Corporate Sins – Part 5

Shipra’s thoughts are interrupted by the doorbell. She looked at Chadha with curiosity. She is anxious if anyone would see her with him in this position.

“Don’t worry. I have asked the hotel staff to bring some medicines and water.”

Shipra hastily hid her face and bare body inside the blanket to avoid embarrassment. Chadha then pushed open the door. A young boy was carrying a tray with a kettle, medications, and water.

“Please let me in, sir.”

“Yes, young man. Please come in.”

“The room service manager gave me instructions to replace the kettle in your room as well because the first one was having some problems. I am sorry for the trouble.”

“I like the service; however, I haven’t had any complaints about the kettle.”

“I see. Can I check it to eliminate any ambiguity?”

“Yes, please complete your duty, young man.”

The room service guy set the water and medications on the table and began to check the kettle.

“Yeah, the kettle has a problem. It’s a good thing that it was replaced, sir.” After saying this, he removed the old kettle and replaced it. He asked Chadha if he needed something else while looking around the room as if trying to find something.

His eyes got stuck on the bed. He could see someone sleeping. But he could not figure out who it was, as the person lying was inside the blanket. He wanted to allow himself some more time inside the room.

“Sir, is there anything else I can do?”

“No, it’s OK.”

As he exited the room, Chadha gave him a tip. Shipra lifted the cover as she listened to the door closing. She observed Chadha rapidly downing two pills and a sip of water.

She asked, “Boss, are you all right?”

Chadha fumbled and stammered, “Yes, only regular BP medications.” He quickly wrapped the medicines.

“OK,” she said as she got out of bed and tied a knot in her hair. Without wasting any more time, she walked over to the couch and knelt. She begins kissing his dick from his pyjamas. She was taken aback by his age-defying firmness.

She stripped down his underwear and pyjamas, making him bottom naked. Chadha could see the hunger in her eyes. He removed his shirt and sat completely naked, anticipating the next pleasure.

However, Chadha was not the only one witnessing her lewd advances. Though unknowingly, she is also enticing another man. She had no idea how desperate Raju, the housekeeping guy, was after unintentionally seeing her naked in the shower.

He volunteered to go to Chadha’s room when his manager informed him that some medicine orders would be delivered to his room. He inquired about the medicines Chadha ordered from the nearby pharmacy salesman.

The salesman grinned and said,  “Bahut shaukeen log aate hain apke hotel ke guest. Ye Viagra hai, ise budhe tharki log lete hain kisi jawan aurat ko pelne se pehle. Isse lund khada rehta hai aur time bhi badh jata hai.”

(This is Viagra. Old men eat this before fucking young babes. This makes the dick erect and also increases the time of fucking.)

While going back to the hotel, Raju was connecting the dots. He could sense that the aged man in that room would fuck the young lady he had seen bathing. That is the reason he ordered Viagra. She also was cleaning her pussy hair clean and entered his room like thieves.

He got an erection immediately, imagining both together. His desire for Shipra grew more intense. He yearned to take part in the action somehow. He knew the rich woman would not permit a poor waiter like him. If he made any desperate mistake, his job would be in jeopardy.

But now that he knows Shipra will be fucked by someone else, he, too, wants a piece of the rich slut. Wondering how to consume that beautiful, rich lady, he thought of a plan. He instantly rushed to his friend’s nearby electronics business, where he worked part-time as a repair mechanic.

The late hours of the evening posed no issues for him because he always had the shop’s alternative keys. He quickly collected four spy cameras that had come for repair two days back and closed the shop. He then rushed to the hotel, fixed the cameras in the kettle and connected them to his phone.

Now, he could see and record the live feed. Raju quickly hides in the staff washroom on the same floor as Chadha’s room. He swiftly started the live feed. Shipra was about to start the action without realizing she was being monitored.

The first view he had on his screen was Shipra on her knees, sucking Chadha’s dick. She has her back towards him. As Shipra played with his dick, Chadha closed her eyes in pleasure. She has always had great sucking skills. She took a lick at the penis-tip of his.

