My Mom’s Dark Secret

I am Rajeev from Lucknow. I recently completed my Master’s in Computer Science. I work in a reputed private company with a good salary. This story happened around 8 years ago.

Growing up, I belonged to a middle-class family. I was the only son of my parents. My dad had a cosmetic wholesale shop, and my Mom was a housewife. Everything was going well. My Mom and dad both adored me.

I completed my junior college exams and was waiting for the results. I used to spend all day watching porn and masturbating. I used to go out with friends once in a while but didn’t have any close friends.

I also had a habit of reading sex stories. I always liked the incest section and the stories with the revenge theme. I especially liked Mom-son stories as they were the most extreme.

I used to think all those stories were fake and nothing like that could ever happen. I also did not have any sexual feelings towards my Mom. Still, the idea of the ultimate taboo sex always pushed me over the edge.

One day, while returning home, my dad got hit by a truck and died on the spot. The driver initially fled but was caught later and made to pay 5 lac. Both my Mom and I were devastated. After Dad’s death, our bad days started.

Dad had taken many loans, and the interest had to be paid regularly. I started working at the shop, but I did not have a knack for business. My results came out, and they were really good. But I could not afford to study further.  I worked at the shop for about a year and barely managed to pay interest.

My Mom had started working as a maid for different people. I did not like it, but I could do nothing as we needed the money. The only good thing about working at the shop was I used to ogle at the girls who came to buy stuff. I also got to fuck one of the workers there, but I had to spend a lot on gifts and stuff.

One fine day, Mom came to me and suggested that we sell the shop as it was a burden for us. I liked the idea. We decided to sell the shop to a rich businessman whose house Mom used to work. We got a pretty good sum and paid all the debt.

We were debt-free now, but our problem was still not solved. I started looking for other jobs. But there was no good job for somebody who had only completed 12.

Mom: Son, stop searching for jobs. You need to complete your studies first, and then you will get a good job. We still have some money remaining from the shop, and you have a good score. So you can also get scholarships.

I liked the idea and started applying to different colleges for a bachelor’s in computer science. I managed to get a full scholarship offer from one of the reputed colleges. I only had to pay for my lodging and food.

I had to go to a different city. Mom convinced me to finish my studies, find a job and come and take her with me. I focused on studying and always got the best scores in the class. I visited Mom once in a while, but mostly, I was in the city. I also started enjoying their smoke, booze, and girls.

During the four years, I had managed to fuck around 12 girls. 10 out of which were prostitutes. 1 girl was my neighbour, and 1 was from the college. Whenever I went to a prostitute, it was with my friend Suresh. He had become my best friend. Suresh and I shared everything, even girls at times.

I, however, never shared my liking for incest. Some things are better kept personal. I tried to share my college girl with him, but that girl got mad and stopped having sex with me. So I did not even try with my neighbour. But we did it multiple times with prostitutes.

Even in my hometown, there is an area for prostitutes on the other side of the bridge. But I never went even though my friends did. I told Suresh about it. So, after finishing our final year exams, Suresh wanted to visit my town. So after finishing the exam, we went back to his car.

I suggested we go home and come back in the evening, but he wanted to go to prostitutes first. So I made him park his car on the good side of the town, and we walked. There were many girls on the street, houses, and balconies.

Suresh chose one house and went in. We started talking to the lady there and asked for the best desi girl as he was willing to pay any amount required. A young girl came who looked damn good, and I wanted to fuck her as well. But she did not agree with two guys at once.

She said one after another so I sent Suresh first. As I was waiting there, I saw something that left me dumbfounded. I saw my Mom come down the stairs laughing with a guy in her arms. She saw me as soon as I saw her and she stopped laughing. She kept staring at me but did not try to come to me.

The guy came to the counter, paid the money, and squeezed her boobs and ass. He went, promising to come back for her. She fake smiled at the guy but kept on looking at me. She then went to the counter, took some money, and went out.

I did not know what to do. Should I go after her, or should I never go home? Everything was fuzzy. I closed my eyes and laid back. My Mom was extremely hot and sexy. If she were not occupied, the owner might have suggested her instead of the young girl Suresh went with.

Even in her 40s, she had a look and body of a mid-20 girl. She looks almost like Jhanvi Kapoor, but her body size is slightly bigger. Her figure must be around 36-28-35. I always knew how hot she was, so I did not like her working at other people’s houses.

However, I had never sexually thought of her. But now, her images kept flashing in my mind. All the times when she came out of the shower wearing a towel or petticoat with wet hair. She wore a sari with her navel showing. Her tight salwar kurta that showed her big boobs and ass so vividly.

I just laid back and thought about her beauty and how I did not know anything about what was happening. I was mad at her, and I was mad at myself for letting this happen. I was lost in my thoughts when Suresh came back.

Suresh: Bro, I had the best sex of my life. This girl was so much better than the prostitute we have tried so far.

Me: You should try getting your girlfriend and see how much better it feels when you don’t even have to pay money.

Suresh: Come on, why are you spoiling my mood? Just let me enjoy. You can enjoy her now she is waiting for you.

I was not in the mood, so I denied it.

