Cuckold husband fulfills obedient wife’s dreams – Part 2

Welcome back to the second and final part of this aunt and nephews’ sex arranged by a husband to fulfill her actual dream. After confirming with his wife that she wanted sex with her nephews, the story continues as follows.

Me (Ankit): Just tell me you want them.

Anu: Yes, I do. But are you sure?

Me: 100%.

Anu: Will they get scared?

Me: I don’t think they want to miss this opportunity.

Anu: Ok, if you say so.

They were back and I asked them to put on some music so that it wouldn’t get bored.

Me: Come on, play some nice music and turn up the volume Nik, will you?

Anu saw my face and felt shy calling them with their pet names in front of her. I knew how huge turn-on it was for her.

Me: Guys, music and alcohol are when your aunt likes to dance. But the thing is that I am not very good at these. Who wants to dance with her?

Akhil: Hey Nikhil, you go first, you’re good at it.

Anu: Hold my glass, honey. Come on Niks, show me your skills.

Nicks took Anu’s hand and moved closer to her. They made some moves not very erotic, but they kept their distance. Nikhil just stood now while his Aunt started twerking which was very pleasing to our eyes. She swayed her ass real good. Claps from us. Nikhil took her hand again and started to turn her.

Me: That’s it just like that she loves it. She dances very well.

Akhil: Yes, she is a good dancer. Move it up, shake it up. Come on, aunt. Here comes the song base drop. Drop it low, aunt. I know you can do It.

Anu in sync with the dance got lower and lower with twerks which was amazing to see. She brushed her hair with fingers running between showing her tight boobs and sexy shoulders to us.

Me: Very good.

Anu: Guys, your uncle likes to watch me dance. He never gets tired of watching me.

Me: Darling, turn back and do the same. Twerk close to Nikhil to see if he can match your moves.

Nikhil: Alright, I lost. She is very good at it.

Me: Come on Akki, it’s your turn now.

Akhil: No way. I don’t know how to dance.

Anu was still dancing and looking toward Akhil. I told Anu to teach him a step or two so he feels comfortable.

Anu: Come Akki, first move your hips like I do. Don’t be afraid.

Me: Ya, do like how she does. Sway it, and put your hands behind your head, Akhil.

Akhil: I am trying, it’s really hard not to touch her with a lot of movements in a very close gap.

Me: True. Anu, how is it called twerking without you rubbing your butt to him?

Anu: Ya Akki, that is how we should do it. Rub it, don’t worry.

Me: Place your hands now on her, it gives you sync with her. Get together.

Anu was facing me while she swayed bending and twerking her back. She was smiling and enjoying the moment and behind her, Akhil was wondering where to hold her back. Nikhil was eagerly watching how come he didn’t get these steps with her, I guess?

Me: Akhil, hold her properly, not on her stomach. Touch the waist, and you will feel the rhythm.

Akhil: Ya-ya, I am trying. This is not that easy. But it’s fun. I am improving.

Me: That’s good. See it’s fun. Now face each other and dance.

Akhil: Face each other?

Me: Yes, make some new moves grab her behind, and sway more. See how energetic your aunt is. Keep up with her.

Anu did not care much how arousal it was for them and me. She just let him touch her and did not give any gap between them. She was very close to a tight hug position and any time, she could touch his chest with her boobs playfully.

Nikhil: Guys, I didn’t get to do the same while I danced.

Me: No worries, you take your turn now.

Nikhil: Sit down dude, you already had enough.

Me: No fighting. Anu, start with your back again just like you did for Akki.

Anu: Sure.

Me: Move it. Nicks move closer, touch her butt, and grab her by the waist. Don’t be afraid to dance.

Akhil: He is a lot better than me.

Me: He knows how to dance. Darling, dance like how you do it for me. Make him tremble.

Anu laughed and shared her ass vigorously bringing the waves down to her thighs. It looked amazing.

Nikhil: Wow, what was that, never saw it.

Me: Dance, my love. Now turn around. Nick, take her by the waist.

