Turned foes into friends

Hi, Kedar here from Pune. I am 23 years old and live in Mahabaleshwar for my work. I am in a sexual relationship with my boss. I am 5’3 in height, 59 kg weight.

His wife divorced him, so he fucks me every day, and I love it. I live with him instead of living somewhere else without my parents’ knowledge. We are more kind of couple than colleagues.

I am his bitch. There is no hole on my body which was not filled with his cum and piss. He even buys me all sorts of lingerie and sexy outfits and treats me as his wife only. I look like a woman when I fully cross-dress as I tuck my penis.

I live as a woman only inside our house. I always wear women’s panties under my trousers. I even started oestrogen-based HRT 1 and a half years ago. Now I have developed voluptuous melons and sexy round ass and curves on my belly area.

My lover and I even go out sometimes dressed as his wife. Nobody even notices that I am a male and not a girl. This incident happened about 1 year ago.

My parents live and work in Pune. I visit my parents once every two months or at festivals. One day, on a casual call, my dad told me his office hired a new boss. He is very selfish and arrogant. Dad is thinking of quitting his job due to work pressure and getting a new one.

At the festival of Dussehra, I visited my parents. By now, it was 6 months since I started taking oestrogen pills. So, by then, I developed nice curves on my body. I was already very fair, plus I am living in Mahabaleshwar cold weather made me even more fair.

My skin became a lot smoother, my boobs were now as big as a teenage girl. I had my hair long till the shoulder. My belly was curvy, and my ass was round, plus gotten bigger than the average male.

So, on Dusshera evening, we visited a few of my father’s friends to exchange wishes. I was wearing loose clothes so that no one would notice my curves.

At the house of one of his friends, Dad’s boss was also there. My dad had an upset look on his face but stayed in the flow.  He introduced me to his boss.

This guy is a typical South Indian. His name is Mayan. 6ft tall, absolutely bear body, had a big moustache, dusky to dark complexion. By seeing his arms, I could judge that he had a fairly hairy body and he was half bald. But his body was thick. His arms and thighs were really big. After some time, we left.

On the next day, I went to the mall for some shopping. I was still wearing loose clothes, and as usual, I was wearing my sexy lacy panty under my jeans. While roaming around, I saw a sexy, see-through lingerie set.

My boss and I were more like a couple. So we chatted and talked on WhatsApp often as if husband and wife. We share all sorts of stuff. When we are away, he tells me how much he misses me and is desperate to take me in his arms and kiss me and fuck me. We also share sexy nude pics of each other.

So, on that day, I secretly took pics of that lingerie set. I sent it to him, asking how it would look on me and with a wink emoji. Within no time, I got his reply that it was too sexy. He would love to see me in that. His cock is already hard by imagining. He sent me a pic of his rock-hard cock.

As it was a joint holiday, he was also staying home. So I planned that I would buy it. In the late evening, I went to the mall and bought the same lingerie set of my size. I went to the changing room to try it on. There was no security person there at that time.

So I saw one stall empty and got in. In the excitement of trying the sexy lingerie and sending pics to my lover, I forgot to lock the door. I got totally naked inside the stall. I clicked some nudes, holding the set in my hand and sent it to him. He replied with a video call on mute.

He signed that I should do some sexy stuff on call and try on the set. So I started showing my ass and boobs to him. I had my penis tucked in between the thighs. So, I started trying on the new lingerie. It was a purple see-through nighty, with a g-string panty and lacy nipple cover as a bra.

He went mad and started stroking his cock. So I also did actions of sucking it. After 2 or 3 minutes, I hung up the call as I wanted to look and admire myself. I told him that he was going to get me tomorrow anyway. Till then, he should save his cum. I wanted to drink the first cum shot after two days.

Now, I started admiring my looks. I started collecting pics of my boobs and ass in different poses wearing new lingerie. I was looking like a stunning sex goddess. And suddenly I got the shock of my life. The door got pushed, and Mayan was standing there looking at me.

I somehow got in the corner. With my hands crossed, I started trying to hide my boobs and private parts. Most importantly, I tried to hide what I was wearing. I thought he would make a scene now by shouting and would probably tell my parents. I was absolutely scared.

Almost 5 or 7 seconds went like this. Instead of making a scene, Mayan came in. He locked the door and started coming towards me. It was a small stall. He got to me in just two steps, and putting a finger on my lips, he signed to keep quiet.

I wasn’t in the condition to make any noise anyway. He slowly came close to me, removed my hand from my chest and man pussy. And smiled wickedly. I understood he was into me now. He looked at me from up and down. He mouthed and signalled with his thumb and index finger that I looked gorgeous.

He slowly got closer and softly put his lips on mine. We kissed. His moustache was amazing. I loved the way he was sucking my lower lip. So, I also responded. We deep kissed for like 2 to 3 minutes. He was pressing my soft boobs and ass by now.

He was getting more and more horny. His hard penis was pressing into my belly, as I was too shorter than him. Now, he broke the kiss and slowly turned me 180 degrees as he wanted to see my ass. I was wearing hardly a g string which ran through my ass crack, and other than that, my whole ass was visible.

As a bra, I was only wearing a lacy nipple cover. Due to that, my teen girl boobs were also looking hot and making a nice cleavage. He now turned my back towards him and started spanking my ass softly. I was loyal to my lover till now and never wanted another man in my life.

But at this point, I had no option but to obey whatever Mayan was doing to me.
So, in helplessness, I decided to enjoy whatever he was doing. He now parted my ass cheeks with his fingers. Even his fingers were hairy and thick. Now he slid his one hand’s middle finger in my ass crack.

