Debauchery of my wife – Part 2

I was tense about the maid. The next day, Sarika told me that she had settled with the maid and she won’t spill the beans. I relaxed a bit and resumed my job, which has started now. Offices were open, and Sarika and I started to go to the office.

Around a month after Reddy’s visit, I came home in the evening. Sarika was in the bathroom having a bath. Her bridal dress was lying on the bed with all ornaments. I was confused a lot by this sudden event. I yelled at Sarika about it. She calmly replied that she’d explain after she was out.

The doorbell rang, and she asked me to go and check who was at the door. I rushed to the door and opened it. A 19-20-year-old boy with a light beard was standing at the door. I asked about his visit, and he said that Sarika had called him. I welcomed him in and told Sarika about it.

I made the boy comfortable on the sofa and offered him water. He had a big box with him. He opened the box and pulled out some kits. They looked like makeup kits, and he arranged them in sequence. Just then, Sarika came out wearing just her bra and panty.

I was shocked to see her wearing that outfit in front of a stranger. The boy looked at her and didn’t show any discomfort. She sat on the sofa and instructed him to apply henna first. She instructed him to apply henna upwards to her biceps from her fingers.

She also wanted him to apply the henna from her foot to up her panty line. The body started his work immediately. I was still standing dumbstruck, assuming what was going on.

Sarika said, “Reddy is in town. I’m going to visit him tonight. He asked me to come to him in a bridal dress. So that’s why I was preparing up.”

I didn’t say a word and went inside to freshen up. In between, I came and saw the work progress. The boy took an hour to finish his work and asked her to keep it for two hours before washing it off. Sarika looked at his work and asked me to prepare two coffees.

I hummed and went to the kitchen. It took me 10 minutes to come back to the drawing room. When I reached back, I was hell shocked. Her panty was lying on the floor, nicely cut from both sides with a scissor. Her feet were on two stools, and her thighs were spread apart.

The boy was applying shaving cream on her pubic hair. I looked at her, and she said, “I completely forgot to shave, so as the henna was on, he’s doing the job.” Though I wasn’t comfortable with this act, I didn’t want the boy to know.

The boy did his work swiftly, and in 15 minutes, he shaved her pussy nicely. I was expecting the boy to drop his pants and fuck her brains out. But it didn’t happen. He collected his stuff and went off immediately. I helped Sarika in having the coffee after that.

After two hours, she moved to the basin and washed the henna. A dark-colored design covered her entire skin. She moved inside the bedroom and called me. When I reached inside, she was already busy wearing the bridal dress. She asked my help to get her in it.

I silently started to help her out. When she was done, she asked me to apply makeup, and I did it as asked. At 9, the phone rang, and she picked it up. It was Reddy on the other side. He told her to reach the hotel as soon as possible. She asked me to drop her at the mentioned hotel.

Around 15 minutes later, we were on the road, rolling to the mentioned hotel. She looked ravishing, and I cursed myself for letting her go to her lover for fucking. We reached the hotel gate, and she got down. I said that I’d park the car and will join her.

She said, “Honey! Reddy doesn’t want you to come into the room. You go home. I’ll call you when we are done.” I wasn’t happy with her statement, but I didn’t say anything and moved the car toward home. I reached home after 20 minutes and relaxed on the sofa.

Just then, I received a video call notification on my mobile. It was an unknown number, so I disconnected it. It came again, and I picked it up. It was Reddy on the other side. He smiled at me, kept his phone somewhere, and turned it in some direction.

My wife was sitting in a bridal dress with a priest beside her. Reddy went and sat beside her. The Priest started the ritual, and a formal marriage ceremony started. He did all rituals that are performed in marriage. The ritual lasted for 40 minutes, and they were ritually married.

He gave the Priest a few notes and asked him to visit in the morning for some offerings. Then she picked up Sarika and moved to the other room. He returned for the mobile and said, “Going for my wedding night, asshole. Good night.” Saying this, he disconnected the call.

For the whole night, I was in a dilemma about what plans Reddy must-have for her in the future. In the morning, I received a video call notification from the same number. I picked it up immediately and saw his smiling face.