Anu was quick to turn and now she made the same tremble move again this time her upper body shaking her boobs. Nikhil could not believe what he was seeing. She was like inviting him to see her dance for him. Anu now raised her hands and Nicks was swaying low to her holding her waist close to her big melons.

Akhil: Thanks for inviting us, uncle. This is much more entertaining than the home.

Me: Alright, that’s a good dance after a long time for you, darling.

Anu: Yes, I liked it and loved dancing with them. Hush, I am sweaty a bit. Whoof!

Anu told me she was horny. She wanted to go to the swing bar now as I promised. I told her –

Me: We can have the same fun here. Let me make things more erotic here.

Anu: Honey, are you sure about this? Please don’t mess it up.

Me: I won’t just believe me and do as I say.

Anu: Ok.

Me: Guys, how about a bit more fun? It would be nice to spend quality time with your aunt.

Akhil and Nikhil: Yes, of course. Anything for you aunt.

Me: See, your nephews are ready.

Anu: Ok, then.

The next song started to play. This was her favorite song.

Me: Guys, how about another dance? This time both danced with her simultaneously.

Anu: Come on, Akki and Nick. Just a bit, now you guys make the moves.

Me: Ya, get together. Darling, you are in the middle. Guys, sandwich her, grab her waist from front, and back and give her a nice time. Darling, you don’t stop, your twerks sway move up and down. Give them tough competition.

Anu: I am trying.

Me: Ya, that’s it. Now face the other and do the same. Enjoy.

It was amazing to watch her face brighten up and she was enjoying their company. Their involuntary touches might be so arousing for her it seemed.

Me: Guys, don’t be afraid. Dance with her just like you do with girlfriends. Isn’t she beautiful in that outfit and doing nice moves?

Akhil: She is beautiful.

Nikhil: Anu aunt is awesome. Best aunt anyone could get!

Me: Then grab her by the waist properly.

Nikhil: I am doing it already.

Me: Then Akhil, take her from above, place your hands on her shoulders, and make the moves.

Akhil: Ok, from above, got it.

Now Nikhil was busy back swaying along with her with his hands on Anu’s waist, almost holding her ass. Akhil was now looking in her eyes above on the other side. Anu also placed her hands on his shoulder. This was amazing to watch her getting caressed by them. Suddenly, Anu lifted her leg side to Akhil’s leg prompting him to hold her leg.

Me: Akhil, hold her leg. Don’t let her stand on one leg. Maybe she is trying her new moves. Yes, do the other leg too. Keep it in sync.

Anu now got vexed with these common moves. Her nephews were not making any bold moves. It was getting boring for her as I understand.

Me: Darling, now it’s your turn to tell them more moves. Don’t you think twerking dance includes more touching? (I winked at her)

Anu: Ya, if they are comfortable with it.

Me: They should be. What do you guys say?

Akhil: I am not sure what that means, but I am ready.

Nikhil: Me too.

Anu: They can start with butt.

Me: Ya, butt, of course. One of you places your hands gently on her buttocks.

Akhil: Isn’t it a problem, uncle?

Me: No nephew, it’s a part of the dance.

Anu raised her leg, cross again and giving Akhil access to her raised butt. Akhil was slowly caressing her ass. She liked it.

Me: Akhil, don’t just touch, give little slaps on it, feel the bum. Feel the softness it has.

Akhil: Sure?

Me: Ask your aunt if she wants it.

Anu laughed and she started with one quick slap making a thup sound. Akhil followed giving gentle slaps to ass cheeks. Wow, this was hot. Now Niks took his turn. All were enjoying it

Me: Now touch her underboobs gently. She likes it while she dances.

Akhil: Is this how you dance with her?

Me: Ya, she likes it. Go ahead.

Akhil: Sure?

Me: Sure. Stop asking questions. Do it please, she is waiting.

Akhil placed his hands on the sides of her breasts. Anu was now biting her lips looking at him.

Me: Ya, that’s it, feel them. Nice. Don’t miss the chance. She is a bit drunk now, she won’t say anything. She likes it when I touch her. Play with them as you wish. If you want to press them hard, then do it.

