Exploring My Teacher – Part 6 (Public Bus Groping)

Hey everyone. Sorry for the delays. Here’s the next part of the series ‘Exploring my teacher,’ which is about public bus groping.

Recap- In Tug of war, the management guy wins. But before they could fuck her, their boss comes and ruins the party. I double penetrate her with a young lad, and he takes away her skirt as a sovereign.

Things have become quite visible from below for the exhibitionist only left with a blouse and the saree. With the car tires punctured, we are taking the public bus.

There was not much crowd waiting at the bus stop. Yet, everyone had their eyes locked on her. She had wrapped the extra portion of her saree on her ass so no one could see she was naked inside.

But this tightened the pallu around her bust, also exposing her midriff and navel from the front. The first bus came, and we immediately hopped on. Being prime time, it was heavily crowded. Initially, she stood in the front with all the ladies, and I went a bit back.

But the ladies were all evil and wanted to punish this exhibitionist. They pushed her behind. Now, she was protected by several ladies standing in her front, but behind her were gangs of hungry men. All were waiting to make a move from the second she boarded the bus.

Within the first brake itself, a guy was intentionally bumping on her. She had clenched the pallu with her one hand, and a sidebar from the other (being short in height)

Soon enough, two guys were dry humping her ass with every brake, and she was not able to keep balance. She had to make the hard choice. She let go of the pallu, grabbed the upper handle with one hand and the side one for another.

Anyone who looked closely could see her butt’s skin glimmering from below her saree. With the hand stretching to hold the upper handle, her midriff was also further exposed.

The guy couldn’t take anymore. He just bumped into her without any brakes and stayed that way. Then, he guided her hands to her bare waist. A moan escaped her mouth, but she was helpless. He fingered her navel and then grabbed her boob. Soon enough, he found her nipple and pinched it.

In the meantime, another stop came. She tried to break free and go back ahead, but the guy grabbed her, preventing her from doing so. More men boarded the bus, and men from all directions now surrounded her.

The one in front of her was an old pervert. Having already seen her condition, he hugged her from the front. He then kissed her neck, her weak spot, also leaving a love bite. She moaned. This was enough for the others to take notice.

Before she knew it, her pallu was down. One guy was licking her cleavage, two grabbing her boobs over the blouse, one sucking her navel, and the old man was trying to pull her saree.

She, on the other hand, was trying with all her might to protect her saree. But the pleasure and ecstasy she was in were affecting her strength a bit.

The old man being unable to undrape her saree, immediately started unbuttoning her blouse. Down to two buttons, her cleavage became much deeper. Finally, he removed all the buttons. But she kept holding her blouse to prevent it from falling.

The old man’s next move was unexpected. He made her sit on her knees and took his cock out. Immediately, he inserted it in her mouth. I am not a fan of blowjobs, and she told me that neither was she.

But she immediately took his dick in her mouth. Maybe it was the kink of making out with a guy around her grandfather’s age. He mouth fucked her for more than 5 minutes and then also deepthroated her. When he removed his cock, she was coughing. But there was pleasure and lust on her face.

Strangely, all the others had stopped maneuvering her body and became mere spectators to the act. Maybe the old man was someone reputed. I don’t know.

He then lifted her and took a boob out of her blouse, with no resistance from her side. He mauled one boob above the blouse and passionately sucked the other. The muffled sounds of her moans were heard.

He then again started to remove her saree. This time, she requested him through a gesture not to. Shockingly he agreed to it. But he made someone stand up from their seat and ordered her to come to sit on his lap. She did that immediately.

They made out like animals for at least five minutes. He then just lifted her saree a bit above her knees to let his cock penetrate her while she cooperated. The saree got cluttered near her ass, and he penetrated her pussy. The scene was like a Bhabhi being fucked by an old neighbor in some B-grade cinema.

Almost everyone aware of the situation was only looking towards them. Considering his age, his cock was massive at six inches. To control her moans, he kissed her continuously while she rode him in a cowgirl position at a fast pace. They both came together.

Then, he allowed the first guy to have some fun. They switched places, and she sat on his cock in reverse cowgirl, enjoying the deep penetration, moaning as slowly as possible.

By that time, our stop was near, so she immediately adjusted her clothes. The old man wasn’t done yet. He sucked her waist and navel continuously till she adjusted her saree. His saliva was all over her waist.

Finally, our stop came, and we disembarked while every guy she crossed felt her.

As soon as we reached home, she immediately pounced on me, and we had two awesome sessions. When I licked her navel again, it immediately reminded her of the pervert, and she came shitloads. I enjoyed and my of watching her being an exhibitionist.

In the next part, her pervert uncle, who has eyed her for a long time, and her brother visit her. I install CCTVs in the whole house and blackmail her into seducing them. Wait to see what happens.