Perks, Promotions, And Penises – Part 3

Swati locked the door and then walked towards Angad’s table. She hastily unbuttoned her shirt and then kept it on a chair. Angad was sitting behind her on a couch at the other end of his cabin.

Angad saw Swati’s hands on her back, looking for her bra hook. Within a second, she unhooked her bra and kept it on Angad’s table. She turned around and started walking towards Angad.

Angad saw his petite secretary approaching him topless in black jeans. She tied her hair over her head as she sat down on her knees right in front of Angad’s crotch. Without wasting any time, Swati unbuttoned Angad’s trousers and lowered them along with his boxer.

She took out his huge 8-inch monster and started stroking it with her small hands. She was much more experienced now than she was a year ago when Angad slept with her for the first time. She took her time to tease Angad by giving him a slow but hard handjob.

When Angad leaked out a few drops of his precum, Swati took the tip of his dick in her mouth and sucked it slowly. She rolled her tongue over the tip a few times, making Angad moan in pleasure.

Swati stretched the huge dick in her hands and then went down to make love with Angad’s balls. She kissed, sucked, and licked his balls while her hands continued to stroke his hard dick.

Angad was getting hornier. His dick was getting so hard that he thought it would explode. So he held Swati’s chin and guided her mouth towards his dick. With his other hand, he fondled her boobs.

Swati obediently took the entire length in her mouth and gave a good deep throat suck. She sucked Angad like a professional slut. Her fingers played with Angad’s balls as she slowly drove him towards an orgasm.

And within a couple of minutes, Angad’s little monster spitted out loads of cum on Swati’s face and breasts. Swati drank all the cum inside her mouth. She got up and cleaned the rest with a napkin.

“Anything scheduled for tomorrow?” Angad said as he got up from his couch and wore his trousers.

“Nothing much, sir. You’ve to brief Mr. Bhardawaj about this month’s targets over Zoom, and there’s a meeting with team leaders after 5 pm.” Swati answered as she wore her bra and then her white shirt.
Angad: No. Postpone the meeting with team leaders. Let’s do it on Monday. Tomorrow we are going to the resort.

Swati: Okay, sir. I’ll inform the others.

Angad: Be ready by 7 pm tomorrow. I’ll pick you up from your place. We will come back on Monday morning.

Swati: Okay, sir.

Angad: Also, I need to discuss something important with you.

Swati: Sure, sir, tell me.

Angad: No, not now. I will do it later. You may leave now. Shall I drop you home?

Swati: No, sir, thanks. I’ll manage.

Swati came out of Angad’s room. The office was deserted. Everyone had left. She, too, picked up her belongings and left for her home. It was quite common for her to leave late.

She was Angad’s secretary for a year now. Apart from managing his files, schedule, and meetings, she had mastered the art of being a good slut for her boss.

She’d be summoned to Angad’s cabin during lunch breaks or after office hours. Angad would ask her to go topless before blowing his dick. He liked to see and feel his secretary’s cute breasts while she drank his sperms.

When time permitted, they would have a quick fuck in the cabin itself. On some weekends, Angad would take her to nearby resorts. They spent the entire weekend together, clubbing, dining, and fucking.

Swati served Angad very well. She was hot, beautiful, slutty, and very good in the bed. Angad, too, returned the favor by pampering Swati with gifts, clothes, jewelry, and money.

He would take her to malls, clubs, restaurants, and resorts on dates before taking her to his bedroom. Swati was more than happy with her job profile. She liked being pampered and loved.

So the next day, at sharp 7, Swati was standing right in front of Angad’s sedan below her apartment. Angad saw his girl dawning a tight red tube dress which started from her breasts and ended just above her knees.

Swati knew her boss’s likes and weaknesses very well. She liked to doll up for Angad. She loved wearing sexy dresses when she was out with him, as was the case today.