Akhil did exactly what I instructed him and Nikhil was waiting for his turn. But Anu was holding his head from back as he leaned forward on her shoulder. Nikhil was feeling the pressure on his neck with her grip getting hard the same as she was getting pressed on her boobs from the front with Akhil’s hands.

Nikhil: Ah, it’s tight aunty, my neck.

Akhil: I feel hot doing this. Not sure about the others.

Me: Ya, I too feel the same. But I know you guys will be more hot because of the dance. I would have taken off my shirt by now doing all this hot dance. Darling, check if they want to remove their shirts and they can cool off a bit. If yes, you help them remove their shirts. Just like you do for me.

Anu: Nephews, did you guys listen to what uncle said? I want to cool off a bit.

Me: They might feel shy. Just take them off. Help them, darling.

Anu started to remove their shirts one button at a time. They were too busy caressing her from back and front. First, she stripped Akhil, and then by the time she turned to Nikhil. He was already removing his shirt. Anu laughed and told me.

Anu: See, I told you my nephews are fast.

Me: Now, continue dancing more. Hold her close to your body in turns. She likes the warmth of my body in situations like this. Give your best hugs to her.

Then I saw the bulges from their pants.

Me: Guys, now give her ass a nice feel of your thighs. Get low guys. Let her feel the temperature.

Nikhil: Aunt, come let me butt dance you.

Nikhil was quick to understand the situation they were in, and now he voluntarily poked her ass with his bulge and it felt good for me to watch from here. Akhil also did the same. Anu was a bit jumpy now with their penises poking now. She was placing her hands on their crotches once in a while. They were getting the hints. But it was my duty to encourage them to take things further.

Me: Guys, sandwich her from front and back.

Now both their pokies were touching her front and back.

Me: No need to worry, she is a bit raunchy when she is in the mood to dance. Let her feel what she can.

Anu now twerked with her palms touching their dicks from above their pants. They were stunned by what would be my next instruction.

Me: Guys, how does it feel? Your aunt is enjoying the moment. Hope you guys are enjoying it as well.

Akhil: What about you? Do you feel ok with this?

Me: Think that I am not here for a moment and just enjoy. Go with the flow, guys.

Anu now turned to a side, facing me and slightly holding their tent and waiting for my next instruction. I told her nephews –

Me: Guys, if she is comfortable touching you guys there, open up just to feel her in the same way. Don’t just wait for what I tell you.

Anu now bent low and gave an accidental rub on Nikhil’s dick with her cheek and the same to the other. They were looking at me.

Me: Dance guys, dance and let her ass touch your tents, correctly keep the heat on. Akhil, why don’t you lift her dress a bit so that I get to see her beautiful ass getting turned in between? She also gets some air.

Akhil: What?

Me: Didn’t she touch you down there? You can do the same. Lift it.

Anu smiling and still swaying her ass. She placed his hand on her ass slowly riding her dress above.

Akhil: Ok, let me do it. I hope you don’t mind, aunt. Dude, she is not wearing anything under. I don’t want to do it. She is drunk and maybe not sure what she is doing.

Me: Guys, she knows what she is doing. See her smiling at you. Just to make things even, remove your pants. Wife, please help them to remove their pants.

Anu with her dress pulled to her waist barely covering her pussy bent down and started removing Akhil’s belt and slid his pants down. His hard-on was now just covered by thin underwear. Now when she turned toward Nikhil, he was hesitant to let her remove his pants. Akhil was laughing. We didn’t understand at first but he warned us he was not wearing any underwear.

Anu: Nephew, stop it. You know I am also not wearing anything under. Let me remove it. Not a big deal.

Nikhil: Your wish, it’s your birthday.

Anu slid his pants and his cock sprung on her face. She stared at it for a minute and looked his face up and gave a little peck on his penis tip and again started to dance. All this bending rode her dress now way above her waist and her pussy was on display to them.

