Being a gigolo for my reader

Hi readers, this is Tony back here. Thank you all for your warm response. This is a very confidential incident, so kindly don’t ask me for names or details.

So coming to how it happened. After reading my previous story, I kept getting many emails. But one mail had a different tone, very feminine and scared but also with energy.

Let’s call her ‘K.’ K mailed me saying the story turned her on, and she’s been reading this story the past two nights. And that’s how our conversation began.

Initially, we used to reply to emails. Then we started chatting through Google meet, where we started getting comfortable. She would reply whenever she had the time. We had casual chats. She would mostly ask me about the story and my previous experience with women.

Our conversations continued. One fine day she told me about her and the location where she lives. I understood that it was one of the high societies in Bangalore. It was a shocker for me. When I mentioned that she dropped the next bomb, she had been married for 17 years and had two children.

I was shocked because I never knew any personal details about her. I didn’t want to press and ask about it. But she one day just kept sharing all this. Since I hadn’t replied for some time, she messaged back, asking what had happened.

When I asked are these true? I couldn’t believe it as she sounded like a much younger woman. So I asked if we could meet. To my surprise, she agreed.

And finally, we met on a Thursday evening. She had selected the place, a luxury restaurant. I had gone home early from work, got ready, put on my best dress, and was well-perfumed. We exchanged pictures to identify each other, and I had to go to the table booked under Mrs. K.

After 5 minutes, a sexy woman in her mid 40’s comes in wearing a royal blue sleeveless dress that ends slightly above her knee. She had a fair skin complexion and a neatly tied ponytail. She looked like she came for a business meeting and came straight to me and extended her hand.

I was so excited. It looked like I had got myself a hot boss. We settled down and gave our orders. We looked each other in the eye, and my first response was you are very hot. She just blushed and started a normal conversation. I mentioned her dress was impressive.

I was trying my best to compliment her so that I could try my luck. I asked her how long did she take to get ready. She just laughed and mentioned she was coming directly from work. I asked how her colleagues could stay calm with such a sex bomb around them.

She was laughing and told me to stop. And then said she doesn’t have colleagues. I didn’t understand, so I asked her what does she do. She mentions she’s the Director of one of the big MNCs in the city. So I was here trying to get my boss’s boss’s boss’s boss in bed with me.

Not sure if I should go for it or back off. I felt a little nervous and didn’t know if it would affect my career. Sensing my nervousness, she slowly started leading me by rubbing her feet on my calf over my pants. She held my hands for a few seconds and asked me to relax.

Once the food had come, we had our food. She said this was to break the ice and make us comfortable with each other. She mentioned we could meet again, as she was in a hurry. After that, we exchanged numbers and used to text and call once in a while.

Then one day, I asked her to let’s have some fun. She replied she was waiting for me to ask and asked me to wait for her near the Kengiri metro station. But I was wondering why so far off. But as she said, I was waiting there.

It was a holiday. She came in her car, picked me up, and kept driving. I asked her where we were going. She said her house or anywhere in the city was not safe. So we were going to a guest house on the outskirts.

After another 45 minutes, we reached a huge mansion with just a couple of female servants. As we got in the house, she showed me around. I closed the door and hugged her from behind when we reached the bedroom on the top floor.

Her body gave me an instant boner. She was 36-32-38. Nice round, big ass, which I would love to bite and eat. She was wearing a green color jumper suit. I wrapped my hands around her waist and slowly turned her around. I started kissing my beautiful lady.

She had such soft juicy lips, she was sucking my lower lip, and I was sucking her upper lip. We kept biting and sucking each other’s lips and then were locking our tounges. As we were busy smooching, our hands roamed around each other’s bodies.

She removed my t-shirt and unbuttoned my jeans, and pushed it down. At the same time, I unzipped her jumper and pushed it down. She slowly rolled down my underwear, exposing my butt and pressing them as we continued kissing.

Meanwhile, I had my hands on her ass and kept pressing them slowly. I grabbed her, made her sit on the slab nearby, and unhooked her bra. We broke the kiss and moved down, seducing her more by sucking around her neck. I went down to her boobs.

They were still firm and round and looked so young and fresh. I started nibbling her right nipple while crushing her left boob. I kept licking her areola using my hands, squeezing my face in between her boobs, I got up, and we both had a smile. I carried her and put her on the bed.

I removed her wet green panty and saw a clean-shaven pussy. I went to kiss around her waist and down there, I ran my tongue around her pussy lips, and boy, it tasted like strawberry. I kept licking and eating her pussy. And she started moaning.

I put my tongue inside her and went as deep as my tongue could. I kept going in circles inside. While I was holding her boobs, I admit it was a bit rough, but she liked it. But she was moaning the highest. When I was licking closer to her upper pussy lips, I understood that was turning her on the most.

Then increased my tongue speed and did not stop to keep her in the mood, and soon she climaxed. I took it all in my mouth. I was kissing and licking her inner thighs. She was a little tired and pulled me up. We were kissing, and she removed my underwear and stroked me slowly. We kept cuddling.

After a few minutes, I started sucking her boobs and fingering her to turn her on. After a couple of minutes, she pushed me down, got on top of me, and positioned my boner right into her pussy. She was riding on me. I was enjoying her boobs jiggling in front of me.

She leaned forward to kiss. In a few more minutes, we both climaxed. And she lay on me, and we slept for an hour or so. She got up and got ready. She said she had a meeting.

I also got dressed. But when she was attending her meeting, the business attire turned me on. She had business wear also with her. She wore a white shirt with a black skirt and blazer. Once she finished her meeting and closed the laptop, I pulled her off the chair.

I was kissing her and unbuttoning her. She felt my boner and asked if this was a turn-on. I nodded affirmative and turned her around. I pulled her skirt and panty down and banged her from behind. The feeling of fucking a boss lady was amazing.

On our way back, she broke another surprise: the place belonged to her friend. She gave me the place in the promise that she shared with me. And this is how K also became my boss, and I became a part-time gigolo.

She only sent me to her close aides for privacy reasons. She also took me on one of her business trips to Singapore. I was acting as a personal assistant during the day and lover boy at night.

Hope you liked my story. For any ladies in and around Bangalore, contact me at /cdn-cgi/l/email-protection” class=”__cf_email__” data-cfemail=”c8a3a9a5aaa1bca7a6b1fef188afa5a9a1a4e6aba7a5″>[email protected].