Dad’s Secret Affair With Hot Divorced Maid

Hello all, this story is real-life incident which happened between my lovable dad and hot maid.

My dad is a handsome person in his early 60s. My mom is a homemaker. I am their only son who witnessed the hot sweaty sex between my dad and maid.

We had a maid – a divorced woman of 45 years who used to take care of household works. She has a slightly brownish skin tone and is slightly chubby with fat in the right place. The main highlight is the fold in her hips. She wears her saree in such a way that her hips are prominently seen.

Since she used to take care of our household chores, she sweats a lot. Her sweat rolls down her face and that adds more glamour to her beauty.

One day it so happened that my mom was supposed to go to a nearby city for a relative function. My dad was not interested to attend the function and I was officially committed to my work which made my mom go alone. But, at last, my uncle accompanied my mom to the function.

My mom will be there at my relative place for 3 days. So, I thought of choosing the work from home option for a week. During this time, I noticed a slight change in my dad’s behavior. I saw my dad staring at my maid constantly with lust. This happened when my maid was cooking. Dad would be sitting on the sofa and will see my maid constantly. I noticed this silently and moved to my room.

The first day went on like this. The next day, I went out to purchase some groceries and vegetables. I came home and gave the purchased items to my maid and continued my official work.

In between, I came out to the hall to drink water. That time, I saw my dad watching my maid. To my surprise, the maid smiled at my dad. Then, it was lunchtime. The maid served lunch and we had lunch. During serving of food, my dad kept his hand on the maid’s ass for which she did not say anything instead she moved away!

We finished our lunch and my maid too. After having a short talk, I went to have a nap. After my nap, I woke up and went to the hall to watch a movie on TV. But I was shocked to hear a heavy moaning sound from my dad’s room! I was so curious to know what was happening.

I went near his room and I was surprised. The room door was closed but not locked. I slightly opened the door without making a noise. What I saw was totally shocking. My dad’s dress and maid’s clothes were on the floor. My dad was licking my maid’s pussy. Both were drenched in sweat. There was AC in my dad’s room but he didn’t switch it ON.

My dad was fucking our maid and she was like enjoying each and every stroke! I kept watching their sex act. Suddenly, my dad saw me watching and he quickly removed his cock from my maid’s pussy. He was shocked and asked me when I came.

Me: I came in when you started licking the maid.

Dad: Oh, shit!

Me: Do not panic, dad. Tell me how this happened.

Dad: I am a person with high sexual desire and your mom doesn’t satisfy me. That’s why I thought of satisfying my sex hunger with our maid.

My dad and maid were totally drenched in sweat and maid boobs were shining due to the sweat. I felt sorry for my dad’s situation and told my dad not to worry about anything and told him to continue his enjoyment.

My dad was happy and requested me not to disclose this to anyone.

Then my dad and maid resumed their enjoyment with full freedom. They didn’t bother to close the room. My dad’s thrust was heavy which my maid was enjoying. She was moaning in pleasure. I was in the hall watching them enjoy themselves.

Suddenly, my dad got a call from mom. My mom informed dad that she will be back after a week due to post-function rituals. My dad and maid were overjoyed. My dad fucked her happily. They paused their session for a while and then continued.

During the next session, my maid was riding my dad and they were enjoying it. It was 5 pm. The love couples got up and came to the hall and my dad sat on the sofa totally nude and exhausted. He was sweating profusely. Even my maid sat on the sofa nude. Wow, her figure was amazing. That was why my dad fucked her.

My dad and maid smelling due to sweat and multiple orgasms. After some time, my maid went to the kitchen to make coffee for us. She was totally nude. We had our coffee and biscuits.

It was 6 pm. My dad and maid started again. This time, I too joined the session. I had a huge erection and fucked my maid happily. My maid was happy with my dad and me. She didn’t go to her house for the next two days. She was here with us and we were fully nude throughout the day and night.

The highlight was that we didn’t have our bath for the next two days. We were totally kinky. My dad used to smell my maid’s armpits. Her armpits were emitting a strong smell due to profuse sweating.

My dad enjoyed each and every second with our maid and was sexually satisfied. Even though my dad was satisfied, he didn’t leave. He enjoyed and enjoyed continuously.

Since my maid was a divorced woman, she also satisfied her sex hunger with my dad and myself. She left for her house on the third day.

Then, after a week, my mom arrived. The normalcy was back. But still, my dad pinched my maid’s ass, and boobs in the kitchen. I was transferred to another city. But to date, my dad enjoys my maid and satisfies his sex hunger.

This is all about the true incident between my dad and maid. I hope you all liked the incident. Thank you.