Me: Akhil, let her move yours too, make it even for everyone.

I told this as I rubbed my penis. Anu removed Akhil’s underwear too. They started to dance again. Now the skin-to-skin contact was much better. It seemed they were not waiting for me just pressing and dancing close to their privates. Both their dicks were almost buried in between her tights. Akhil’s dick wasvery close to her vagina. They asked if they could remove the rest of her dress.

Me: Oh, I think I am done giving instructions. Just do it as you please.

Then Nikhil removed her dress completely from above. Now all three were nude.

Me: Yes, there you go, touch her more. She likes it more than you think. Akhil, slide your penis between her ass cheeks. Nikhil, you press her boobs as you like. She likes giving kisses and getting kisses too. Do you like it, wife?

Anu: Yes.

Me: Reach them down then, see if you like it too. Bend over a little by little.

Anu slowly swayed reached down and stayed there looking up in their eyes. Nikhil’s cock was touching her ears and Akhil was close to her mouth.

Me: Nikhil bent and press her boobs. Don’t let her wait.

Then Anu took Akhil’s cock in her mouth and started slurping upon my instruction to open her mouth with a smile.

Me: Go closer Akhil, give her good access. Push deep if she likes it. Nikhil, don’t stop pressing her boobs, also hold her hair.

Anu now closed her eyes and took Akhil’s cock real deep in her mouth and moving back and forth real quick.

Me: Darling, try Nikhil’s too.

Then my wife took Nikhil’s cock in her mouth now and also felt the other cock in her hand. This went for a minute and she looked at me for further instructions.

Me: Darling, do you want more?

Anu: Yes.

Me: Ok guys, I will leave it up to you who goes first in her. But make sure she has access to both your cocks all the time. Deal?

Akhil: What are you talking about? I mean we like to but we don’t have protection with us.

Me: Don’t worry, this is why your aunty got divorced for the first time. She can’t get pregnant. But if she does get pregnant, we are more than happy.

All of us saw our faces once and Nikhil placed her leg on the table and inserted his cock inside her. Akhil was amazed by this with his hand covering his face to not show his embarrassment. But stretched back giving his aunt access to his cock for sucking. Wow, this threesome was super erotic. I know it was a sin but also fun at the same time. I was finally happy. She got young dicks in her plowing hard after a long time. I only hoped she liked her birthday.

Me: Come young lads, make your aunt cum like never before. Make her happy. Fuck her hard.

Anu was moaning hard with Nikhil’s rough blows. Her boobs were moving back and forth with the moment from jerks. Akhil was cupping her right breast from below.

Akhil: It’s my turn.

Me: Ya Akhil, just see what position she wants.

Anu: Akki my dear, sit on the couch. I will ride on you facing you away.

Akhil: Ok, come sit on me.

Me: Ya just like that, slowly let it go in first. Nikhil, what did I tell you? Don’t let her mouth wait for a cock. Come close to her.

Nikhil: Sorry, I can’t believe what I am doing. It feels like a dream.

Me: Yes, your aunt is a dream lady.

Nikhil: Oh, god. Take all my dick in your mouth, aunty. That feels awesome.

Akhil: To be honest, this is not my first time. But this is my first tight pussy ever.

Me: Yeah, she is still tight. Now, make it a bit loose, will you?

Nikhil: Aunty, you suck very well. I never had this experience before. I love it.

Me: Akhil, spank her as well, she likes it. Push your whole dick inside her. Keep your hands busy too touch her boobs. Her nipples need attention. Darling, lick his balls, give him the best.

Nikhil: Aww, that feels nice.

Me: Guys, come on, make her squirt.

Akhil: Do you like it, aunty?

Anu: Umm.. umm.. Ahh.. Yes, my dear. You are doing it well. Make me squirt with your fingers now. I will stand a bit. Your uncle does it better. Let me see if you can do it as well.

Anu now she was freed from cocks and she slightly sat on the lap of Akhil while getting fingered roughly by him. Nikhil was helping her with hair and also caressing her boobs.

