My Wife – Part 22

“How will you bring up the topic of Ayushi’s marriage with his son?” I asked my mom Ragini as we all sat on the sofa.

“First, let me talk to him. I will see how it goes,” my mom said.

I was about to call Reddy as we had earlier talked. Both my mom Ragini and my wife, Kavita, were there. Ayushi was out with some of her friends. She had no idea what we were up to. But after Avantika had eloped and married Suresh, Ayushi knew she would have an arranged marriage.

And just a few days ago, I had seen Suresh fucking my little sister. Before it went from bad to worse, even I wanted to see Ayushi get married as soon as possible.

I didn’t want her to get married to Reddy’s son. But he left quite an impression on my mom at Ayushi’s birthday party. Both my mom and Kavita insisted that there was no harm in looking for the man. Kavita insisted on this for obvious reasons.

She had even filled my mom’s ears with praises about Reddy’s family. I had no other option but to arrange a call with him. Never in my life had I thought I would call Reddy again after he fucked my wife in my bed after I had passed out. But I guess life had some other plans.

I nervously dialed Reddy’s number. I looked at my mom and my wife as the phone rang. My mom looked composed, but there was a wicked smile on my wife’s face.

“Hello, Mr. Reddy?” I said as soon as he picked up the call.

“Hello, Arun, Has your wife started to miss my cock already?” Reddy blabbered from the other side.

“I am good, sir. How are you?” I asked politely, hiding my anger.

“I must admit that I was waiting for you to call me, but I didn’t expect the call this soon. It has only been a week, and you want me to fuck your wife again,” He said, mocking me.

“Actually, sir, my mom wanted to talk with you. She didn’t get a chance to interact with you properly at Ayushi’s birthday party,” I said, ignoring his words.

“Is that so? First wife and now mom. Bring her in,” He said

“Yes, sir.”

I felt disgusted by his words. But I kept calm and unwillingly passed the phone to my mom. After I handed the phone to my mom, I could only hear what she said and had no idea what Reddy was telling her. Kavita stood there puzzled, just like me.

Reddy and my mom talked about the potential of my sister getting married to his son. After a lengthy conversation with Reddy, my mom finally hung up the phone and handed it back to me.

“Well, he was surprised with the proposal considering we don’t know each other’s family at all.” My mom told me.

“So what did he say?“ Kavita asked before I could say anything.

“Mr. Reddy thinks it is a good proposal. But first, he would like to get to know our family better, and then he would think of the marriage of his son to Ayushi.” My mom said.

“So what are we going to do next?” Again Kavita asked

“He had proposed that the families meet without Ayushi and his son. We could get to know each other’s families well. If things go well, we could finalize the marriage.” My mom said.

Straightaway, I looked at my wife, and suddenly she had a glowing smile. I knew she had already imagined meeting Reddy. I got jealous seeing my wife.

“So, did he suggest any place?” Kavita asked.

“Yes, Mumbai.” My mom replied, looking at her.

All the flashbacks started swirling in my mind. It was the same place where everything had started: the train journey from Mumbai to Delhi.

“Mom, if Reddy had suggested that both the families meet first without the groom and bride, then I think we should,” I said.

My wife looked at me surprised, sensing that I was ready to send her into Reddy’s arms.

“From our side, I will accompany you. We can’t leave Ayushi alone here, so Kavita will stay here with Ayushi while we go there and see how things proceed.” I said because I didn’t want my wife to meet Reddy.

If Kavita stays here, she might also keep an eye on Ayushi, thus preventing her from meeting Suresh. I looked at my wife as I said that. I could sense her face turning red with anger, and the smile was long gone. She looked at me with wide eyes.

“What do you say, mom?” I asked her.

“Yeah, you are right. We can’t leave Ayushi alone here,” My mom said. “What do you say, Kavita?“ My mom asked her.

Kavita was lost in her world. My mom shook her shoulders, and then she came back to her senses.

“Huh…. Umm… yes, mom.” This was all Kavita could say.

“Should we tell Ayushi now?” I asked.

“No, let’s wait and see how this trip goes. Then we will tell her,” My mom replied, and we all nodded.

Kavita was upset with what I had done. She quietly went to our room and locked herself there. I got a chance to speak with Kavita at night. She was still very mad at me and didn’t even look at me, let alone talk. Kavita and I knew that she couldn’t tell mom that she wanted to come with us.

She knew that I had played well. But somewhere deep down, I knew this would only add fuel to the fire. As we were on the bed that night, Kavita was sleeping on her side, facing away from me. The last time I fucked my wife was before Reddy came into our life.

She was wearing a nighty. I placed my hand on her waist and moved closer to her. I kissed my wife’s neck slowly and ran my tongue along her collarbone.

“Kavita,” I said, licking her earlobes from behind.

“Hmmm…” my wife moaned.

“You have to understand why I stopped you from coming with us. I don’t want mom to get suspicious of you and Reddy. I hope you understand, baby,” I tried to reason as I made her neck wet with my saliva.

The next moment Kavita turned toward me. She looked a bit sad. “How could you do this to me, Arun? You know na how I wanted him. It’s not that only I enjoyed it. You enjoyed watching me get fucked as much as I did?” She said, looking straight into my eyes.

“I know, but I couldn’t take that risk when my mom was around. I will make it up to you,” I said pleadingly and went to kiss her lips.

