Story of My Towering mother

This incident relates to the time when I was 19. We were a family of three brothers, three sisters, Mother and Father. All the sisters were married and were at their respective homes. The three brothers, mother and father, lived in a 5 bedroom 2nd floor flat in Mumbai.

My mother was a well-endowed woman with a good height and was the family’s tower. I had the opportunity to see her pussy when she climbed the kitchen platform to arrange or clean the shelves. She had one corner of her saree and petticoat raised and tucked in.

It was a huge pussy, very bushy, which always made me feel like eating it. This happened often. Then, there were times when she was bathing in the kitchen area. It did not have a door but a curtain, and I sometimes saw her bathing naked.

What a mighty body my mother possessed. One day, it so happened that my mother and I were alone at home. My younger brother had gone to his friend’s place. My elder brother and father had gone for a day-long visit to Lonavala. I was alone in my room.

As with all teenagers, I, too, had erections, night leaks, etc. That day too, I felt very horny and began fusing with my lund. I started to get an erection. I was massaging my lund. My mother was lying in her room, probably sleeping as it was afternoon time.

I slowly walked into my mother’s room with my lund in my hand and went near her bed. She was facing the wall with the window whose curtains were slightly drawn, and I started to massage my lund. All of a sudden, she turned around and saw me. I pelted to my room and stood on the balcony.

My heart was thumping, thinking I would get a dressing down from my mother. After some time, she entered my room and stood beside me on the balcony. After some time, she asked me what I was doing and why I had come to her room that way. I was dumbfounded.

She took my hand, took me inside my room, and closed the balcony door. She sat on my bed, making me sit beside her. She repeated the questions, still clutching my hand. I was shivering. She gauged the situation and took me in her arms, which she rarely did.

She caressed me and very gently put my head on her lap. That eased me a lot. I had closed my eyes. She then pressed my head to her breast. I could feel the warmth, the softness and the sweet smell of her boobs. She warmly told me she knew why I had come to her room.

But she wanted to hear from me. Having been soothed, I took some courage and told her I would tell her why if she did not scold me. She took my face in her hands and assured me that she would not scold me. So, I ventured and said that I was very horny.

I started massaging my lund in my room and went to her room to ejaculate, viewing her massive body. She did not scold me but kissed my forehead, and I hugged her as hard as possible. She then asked me whether I wanted to see and suckle her boobs.

I was astonished by the question but nodded in the affirmative. She opened the 2 lower buttons of her front-buttoned blouse, raised her bra, and ‘plump’ came out a huge boob right in front of my face. I was overwhelmed by its sight. If my assessment is correct, I think it must have been a size 40D.

My mother was more on the fairer side of a wheatish complexion. And her boob was fairer, with a big darkish brown areola and a big and thick dark brown nipple. She asked me whether I knew what was a woman’s boobs for. I told her very meekly, “Yes, for milk.”

“Yes,” she said. And continued, “The boobs are to feed a small child. That was the only nourishment the child could get. In most women, when a child is born, milk starts to ooze from the mother’s nipples, and the child is a born sucker.” Having so said, she held her open boob in her hand and put it near my mouth.

Instantly I started sucking it. First, slowly, enjoying the thick nipple and then biting into it. She made a sound and asked me not to bite it so hard. I reduced the pressure. I kept on sucking and sucking until she asked me whether it was not enough.

She moved my mouth away from her boob and made me change my side in her lap. She extracted the other boob out and put my mouth to that too. I sucked hard. I then waved her hand away, held it in both hands and sucked and sucked. I must have sucked for 20 minutes when she removed my mouth.

I then held both the open beautiful boobs in my hands. I felt very good about them and kissed my mother’s soft lips. She responded by holding my head in her hands and putting her tongue in my mouth. It was a sensual feeling. She then asked me to put my tongue in her mouth and suck hard at it.

After this practical training by my mother for her horny young son, it was time for her next step. She asked me whether I had fucked any girl before. I replied in a firm negative. She then asked me whether I had ever seen a woman’s pussy. Very coyly, I told her I had seen hers.

“And how was that?” she asked. I told her the time she would climb up on the kitchen platform to clean the shelves above. She had a corner of her saree and petticoat tucked up. She pondered and then, recollecting, ventured to ask whether I wanted to see her pussy from close quarters.

