Consensual Sex – Part 2

It was Ashu’s farewell function that day. I’d first seen her 6 years ago during my marriage with her elder sister. She was a shy kid studying in 9th class. I thought it was unnecessary to ask her full name at that time. It was my turn to be shy.

I had put on some extra fat around the belly in these six years. Nothing that couldn’t be hidden with an untucked shirt. What was visible, though, was my salt and pepper hair.

There was just enough time to color it since I lived close to South Campus. My wife had asked me to pick up Ashu while returning from the office. I had butterflies in my stomach as I drove into the college. Ashu would be 20 years old already.

I was 40 running (though I looked 10 years younger). I didn’t know how to address her. My kids were still in KG, and I refused to make up relations like a sister, daughter etc.

Luckily she had the same idea. Instead of calling me ‘jiju’ (i.e., brother-in-law), she preferred to address me by my name, Jatin. It was drizzling when I picked her up. She spotted me first and waved to stop the car.

Jatin: Good memory. I couldn’t recognize you in the saree.

Ashu: Thanks. ‘Didi’ (elder sister) texted me the car number with your pic.

Jatin: Wow! and she told me you are tall.

Ashu: Ya, I’m 5’7”.

I was slowing down to look at her. I noticed that she had got permanent eyeliner and lipstick. Her eyebrows were shaved thin and probably tattooed underneath like her sister’s. I remembered that she had got permanent makeup and her elder sister (my wife) in December.

Coming down to her cleavage, I guessed her bust size at around 34D, which meant that she had a breast augmentation. Along with pink skin and her perfect bob cut, she looked yummy.

She glanced back at me to say something but fell silent. I noticed her looking at the bulge in my pants and then smacking her lips involuntarily. Anything she did only increased her gorgeousness. It started raining, and the traffic was not moving.

I looked at her to see what was turning me on. She was wearing an expensive saree, probably her mother’s. A long-sleeved blouse covered her elbows and narrow waist (28 in). I noticed something new when I saw her this time. The blouse had a deep back, probably to show a 6-inch tattoo on her back.

As my cock became hard, I was waiting for a chance to adjust it. Just then, Ashu turned around, showing me her back.

Ashu: I got this tattoo in December. Now it’s fully healed. It’s okay to touch.

Jatin: Lovely, feels velvety.

When I reached out to touch her back, it was smooth and hairless. The tattoo was an outline of the Sun. She spoke as if reading my mind. The parlor lady shaved it because she thought it would look like a rash if she waxed it. I interjected.

Jatin: she’s right.

I was itching to touch her bobbed hair. The silky, jet-black hair was hanging over her shoulders. ‘Jhumka’ style earrings that were a bit longer than the bob cut hung from her ears.

Before I could say anything, she said it was cool to touch her new bob. I felt the texture of her short silky hair with my fingers. On touching her hair, I realized it was much longer on the left side. On that side, the bob was resting on her bare shoulder.

The bulge in my pants grew a millimeter. Ashu decided to help me and spoke calmly.

Ashu: You look ahead. I’ll take care of this.

She straightened it with her long fingers. I looked down for a brief moment and noticed her glossy red fingernails. Every feature of hers was tailored for only one thing – sex. With her taking the lead, I let her do her thing. After adjusting my cock (over the pants), Ashu finger-combed her straight hair.

It became dark in the afternoon and started raining. The traffic stopped moving, so I pulled up to the side. There was nothing except cars, as far as we could see. Just then, Ashu spoke. There was something in her eye. I didn’t ask (or care) which eye but used the excuse to hold her pretty face in my hands.

Jatin: I thought you had layers.

Ashu: Ya, I got a haircut this morning.

She pressed her lips together to refresh her lipstick. Drawn to her big eyes and red lips, I went closer to Ashu involuntarily. A sweet smell came from her skin. She closed her eyes, inviting me closer. I gave a peck on her lips to test her.

Ashu smiled, keeping her eyes closed. Emboldened by her actions, I kissed her full-on, inserting my tongue this time. She held my cheek with a hairless hand and returned my kiss with her tongue in my mouth.

Our lip lock lasted about 5 minutes. I took the chance to fondle Ashu’s ample boobs and soft ass. Towards the end, she asked me to take her.

Ashu: Oh, Jatin, do me.

Jatin: Baby, I love you. Come to me.