She then presses her lips and nose against his foreskin, taking her tongue to his balls. With the wine glass in his hand, Chadha lighted another cigar. It’s wonderful to have a great smoke with wine while admiring a stunning young woman sucking him.

Shipra then rose from her knees and began playing with his long moustache while stroking his fingers across her face. She then turned around and released her bra hooks, setting her boobs free. She gave Chadha a seductive smile as she cocked her head back and stared at him.

She then removes her panty, leaving her completely naked. As she was becoming more fun and self-assured, the idea of seducing a man of her father’s age brought out her slutty side. While teasing Chadha with the full view of her naked bums and curvy back.

She was unaware that she was also exposing her naked body to Raju. He was peeping her through the cameras fixed on the kettle. Raju was amazed by her audacity. Although he had already seen her naked while bathing, watching her naked teasing Chadha was a different pleasure.

She then takes off her panty, making herself fully naked. She turned to face Chadha and positioned one leg on the sofa’s sidestand. She then stoops down and angles her breasts toward Chadha’s face. She decided to make it dirtier.

She closed her eyes to gather the courage and said, “Boss, I am your daughter’s age. You are like my father. Please love me like a daughter. Can I call you Papa while having sex?”

Her yearning for incest astonished Chadha. She understood why Shoaib had such high regard for her. “Yes, beta, your Papa will love you,” was the reply.
She got turned on after listening beta word from Chadha. She instantly stuffed his mouth with her left breast.
While he held onto her waist and drew her in, Chadha began sucking her boob. Shipra closed her eyes in delight. He began squeezing her areola with his tongue, circling her waist and bums with his palm.

Chadha now begins stroking and pinching her nipples between her boobs. He saw a white liquid pouring from her nipples as he did it, though. After pausing for a moment, he asked, “Is it milk, Shipra beta?”

“Yes, Papa. A year since my son stopped nursing, I still produce milk.”

Chadha felt both joy and excitement. The possibility of being able to milk a young lady ignites the animal in him. His calm demeanour was overridden by his cravings for her milk. “Let me dry all your milk, beta. Your hubby is such an idiot who has still left all this to me.”

He quickly got up from the sofa and lifted Shipra in his arms. He hurriedly tossed her onto the bed and sat on her breast. He clenches her boobs together and begins nipping at both of them quickly. Shipra was initially apprehensive about this unexpected turn of events.

But after seeing Chadha’s desperation for her milk, she began to enjoy the harsh handling of her breasts. Her milk squirted all over his face as Chadha desperately devoured her boobs. She held her penis and started stroking it in the meanwhile.

Chadha took half of her breast Inside her mouth and bit her nipples excitedly. She increased the speed of stroking his penis. Meanwhile, watching them on the phone, Raju could not understand the circumstances that led to abrupt events.

The milk dripping from her nipples was not visible since the camera was too far away. He, nevertheless, like the way the elderly man is treating the lovely woman. With Chadha’s desperate licking on Shipra’s tits, his desire for Shipra grows.

Shipra digs her nails into his penis as he eats her boobs. As Chadha realized he was about to burst, he stood up and squatted above her breast. He then stroked his dick and ejaculated all over her boobs. “Beta, this sperm necklace is your father’s gift to his sleazy daughter.”

Shipra, however, is not content to accept this gift alone. “Papa, you’ve consumed all my milk. Please eat your sperm now.”

Chadha was amazed by her boldness. This is something new for him. A renowned army officer eating his sperm is not common. However, Shipra has mesmerized him, and her charm spellbinds him. He licked her breast with his tongue and tasted his cum.

He kissed Shipra’s lips while his mouth was full of sperm, spilling half into her mouth. Shipra feels aroused by this strange behaviour. Shipra could feel his dick’s hardness sliding across her thighs.

She let out a faint groan as he pushed her dick within her pussy, wondering how the old man could suddenly get hard again. She felt a chill imagining how this iron rod would smash her pussy tonight.

Raju was observing everything through a camera. He was aware that the effects of Viagra were causing this old horse’s aggressive behaviour.