Experiments With Exhibition – Part 2

I was trying my experiment of exhibiting my body to a fruit seller. After spending some time there, on the road with him, he was close to me. His facing was touching my lips and he was lying on my nude body. He was awestruck at that moment. I also behaved shocked at that moment. Suddenly another idea struck my mind.

He stood up and tried to explain to me that it happened accidentally. I was still lying there naked pretending like I was hurt. I slowly stood up picking my legging till the upper thighs only like in a hurry. He was about to leave when I stopped him by pulling his arm.

I asked him with a little sad face that please don’t tell about this to my husband. He will be very angry and beat me at home. He was like no mam I will not tell him. He also asked if I am hurt to which I replied yes. He asked me where. Then I took him again to the back of the shack and lifted my top and turned my back.

He was still shocked. But I controlled the situation saying that please see if there are any marks on my back. If he finds those at home he will beat me because he does not trust me. He was also looking worried. He was thoroughly checking my nude back and rubbing dick with the hands.

My legging was still near my upper thighs as I picked it in a hurry to stop him. He was also having a look at my red bubble butt with some sand on it. He told me that it is sand only. I asked him to help me and clean my back as I am feeling no power in me. I pretended to shake my legs.

He started doing it in a gentle way and without my permission cleaned my ass too with his hands. It was more than enough for me to turn on. I was full of sand and there was a tubewell running near with a medium-size tub before it. I told him that I better take a bath. Because the sand will not be cleaned in this way.

I touched the water and it was luke-warm. He told me that it will take more time and his husband may come there. I replied that he is busy on the phone call and it is his routine work. He will not be free anytime soon. And also he does not care about me as he sent him rather than coming himself.

He told me that there is nothing to soak the body and what about hairs. I replied that I will tie my scarf on my hair and use his lungi to soak. He was more keen to ask me if will I bath nude. His dick was still erect in his lungi which he was holding. I asked him if he would give me his lungi or any other cloth.

He told he had only that lungi there and other clothes are at the shop. He was looking a little uncomfortable. I thought that he might not be wearing anything under lungi as it was tightly tied. But I did not care much. I told him not to go there and stay there.

I told him to watch if my husband come that way until I bath. He agreed with that. Now he was eager to watch what was about to happen. I told him to stay on the edge of the shack. He turned his back towards me and went a few steps away. I removed my top and legging completely.

I meanwhile messaged Harp to come to a few steps towards the shack. Then again move backward pretending to have another call. I went into the tub stark naked. The seller was not looking at me. After a few seconds, he told me that my husband is coming. I told him in a fearful voice to come towards me.

He moved quickly. I came out of the tub without any cloth on my body, stark naked in the sunlight before a completely unknown guy. He was surprised at that. I covered my boobs with my hands. But my hairless pussy was visible to him as were my legs and toned stomach and small waist.

He kept his eyes down but it may be intentional. He was having a good look at my pussy. I asked him to give me the lungi. He told me what I was thinking that he is not wearing anything under it. I told him that why did he not tell me that earlier. To which he replied that out of shyness.

I told him to check the husband again. He ran and told me that he again went back having mobile on his ear. I took a sigh of relief before him and entered the small pool again. This time he saw my bubble butt fully. I sat in the pool and told him to bring some other cloth. He told me the same answer again.

Then I told him to remove his lungi and give it to me. I will give it back to him after soaking. He was surprised and puzzled as to what to do. My brain was also processing very fast about what to do next. He told me that he may have some cloth in the bagh and he will go and get it. I told him to do it fast.

He went and stole a moment to look at my naked body which was not much visible to him. The tub-like thing was a few meters from where he was standing near the edge. I was sitting in it in water. Only my shoulders were visible to him. Meantime, I told Harp everything and asked what to do next.

He asked me if I want to have sex with him to which I replied that it is not final yet. He told me that he would come there calling my name when the seller came. I should hide in the tub. He will himself start by saying that she went to see the bagh.

He will also ask the seller about the next fuel station which he knew is 30 kilometers away. But backward it is only 8-9 kilometers. He will tell the seller that fuel is low. He is going to fill the car until then he should show me the bagh. It will give more time for me and the seller.

The seller was coming with a small cloth and I miss-called Harp. The seller came near me and showed me the cloth. It was a small cloth but it was enough. Meanwhile, Harp came calling and the seller suddenly went towards the edge. I told me in fear to tell him that I went towards the bagh.

I then hurriedly told him to hide my clothes. He took the clothes and threw them away. I hid in the tub. Harp came and all went according to the plan. I was listening to it. He went and I drowned myself in the water to pretend that I was doing it all the time they had chatted.

The seller came closer and called madam. I suddenly burst up pretending to be short of breath. He also realized it and I came out of the tub fully naked. I had my knees on the earth and spread my ass towards him pretending to be coughing heavily. My asshole and hairless pussy were now fully visible to him.

He did not know what to do next. I then lay there on my back. I told him with signs to press my chest while heavily coughing. He did it by putting his hands on boobs. I spat water which I filled in my mouth. I was again filled with sand more because of my wetness.

He poured several glasses on my body near my face to clean the dirt. I pretended to be all right. In a sudden burst, I hugged him. I told him that he saved my life today. The bitch inside me was now fully on to give him all the holes. He was not resisting and it was what I want.

I did not want to kiss him though. I told him that I will give him anything he wants, like money. He was looking happy but was watching my dirt-covered body while bending his eyes. I then did the initiative and told him that I know what you want.

After this, I suddenly took hold of his lungi and removed it in a gush and hugged him. He was totally mute at this act. His erect wet big dick was now touching my vagina. He was of the same height as me. I jumped into the tub and took hold of his shirt and took him into the tub too.

I started hugging him and rubbing my boobs with his chest. He also starting making moaning sounds and started hugging me. Before he could understand more, I took his long black dick in my mouth. We were both in the water. He shook as I took his dick in my soft lips.

I started sucking it like a lollipop and it was irresistible for him. He took hold of my hairs. Then I turned my back towards him and inserted his dick in my pussy. He started thrusting fastly instantly. I knew he was wanting it for a long time today. He still had hold of my hair though.

My big ass was touching his body while thrusting. As I estimated he cummed after a few minutes of continuous thrusting inside me. I hugged him again tightly. He was now massaging my butt with his hands while I was hugging him. He then sucked my both boobs and pressed them one after one.

He was behaving like a mad person doing all the things quickly and again and again. I was enjoying it with loud moaning. My body was also dancing because of the events and thinking about what is happening. We came out of the water and he soaked my body with the cloth.

Touching every inch of my body and looking at it by spreading the vagina and my ass and even inserting a finger in my ass. He was also naked from below. His dick was erect again after doing this. We had another session behind the shack of sucking and fucking. His stamina was unbeatable this time.

He was fucking me from 25 minutes in my vagina in different postures. He first made me lie on the cloth on the earth and fucked me. Then did it in the doggy style. Then he accidentally inserted his dick in the ass which I did not mind and he realized it too.

It was right there in the ass. He spat on it and after few thrusts cummed again. We were doing it near the edge and my face was facing the road. Harp came after his cum and I told him the same. He got me my clothes and again cleaned my ass and vagina with his cloth.

I wore the clothes and he asked me why I wear such a revealing pajama, the legging. I replied saying that I wanted to reveal my ass and I walked away. He might be wondering what that means. I reached the car and we went. He was still behind the shack, maybe cleaning his own clothes.

We went without giving any money but I think he did not mind.