Her bare shoulders, arms, neck, and legs aroused Angad. He couldn’t wait to get rid of her tube top and feast on her naked flesh. He controlled his urge for now and greeted Swati.

Angad had to tell or rather ask Swati for something. He was a bit nervous about doing so. But Swati was so tempting and beautiful that Angad was relieved of his worries and decided to focus on her for now.

Being the gentleman he was, he kissed her hand and opened the door for her. Both of them then drove for an hour or so to reach the resort on the city’s outskirts. They had an early dinner at the resort and then headed back to their room.

As soon as Swati entered the room and closed the door, Angad pushed himself upon her and pressed her on the door. Swati’s face and breasts were pinned on the door while her back brushed against Angad’s chest. She could feel Angad’s dick under his trousers, poking her ass, as he pressed her body against the door.

Angad removed Swati’s hair from her neck and back. He started kissing her neck and shoulders while his hands caressed her arms. Swati moaned and waited for his next move. Swati’s tube dress was held together by several threads at her back, tied together with knots.

Angad had no patience left. He, one by one, untied all her knots starting from the top, leaving her back bare. He kept kissing her naked back as he went down, opening her knots. He sat on his knees and untied the last knot with his teeth just above Swati’s ass.

Swati’s already hanging tube dress left her body and fell on the floor with the last knot untied. Swati was not wearing a bra and was left only in a pale white g-string.

Angad left a few kisses and love bites on her ass cheeks, making Swati moan harder. He turned her around and picked her up in his arms. He carried Swati to the bed and made her lie on it.

Angad looked at Swati, dawning nothing but a tiny g-string, ready to be fucked hard. He removed his shirt, revealing his gym-toned physique to Swati. He removed his jeans as well and threw them aside.

Swati closed her eyes and released a long slutty moan when she felt Angad’s lips on her feet. Angad removed Swati’s black heels and started kissing her feet. He was a fan of her smooth, long and thin feet.

He spent a good time licking her feet, biting her toes, and then move upwards to her thighs by kissing her slim legs. Her thighs were soft and arousing as always, and Angad spent a good time on them.

He climbed further and reached her navel. The small silver piercing he had gifted Swati on her birthday looked so good on her deep sexy navel. He played with the piercing with his fingers and tongue.

“Ah! Ouch!” Swati gasped and giggled as her boss tickled her sensitive navel. After playing with her navel piercing, Angad removed it and then kissed and sucked her bare navel for some time.

Swati always loved the feeling of Angad’s tongue going inside the depths of her tiny navel. Angad didn’t disappoint her and licked the insides of her navel. Swati moaned out loud and played with his hair.

Angad gave a lot more kisses on her entire belly, making it wet with his saliva. Finally, he reached his favorite part of Swati’s body, her breasts. He was in love with her cute and firm boobs.

Swati’s boobs seemed to be waiting for Angad for quite a long time as her nipples were hard and erect. Angad smiled and then started feasting on her melons. He kissed, sucked, bit, and licked all over them.

Swati’s nipples were now red, and her breasts were full of Angad’s love bites. He sucked her boobs like a hungry toddler. Swati could tell Angad’s mood. She knew she’s going to be fucked hard tonight.

Angad spared her beasts for a while and gave loads of kisses on her silky neck. His fingers were now subtly poking her vagina over the g-string. Angad was now closing in to score with Swati.

And once Angad’s lips climbed upwards to kiss Swati’s lips, his fingers too found their way inside the g-string. A year before, it was hard to put a single finger inside her virgin pussy. Today Angad had not one but two fingers inside his secretary’s vagina.

Angad smooched hard, and Swati reciprocated well by kissing him back and rubbing her hands on his back. Angad now got up and removed his boxers. He raised Swati’s ass and pulled her thong down. The thong smelt of her secretary’s juices. Angad went down and then gave a kiss on her vagina.

Swati spread her legs and invited Angad to enter her insides. Angad carefully wore a dotted condom and positioned his dick to enter Swati. Swati loved the feel of dotted condoms, and Angad knew it.

