. I am sure you must have had a crush on each other’s wives.

They were shocked at my question. They looked at each other’s faces. I already knew the answer, but I wanted to hear it from their mouth. They paused for a few minutes before answering.

Dad: We were avoiding the topic as it involved your moms. But I was afraid it was going to come up sooner or later. Now since you guys are curious about it and as we don’t want to lie to you guys, the answer to your question is yes.

Dad: We are into wife swapping, and we still do it. All four of us enjoy group sex whenever we get a chance. This is one of the reasons we go on our weekend trips.

I was waiting to hear this all night.

Akram: Wow. That’s crazy. You guys are very lucky. How did that happen? How did you convince them?

Akbar: It was not easy. It took almost 3 to 4 years to convince them. They were very conservative. We had to be very patient and persistent to introduce them to the idea of wife swapping, group sex. But all our hard work had paid off, and after having all you kids, they finally said yes to it. Now everything has changed, and they enjoy it more than us.

Me: Wow. That’s awesome. Why is that?

Dad: We have opened all our secrets to you guys. So there is no point in hiding the last one. When we were convincing them for wife swapping, we didn’t realize that we were opening the gates to the floods. We considered ourselves to be the horniest bastards out there.

Dad: But the shy Indian girls we were married to turned out to be the wildest, sex-craving women out there. Sometimes even we couldn’t match up to their energy. That is one of the reasons we take those foreign trips to Europe and Africa. For all of us to enjoy those big black cocks.

It was a shock to me. Our moms were not just having sex with each other’s husbands but also with quite a few other guys. That too in front of their husbands. A normal son would probably get angry at this, but I was elated.

I realized it wouldn’t be that hard to convince our moms to have sex with us. They still might resist a bit, as we are their sons, but it was possible to convince them.

Akram: Wow. No wonder Rahul and I are always so horny. Where will the genes go? I still can’t believe our moms could be so wild. I knew they were, but not so much.

Me: Since you guys have told us all your secrets, I would like to tell you one of our secrets.

Akbar: Oh yes. What is it? We don’t need to have any more secrets between us.

Me: We already knew you guys were into wife swapping and enjoy group sex. We wanted to surprise you guys last weekend and came by to our farmhouse. But what we saw there blew our minds away. We saw you guys fucking each other’s wives.

Me: I had a huge crush on Ruhi aunty for a few years now. For me, she was the most beautiful woman out there. I used to fantasize about her, and I used to dream of losing my virginity to her. When I saw you guys on that day, I couldn’t believe my luck as I saw Ruhi aunty naked for the first time.

Me: But something else also caught my eye, my mom’s naked body on the bed. I couldn’t take my eyes off her boobs. I wanted to play with them. Suck them. I couldn’t see her as my mom but as a beautiful woman, whom I desperately wanted to fuck.

Me: From that day, all I want to do is fuck these two beautiful women. I have been going crazy thinking about it.

Akram: It’s the same with me. I have been dreaming about Kajal aunty for a long time. But I can’t stop dreaming about mom since that day.

Akbar: What! What the fuck is wrong with you guys? How can you even think about your moms in that way? Friend’s mom is one thing, but your mom? That is crazy. Why are you even telling us this?

Me: Just like you guys let all your secrets out, we let out ours. And we are telling you guys because we want you guys to help us.

Dad: Help? Help in what?

Me: Help in having sex with those two beautiful women.

Dad: What! What are you saying? Why would we even do that when it is wrong?

Me: Why is it, wrong dad? We had sex together. All four of us. How is it any different from this? Don’t tell me you have never heard about or thought about incest in all your life. What we did is also a type of incest.

Me: Incest is very common. It’s just that no one tells it out, as it is frowned upon in society. Moreover, after hearing all these stories, I will go crazy if you won’t help us. I am already very disturbed, and I might end up doing crazy stuff. Now it is up to you guys if you want to help or not.

This shocked them. They were silent for quite some time. Dad and Akbar uncle walked out of the room to discuss. Akram and I looked at each other and prayed that it should work. Else we would have to face some serious consequences. After waiting for a long time, they returned to the room.

Akbar: Alright, you bastards. We knew you were cunning little fellows but didn’t expect you would turn out to be such big perverts. We were never into incest but looking at how crazy you guys are going. Maybe we can try and see. But we can’t promise anything.

Me: Thanks so much for understanding us. We knew you would! Imagine how crazy we must be to ask you guys to help in fucking your wives, our moms. We know you will be able to convince them, especially after hearing all those stories today. We will see you again only after you let us know the good news.

Dad: What do you mean?

Me: From tomorrow, we will stay at a friend’s place until you guys convince mom and Ruhi aunty. We are having a hard time controlling ourselves with those beautiful wild women around us.

The next day, both of us packed our clothes and went to stay at a friend’s place. We were waiting to hear good news from our dads.