Indian Wife Steps Into The World Of Sluttiness

Hey all ISS readers, this is Mahi, short for ‘Maheshwari’. Some of you might know me from Facebook or Xvideos. Well, to all those who don’t know me, I am Mahi, 47 years, mother to a son and wife to a husband who works in Dubai.

I work as a government school teacher in Hyderabad and I teach maths to high school students. My son is 19 years old currently in his engineering course. This story is about me getting to know the other sides of being slutty and naughty and having wild feelings to fulfill in the bed.

This happened way too long to describe but to be precise, 9 years ago. Let’s get started, shall we?!

It was in the month of March when my husband came to visit me for my birthday from Dubai. He works there as an airport operations manager for Dubai airport. So, he usually visits twice in a year. I know it is long but that’s what he likes to do.

I do feel lonely here in India but I have my son and my job to occupy my mind. It was my 38th birthday. My hubby visited just two days before my birthday and surprised us. He bought many things and gifts but little did I know that he would do something to me that in the future from that night, I would never let go those things.

He knew that I feel lonely and all when he flies out for work. But, this time, he got me surprised by heart. He came just before an hour of my birthday date. He asked me to put my son to the bed.

I thought we were going to have sex in all those positions he was talking about in the phone. So I was really excited and put my son to the bed.

We were in the bed, my hubby blindfolded me and my heart went pounding. I was so excited that when he was undressing me I was wet down there. Slowly, he smooched me and fondled my boobs. I was completely naked lying on my back on the bed.

Then I heard someone in the living room door. My hubby said it was no one and I said okay. He kissed my lips, neck and sucked the juices out of my boobs. My nipples were rock hard and my vagina was flowing with juices. He didn’t touch my vagina. He was playing with me. He knew I like foreplay so he took me to the next level.

He turned me over and asked me to get into the doggy position. I managed to turn over with my hands tied down and he gave me his dick into my mouth.

I sucked it with lust as I had not had sex for very long. He was moaning and pushing it inside my mouth. He then got under me in 69 and licked my pussy. He licked it so good that I came in his mouth twice.

My juices were in his mouth and flowing out. He drank it all. He kissed me all over and put his two fingers inside my pussy. Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh…What a feeling!

I was in heaven, cloud 9 and whatever to describe this feeling, I was there. He slowly took out his fingers and licked them. I was in full mood, turned on. He put his fingers back and fucked me like that for more than half an hour letting all my lust and juices out of my glory hole.

Then my husband suddenly stopped and took out a gel and applied it on my asshole. I realized this was the surprise.

I was feeling excited even more than in the beginning. He asked me to suck his dick again. So I did for 10 minutes. He said it was 5 minutes to midnight and my birthday. I thought he would fuck me in the ass at exactly midnight.

Time struck 12:00 am and I felt his dick in my ass.

“Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh.. Fuckkkkk mmmmmmmmm..” The feeling I had! I can’t describe it, you have to experience it to know it. I was shouting and enjoying at the same time. It was soooo fuckinggggg good. And then, my hubby asked me to lick his dick. I was confused, how can I lick his dick while he is fucking my ass?!

Then he loosened my blindfold and I saw someone else fucking my asshole and my hubby was right next to my face with his dick on my face!! I swallowed his dick and wondering who it was. I was shocked and surprised at the same time. Then they both yelled “Happy birthday, Mahi”.

I was shouting and moaning, “Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmm ammmaaaaa mammmmaaaaaahhhhh” and I still don’t know who it was.

My hubby was enjoying the view. The stranger was slapping my butt-cheeks and made them red if I am not wrong. The stranger had a mask on him. I turned to my hubby he said, “It is okay, this is my gift for you. How is it?” I was numb, I didn’t utter a word but was enjoying the new lustiness in me.

Then the stranger took out his mask and I was shocked to see that it was my neighbour. All these years I knew him and he managed to pull out this stunt on me. He was unstoppable and so hard in my ass. I couldn’t even breath sometimes. His strokes were so powerful that my hubby asked him to slow down.

Then when I got to know that it was my neighbour, they both fucked me in my holes leaving me filled with their juices. I was so surprised by all these events but I liked them doing it to me so good and rough.

My husband and my neighbour fucked me all through the night till early morning. I liked it so much that I sucked my neighbour’s dick and asked him to fuck only in my asshole.

We then got into the shower and cleaned my asshole and fucked again. They both managed to fill my asshole with their dicks and their cum.

That’s all friends, that’s how it started all. Hope you liked it.

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