Then she changed her position. She wanted to cum and squirt at the same time, so she made sure she was sitting on the edge of the couch. Akhil once again fingered her vigorously and made her cum first.

Then she started squirting high in the air. The whole floor was getting wet now with her squirt in pulses. This was something new for me to watch. I never saw my wife squirt like that before. The young lads did well. Then, in the same position again, Nikhil inserted his penis in his aunty and started fucking her. Akhil stood close to her mouth, waiting for her to take his cock in her mouth. She did it in a second and started to slurp it.

Me: Darling, is this your fantasy?

Anu: Yes, thanks for making it real!

Me: Look, he will fuck you in the cunt. And the other on ass. Hope you can handle it.

Anu: Yess-yesss honey, I can handle it.

Me: What about you, guys?

Akhil and Nikhil: Ok, let’s try.

Me: Ok, take a comfortable positions then. Akhil, you lean back on the edge of the couch and your aunt will sit on your top. Take her pussy. Nikhil, since you are flexible, make your way in her anal slowly. Don’t injure yourself. Akhil, pull your aunt’s buttocks wide. Nikhil can have easy access. Just like that, let both the cock tips first point inside her holes, and then ram her real hard. Wow, that’s it. Keep it in sync, guys. Don’t lose the focus. Darling, how is it? Does it feel good?

Anu: Umm hmm.. Umm Ahhh ahhh.. I can’t express it. Yeahhh, I like it.

Me: Isn’t this what you always dreamed of?

Anu: Yeah, but I feel a bit of pain in my ass. At the same time, I am also feeling good in my pussy.

Me: Give it some time and the pain will become a pleasure. Next time, you will enjoy both. See how hard my dick is now.

Anu: OMG! I didn’t see it that hard before. Do you want me now?

Me: No-no, continue. We can have fun later, just enjoy your nephews as of now. Ask them what you want. They are at your service now.

Anu: Fuck me harder, dear nephews.

They increased the intensity and now Anu was speechless. Just loud moans reverberate inside the home.

Me: Darling, look into my eyes and say you love me. At least, I deserve it.

Anu: I love you.

Akhil: Can I suck your boobs, aunty?

Anu: Do it dear, I am all yours. Can’t you see?

Me: Darling, kiss your nephew on the lips. Give him some wet seems he is dried out.

Anu and Akhil had a deep kiss for a while.

Me: Yeah, just like that.

Nikhil from the back was a monster now, not getting exhausted from that position and pushing deep.

Anu: Ahhhh..It is painful slowly.

Me: Ok-ok, calm down. Switch positions now. Nikhil, cool down. Don’t make her cry on her birthday. Show your performance in her pussy now. Akhil, I will fill her asshole. Is that ok, darling?

Anu: Yes. Let me turn the other side instead, they can switch. It’s easy.

Anu was now facing Nikhil. He directed his cock into her pussy and Akhil somehow managed to find the butt hole and inserted it. The rock and roll continued.

Anu: Yes, stick it in nephews. I feel good this way. Nikhil’s dick is fatter it seems. Fuck me hard now. Ahh, I really like it, nephews. Don’t worry you guys, you can cum inside me. Honey, I can feel their dicks rub each other inside me.

Me: Oh, that’s interesting to know. Maybe a layer of skin separating the holes inside.

Nikhil: I am about to cum.

Anu: Yeah, give it all in dear. Don’t take it out.

Nikhil cummed inside her. Now, it’s Akhil’s turn.

Me: Dear, do you want Akhil’s still in ass or change?

Anu: I want him doggy me in my ass and cum inside me.

Then Akhil changed his position into doggy style and rammed her in anal. And after some time, he also cummed inside. Nikhil and Akhil were exhausted now and I asked Anu to show her holes.

Anu: How does it look from behind?

Me: I see their cum dripping outside. Do you like it?

Anu: Yes, very much.

Me: Happy birthday once again, darling.

Anu: Thanks honey, you are the best husband ever.


I hope you all enjoyed my wife Anu’s dream come true. End of the story.

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