Project EX – Part 8 (Alisha – The New Mistress)

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Once Alisha came back to her senses, she got up from the floor and came and sat right beside me.

“You want me to take care of that?” She asked me, pointing at my dick.

“Not now, baby,” I said and kissed her. I could taste her pussy on her lips, and it tasted good.

“So where is that whore?” Alisha asked Amy.

“Let me bring her out, Mistress,” Amy replied and walked towards the bedroom. I could see her buttplug poking out of her ass as her ass swayed in rhythm.

A few moments passed, and the bedroom door opened. Amy stepped out of the room with a leash in her hand. She pulled the leash, and there she was – the Whore, Sarah.

Sarah came out, crawling on her knees. Her body was now heavily tattooed with foul names, sex figures and whatnot. The rings on her nipples were hanging and looking beautiful. Amy had also pierced Sarah’s tongue, lips and eyebrows, which gave her that emo look.

As Sarah looked up at me, she smiled so wide. Her happiness was visible on her face. Then her eyes went on Alisha, and that happiness instantly turned to fear.

Sarah knew about Alisha, and she was the one who tried to put a wench in our friendship. Later, after our breakup, Alisha took things in her hand and gave Sarah a dose, which I was unaware of until today.

Once, after our breakup, Sarah tried to reach out to me, and somehow, she pinged Alisha to ask about my well-being. This annoyed her, and later on, she warned her that if she ever tried to breathe the same air as mine, then she would show her hell on this earth. Alisha told me about this incident later on.

“So, you do recognise me,” Alisha said and started walking towards Sarah.

“Ye-ye-yes,” Sarah stammered.


Alisha hit a hard slap.

“What did you say?” She said, pulling Sarah’s hair back and making her face up.

“Yes, Ma’am,” Sarah replied. I could sense fear in her eyes.

“Then what the fuck are you doing here?” Alisha asked in a dreadful tone

“Sorry, Ma’am,” Sarah cried out

“I don’t want your apology, whore. I’m going to make you regret your decision and make your entire life a living hell from now on. You want to submit it to Alex, right? Now, see where this decision of yours takes you,” I could see rage in Alisha’s eyes. One that I had never seen before.

Saying this, she pushed Sarah on the floor. Sarah, who was still on her knees, now went down on her fours. Her plugged holes were exposed completely, and Alisha saw the stuffed dildos. She pulled out the butt plug and the 8-inch dildo from her cunt, and Sarah let out a sigh of relief.

She looked at the dildo and stuck out her tongue to lick Sarah’s juices.

“This whore tastes good,” she complimented

I was looking at all of this in shock. I never imagined Alisha like this, and it was giving me a hard-on. Alisha noticed that and ordered Amy, “Slut, seems like your brother needs some help. Why don’t you go down on your knees and suck his cock?”

“My pleasure, Mistress,” Amy replied and immediately started sucking my dick.

While Amy was busy with me, Alisha had now tied Sarah’s hands behind her back. She tied a ball gag around her neck. She also tied her legs together.

Sarah’s pony was tied with the rope of her hands behind her back so that if she moved forward, her hair would get pulled, and it would inflict pain. Sarah looked like a turkey, ready to be roasted.

Once she was done with that, Alisha took a whip from my collection and took her position behind Sarah.

“I want you to count through that ball gag of yours after every whip. If I don’t hear the number clearly, I will be starting from 1 again. Do you understand?” Alisha announced.

SMACK! She slapped the whip across Sarah’s white ass cheeks.

“ONE,” Sarah managed to cry out through her gag.

SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, it continued until Sarah reached 30. Sarah was crying now, and her muffled scream was echoing throughout the room. She was in pain, and this pain was different from the one I inflicted on her.

Alisha was vengeful, and she made sure that Sarah knew about it. After 30 whips, I asked Alisha to show some mercy.

Amy was still sucking my dick and balls. Alisha changed her position and SMACK. She whipped one on Amy’s back.

“ONE, Mistress,” Amy let out.

Alisha continued whipping Amy 10 more times, and Amy did an excellent job. She enjoyed this and was smiling the entire time.

Finally, Alisha removed the ball gag from Sarah’s mouth and untied her out of the misery.

“Ma’am, why did you stop? Do you not like me? Please whip me more,” were the first words to come out of Sarah’s mouth, which shocked all of us.

Sarah had submitted herself completely, and somehow, her sick mind loved all this torture. Alisha pulled Sarah up by grabbing her hair and pushed her onto the couch. She sat on Sarah’s face and made her like her pussy to which Sarah responded with pleasure.

As Alisha’s moans increased, I went and took position near her face. Alisha grabbed my dick which was now covered in my sister’s saliva, and started sucking on it. I pulled Amy along with me and buried her face between my lover’s legs.

Sarah and Amy both accommodated somehow between Alisha’s legs and started licking her fuck hole. Sarah shifted her attention to Alisha’s asshole now, and Amy was licking my lover’s clit. The pleasure was getting too much for Alisha. She released her juices on Sarah by giving out a loud moan.

I cummed ropes of white semen on Alisha’s face, and Amy was quick to grab a few strands of my cum in her mouth. All 3 sluts exchanged my cum from each other’s mouths, and Alisha made sure they all knew who was in charge now.

In the next part, I’ll explain how Alisha used Sarah’s body for her gains and how Sarah was now turned into a slut in our life.

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