Rutu and Hari’s Wetness Guide – Part 6

Disclaimer: This is a semi-fictional story based on certain real-life incidents. Any similarity to anyone alive or dead is purely coincidental.

But besides the story, read through the lines. This is a guide to having good sexual pleasure with your partner/partners. I will explain how each sexual activity is done, and then you will be able to satisfy your partner with the same.

Rutu quickly pushed Hari away and rolled her skirt down. Hari opened the door and got out, followed by Rutu.

“Thanks, I might have forgotten them while trying the new clothes,” Rutu said with a frowned expression.

“Maybe, but you took only tops into the trial room,” The salesgirl grinned.

“Sorry,” Rutu was blushing while grabbing the lingerie from her hand.

“It’s okay. I have seen better things in trial rooms,” The salesgirl answered. “But something like this in the parking lot is new” She giggled, looking at Hari’s boner.

“My name is Hari, and this is Rutu,” Hari said, trying to change the subject while holding his hands over his crotch.

“I am Nimmy,” She replied.

“Hope you were done! ” She said, wearing her helmet and then revving her scooter. She was gone in a flash.

“Thank god” Rutu was still shaking. She rolled the lingerie and stuffed it into Hari’s pocket. “I don’t need them anymore.”

The couple then drove to Rutu’s apartment. Hari parked it in the same spot they had their first adventure in. Then he looked at Rutu, and his puppy eyes said he wanted to have her.

“I want your tongue there again,” She grinned, holding his crotch. “My roommate is out of town. If you behave, you can taste me again.” Rutu got out of the car and asked him to follow.

Stuffing the lingerie set into his pocket, Hari walked behind Rutu and got into the lift. It was almost 10, and they were alone in the lift due to the night. As soon as the door closed, Hari pushed her against the lift wall. Since she was facing the wall, he pressed himself against her back.

“Behave,” She moaned when she felt his crotch rub against her ass.

“I can’t when near you,” He rubbed his erection on her butt.

She rubbed her ass against his crotch, moaning and stopped when they heard the ring. It was their floor. The door opened, and Rutu walked, adjusting her clothes. She unlocked the door and winked at him.

He followed her. His hands grabbed her ass. She moaned and turned off the light. ” You are not getting inside me today, but you can fuck my mouth,” She said, holding his waist and kissing his neck.

Hari grabbed her dress and lifted it again, then grabbed her naked butt and squeezed her butt cheeks like sponge cake. She was busy unbuckling his jeans and pulled them down. She rolled the jeans and then grabbed his underwear and pulled it down.

His rod stood like a straight stick, making her smile. With his help, she undressed his lower half and kicked the jeans and underwear. Her kick was pretty strong. It landed on the couch.

Naked in his lower half, she started at his penis for a few more seconds, then grabbed his dick and unwrapped the foreskin. While jerking him, she kissed him so widely that her saliva dripped from her mouth. In the heat of the moment, she pushed him into the couch instead of getting on top of him.

She turned around and jumped on him from the opposite end. “Now we can get our juices simultaneously,” She said, creeping toward his crotch, moaning. Her face was against his crotch while his face was facing her upper thigh.

She lifted her skirt up, tied it above her waist, and spread her legs wide. Then adjusted herself in such a way his face was right below her leaking pussy.

“This is my first 69 position,” He moaned.

“Mine too, so make it memorable,” She said, holding and squeezing his balls with her right hand. Her left hand gripped his penis, now hard with throbbing veins.

“I hope you are not empty” She was squeezing his balls.

“Don’t worry. They churn like a machine when you make them excited,” He answered confidently.

“Good for you,” She was still squeezing and noticed precum foaming on the hole of the penis. Quickly she licked it.

Meanwhile, Hari grabbed her butt cheeks with each of his hands and spread them wide. He placed his left hand right below the pussy where the butt crack originated. His right hand slithered between the ass to touch her asshole.

“Never had someone in that hole,” She said before engulfing his cock.

Hari ran his fingers around her butt hole while his mouth adjusted against her pussy. His chin was against her clit, and he rubbed it with his chin. He extended his tongue and licked her between the labia.

She spread her legs a bit more to give his tongue way towards home. Then his tongue found the spot, the wet, leaking spot that he loved the most. She sucked him so well that he dropped plenty of precum into her mouth. She enjoyed every drop of it.

“If you cum soon, don’t pull your tongue till I do too,” She was in love with the way his tongue flicked her cunt.

Separating the labia with his left and poking her butt with his right hand, he licked her clit like a mad dog. They were on the couch like two threads rolled on each other, sucking, licking, and biting each other’s private parts.

They were tasting the drops of essence that dropped from their pleasure holes. They were going wild over the intense pleasure streaming through their nerves.

“You taste so hot,” She moaned loudly.

Hari was getting so excited that he started rocking her waist along with the movements of Rutu. He pumped his dick upwards, and Rutu sucked him, causing his dick to reach the corners of her mouth. Rutu loved it and deep-throated him even though she felt like gagging.

Rutu, on the other hand, was spreading her legs as wide as possible leaking plenty of her juice into his mouth. His tongue was right inside her pussy while right-hand fingers almost penetrated her ass. His left hand rubbed the bottom of her pussy, exciting her cunt to release even more.

“My cunt is going to release,” She said, moaning and stopping sucking but didn’t let his dick go. She groaned when her muscles tightened, and she pressed her waist against his face. She felt his finger enter her asshole and his tongue dig into her cunt. Then she moaned

“I think I am in love with your tongue.”

She released her juices. Hari felt his tongue getting drenched and taste her buttery juices flow down. He licked her even faster. She gasped and squeezed his balls so hard while sucking him in retaliation that he spurted too.

She saw his balls pump in his milk through his dick. She felt the thick juicy flavor inside her mouth as his dick twitched. She wrapped his cock with her lips, not letting go of even a drop.

They stayed motionless with each other’s private parts in their mouths for a few seconds. Then Rutu licked his dick, the sides, and even the balls very neatly and sat straight while she had his face between her legs. She sat on his face and felt his tongue cleaning her pussy and clit.

Slowly she got up and sat against the couch, tired.

“I just love your salty cum,” She said, licking her lips.

“I love your buttery cunt,” He groaned.

He picked up his jeans to take out her panties and bra from the pocket. Then used the panties to wipe his face when he found a note between the bra cups.

“Call me with. I am Nimmy.” Followed by a number. It was left by the salesgirl.

Hari grinned when he realized he might be getting another mouth to discharge his milk into.

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