She took out a flavored condom from her purse and proceeded to open my pant zip. My cock sprung up from the confinement of the boxers into her soft hands. Ashu handled my member expertly, putting on the condom and giving me a blowjob like a pro.

When she was bent over my crotch, I saw that her nape hair was neatly trimmed. A square shape was shaved on the hairline. She gagged a little when my dick swelled due to her silky hair pressing on my thighs.

Ashu flipped her short hair to one side, with the heavy (wet) ends slapping my shaft. When she was bent, I squeezed her buns and caressed her midriff. Her narrow waist was curved from front to back and side to side.

I couldn’t wait any more and asked Ashu to climb into the back. As she climbed into the back seat, I opened the dickey and flattened the back two rows into a bed.

Jatin: Baby, put another rubber.

Ashu: It was the last one.

It was too late to hold off. So we closed all the car doors and started humping. Ashu straddled me from the top and gyrated her hips. She made a V with her fingers to hold my dick close to her pussy lips as she pumped me.  I pulled out as I was nearing climax.

Getting up to give a cumshot on her tits, I put my dripping cock in her warm mouth. She sucked me dry and wiped the cum off her tits before wearing jeans and a t-shirt. I couldn’t blame her because wearing a saree was complicated enough. It would be impossible to do it in a car.

We returned to the front seats and started kissing like a couple. I bunched her hair in the back with my hand. Ashu explored my mouth with her tongue. When she kept her hair in a ponytail, it wasn’t easy to see her asymmetric hairstyle.

Only when she styled the bob cut did that one side looks visibly longer. We stopped on the way to buy a pack of condoms. On reaching home, Ashu moved in with my wife. I moved to the room on the upper floor for the next 4 months. My wife was 7 months pregnant, and she needed constant help.

That’s why Ashu agreed to stay with her for the summer. Ashu wanted to fuck before going to bed, but I told her it was too risky. Later I thought about it and asked her to come upstairs in the early morning, right around 7 am. She came stealthily at the said time.

I didn’t know she was in bed until she started kissing me. I was already hard after a good night’s rest. We kissed passionately for 10 minutes, pressing each other’s butt and using lots of tongue kissing, before actually doing it. When we did, the sex was explosive.

We decided to have sex again in the afternoon when my wife took a nap. When afternoon came, we embraced like it was our first time. Ashu kissed me with her sweet lips as she’d never done before.

Like that, two months passed in the blink of an eye. After dropping my wife at the hospital, I got in the car to go to my regular unisex salon for a haircut. Ashu got into the passenger seat next to me. I was fairly surprised but happy to see her so close.

She said that she also wanted a trim. I used that as a chance to play with her thick hair and run my fingers in her nape. At first, she looked angrily at me with her big eyes but soon turned on and bent down to blow hot air on my cock (over the jeans).

I had half a mind to stop at home on the way and bang Ashu, but I resisted the urge and drove on to the unisex place. There we split up like two strangers and asked for haircuts separately. Ashu was served first, though she didn’t have an appointment.

I couldn’t accompany her since I’d signed in separately. All I could hear was a lot of talking and laughing. In the meantime, my name was called. The barber started my haircut without much ado. From the corner of my eye, I saw that another guy was shaping Ashu’s nape area.

First, he used the clippers to reduce volume and then made a square shape with a disposable razor. The next time I saw her was when the guy was dusting her with a brush. He used the hairdryer and brush to get clippings off Ashu. As I watched, he went deep into her smooth cleavage.

Instead of getting angry, I enjoyed the show. She was sitting in the car when I came out. We went home right away to take a bath. There was no one at home. The maid had already left, and my mom was at the hospital with my wife. Ashu called me to help her open the shirt. It was an excuse to call me.

We kissed as we’d never done before. It was an amazing feeling to make out unrestrained (knowing that nobody was there to stop you). I looked for a condom in vain. I could swear that 2-3 condoms were left from the last box. But before asking, I realized that Ashu wasn’t my girlfriend.

I was too committed to back off. We had raw sex for the first time. The barber had leveled off Ashu’s bob cut. With straight hair and an oval face, Ashu could carry anything (and look irresistibly cute). We showered together and got dressed. My phone rang just then.

It was from the hospital to tell me that my wife’s waters had broken. Luckily the hospital was only 5 minutes away.