He said, “Good morning, asshole! We have a ritual at our side to offer the Priest a special gift from the bride’s side.” Saying this, he flipped the front camera to the back one and then turned the camera in a direction. As soon as I focused my eyes on the scene, I was astonished.

The Priest was standing in his vest only, completely naked below his waist. Sarika was sitting on her knees with the dirty dick of the Priest inside her mouth. It was quite a time before I noticed she wasn’t sucking him. Instead, the Priest was mouth fucking Sarika.

It seemed that he was close to orgasm and exploded inside her mouth within a few seconds. She swallowed his whole load down her throat. The Priest went off the camera, and Sarika started to wear her clothes. Reddy came into focus and asked me to arrive in 30 minutes.

I rushed out of the house without freshening up. I reached there in 30 minutes, and Sarika was standing at the gate. She got inside the car, and I moved the car back home. On the way, I asked about the night, and Sarika told me. She said that Reddy fucked her twice in the pussy and twice in the asshole.

She had to give him a blowjob in the morning and later was fucked in pussy while bathing together. She gave a blowjob to the Priest, too, but the Priest didn’t fuck her. I wanted to dig more, but Sarika was reluctant to describe more. She asked whether I was a cuckold and was enjoying her being fucked.

This made me sniff in anger, but I didn’t respond. I allowed her to fuck around with her lover, and she was dominating me now. Sarika declared that Reddy would be around the end of every month. She will be getting fucked by him at the hotel.

The only condition I kept was I should be aware of it in advance. She agreed with the arrangements. For the next ten months, Reddy came and booked the hotel. Sarika informed me, and I dropped her at the hotel. She always conveys to me how Reddy fucked her.

How many times in pussy, in her asshole and how many times she sucked him off. After the eleventh month, Sarika told me about Sindhura. Sindhura was a Malayali beauty, slim with the same assets as Sarika but younger than Reddy. Sindhura worked in the same firm in Reddy.

She was in a relationship with Reddy and was planning to marry him in the future. She said that Sindhura was well aware of her relationship with Reddy. Sarika was fucked on a video call last night, and Sindhura was on the other side. She viewed how Reddy fucked her and asked her to learn from Sarika.

I didn’t see how she looked, as Sarika didn’t share her pictures. She just wanted me to know about Sindhura.

It was the end of the year, and the central office of our company had called us to meet. I was on a trip from Wednesday to Sunday. I told Sarika that I was going to Delhi for the company’s annual meeting. As it was mid of a month, Reddy wasn’t expected.

I went to the meet happily, spent quality time there and returned on Sunday night. I built new contacts there, which will help me in future business. The next day I excitedly went to the office. But while leaving to office, I could see that Sarika wasn’t well.

I returned home early that evening and found Sarika in a bad mood. So, I asked her about the issues. At first, she ignored my gestures and questions but later made a revelation. She told me every detail, and I was shocked to know that.

So, the event that she revealed goes like this:

It was Thursday evening when Sarika received a call from Reddy. He was in the town for three days and was expected to return on Sunday morning. He insisted on meeting him, and Sarika was excited to meet him. She said she tried to call me, but I was unreachable. She got ready and went to the hotel immediately.

Reddy welcomed her inside and pulled all her clothes away. He made her stand still and kissed her all over her body. He licked her thighs, bums and waist while busy mauling her boobs and kissing her in between. He forcefully reclined her on the bed and went straight to fuck her in her pussy.

He rammed her mercilessly, stating he was desperate to fuck her. He fucked her with speed strokes for 15 minutes and flooded inside her pussy. Then he rolled on the bed, and they both took a quick nap. Around nine, they woke up, and Sarika started to suck him.

She sucked him for a little while, and she climbed on him when his dick was solid enough. She started to fuck him and was jumping on him up and down. It was then that there was a knock on the gate. Reddy said loudly to come in. Sarika was shocked by this and stopped jumping on his dick.

