Exotic Journey With My South Indian Mom – Part 2

Hello guys, I am Dhinakar back with the continuation of the kinky sex story with my mom. If you haven’t read part 1, please read it for a better understanding.

First of all, thank you all for the positive comments and emails for the first story. I was so happy to see all those emails and comments and will reply to them as soon as possible. My apologies for the delay! Let’s continue the story.

After my mom accepted my wish to fulfill her fantasy on her birthday, I was eagerly waiting for it. I ordered a red lingerie with matching underwears and red heels as her birthday present. I had the fear of how she would react to it.

That week went normal, I didn’t want to do anything stupid and spoil the special day. But in my heart, I knew that she was longing for love – both physically and mentally. All I wanted to do was to use the opportunity really well.

That one week was really long for me. Finally, my mom’s birthday came and I received the online order a couple of days before. I wrapped it in a gift wrapper. I also brought a cake for her. At night 12, I went to her room and woke her up and wished her. She was so happy. She thanked me and cut the cake. Then, with slight hesitation, I gave the gifts. She unwrapped them in excitement. But when she saw the lingerie and heels, she was shocked a bit and I could clearly see her face getting red.

Before she could say anything, with boldness I held her hands and said –

Me: Please don’t get angry mom, because you promised you will accept whatever the gift is.

She stared at me for a minute and said, “Okay, but only today, I will wear this and don’t expect anything more.”

I was happy inside hearing this, but I controlled myself.

Mom: Do you remember that you will let me dominate you?

Hearing this, I kneeled in front of her and said, “I am all yours, mistress.”

Mom: Let’s see if you can handle your mistress slave (and she giggled). Morning at 6 you make a strong tea for me and come to my room and wake me up, understood?

Me: Yes, mom.

Then she hugged me and said good night. She even kissed my cheeks. I set the alarm for 5:30 am. That whole night, I wasn’t able to sleep properly.

In the morning, I made tea for her and went to her room, woke her up, and gave her the tea I had prepared.

Mom: Are you ready to get started?

Me: Yes mom, I am ready and excited.

Mom: I don’t want any sexual play, All we will do is softcore femdom. If I feel bad, I will stop it immediately and after that, you should not compel me.

Me: Okay mom (but deep down, I knew she has been longing for sex).

Mom: Today you will be wearing only shorts. So, except for your shorts, remove all other clothes.

Then I removed my t-shirt and briefs. She came near to me and caressed my chest with her hand. It sent a shiver through my spine.

Mom: You wanted to see me in these special clothes, right? Then, you have to do something before that. Come to the bathroom once I say and till then, kneel down.

Me: Okay mom (and I kneeled in front of her).

She went to the bathroom and took like 15–20 minutes to do her bathroom duties and then she called me inside. I went inside and was shocked to see her. She was only in her white bra and petticoat. This was the first time I was seeing her in a bra. Even at this age, my mother’s melons were standing firm. She had the perfect navel. I instantly got an erection seeing her.

Mom: You wanted to see me in lingerie, right? But my underarms and legs are not shaved. I might not look good in the dress. So, your first task for the day is to properly shave my armpits and legs. Be careful, if I find any hair, then I will punish you.

She then handed me a shaving cream and a razor. First, I shaved her armpit, I was so attracted to my mom’s smell and badly wanted to sniff and lick her armpits. But I controlled myself not to spoil the moment. Then I moved toward her legs and damn! She had the beautiful toes and legs. She raised her petticoat till her hip. I could clearly see her panty as well.

Then I cleaned her legs and after that, she inspected if there was any hair over her legs and armpit. She couldn’t find any, so she said, “You have done a good job” and patted on my head. Then she asked to go out and wait in the living room.

After some time, she came wearing the red lingerie and red heels I brought for her. She was so stunning in it. I could see most of her private parts as the underwears were barely covering her assets.

Mom: How do I look, my dear?