Suresh: Don’t miss this opportunity, man, do it. I have already paid for both.

Me: I want to go home. We can come back later.

Suresh was reluctant, but I was in no mood to have sex with some random girl after what I had just seen. He tried asking for his money back, but they said no refund.

I was a little off. I kept thinking about my Mom and her boobs and her ass and sexy body. It was suddenly like my mind was clearer, my vision was better, and I could finally see her beauty.

Suresh asked me what happened, but I told him I was just tired and that we should go home. We reached home, and Mom was already there. I did not know how to face my Mom.

We entered the house, and my Mom acted surprised. She could not look me in the eyes and decided to focus on my friend instead. I introduced him properly and told him we were tired. She told us to get fresh while she was cooking something.

I could not help but stare at her boobs and properly shaped body. Meanwhile, she did not even look me in the eyes once. We went to the backyard to freshen up, as the hand pump was there. Suresh had noticed something was off between me and Mom, so he asked.

Suresh: What is going on? You are not even talking to your Mom properly.

Me: It’s nothing, yaar. I am just tired.

Suresh: Do not lie to me. Tell me what happened.

I knew he wouldn’t let it go, so I made up a story and told him.

Me: I was just scared because we went to the prostitute area. I don’t want anyone noticing me and telling Mom about it.

Suresh: Oh, that is why you did not do anything. Don’t worry, nobody saw you, and we will go at night next time.

We got freshened up, came back inside and ate food. I showed Suresh my house, and we talked for a while. Then we decided to go out. We went to a restaurant and smoked and drank.

After it started getting dark, I told Suresh let’s go fuck some bitches. Ever since I had seen my Mom in that prostitute house, I was hard as fuck. I knew I had to do something about it. We went to the same place. Suresh got a new girl, and I did the girl he did earlier as he kept saying how good she was.

I fucked her brains out while she kept on moaning and asking me to stop alternatively. I was in so much heat that I did not even realize I was capable of fucking like this. Like an animal. The girl must have cum several times by the time. I came after continuous fucking for around 30 minutes.

The girl was nothing extraordinary like Suresh claimed. But the thought of Mom made it enjoyable to me. I kept imagining my Mom and her boobs and ass while fucking that prostitute. I came out after I was done.

Suresh was already there waiting for me and seemed proud of his suggestion, seeing me all sweaty. I complied and told him he was right. He did not have to know. Mom was waiting for us when we returned. We told her we had already eaten.

We bought some cigarettes and alcohol on our way back and enjoyed ourselves on the terrace. We stayed up late at night, drinking, smoking and talking about girls. Well, it was mostly Suresh talking. I was just lost in thought and kept on nodding once in a while.

After a while, we came down and went to sleep. I remembered fucking that girl tonight. I was so rough, and I did not care for her well-being. Generally, I was soft with girls, but my Mom had turned me into an animal.

Thoughts of my Mom kept on running on my mind. I was so mad at her. I wanted to go to her room, give her a few slaps and ask what the fuck she was doing. I stopped myself as Suresh was there, and I did not want to cause any drama in front of him.

He was going to go back to his home tomorrow. I could talk to Mom after that. Eventually, I fell asleep. After morning breakfast together, Suresh returned to his home. He made me promise to visit his house. After he went, I immediately went to my Mom.

Her head was still down, and she was mute.

Me: What happened, Mom? You won’t talk to your son. I came back after so long.

Mom: No, son, nothing happened. I am glad you came.

Me: So you are going to act like nothing happened.

She still kept mum. Her head is still down.

Me: I recently got a placement with a good salary. I came here planning on taking you with me. But here I come and find you doing this.

I could hear her sobbing. I waited for her to speak, but she did not. I was mad at her. Like do what you want and now cry about it. That is fucking annoying.

Me: Look at me, Mom.

She looked slightly up. I gave her a tight slap.

Me: You are not my Mom. You are a whore. A fucking prostitute that fucks other guys for money.

Mom started crying for real. She was crying loudly. She was blocking her face with her hand and lying in the corner. Looking at her like that made me feel bad. I forgot a little bit of my anger.

Me: Why did you do it, Mom? Why?

She kept on crying and did not say anything.

Me: Stop crying and tell me. You are making me angry.

She started talking while still sobbing.

Mom’s Story.

We were barely making any money from the shop. I couldn’t watch you waste your life in that shop. So I talked to that businessman, and he agreed to buy the shop. After that, you went to study.

I did not look at the paper properly. Apparently, he had made me sign a paper that said I would return half of the money later. He started asking me for money regularly and started threatening me.

Every time, I begged him, but he did not listen. He would touch my boobs and ass. I got so mad once and slapped him. He got super mad at me, slapped me many times, and pulled my hair and hand backwards.

Mr Mehra: Bitch, how dare you slap me? I helped you when you needed money. Now, I give you two options: let me do what I want, and I will forgive what you owe me after a year. Or you are fired, and you give me everything within a week.

