College Humiliation – Part 3 (Complying To The Punishment)

Thank you guys for your appreciation. Before continuing with the third part, let me give a brief background. This story is of a country that was male dominant. A girl studying in a college commits the mistake of stealing the exam paper and is punished and humiliated by the college dean.

She is stripped nude and punished. She had a very humiliating session in the anatomy class. Now the story continues. I would recommend reading the previous parts. The main character of this story is Juhi and is being narrated by her.

All the classes for that day passed by without much humiliation. Every professor who came did not miss the chance to ogle at my nude body. Even students watched my tits and my ass. My tits were firm and had a pinkish areola. My ass was not so big but decent size and was round.

After the classes, my duty was in the kitchen for the whole day. This saved me from the humiliation as I was out of sight of prying eyes. In the nighttime, I waxed hairs from my hands and legs. My pussy was already bald, but I had to wax my underarms.

The next day’s duty schedule was put on the notice board. We all girls have to assemble at 6 AM, check our duty and start our work. The scheduler and allocation were done by professor Akshay who humiliated me in the anatomy class. We all gathered near the notice board to check our duty.

I was the only one without clothes, and every girl was watching my nakedness. I was hoping that I get the duty behind closed doors. But as expected, it was not the case. My duty was today to clean the ground, an open place where everyone could see my nudity.

Also, since I have to sweep that place, I would be doing that in a standing position. It would expose all my private parts, tits, pussy, and ass. The ground separates all the hostels and the college. Every student has to pass through the ground to go to college.

In a sense, everyone will be seeing me nude today. That too with clean skin as I shaved and waxed it. I was thinking about what to do? All the girls have already started working, and I was standing there, lost in my thoughts. I already wasted 15 minutes before one of my colleagues called me. I came back to the senses.

I picked the broom and walked to the ground. Since it was early morning, no one was there. I started to sweep the ground. I could not work fast. I was still lost in my thoughts and was working very slowly. Soon some students had come to play football on the ground.

They could not believe their luck. They were trying every time to hit me with the football or trying to come closer to me to see me. This all again slowed down my work. I could not complete half the ground. It was now only 15 minutes left for the assembly.

Students started to come from the hostel and going to the college. Everyone passing by was standing there for at least 4-5 minutes. Then, with a heavy heart, I was going to college.

Soon there was a big queue on the ground. Everyone’s eyes were filled with lust. They all were watching me, and my hands were slowed down, watching myself and my condition. It was just 5 minutes left. Professor Akshay came and asked students to go to the assembly room.

He supervised my work and told me that I hadn’t completed my work. He would need to inform the dean about it. He asked me to go to assembly. I kept the broom and walked to the assembly, and stood among the students. The professors and dean all assembled at the stage.

The daily assembly activities were about to start. Just then, the dean walked in and announced my name. What he said next was hard to believe. Dean had asked me to come to the stage. I was surprised to hear this and same time angry as well.

Once I was on stage, the dean ordered me to stand in one corner. He also said that I would need to stand here daily till my punishment goes on. I was pissed off with this. They were not leaving anything to humiliate me. I stood in one corner.

I was standing almost touching the wall by which probably only half of the students were able to see me. Dean sensed this and asked me to stand far from the wall. Now everyone was able to see my nudity. The assembly was being carried, and I am sure no one would have properly closed their eyes.

Once the assembly was done, students started to move to their respective classes. I was waiting for students to go to their classes to go to my class without many students seeing me. In the meantime, professor Akshay walked to the dean and told him something I could not hear.

I started to walk down from the stage. From the back, I heard a voice from the dean. “Miss Juhi, come to my room.” Dean came downstairs and walked to his room. With him was professor Akshay, and I was following both of them.

Dean: Were you able to complete the assigned tasks of today morning?

Me: Some part was left, but I will complete it after the classes.

Dean: This college doesn’t work based on your availability. The tasks need to be completed within time.

Me: I am sorry sir, I will keep this in mind next time.

Dean: You better be.