He started searching for my asshole. And with the other hand, he was literally crushing my boobs underneath my armpits. Now he found my ass hole and started inserting his finger inside. It went in with only little resistance as my lover was fucking me every night.

He understood that I wasn’t a virgin. So he came close to my ear from behind and whispered, “You are too hot to handle bitch. Whoever fucks you is really lucky.” I don’t know why, but I felt it as a compliment and moaned a little.
Now he was playing with my boobs with one hand.

On the other hand, he slowly lowered his sweatpants. He wasn’t wearing any trousers as it was a casual day in the mall for him. So he lowered his sweatpants and underwear, fully exposing his cock to me. I could see everything in the mirror as I was in a changing stall.

He placed his hand under my belly and pulled me back closer to his dick and further from the wall. It was such a monstrous cock. It was easily 7 and a half inches long and 3 and a half inches thick. His balls were also huge and hairy.  He pulled my ass closer and slid my g-string down to my knees.

He bent me forward and inserted his entire finger in my asshole. My lover’s cock was also big but not as big and thick as Mayan. As he pushed his finger, I moaned a little quietly. It was 9.50 by now. The mall had started emptying as 10.15 was the closing time. There were few people left.

He judged my depth with his finger and removed it. Now he spit on my asshole 3 – 4 times. I understood his plan and pushed my ass further on his cock. He now put his cock tip on my hole. He gave a hard push, and in the first push itself, his 1/3 cock went in.

I was in pain but also pleasure. A tear rolled down my eyes, but I also moaned in a soft voice. But to my disappointment, he did not fuck me then and there. He pulled his cock out and turned me around again, and pushed my head closer to his cock.

I opened my lips and took his cock head in my mouth, and sucked it. But again, he pulled his cock out. Now he got me up, came closer and said in my ear, “Not here, my darling. I am going give you fuck you will never forget.” So he asked me to get dressed but keep wearing that lingerie inside my clothes.

I did what he asked. We came out of the mall in his car. He asked me to call my parents and tell them that I was with a friend and would be getting late. I did so. I also texted my lover that I was going out with my parents, and so not to call or message me for another 2 hours.

Now, Mayan started his car. We got about 20 km outside the city. Mayan stopped the car outside a local lodge and booked a room for us. He paid the amount in advance, which was hardly 1000 rs. We checked in the room. It was a decent room with AC, fridge, attached toilet with shower, TV and a bed.

As soon as we entered, Mayan bolted the door, lifted me in his arms and threw me on the bed. I was nothing compared to his power. I flew to the bed and fell on my stomach. Out of nowhere, Mayan also jumped in bed and came on top of me. He started dry fucking my ass with our clothes on.

He was so amazing that his cock got its full hardness in just 2 seconds. I was feeling a hot thick long cock in my asscrack. I was also responding by lifting my ass and moaning. He fucked me like that for about 5 minutes. He literally started attacking me after that.

He first stood up on the bed and lifted me, holding me under my armpits and turning me. He removed my T-shirt. Then, in no time, he removed my trousers. Now, I was only in my lacy bra and g-string. He also got out of his t-shirt and sweatpants. He was simply in his underwear now.

He turned me around and yelled at me, “You motherfucking bitch, I am going to fuck you tonight the way that you will never forget.” Saying this, he pulled his underwear down, and his cock suddenly flung out. He pushed me down, holding my shoulders and slapped my face a little hard.

He now held my jaw in his right hand and pressed hard so my mouth opened. As soon as he saw my mouth was open, in one push, he slid his entire cock in my mouth. I gagged, and his cock went deep into my throat, penetrating everything on its way.

I must admit that I was fucked many times before. I gave thousands of blowjobs to my lover, but this was totally different. For some reason, I was really enjoying this roughness. He kept his cock in my throat for 2 to 3 minutes. All this time, he was abusing me.

“You fucking bitch, you must have swallowed thousands of cocks till today. But this cock is going to take the life out of you. You are nothing else but a whore who deserves to be punished.” Then he started fucking my mouth in such a way that every time he pushed his cock in, I gagged.

This went on for like 10 minutes. During this time, he was brutally pressing and crushing my boobs. He was abusing and slapping me on the face, sometimes with his hand, sometimes with his cock. He was spitting all over me. His precum and my saliva were filling my mouth.

Some of it was dripping out on my face. I was trying to swallow it as much as possible. After fucking my mouth brutally for 10 minutes, he again got me up and pushed me off the bed. I fell on the floor. He also jumped out of bed. As I was sitting down, he again slapped me.

Saying, ” From now onwards, whenever you visit your parents, you are going to visit me first and pay your respect to my cock and fulfil your dues. Say yes, master.”

I was not new to BDSM. So, I replied, “Yes, master, I will obey all of your commands.” Saying this, I kissed his feet. He again yelled, “Your master wants to pee. So be a urinal to your master.” I used to get pissed over me a lot of times by my lover, but I never drank it.

I said, “Here, master, please treat me as your urinal,” and I opened my mouth. With his fully circumcised and erect cock he started peeing like Niagara Falls. It went all over my face, body and in my mouth. I collected as much of it in my mouth.

After he finished pissing, he ordered, “Drink bitch, this is your water.” I drank all of it. As soon as I finished drinking, he again tightly slapped me, saying, “You motherfucking whore, what about the water that is on the floor? Lick that and make the floor clean, you bitch.”

I already planned to obey this guy. So I did as he said. I licked the entire piss on the floor and gulped it down my throat. Now he pulled me near his cock, holding my long hair, “Be a good motherfucking slave and give masters cock the kiss.”

This was just the beginning of what turned out to be a night I can never forget. If you liked this, please let me know in the comments so I can share the rest of this experience.