(Hearing this made me super mad. I wanted to kill that guy. But I let her continue the story. I made a mental note about punishing the guy)

So I had to give in. He started having sex with me, and this continued for a year. After that, he signed the actual contract. I stopped working there. But I had become a little addicted to it. But still, I controlled myself. I was surviving from the money I had saved.

But when you said you were not going out with friends on a trip, I realized it was because of money. I did not want you not to enjoy your life because of money problems.

Me: Why are you making this about me? I never asked you for money. Do not blame me for you becoming whore.

Mom did not reply to this. So, I asked her to continue her story.

Mom: Still, I was not doing anything, but a rich guy came to our house one day. He told me he was Mehra’s friend and knew everything about what I did.

I was scared that he would blackmail me. But he said he just wanted to do it with me and would give me lots of money. Even I was horny because I had not had sex for a long time, so I agreed.

He was very good to me, unlike Mr Mehra, so I shared all my problems with him. Then he suggested I work in his brothel where a high-end girl like me could make even 50k+ per customer.

I thought about it. I wanted to send you money as well, so I agreed. However, I only have 2 or 3 customers and only go there a few times a month.

Me: How could you go to such a place? What if somebody we know saw you?

Mom: I always wear a hijab when I go. I gave a fake name, and I am a Muslim unmarried woman for my customers. Also, I knew you would come and take me.

Me: I came here this time to get you, but I did not know I was coming to get a whore and not my Mom.

Mom: How can you call me those words, son? Please talk respectfully.

Me: Are you kidding me? You go around fucking people for money and ask for respect. You know what went through me when I saw you there yesterday?

I do not think of you as my Mom anymore. You are just a whore to me. Your image has been in my mind since yesterday. I think about your big boobs and ass all the time.

Last night we went to the whore house you work in, and I fucked a girl imagining you. I fucked her so hard and did not stop even while she was crying and begging me to leave.

I was always gentle and kind, but you made me like this. You turned me into an animal. Look at me. Even now, I am hard. Saying this, I pulled my dick out.

My dick was big. All the girls said it was too much to fit in. It was almost 8 inches in length. My Mom did not raise her head to look.

Me: Mom, put your head up and look at me. Look at what you make me feel. Look at what you made me.

Mom still did not look up and kept her head down. I then approached her, grabbed her chin, and pulled her head up. Her head was up, and my dick slid beside her left cheek.

Mom: Son, what are you doing? Let me be. Please forgive me. I will never do it again.

Me: It is too late to ask for forgiveness. If you wanted sex, you could have asked me, and I would help you find a guy and get married again. But no, you chose to become a whore.

This is how I treat a whore, Mom. I have visited multiple prostitutes and always treat them to my dick. They all thank me for it, Mom, and you will, too.

Mom: What are you saying, son? Please don’t do this. You are my son. What will everyone say?

Me: Don’t worry about others, Mom. I am taking you out of this city. In the new city, nobody will care for us. We can do whatever we want.

She was still hesitant. I knew she would do it if I pushed a little more, but I was too horny to keep persuading her. So, I decided to make it easy for her.

I gave her a few slaps. I pulled her around with her hair. I pushed her onto the wall. Put my dick on her ass from her salwar. Then I went near her ears and spoke.

Me: Bitch, I am hard. I want you to make me cum. If you help me, I will help you as well. But if you play hard to get. I will fuck you without any mercy and leave you here to live alone forever.

Mom: Please, son, don’t make me do this.

I just pushed her down on her knees and put my dick before her mouth. It was the first time she was looking at my dick properly. The thought of my Mom looking at my dick made me twitch.

My dream was coming true. Even though I was acting tough on the outside, I was a little scared inside. But since I knew she was wrong, I could push her as much as I wanted.

I gave her a few slaps, forcefully opened her mouth, and inserted my dick into her mouth. She eventually gave up and started sucking me. I pulled her hair and made her deep throat.

After a while, I made her stand up and tore her clothes, including her bra and panty. I then positioned my dick right into her pussy and started inserting her. I was in no mood to pleasure her or care about her well-being.

I fucked her mercilessly. I could hear her crying and asking me to stop as it pained her. But it was all in the background for me. I just kept on fucking and fucking and fucking.

After a while, I again made her get on doggy style and started fucking her from the back. I pulled her hair back while doing so. I also spanked her ass and boobs occasionally.

She was exhausted and was maybe on the verge of unconsciousness. After fucking her in the doggy style, I made her lay down and started fucking her in mouth and deep throating.

After fucking her for 40 minutes and deep-throating her for 10 minutes, I finally cum inside her mouth. I made her swallow all of it. She was completely exhausted by then.

I still was not done. But since she was my mother, after all. I decided to let her rest, so I carried her to the bedroom, laid her down, and slept with her. I woke up in the middle of the night and fucked her again.

After this incident, I have been fucking her regularly till now. We sold that house and moved to a different city where nobody knew us. I had a good salary and a bitch at home to fuck.

I was very satisfied with my life. Even though that night, Mom was acting uninterested. She told me later that she was glad I did what I did and that it was still the best night of her life.

She was a certified whore. She never said no to whatever I asked and let me do everything I wanted. I also gave her sex and pleasure that any woman would desire. We started enjoying every day together.