Entered the World of Prostitution – Part 4

Hello friends! First of all, thanks a lot to all ISS readers for your heartwarming responses to my previous stories. It encouraged me to share another sexual adventure of mine.

To those who are reading me for the first time, I am Shraddha, a 29-year-old housewife from Bangalore. I look fair and beautiful, like a typical Indian woman. 5.6″ tall and had a perfect figure of 34D-32-36. My boobs are so attractive. I had a great pair of booty round ass which attracts men at first sight.

I was a fitness freak and maintained myself really well with regular yoga and exercise. Today, I am going to narrate an event that happened with one of my ISS readers, which I never thought would happen. After a story was posted on the ISS website, I received a lot of responses and feedback on my emails.

One of them which attracted my attention was Vikram. He had enquired whether I was interested in performing a porn video? I was quite surprised by his message. Out of curiosity, I dropped him an email, and we started communicating.

Soon I started chatting with him and collected more information about porn filming. I learned that I can earn some good money by performing in adult videos. The thought of me doing a porn movie didn’t exactly excite me. But a small scene in one for a few extra bucks would be worth it.

But I was concerned about my reputation, safety and privacy. He gave an assurance that 100% secrecy would be maintained. He also gave an assurance that only the cameraman and himself would be there during the time of filming. Our faces would be morphed so others could not recognise us.

I was still sceptical and pretty scared that he would turn out to be fake. But it was just a matter of time before we exchanged numbers. We called each other up and cleared all our doubts. He then requested that I share some of my photos so that he could decide after seeing me and my overall personality.

I agreed and shared some of my hot pictures. He was very impressed after seeing my photos. We decided to meet casually once before going into the actual session. We planned to meet on a fixed date at Starbucks cafe, and I recommended it at Brigade Road.

As per our plan, I got ready for the meet-up and reached Starbucks cafe exactly on time. I called Vikram to check as he arrived and came to know that he was already waiting for me inside. As I entered, I found Vikram waving his hand at me. He was looking handsome and smart in a nice outfit.

I went to his table, and we greeted each other with gentle hugs and settled down. There was an awkward silence initially as we didn’t know what to talk about. Then he started praising my beauty, and I was blushing and thanked him. He also appreciated me for all of my writing skills.

We placed our order and started talking. He made me comfortable in just a couple of minutes, and we started talking about all the usual things. He was literally gazing at my body with wide eyes, and I noticed the same and kept smiling.

I was pretty sure that his dick would have definitely bulged out of control. He explained to me about everything. He offered me 5 lacs for performing in his video. I was astonished and felt elated. I agreed and requested him to pay 50% in advance and the rest he could pay at the time of shooting.

He agreed and said not to worry about money. He immediately transferred 2.5 lacs to my bank account as an advance. I could not believe my eyes. I was happy and thanked him. We then discussed a few things about the pornography industry, finished our remaining coffee and left there bidding bye.

But what next? Should I agree with his proposal? It may get me good money, at least for a year or so. That would be enough to buy a car, which was my dream. To achieve my dreams, I would do anything and everything. But what may be the future in store for me? I had no answer.

The next day, I went to the parlour and did some facials, manicures, and pedicures. I waxed my complete body, etc, that women always do to look better. After getting back home, I shaved my armpits and pussy entirely without leaving a strand of hair. I got well prepared for the occasion.

Finally, the day came, something I had been waiting for the last few days. I was so excited the whole night. That I could hardly sleep with the thoughts of me being filmed while getting fucked by a stranger. It was early in the day, and right after, my husband left for the office. So there was no one in the house. 4

I had a quick shower, did slight makeup and wanted to dress. What to wear was a question. I decided to wear a simple dress. Anyway, there they will give me new clothes to wear for a video session. I wore tapped skin fit denim jeans with a crop top, which was exposing my belly button.

Exactly at 09.30, I started from my house. The hotel was a 20-minute ride from my house, and I landed there quite early for my appointment. I was waiting in the lounge. At about 10.15, my mobile rang. It was the Vikram online. He asked me to come to Room No 411, where the filming would happen.

I entered the room with bated breath. Once inside, the young guy who looked around twenties got up and shook hands with me. Vikram introduced him as a cameraman. In the room, the lights and cameras were set up ready. There was a king-size bed decorated with rose petals.

Then the cameraman came to me and gave me a dress to wear and asked me to get ready in the other room. I went in and changed into a red-coloured chiffon saree with a deep-neck matching sleeveless blouse and the waist chain he had given me.

I applied dark red slutty lipstick and a little makeup on my face and kept my hair open. I then adjusted my saree to a point where my cleavage and navel would keep everybody interested. Finally, I gave one last look over in the mirror. I looked sexy enough to make people cum just by looking at me.