Me: Thanks. Can I leave now? My classes would have started, and I am missing them.

Dean: Nope, you will take care next time. But you would need to be punished for today’s mistake.

Me: (talking to myself) Am I already not serving punishment?

Dean: You have 2 options. First, your punishment is increased by 2 weeks. Second, you would need to use the men’s bathroom for the duration of punishment.

I thought for a while and said yes to the second one. That was not so difficult, in my opinion, and I was happy that it wasn’t so harsh.

Dean: Good, Miss Juhi. But there is a slight twist which I missed telling you. You can use the bathroom only when at least one man is there in it. If it’s vacant, you cannot use it. If you are caught using it alone, your punishment will automatically be increased by a month.

I thought that hardly there would be any professor to check on this. So it will be fine and was ok. I said ok to the dean, but he dropped another bomb.

Dean: Good. I will announce this in tomorrow’s assembly so that every student knows about it. If you don’t follow, they can inform me.  Also, you cannot use the closed room in the bathroom.

Me: (talking to myself). What? Is he serious? How will I pee then?

Dean: You would need to pee in an open area of the men’s bathroom.

Me: How would I sit there and do it?

Dean: you are not allowed to sit and do it. You will need to do it in a standing position.
Me: My thighs will get drenched into it.

Dean: Yes, that’s the punishment. You are not allowed to use water to clean your thighs and legs. Also, you can take a shower once a day only.

How ridiculous this person is. I will now be more humiliated, and other students will think of me, seeing my thighs drenched in my pee. I will now have to drink more and more water so that the pee doesn’t smell. But, if I drink more, I will have to go to the loo many times. I was in a real dilemma.

I left the dean’s office with a totally confused state of mind and reached my class. Somehow the classes were done for the first half, and there was a break. I wanted to go to the loo. I thought to go after 5 minutes so that everyone would be done by it.

Since students don’t know about the condition as of now, no one would complain about it. I reached the men’s loo after 10 minutes, and as hoped, it was vacant. We had 4 loos in the college, and as I was entering, I saw professor Akshay standing inside it.

He said, “We knew that you would try to cheat. So the dean had asked 4 professors to keep an eye on. I knew that you would come to this one as this one is the farthest one and students rarely use this one. Now, since you have broken the rule, you will have another punishment, and the dean will decide.”

“Now, if you want to use the loo, you would need a student here. Go outside and request someone, preferably your classmate, to come with you.”

I wanted to kill myself. Now how much humiliating it would be to ask my classmate to come with me to pee. I slowly went outside, trying to hide.
There were some of my classmates playing in the center. One of them was sitting by the side and writing something in his diary.

I went near to him and tap on his shoulder. He looked back and was surprised to see me. He rolled his eyes from top to bottom and scanned my body, but I was helpless. I requested him to walk in the corner with me. He got up and came near me.

I told him that I need to go to the loo and he needs to accompany me. He said he could not go to a women’s loo. He was surprised to hear that I was talking about the men’s washroom, and he asked me the reason for it. Unwillingly, I had to tell him the whole story about my punishment.

He understood but had a mischievous smile on his face. He said, “I would help you out but on 2 conditions. 1. I will see you doing pee. 2. I would play with your tits for 2 minutes and same time kiss you.”

I thought, how pervert is he trying to take advantage of me. My bladder was full, and I wanted to relieve myself and didn’t had much time. Also, there were no other students as well. Unwillingly, I agreed to his demands.

He took me to one corner where nobody could see us and started to kiss me, and same time started to play with my tits. He was pressing them very hard. He was rolling his tongue inside me. I wasn’t feeling anything erotic and was feeling disgusted with all this but didn’t have any choice.

He kept doing this for good 2 minutes, and I separated him after some time. He had lust in his eyes. He didn’t want to separate, but then I reminded him that 2 minutes are over. I took him to the loo, and professor Akshay was still standing there. He saw my boobs and understood something but didn’t say anything.