Angad went down on her and started licking her pussy. He drank all her juices and tongue fucked her for a while. Angad then lay down on the bed, and Swati climbed on top of him.

Swati carefully sat on his dick. It was painful, but Swati managed to take it fully inside her. She started bouncing on it as Angad held her by her waist. Angad’s dick ripped apart the insides of her vagina. Swati felt like sitting at the top of the world. She closed her eyes and moaned louder with every passing second.

Her moans were music to Angad. Angad’s dick went deep inside Swati’s love hole. He, too, felt the utmost pleasure as his cock explored the tightness of Swati’s pussy. Swati’s face had the slutty expression of pain and pleasure. She liked being fucked hard and rough.

Angad never left her wanting more after 10 minutes or so. She had reached her first orgasm of the night. Angad looked at Swati. Her eyes closed, she messed up hairs, her bouncing boobs, her sweaty naked flesh, and her loud moans drove him crazy! He, too, was on the verge of an orgasm.

So he pulled Swati closer and started biting her lips. He was rough on them. He turned and once again made Swati lie on the bed. He raised her legs and started drilling her way harder and faster.

Swati was now being fucked in missionary. Her moans increased in intensity and pace. Angad kept increasing his pace as he approached orgasm, going deeper inside Swati with every stroke.

After a long fuck Angad finally released his cum inside his condom and collapsed on Swati. Swati, too, had another orgasm. She felt numb. She had no energy left. Angad was also very tired. Both of them slept hugging each other.

The next morning Swati was woken up by Angad’s kisses. Angad kissed her naked body everywhere and cuddled with her for a while. He was rough with her but also very warm and caring.

Swati opened her eyes to see her charming boss making love with her nude body. She hugged him back, pulled him closer, and smooched his lips with a lot of passion.

Swati: Good morning, sir. How do you feel today?

Angad: Good morning, baby. I’m so fresh and happy today, all because of you!

Swati: You wanted to discuss something with me.

Angad: Yeah, I have to.

Swati: Tell me, I’m all ears.

Angad: Not now, sweetheart. For now, let’s get ready for the day ahead.

Swati felt a bit weird. Angad was a bold and straightforward man. He never shied away from discussing anything with Swati, whether it was his professional ambitions or sexual fantasies. This unusual behavior raised some doubts in her mind.

But leaving her thoughts aside, she decided to go with the flow. Both of them started their day by bathing together in the huge bathtub of their bathroom. They went to a nearby amusement park and then to a mall for shopping.

As usual, Angad bought some dresses for Swati. He gifted her a blue deep-neck tank top and matching denim shorts. Swati came out of the trial room wearing her new gifts. She looked so sexy while revealing her cleavage, thighs, and bit of her belly under the small top that Angad didn’t let her change.

So Swati kept her new dress on as they reached back to their room late at night. Swati knew what was in store for her, so she removed her top and shorts, posing in her pink bikini for Angad.

Angad was impressed. He sat down on a couch and made Swati sit on his lap. He gave some kisses on Swati’s back. His lips tickled Swati, and she started giggling. This was the moment Angad was waiting for.

Angad: A year ago, I offered you this life. You had a choice to make. Looking back, what do you think about it?

Swati: I’ve no regrets. I got a job with a nice package and a nice lifestyle.

Angad: Is that all?

Swati: Mmmm, someone’s looking for compliments, I believe.

Angad: Oh, come on, baby, I think I do deserve some of it.

Swati: Haha, well, okay sir. You’ve been very nice to me. Also, you’re okay in bed.

Angad: Oh really, it seems someone has forgotten her groanings of the previous night.

Swati: Then what are you waiting for? Fuck me hard. Make me groan like a bitch again. Please!

Swati turned around and hugged Angad while saying so. She was desperate to get fucked by Angad’s huge monster. But Angad had something more for her along with his dick.