I nodded in the affirmative. She raised her saree and petticoat, and what I saw was mind-blowing. A huge, bushy pussy. My heart started pounding. Again sensing my situation, she took my hand and put it on her pussy. My heart started to beat faster.

I had never touched, leave aside seen from so close, a woman’s pussy. She asked me to insert my finger inside her pussy. O, God, it was great to feel the inside of that big pussy. It was so soft and wet. She asked me whether I hand-fingered any girl. I replied in the negative.

“Now,” she said, “Move your finger in and out and in circular motions.” This, she said, was done to arouse a woman. She then lay on her back on my bed and asked me to put my mouth to her pussy. The smell was exciting. She asked me to start licking her pussy from the lower end and slowly move to the top.

I could feel the heat of it. When I reached the topmost end, she asked me to move my tongue in circular motions. I could feel her raising her hips and moving with my circular motions. After some time, she asked me to lick and suck her pussy from bottom to top repeatedly and in circular motions.

“This,” she said, “was done to arouse a woman further.” Her hip movements started to pick up speed, and ultimately, a hot fluid burst on my face. She asked me to lick it and drink it. It was really hot and juicy. After doing so, I raised my head. I asked her what was the flow and what would happen to me as I drank it.

She replied that they were the juices of a woman’s orgasm, just like a man has. They were harmless to drink. She asked me whether I had ever ‘muth maroed’ (masturbated). I replied in the affirmative. She asked me when I peaked if some thick, white, sticky juice came out of my lund.

I again answered in the affirmative. “Well,” she continued, “that is a man’s juice or maal (cum). So the same way when a woman peaks her juice or maal comes out from her pussy.” After this was my next lesson, she asked me whether any girl had held, shaken or sucked my lund.

I replied in the negative.  She said she would give me the joy of a man having his lund held, shaken and sucked. She sat on my bed and made me stand in front of her. She took hold of my lund in her hands, shook it, massaged it in her palms, pressed and released it. It became big and thick.

She peeled back the skin of my lund and put her tongue to the tip of it. I started to get horny. Slowly, she inserted my lund inside her mouth and licked it. It was exhilarating. She increased the speed gradually while licking it with her tongue, too. I got so horny.

When I was about to ejaculate, I told her so. She signalled with her hand to let go. There were tremendous jerks from my lund, and all the maal was nicely drunk by my mother. After having licked my lund clean, she removed her mouth and kissed my lips.

I then asked her whether drinking my maal would not make her pregnant. She said drinking the maal of a man never made a woman pregnant. “Now,” she said, “Shall we proceed to the next lesson?”

“Sure, dear mommy,” I replied, “And what would that be?”

“It will be the ultimate that one wishes for, that is chudai (fucking),” she replied. “I’m ready for it, ma,” I said. She removed her blouse, bra, saree and petticoat. That wonderful body was completely naked in front of me. She asked me to remove my clothes too.

I, too, became completely naked in front of my wonderful mother. She lay on my bed on her back. I sat between her thighs to slowly rub my lund on her pussy from bottom to top, to arouse her. After some time, she made me lie on my bed.

She mounted herself on top of me, taking care not to put all her weight on me. She took my lund in her hands, made it big and fat and inserted it inside her pussy and started jerking me. It was a wonderful feeling. I asked her whether this was the correct way to fuck.

She said that this was one of the ways, but not the ideal one. “This woman over a man was a position just to have more fun,” she elaborated. “Now, I will show you another way to have fun.” She went into a doggy position and asked me to insert my lund inside her chuttad (ass) and fuck her there.

“You see, you are young and do not have a full grown lund yet. That is why it was easy to insert it in my asshole. It is not very stretchable, unlike a woman’s pussy, from where a child is born. So, when you have a full-grown lund, you should put some spit or oil on it and in the woman’s ass to ease the entry.”

She then lay on her back on my bed. She asked me to come over to her and sit between her legs. I raised her legs a little and held them in my arms. With her hands, she put my lund inside her pussy. “This is the most common and ideal way for a man to fuck a woman.”

She asked me to slowly increase the speed and thrusts of my lund in her pussy. “After some time, just like when you masturbate, you will peak inside my pussy also. So release all your maal inside my pussy.”