A waiter entered the room with dinner. Firstly, he didn’t notice both of them, but when he noticed, he was equally shocked. Reddy was having fun when both the waiter and Sarika were shocked. Reddy spread her ass cheeks and displayed her asshole to the waiter.

He asked shamelessly, “Mind joining? If you have time?” The 25-year-old waiter was delighted with the offer. He closed the door and removed all his clothes. Sarika was still confused about reacting to the sudden progress.

The waiter wasn’t visible to her. So she didn’t see him pouring oil on his dick and climbing the bed. When Reddy pulled her towards him, and the waiter spread her ass cheeks, she realized it was too late. The waiter placed his dick on her asshole and pushed it inside.

His dick went in straight without much friction. For the first time in her life, she was double penetrated. On the one hand, the feeling was awesome; on the other, she was reluctant. Before she could align her mind, they started to fuck her pussy and asshole simultaneously.

The waiter held tightly to her boobs, and Reddy’s palms gripped her thighs harshly. The waiter was busy kissing all over her back and biting on her shoulders. Sarika made up her mind that it was too late to resist now. She started to play in the fucking equally.

This doubled both the guy’s pleasure and sensation. They continued fucking her for 10 minutes and filled her holes simultaneously. Sarika reclined on Reddy’s chest and the waiter reclined on Sarika. Reddy asked his name, and Jagan was his answer.

Reddy asked how long he was free. Jagan said he was free till tomorrow at 10 pm. Reddy asked him to stay with them. They all got up from the bed and had a bath together. Played with each other bodies and private parts and then had dinner together.

After dinner and a little gap, Reddy asked Sarika to come between his legs. Getting the clue, Sarika came between his legs and started to give him a blowjob. Jagan was watching this and was playing with his dick. Sarika was using all the skills that Reddy had taught her earlier.

She used her tongue and licked his balls to please him the most. It took her 15 minutes to make him explode in her mouth. Reddy was washed up now, so he headed to bed. He reclined on the left of the bed, and Sarika reclined beside him.

Jagan reclined on the right of the bed. Reddy was finished for the night, but Jagan wasn’t. He rolled around and climbed above Sarika. Sarika was shocked by his sudden advance. Before she could speak, Jagan kissed her full mouth and grabbed both her boobs.

He started to maul her boobs softly and kissed her all the time. He descended below and started to kiss her on her neck and then on her boobs. He gulped her nipples, too and sucked them vigorously. When he was done with his foreplay, he spread her thighs with her knee and entered her pussy.

He started to thump her slowly and kissed her in the meanwhile. Then he started to raise his speed at a few intervals. He pumped his dick in her pussy for quite a while and then exploded inside her. He turned his face towards Reddy and found him awake.

Reddy asked him to recline and go back to sleep. Reddy pulled Sarika towards him and dozed off to sleep, cuddling her in his arms. They all woke up at 8 in the morning with a knock on the door. All of them sat up, and Reddy called the visitor inside.

Sarika was shocked by his words. Another waiter in his late twenties entered the room. He saw all of them naked, sitting on the bed, but he was known to Jagan. Jagan smiled at him. Reddy said, “Are you free for the day?” The guy named Bablu nodded his head.

Sarika scolded Reddy that it was going way beyond her thought. Reddy told her to relax as it was going to be fun. Reddy always overpowered her, so she didn’t have any option than going with the flow. Bablu removed his clothes swiftly and climbed on the bed.

Sarika was pulled downwards in the middle of the bed. Jagan was over her upper body, kissing her neck, lips, boobs, nipples, waist, shoulder and tummy. Bablu was kissing her thighs, hips, knees, legs, calves, toes and pussy. While Jagan gulped her nipples, Bablu started to lick her pussy.

It was immersed pleasure for Sarika, and she was pouring heavily. Sarika herself asked them to fuck her now. They pulled her up from the bed to the middle of the room. In a standing position, Jagan managed to enter her pussy. Bablu was delighted to know that he could enter her asshole.