Now my bladder was full, and I had to relieve myself. I wanted to go into the room. But the professor reminded me that this is not allowed. I slowly stood in the washroom where gents can stand and relieve themselves. Both the perverts were standing just behind me to see the golden shower.

I felt humiliated to pee in a standing position with two sets of eyes watching me, but my bladder was not helping me. I was in a dilemma, but I knew the result. I closed my eyes and put pressure, and soon a warm stream started to flow. Some of it had gone to my thighs as well.

It took me almost 20 seconds, and by the end of it, most of my thighs were drenched with it. I was sure that these 2 perverts would not have blinked their eyes for a minute even. I don’t understand, but why do men fancy seeing a girl peeing. I badly wanted to put some water, but professor Akshay negated it.

I ran as fast as possible to the class to hide my nudity and sat on my bench. I was seated well before other students enter the class. Everyone entering was having a good look at me while passing by. I was by now used to it as I had seen much more humiliation than this.

The classes went smooth after it and the rest of the day as well. There were activities like cleaning the pending ground and dinner preparation. The next day morning, my duty was to water the plants again in the ground. Professor Akshay was not leaving any stone unturned to humiliate me.

I was watering the plants with a big pipe. It had few holes at the end, so when I started it, some of the water came to me, and I was wet. I was unsure whether it was done purposefully by the professor. I had used this pipe earlier as well, and it didn’t have any holes. Anyways I continued it.

My whole body was wet with it. I didn’t notice it, but my body’s water droplets were shining with the morning sun rays hitting it. Students started to gather in the ground to have a look. They might be seeing a different body together. Their hands were now reaching to their crotch over the pants.

I managed to complete this work on time, and we all rushed to assembly. I slowly walked to the stage and stood in one corner. Dean asked me to be a little in front so that everyone could see me. Water had dried off my body by now, but still, few droplets were there.

The assembly went smoothly. In the end, the dean announced my punishment of going to the loo with at least one student. Also that I had to pee in a standing position and not use water post that. He further announced that I should be punished for it since I had tried to break this rule yesterday.

He asked some students to bring a bench on the stage. Dean ordered me to lay down on my back on the bench. My legs were now facing the students while my head was towards the stage. He announced that I would be flogged 25 times on my pussy since I had broken the rule.

Hearing this, I was frozen. Flogging directly on my pussy, how much pain would it be? I came back to my senses when the dean ordered me to pull my legs up and hold them with my hands. He ordered me to spread my legs. My legs were stretched in opposite directions.

My pussy was on display to all the students. He ordered me to count each stroke and not to leave this position. If I leave this position or touchy pussy, this will again start from the beginning. I was thinking, I am his student, how cruel he can be.

He hit the first one, and it was brutal. Some of the strings hit my left thigh, some to the right, and some hit directly on my pussy. It gave me a painful sensation as this was the first time I had received a hit directly on my pussy. In all this, I forgot to count the stroke.

I realized this when the dean said that this is not counted. He again hit my pussy and had the same impact, but I was a little attentive and counted as 1. After some time, the second stroke came, and I counted as 2. This continued till the 25 strokes. By the end of it, there were all red stripes on my thighs and pussy.

Everyone enjoyed this session except me. I was asked to lower my legs. I tried to get up, but the dean ordered me to keep lying on the bench. Dean then took one of the cuffs and showed it to all students.

Looking at me, he said, “These cuffs are part of your second punishment. Professor Akshay yesterday noticed that you ran very fast to your class or the hostel. Keeping you nude and everybody seeing you nude has a purpose so that no one would even think of attempting what you have done. So to stop you from running next time, I am trying both your legs with handcuffs. This will prevent you from running.”

I was dumbstruck. The only thing that I had to save myself from humiliation, they took that as well. I would now walk only, and everyone would cherish my nudity. Dean then tied both my legs and locked them up. I got up slowly from the bench and walked down from the stage.

The dean now dispersed the assembly, and everyone started to walk to their classes. I, too, started to walk with them. My wings were now cut, and I had to walk slowly with all eyes hitting my body.

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