“Will that not make you pregnant?” I asked. She said that I need not worry about that count. She had got operated on to have her tubes cut so that she would not get pregnant whenever she got fucked and the maal released in her pussy.

I was waiting for such a situation. I gradually increased the speed and the thrusts. My mother started moving her hips, too, in sync with my thrusts. She further encouraged me, “Come on, beta, faster, fuck your mother, faster, faster. I’m enjoying it too, very good. Release your maal now. That was wonderful.”

It was such a heavenly experience to fuck the woman of my dreams. I sat still with my lund in her pussy for quite some time. She asked me to fuck her more so she, too, can peak. After some more fucking, I felt the hot juices of my beloved mother burst on my lund, which was still inside her pussy.

She then asked me to raise her and take her in my lap, with my lund still inside her pussy. We kissed and hugged each other passionately. I told her, “Ma, you are the best. I have enjoyed it so much. Thanks for your initiative. I wish I could carry on like this forever. Thank you very much indeed.”

“It was my pleasure, too, beta. I hope you will remember everything I have taught you and have a wonderful time with your future wife,” she replied. I replied, “Ma, I don’t want to marry. I want you only. You are too good.”

“But, beta, you have to get married someday. I promise I will help you whenever you want anything from me, even after you are married,” she exclaimed. She then asked me to get hold of her blouse and wiped her pussy and my lund clean.

She took me to the bathroom, washed her blouse, herself and me with water and wiped with a towel. We came back to my room naked, and she asked me to dress her up. She then dressed me up. Dressing up with each other was also a wonderful experience.

I went up to her and touched her feet. She blessed me, hugged me and kissed me. I asked her if she would tell my father about it today. She replied that she would never mention today to anybody, nor should I. With sweet memories in my mind, my wonderful mother went to her room.

Well, this, our affair did continue later on. One day, when nobody was around, I asked her whether I could once again see her pussy. I wanted to see whether it stretched like she had said. She immediately raised her saree and petticoat to reveal her pussy.

But she explained that the pussy does not stretch just like that at any time. The woman must be aroused extensively or when she is about to deliver a child. Nevertheless, I kissed her pussy, inserted one finger, then two, three. Gradually my entire hand was inside her pussy.

I exclaimed that it stretched as it took my entire hand in. She replied that it was so as she had had seven deliveries (one of my brothers had died when very young). It was bound to stretch her pussy somewhat.

Then, on another occasion, when we were alone. I told her I wanted to suck her beautiful boobs, and she obliged. On yet another occasion, again, when we two were alone, I told her that I wanted to fuck her. Yet again, she obliged.

On some pretext, I would kiss her, suck her boobs, lick and suck her pussy. I make her suck my lund and also fuck her. And she never refused as she had promised to help me whenever I wanted anything from her.

After I was married, I separated with my wife and three kids. But I kept up the affair with my mother. Once, she called me on the phone and asked whether I could come to her place. She had something to discuss with me. She would prepare my favourite baingan for lunch.

She also mentioned that she was alone that day. I told my wife about it and was at my mother’s door at noon. She opened the door, and I touched her feet. She blessed me, closed the door, and gave me a huge, passionate hug. She kissed me for a long time on my lips. I responded equally.

We sat down on her bed in her room. She asked me whether I was enjoying with my wife or not. I told her, “Ma, you have given me the best woman I could have after you.” She wanted to know her bahu’s physical attributes, and I related them to her.

“Ma, you are missing me, na?” I politely asked her. She called me to her, took me in her lap and said, “Beta, yes, I am missing you. That is why I called you today, as I was alone too.” We then made love, had sex, and I fucked my lovely, lovely mother once again.

On another occasion, my wife had gone to her mother’s place with the kids. I called my mother, told her I wanted to talk to her and was coming to fetch her. She said she would come. She came, and I was waiting for her. I took her to my house, closed the door, hugged her tightly, and kissed her hard.

She told me she knew why I had called her, especially when alone. So, without wasting any more time, we made love, had sex and enjoyed each other. My mother and I never missed any opportunity to be in each other’s arms.

It was only her sad demise that separated us. But her lingering memories are as fresh as ever in my mind. My mother was indeed exceptional. I will forever remember her and love her. May her soul be at peace. “Love you, Maa.”