He opened a pouch of oil and poured it on his dick. He entered her asshole slowly and carefully. When he was all inside, they started to drill her both ways. They stroked so hard that Sarika had to jump to adjust to the thumps. Jagan was kissing her in between, and Bablu was mauling her boobs all the time.

They kept pumping her in and out and building up their orgasm soon. They exploded inside both holes, and Sarika reached her orgasm. When they were done, Sarika moved to the bathroom, and Reddy followed. Reddy fucked her in the shower. First, her asshole and then her pussy, until he reached orgasm.

Then they bathed together and came back to the room. Jagan and Bablu entered the bathroom after them and joined them back after a few minutes. For the whole day, Reddy fucked her two more times. While Reddy fucked her in her pussy, Jagan was the one fucking her asshole parallelly.

While Reddy fucked her asshole, Bablu was the one who fucked her pussy. She was all exhausted with this immersing three guys fucking her altogether. In the late evening, they both requested that Reddy let them fuck Sarika again. Reddy accepted their request, and they double-penetrated her one more time.

While leaving, they come with a special request. They wanted to have some nude pictures of Sarika for remembrance. Sarika panicked immediately, but Reddy found the idea exciting. So, he overpowered her this time, too and asked her to pose.

She kept one leg on the stool and posed for three of them. She held her boobs in her palms, spread her pussy, spreads her bums and posed for a few seductive pictures. Reddy instructed them not to share those pictures with others but didn’t mind showing them to others.

After they left, he pulled out another phone from a hidden spot. He has been recording everything in the past 24 hours. Sarika couldn’t object to that as well. He gave her a few clips of her memories, and she showed me them too. For the rest of the days, Reddy fucked her all alone.

I was astonished by the whole incident. But Sarika said it was unplanned and I shouldn’t overreact. So, I kept mum.

After a few days, I returned home early in the evening, around 4 pm, as I was not feeling well. As soon as I entered the drawing-room, I was shocked by the scene. Sarika was lying naked on the coffee table with her head hanging downwards.

A guy hardly 21 of age was to her lower side, holding her thighs and was fucking her pussy, with full pleasure. A guy younger than her age was standing at her head, and his dick was inside her mouth. She wasn’t sucking it. Instead, the guy was fucking her mouth. He was moving his waist to and fro.

They both were holding her each boob, mauling it like hell. I shouted about what was going on. They both stopped, and Sarika pulled the dick out and asked me to go to the bedroom. She said she’ll join me soon and explain everything. I moved towards the bedroom and waited there.

Every 15 minutes, I peeped inside the drawing room and found them switching positions. She was turned around on fours and fucked in her mouth and pussy. Then she was double penetrated in pussy and asshole at once. The act continued for 45 minutes. The boys cum and then leave.

Sarika came inside, all naked. She pulled out her mobile and showed me a clip. It was our maid, pulling out money from our Almira. She told me that she had asked the maid to take the money but recorded her in such a way that she was stealing. So, if she speaks out anywhere, she’ll sue her based on this.

I asked about the boys and the scene outside. She calmly told me that they were sons of our maid. In addition to the money she offered, she also insisted on giving me a chance with her sons. They were sexually interested in her and wanted to make out with her once.

I knocked on my head, thinking to myself. Whether I was really that idiot or Sarika thought I was. She explained her debauchery such that she had done it for our sake. Still, I didn’t scold her much and warned her not to do that again.

After about two months, both Sindhura and Reddy were transferred to Australia. Reddy has been fucking his girlfriend over there, and his visit to Sarika has stopped. He does a few video calls to Sarika, a few nude calls and sometimes while he’s fucking Sindhura.

He also talks dirty on calls and makes her do nasty things on video calls. Last week Sarika told me that Reddy had applied visa for her. He wanted her there in Australia for two months. She said he was missing her and wanted to fuck her for two long months.

She also declared that he had some fantasies in her mind and wanted to fulfill them. I cannot go with her to Australia due to my job, and Reddy doesn’t want me in Australia either. He wants Sarika all alone in Australia. I am reluctant to let her go all alone. But she has already declared that she’ll go to Australia anyhow, whether I like it or not doesn’t matter.

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