Once I came out of the room, the cameraman and Vikram looked at me from top to bottom and satisfied with my appearance. I went and sat on the bed and observed all they did closely. They made a couple more adjustments around the room and finally decided to start the shoot.

At first, the cameraman narrated the sequence to be done between me and Vikram. I was watching porn on my laptop, whereas Vikram was bathing as per the scene. The cameraman instructed me to show some cleavage for the camera with his phone in hand, ready to record.

Before I could, the cameraman walked up to me and adjusted my saree, revealing an ample amount of cleavage for the camera. He then walked back to where he stood and said to continue, and the camera rolled on. I was horny watching the porn and fingering my pussy.

I did not notice Vikram was standing behind me in a towel around his waist and nothing on top. He kept his hand on my shoulder. I got terrified of seeing him. and quickly grabbed a blanket and tried covering myself. Vikram then dared to place his hand on my boobs, and at the same time, he removed his towel.

I could see his magnificent manhood sprang up violently, springing almost to his stomach before settling down, pointing straight at me. He didn’t move as I kept staring at his nudity. I didn’t waste any time. I grabbed his dick with my hand and gave a gentle massage by pushing his foreskin slowly.

I could feel the veins on his dick. Everything went on without any words spoken. I started with a few kisses at the top of the bulbous pink head and worked on his dick by swirling my tongue around his dick knob. It was craving for an instant release.

The cameraman moved around and caught all the action from all angles. I then held his butt and pulled him closer to me. Mt mouth opened took his dick fully in my mouth. I was taking them in, spitting on them, taking them deep into my throat, and it was looking just amazing.

Vikram stood quietly as I held his butt and started deep-throating him. I was getting choked, and my saliva was dripping all over his dick as I kept his dick buried deep in my mouth for at least 10 seconds. I was showing off my deep-throat skills like a professional whore.

“Oh please, Shraddha!” Vikram moaned as I sucked him even deeper, “Your mouth is so good!” I then switched towards his balls and took his huge balls into my warm mouth and started sucking and rolling them like a real slut while moving my hands all over his legs from behind.

I was sucking on his balls, and at the same time, I was stroking his dick. For every five to six strokes, I kept switching between his dick and balls. The scene came to an end, followed by a cut. The cameraman appreciated me for the outcome of this scene.

In the next scene, the cameraman narrated the scenes to both of us. He asked us to stand in the same location and the same position. The cameraman checked his camera and was satisfied with the position. He then told me to do a kissing scene with Vikram and followed by boobs sucking.

I smiled at him and told him that I was ready. Now the camera was focusing on us, and the cameraman said start. Vikram sat beside me on the bed and embraced me so tightly that I was almost suffocated. With both hands, he started feeling my buttocks and squeezed them hard.

I could feel his dick ramming against my saree as if it would tear the saree and enter into my pussy. We then jammed our lips against each other. We tried to explore each other’s mouths with our tongues and exchanged our saliva romantically. The hunger with which I sucked his tongue was scary.

I didn’t know I could be that aggressive. Indeed, I was proving myself as an excellent kisser. I never imagined that I would enjoy the kiss from a stranger so much. No doubt, I have swept away with pleasure. We smooched till our mouths literally started aching as the smooch broke.

Vikram then removed my loosened blouse and bra and slid it from my hands. It gave him the glance of my milky white boobs hanging right in front of him. Soon he grabbed my boobs and started kneading them harshly. It was hurting me a lot, but it only excited my body.

The cameraman was giving instructions every second. I stretched myself such that my nipples reached his lips. He kissed all over my boobs and dug his face into my cleavage, and he kept licking me there. He then caught hold of my hands.

He started to suck on my breasts one after the other taking in as much as he could, making them completely wet with his saliva. He kept sucking, licking and biting me on my nipples. I just laid back and kept moaning like a street whore enjoying his actions.

He enjoyed sucking my breasts, and he tried to put the entire breast into his mouth as if I was going to swallow them. I grabbed him by his hair and pressed it on my boobs due to immense pleasure. My nipples had become very hard and reddish with all his teeth pulling and biting them.

The scene came to an end, followed by a cut. My breasts were all wet and glossy with Vikram’s saliva, and I made no effort to cover it. In the next scene, the cameraman narrated the scenes to both of us. The next scene was Vikram sucking my pussy.

He said to start, and the camera rolled on again. Vikram started removing my loosened saree and other clothes one by one. Now, I was completely naked in front of him on the bed. He then widened my legs apart and buried his face between my thighs.

He started sucking my pussy vigorously. I went insanely mad the moment his tongue touched my divine place. He was shoving his tongue on every corner of my pussy and stuck his tongue as deep as possible, giving me the ultimate pleasure I wanted. It was so erotic!