I kissed her with passion. I could feel Kavita parting her lips as I felt her tongue knocking on my lips. Soon her tongue was inside my mouth. We kissed like crazy. We haven’t kissed this passionately since Reddy came into our life. But I could also feel that she was initiating it now.

The next moment Kavita jumped on top of me. Her nighty straps had fallen from her shoulders. My wife looked so sexy as she placed her hands on my chest.

“How are you going to make it up to me?” She asked as she started pulling my t-shirt off.

I didn’t know what to say.

“Tell me,” Kavita said as she placed her hands on my naked chest and dug her nails into my body.

“I will arrange a meeting between you and Reddy as soon as Ayushi’s wedding gets fixed,” I told her.

My words seemed to have turned her on. The next moment she was pulling off her nighty, and she wasn’t wearing anything beneath. My wife was complaining, naked on top of me.

“Will you be there, Arun? When you arrange for me and Reddy to meet?” Kavita asked as she placed my hands on her 34 B-sized boobs. I could feel her hard nipples pointing out. I looked at her pussy. It was already dripping as we talked about the meeting of Reddy and my wife.

“I will be there in the room. I want to see you with him,” I said.

“Oh, Arun, I love you soo much,” Kavita said and slid my shorts and underwear down my knees in one go.

My hard 5 inches long cock sprang out and hit her licking pussy. Kavita took my cock in her hand and guided it along her pussy lips. I gave a slow thrust, and my cock was deep inside my wife’s pussy.

“Oh, Arun, I can’t wait to feel Reddy’s cock again inside me. I miss him so dearly,” My wife moaned as she jumped on my cock.

Even I couldn’t help but get harder inside her pussy as she talked about Reddy while she rode me. My one hand was on her waist, and I mauled her boobs and pulled her nipples with the other.

“Ah, Arun, You push your dick further inside me, Arun. Fuck me the way Reddy fucks me. You have seen him na… common Arun….” My wife moaned as she continued to compare me with Reddy.

I pulled her down, kissed her, and moved my hips to match her thrusts. In the next few minutes as we kissed and played with our tongues. She stopped in between to take Reddy’s name in my ears, bringing me closer to my orgasm.

Soon I came inside my wife. I came very hard. I held her tightly against my body as her body shivered with mine. I knew she was cumming, and I also knew that she came with me only because of imagining Reddy. But I was fine with it.

We stayed like that for a few minutes, panting. Soon Kavita drifted to her side, and we both slept.

The next day Ayushi asked us why we were going to Mumbai suddenly. But mom had instructed both Kavita and me not to tell her anything.

While I was about to go to the airport in the afternoon, Kavita handed me a gift-wrapped box.

“Since I am not going, give this to Reddy,” Kavita said. She was not that angry after all with me now.

“What’s this?” I asked curiously

“You can see it when he opens it,” Kavita said, kissing me lightly on the cheeks first. Then she just brushed her lips against mine.

I wanted to hold her and kiss some more, but she was gone before I could act. The whole flight, I thought about what could be in that box.

My mom and I reached Mumbai on a Friday evening. Reddy had insisted on booking the hotel for us. We planned to get fresh and rest for a bit, then go and have dinner with Reddy. There were two rooms booked under my name.

My mom Ragini and I were waiting at the hotel’s restaurant for Reddy to come. Reddy didn’t make us wait long.

From the moment he entered, his eyes searched for Kavita. But he couldn’t find her. Both my mom and I got up to greet Reddy. He shook my hand first and then my mom’s.

“Sir, my mom Ragini,” I introduced him to my mom.

“I am Vijay Reddy. Pleased to meet you.” He said, shaking her hands.

“It’s nice to meet you too, Mr. Reddy.” My mom replied.

“Please call me Vijay,” He said as he left her.

“I have brought this for you,” Reddy handed a package to my mom.

“Oh, Thank you so much. You didn’t have to do this.” My mom graciously accepted his gift.

“Oh, come on, it’s the least I could do for this lovely lady,” Reddy said. I looked at my mom, who just blushed at his compliments.

Then we all settled down for dinner. The dinner went well. Reddy asked about my wife, and my mom said that someone had to stay back with Ayushi. I thought Reddy would be disappointed, but he wasn’t. Even if he was, he didn’t show it on his face.

He was a good talker, and I could see that he had my mom’s full attention as they talked. I didn’t indulge in most of the conversation and just sat there listening to them.

Once in a while, I could see that Reddy checked out my mom when she wasn’t looking.  My mom was in a saree that didn’t reveal anything. But still, Reddy looked at her blouse every once in a while.

After dinner, we planned to retire in our rooms. Then planned to go sightseeing the next day and roam around the city a bit. Reddy bid me goodbye, and he hugged me first. I found it odd, but then he went to hug my mom.

I could see Reddy’s hand land on my mom’s back. He purposefully placed his hand below her blouse and touched her skin as he hugged her. I could see my mom get a bit awkward. But Reddy quickly snapped out of the hug, and they both smiled.

“I hope you will like the gift, Ragini,” Reddy told my mom before departing for his room.

My mom just smiled at him. And quickly went to her room.

Back in my room, I looked at the present that Kavita had given me. I thought of opening it. But a part of me told me that it was not for me. I am just a messenger, and the present should be given to its owner. I walked towards Reddy’s room.

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