Me: You are so stunning, mom. If I had a chance to marry you, without hesitation, I will do it.

Mom (laughingly): Okay okay, don’t overact.

Me: No mom, it’s true. You look so hot!

She blushed and giggled.

Mom: As a woman, we always want men to see how they do household chores. So I will give you a list of chores. You have to do all and if you fail, I will punish you and if you do well, you will be rewarded.

Me: Whatever my Queen orders, I will do it today!

Then she gave me a list of chores to do. While doing the chores, she was comfortably sitting on the sofa and enjoyed seeing me working. I did everything she asked perfectly but missed cleaning a spot. While she inspected, she told me all were good except this and in the evening, I will get a punishment for this. I was okay with that, but at the same time, I was scared about what she had in her mind as punishment as well.

Then she asked me to prepare lunch for us. She was sitting near to me in the kitchen and gave me instructions on how to cook. That was the first time I cooked in my life. Then we had lunch.

During the lunch, my mom asked me to sit down on the floor near her legs. She then put her one leg back on my shoulder while eating. I could really feel the spike of the heel poking my back. I really enjoyed the way she was treating me.

After the lunch, she went for an afternoon nap. She asked me to massage her feet till she fell asleep. After half an hour, she slept and I too fell asleep, falling on her legs.

Around seven in the evening, I felt something on my face and it was my mother’s lovely feet. She was playing on my face with her feet. When she saw me awake, she giggled and brought her toes near my mouth. She said, “You like my toes, right? You wanna lick it?” I nodded yes.

She then put her toes inside my mouth. I started licking and kissing it slowly. Meanwhile, she had her eyes closed and was enjoying the feel. For about 20 minutes, I was worshipping her beautiful legs.

Mom then got up from the bed and asked me if I was ready for the punishment. I hesitantly said yes. She asked me to be on my four like a dog. She then went and took a belt. She said, “I am going to stroke you 20 times on your bottom and you have to count it properly. If you miss it, I will start from the beginning. Okay?” I said yes.

Then she put one leg on my shoulder and started to whip me. It was painful but I felt horny and my dick was erect at the same time. She was so hard on me and didn’t show any mercy. I counted properly to avoid getting more strokes from her.

Then we ordered dinner and had it in the same way we had lunch. After that, we decided to watch a movie. It was a romantic movie. During the movie, my mom kept her head on my shoulder and grabbed my arms. It was a very special moment for me. I felt her like my gf. After the movie, she hugged me tightly and thanked me for making this day a memorable one. Before going to bed, she said there was one more surprise.

She took me to her bedroom and tied my hands, legs, and eyes. She warned me not to peak. She went outside for a couple of minutes and came back. She then put something around my mouth and ordered me to lick it. It was big and thick and felt like a cucumber. I was licking it for some time. She then removed it.

After a couple of minutes, I started hearing her moaning sound. I understood what she was doing. Soon, her moan started going deep and I was getting hornier by hearing her. I was helpless as she had me tied up. She was masturbating for half an hour and at the end, I heard a huge moan. I realized she had an orgasm. After that for the next 15 minutes, there was no sound of her. I was confused about what she was doing. Then I felt her. She untied me.

When I saw her face, I could see satisfaction. She was too hot and I could see sweat drops near her neck, armpits and in her navel. Then she gave the cucumber to me. She said it was a small gift from her to make her day a special one. I was a bit taken aback by her move and was still shocked, trying to understand what happened.

The cucumber was a bit sticky with her juices. She ordered me to eat it. I started eating it, it was a bit salty and slimy, but I enjoyed it. She then kissed me on the lips for the first time. It was like a 2-minute liplock. But I felt it so special. She then wished me good Night and went to sleep.

I was stunned that whole night thinking about all the things that happened that day. But in my heart, I knew things had changed and the upcoming days will be special for me. With this, I am ending this story. Please share your valuable thoughts and stay tuned for the next part. Cheers!