Down Memory Lane

Hey, hi everyone. Rohit here, once again, back here after quite a long break. I got excessively busy with all the workloads and stuff. Sipping my coffee on a rainy night and enjoying my fair share of porn-watching.

I decided to pen this story of mine down. I sat down tonight when finally and happily, I could take some time out for myself. In case you are a new reader, please lay back and enjoy while you rub or jerk yourself dry.

So coming to my story. To give a little backdrop, this story dates back almost around 7 years from now. The girl involved was a good and close friend of mine from college. Well, we went to the same college but never got along in a relationship.

It was much better that way. We had ways to get laid and enjoy our personal lives when we weren’t locking each other’s lips.

So to start with, let me tell you that she was quite fair and pretty, with a nice smile that brought dimples (every guy loves dimples). With round, bouncy boobs which were almost touching 36.” A nice small round ass craved a spank every time she bent.

We met just like two classmates would meet on the first day of college. We had some stupid discussions throughout the day.

Days went on like this, and we exchanged our numbers. Planning on how to bunk classes and sneak out for some food cravings or movies. No, we weren’t proposing to each other, and we never did. But we were enjoying our moments. We never interfered in each other’s private lives and kept it to ourselves.

And similarly, we never allowed our personal things to come in between when we were having our “us” time. But as people say, a guy and a girl can never remain just friends without the lust for the other person’s body getting into their mind.

Obviously, it was my mind which had me fucking her in every possible way. And this is how it all started. This is the story when finally, her naked body was standing right there in front of me, not just in my mind. Ready to be caressed, loved, made wet and dry and wet again.

It was a rainy day like today. When my phone rang, I was getting some of my notes so I could pass the exams. I ignored the first two or three rings ( I was engrossed in getting my notes just like a good student would do to pass the exam).

I picked up the phone to see who it was, and I saw she was skype calling me. (No, WhatsApp still didn’t have the video call feature back then). In the middle of all those books and sheets of paper, I (which guy has the power to ignore a pretty girl video-calling him) picked up the call with my earphones on.

There she was, with a smirk on her face and tossing her hair this way and that, looking at her front camera.

“Aren’t you studying?”

“Nah, I feel bored. I have studied enough. I believe I will pass.”

She adjusted herself lying down on her front, with her head raised upwards and placed on her hands and adjusted the camera right in front of me against a stand. I was not sure whether this was deliberate. But  I can have a nice view of her cleavage.

She thought I was too nice to have ignored the idea of having my eyes set on her titties.

“Oye, look towards my face, not down. I wanted to show you something.”

Ok, so that was deliberate. Who cares. I told myself.

“What I am seeing is enough to make my day. I don’t want to see anything else” (I was so naive those days). “Shut up, please.” And she sat straight up, which got me even more confused and aroused. She was wearing a blouse and nothing else.

“I want you to tell me how this looks on me.”

“Your’s looks wonderful” was what I could muster. My eyes were still fixed on her cleavage and a good portion of her boobs while wondering what color her nipples would be. She suddenly disconnected the phone and messaged me that someone had come to her room, so she had to disconnect.

Days went by, and we continued with our way of getting things done and letting things go. But from that day, I was hell-bent on seeing her naked. I had this wild idea of seeing her naked, standing in front of me while I would shamelessly ogle her out.

To this day, it was only hugs and kisses and pressing her boobs (on a day when I was extremely lucky to do so). I wanted more than that. I wanted to finger her dripping wet. I wanted to choke her with my dick. And so I waited until the day would arrive.

It was an inter-department drama (play) competition. We participated and were selected for the finals along with two other departments to fight for the winner’s trophy. The script wasn’t that good (according to me). But still, I had a gut feeling that we would win.

She didn’t, though and was very skeptical about the same. She obviously wouldn’t let others know she had doubts about the script. But obviously, she would come to me, and I took this as my opportunity.

“I don’t think we will win. We will come last of the three teams.”

“We will not come third. I will bet you Rs. 1000/- that we won’t finish last.”

“Good. Keep the sum ready.”

“Sure. You also be ready to do/give something if you lose.”

“Ok, we will see who gives whom.”

We didn’t win and were adjudged second by a difference of just 5 votes. Yes, winners were decided based on the number of audience polls, including the judges.

I messaged her night, “Be ready as you have lost.”

“Be ready for what?”

“Surprise, surprise.”

The next day I persuaded her to bunk the remaining classes after lunch. I booked a cab to a nearby wilderness park. It was a weekday, and I knew not many people would be there then. The weather was pleasant, with a feeling of chill (the one during early December time)

We found a secluded spot among bushes. We sat down on newspapers I had carried, and I quickly looked around. The area was not traceable, and not a single soul was around. A couple sat at a far distance. I could understand from the blur movements that the girl was jerking him off while they kissed.

“From where did you get this place, yaar? How many girls have you brought here?” she smiled at me.

“None before you.”

She gave me a look as if to mean I know what you do here.

“So what do you want me to do since I lost the bet.”

“I want you to undress fully. I want to see you naked.”

She was stunned. Even I was stunned that I was courageous enough to say this on the first go.

“I can’t do that here. I will show you a pic from my phone.”

“No, no, I don’t want a pic. I want my eyes to capture every little detail of your body.”

My lust for her had completely overtaken my reasoning powers. I kept on persuading her in all possible ways to make her say yes. At the same time, she gave all possible reasons for a no. After a long discussion with dusk about to set in, she agreed.

It was getting dark, and it had to be fast (although the park remains open till 7/8 p.m, I think). She stood up and slowly started to remove her dress. In about 5  minutes, she was standing there in a blue bra and panty. In the next 5 minutes, I had her breasts in my hand.

“What do you want to do now.”

There was a very light drizzle, and she was about to get dressed again. She noticed my hard-on being visible over my pants. “Go home and get that jerked off.”

“Have you ever fucked someone in the open?” I asked her.

“No, I haven’t.”

I could feel my dick oozing pre cum. I wanted more of it. I wanted it all. I slowly held her against her back and made her lie down. And some unknown energy forbade her to resist as our eyes kept looking at each other.

We both were helplessly in the hands of lust. We both wanted it. We both needed it. We both had waited for it unknowingly. And as the drizzle went on to become a downpour, we rolled on the ground like two wild animals not getting enough of each other.

Our whole bodies were covered in mud and grass, which the rain washed away. I drank the raindrops from her nipples while my dick made its way inside her. The occasional thunder subdued her moans, and my occasional ass spanking while the raindrops all over our bodies increased the passion.

We fucked each other dry. We fucked like two desperate kids enjoying their first fuck. We fucked like there was no tomorrow. The next day, we both woke up to great pains all over our bodies with scratches and cuts here and there. But we were not bothered because we had experienced pleasure differently.

We were both happy. No, we never tried this again, But we did have our hunger fulfilled at much better and more comfortable places until fate had us drift apart.

So to all the lovely single ladies/lesbians and young couples out there (no single male as of now), if you guys are interested in joining my girl and me for an erotic 3some/4some, please feel free to contact me.

My mail id is /cdn-cgi/l/email-protection” class=”__cf_email__” data-cfemail=”2447564b4c4d50141015151d15644349454d480a474b49″>[email protected] or in telegram @RohitC04. Would love to connect with you all and get your responses.