I was screaming in joy and uncomfortably twisting and turning on the bed, begging him to lick more. I spread my legs more and pressed his face more towards my pussy, forcing him to lick there more. The cameraman moved closer to get the close-up shots of us.

I wrapped my legs around his head and held him tightly on my pussy, and kept screaming, “Here! Take it! Take it! Aaah, I’m cumming.” With that, my trembling increased. It sounded like a thunderous storm that was coming. For the next few seconds, I kept gushing slimy liquid from my pussy.

I was told to keep my legs out of the blanket, and the camera was focusing on my pussy for some time. There was a zoom for this, and the scene ended. The cameraman asked us to have a break. He could shoot the final scene sometime, and he went out to the balcony to smoke a cigarette.

Even Vikram wanted to use the washroom, so he went. I covered myself with the blanket, laid back, and rested for a while. After a short break, the cameraman narrated the final scenes to both of us. The scene was Vikram fucking my pussy in different positions, accordingly to the story.

Vikram and I got back to our previous scene position. The cameraman said to start, and the camera rolled on again. Vikram pulled me to the edge of the bed and widened my legs, and started guiding his dick into my pussy. Vikram’s dick looked absolutely massive next to my smooth waxed pussy.

His thrusts were slow initially. But gradually, he increased the speed and started fucking hard, fast and deep into my pussy, the way I liked it. My whole body was shivering in excitement. I was screaming like a mad bitch with immense pleasure.

I was sure that whoever passed by the room would have heard my scream. I then wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. Our intense intercourse was interspersed with passionate kisses and love bites. By now, I could feel an orgasm building in me.

My ass muscles tightened, and my eyes were shut tight. When I couldn’t take it anymore, I bit his flesh around his shoulder. The faster he fucked me, the deeper I bit him. I couldn’t hold it any longer as I had another round of orgasm and shuddered with force.

I stopped moving my body now, but he wasn’t done yet. He understood that I’d cum, so he changed my position. He made me kneel in a doggy-style position and slapped hard my gentle brown sexy ass. I started moaning and shouting in pain. He then entered me from behind.

He started fucking and making it deeper and deeper with every thrust. I had closed my eyes and opened my mouth for every thrust. He literally sat on my ass and started fucking me ruthlessly by grabbing my hair and spanking my ass cheeks frequently for his every stroke.

The sound of his balls banging against my ass had filled the room. I was literally enjoying his hard fucking by scratching the bedsheet in pleasure and moving my ass in rhythm for his every stroke. The cameraman moved around us, filming everything from all the different angles.

He then came closer to me and started squeezing my boobs and kissing my back from behind while fucking me. His weight was so much that I couldn’t take it anymore. I fell on my chest with him on the top. But he continued fucking me harder and harder with me screaming.

After a few minutes of hard fucking, he asked me to ride on top of him in a cowgirl position. So, I got up and saw my pussy, it was completely drenched with my cum. He then lay on his back. I climbed on top of him and placed my ass on his fat dick.

He moved in such a way that his dick was getting rubbed between my pussy lips. I then slightly lifted my ass, held his dick and slowly guided it into my pussy. He was about to experience the best part of his life. I started riding on his dick vigorously.

My body was bouncing up and down the length of his dick like an unstoppable machine. My boobs were hanging and swinging each time while I was bouncing on his fat dick. He grabbed my ass and made me bounce harder on his dick. To entice him further, I raised my arms as my hips and pussy worked on his dick.

It was too much for him to control beyond a point and reach his peak. He made me sit on my knees with my mouth open. He started jerking off his dick close to my mouth. In a flash, he released spurt after spurt of thick, hot cum all over my face and hair.

Before spitting out cum from my mouth, I had already swallowed some of their thick, salty cum. I wiped the spilt cum from my face and boobs with my fingers. I licked seductively by showing a close-up to the camera.

The cameraman said, cut at last. He came near to us and gave us towels to clean. He said the scene had come very well, and he even had a hard-on. He then asked us to have a bath and get freshened. In the meantime, he could get the feeds from other cameras in the room, combine them and show us the video.

Vikram and I went for a bath and came nude in the room after a few minutes. Till then cameraman transferred all the videos to his laptop. We both got dressed up and sat on the bed while the cameraman played the video on his laptop. The cameraman and Vikram appreciated me a lot.

I blushed and thanked them. I could not believe that I did like a professional pornstar. The cameraman and Vikram finally gave me a warm hug and thanked me for being a thorough professional. They transferred the balance amount to my account as per the deal. I was happy, and I thanked him.

I then asked them both to excuse me for the day. I left from there. And that was the beginning of my porn film career.

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