Angad: Alright, my baby, as you wish. But before that, I have got an offer for you, just like I had a year ago. The stakes this time might be higher but so are the rewards!

Swati was surprised. Her bubbly and horny expression changed into a serious one. She was looking curiously at Angad. Angad unhooked Swati’s bra and pulled her straps as he started talking again.

Angad: You know that the company needs someone experienced at their London office to start a new project for a year.

Swati: Yes, sir.

Angad: And you do know that Mr. Bhardawaj will be visiting us next month.

Swati looked at Angad with shock. By now, Angad had already removed her bra and was busy caressing her lovely breasts. He gave some kisses here and there and then looked back at Swati. He knew Swati understood what he wanted from her now.

Yet, he explained how important this London posting was for him and how hard he had worked for this opportunity for so many years. But it seemed that due to some political games in the head office at Delhi, the company had decided to send someone else to London, leaving Angad dejected and depressed.

Swati, too, had noticed a slight change in Angad’s behavior in the last few months. But she didn’t know the reason behind it. She kept silent and listened carefully to Angad’s yet another mischievous plan.

Mr. Bhardawaj was the regional head of the head office in Delhi. At the age of 50, he was very senior and influential too. But when it came to his private life, he was a divorcee. He was coming over next month to review the targets and performances of the various sales teams under Angad.

So to cut a long story short, Angad wanted to pimp his secretary Swati to Mr. Bhardawaj. He was confident of getting the London posting out of it. To return Swati’s favor, Angad promised to promote her as the Team leader of a new proposed sales team.

Swati was reluctant to sleep with a stranger. That too with a man as old as her father. But as she thought more on it, it was a deal worth considering. Just one night with the old man, and her life would change forever. Being a team leader at the age of 22 is no joke.

Her job profile and exposure would do wonders for her career. On top of that, Angad would be gone too. Though she liked him, his gifts, and his dick, all this came with a price. She had to live on her boss’s terms all this time.

Finally, she’d be truly independent and live her life on her own. As for her sexual needs, she knew many men would die to sleep with her, so that was not an issue.

So after a lot of thought, she finally agreed to offer herself to the big shot Mr. Bhardawaj for just one night. Well, at least that’s what she believed how it would be.

Angad’s happiness knew no bounds. He was very nervous before thinking how Swati would react to it. But as always, Swati was a good sport. He couldn’t wait to continue from where he left. He made Swati stand and pulled her thong down.

Swati stepped out of it, and Angad picked her up. Once on the bed, Angad thanked her and kissed her lips. Swati was waiting for this moment. She was thinking about her bright future ahead while she enjoyed Angad’s lovemaking. Angad worshipped her body with even more vigor and passion.

After kissing everywhere on Swati’s body, Angad turned her around and made her stand on her fours. Swati was waiting for his monster to maul her vagina from behind when she felt something on her ass.

Angad’s finger was applying a cold gel-like thing on her ass crack. Next, the finger went inside her asshole. Angad lubricated it well by repeatedly applying the ointment inside her ass. Swati was still a virgin when it came to her ass. She was perplexed and a bit scared.

Swati: What are you up to, sir?

Angad: Baby, it was me who deflowered your pussy. Please allow me to do the same with your other hole before I offer you some other guy.

Swati knew what awaited her. She closed her eyes and said her prayers. Angad wasted no time as he removed his clothes and positioned his tool on Swati’s virgin ass. Tears flowed down Swati’s eyes once again as Angad’s 8-inch long monster tore apart her asshole.

The lubrication helped a bit, and Angad was able to penetrate her easily. He humped her slowly, to and fro, making her moan in pain and pleasure, just like she wanted.

Swati was no more the shy intern she used to be a year ago. Like a true slut, she enjoyed being fucked in different holes by her boss for the entire night and enjoyed every bit of it. A lot more adventures awaited her soon as she would become ///”>a well-used slut.

To be continued.

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