Exploring My Teacher – Part 7 (Uncle’s Surprise Visit)

Please read the previous parts to get a better understanding of the story.

After the escapade yesterday, we woke up all tired, satisfied, and naked. It had already been 3 days since I was living there. By now had banged her in almost every corner of her house.

But, it was time for me to leave now. However, I wasn’t going to go with no possible escapades hereafter.

I told her, “I want to install cameras at your house.”

Strangely, she didn’t disagree.

“Go take that butt in the shower, wear something sexy, and I will be done.”

I smacked her. She took her time, and I was done. I installed hidden cameras with audio support covering almost every nook except the bathroom, which I did after she came out.

Anyway, we had one last session, and I left.

After running some errands, it was already evening. I switched on the camera access on my laptop, hoping to see some milkman action

She was wearing a camisole crop top that was black. Her bare navel and midriff were a sight. They showed some cleavage, and her white skin shone below the top. Below she wore denim shorts which exposed her thighs and accentuated her butt. She was ready to seduce him and fulfill her fantasy.

The doorbell rang. And she was ready with the vessel and her milk containers. She opened the door, and to her surprise, it wasn’t the milkman. She had visitors.

It was her brother, named Nikhil and her perverted chacha (uncle) named Biju. She told me once about him. He was one of those who made her sit on his lap and then roam his hands around her spine and waist.

On the other hand, her brother was decent, and she loved him. “What a surprise,” she said in awe. Both of them were still shocked, seeing her in such clothing. Her uncle was already drooling

She went ahead to touch his feet. He eyed her cleavage while she went down and then put his hand on the bare portion near her shoulders. She whimpered.

Her brother then came ahead and hugged her. Strangely, she could feel even his hard-on on her thigh and realized how slutty she had become. Feeling his boner strangely excited her.

She helped her uncle with the bags while he was continuously eying her. It creeped her out, but there was nothing she could do.

“Should I prepare tea?” she asked them.

“Wait, beta. I make the best tea. I will prepare it. You help me with the stuff.” Her uncle Biju said, still looking at her from top to bottom.

She tried to stop him, but he didn’t listen. So they were inside the kitchen, and she had a faint sense of his intentions.

“Beta, where are the tea leaves?” he asked her.

She tried reaching the upper shelf to give it to him. But she was unwilling to stretch her body a lot as that would lift her top further with probable chances of her boob popping out. This was a great opportunity for the uncle.

He immediately stood behind her, parked his erect dick on her ass and reached out for the tea leaves. She gasped

“Beta, you have turned very modern living here,” he whispered in her ear.

She didn’t say anything. What could she? He then gave a further thrust and grabbed the container with sugar.

“You must have a lot of boyfriends, beta.” He said.

“No, uncle,” she replied.

“Maybe you won’t be by the time I leave.” He winked. She looked away

Looking at all this from the camera, I was hard like I had never been. He was hitting her straight on, but she wasn’t protesting either. The rest of the tea-making was uneventful. They served tea afterward

Then, both Biju and Nikhil went inside to have some rest. Just then, the doorbell rang. It was the milkman this time. He wasn’t aware there were other people in her house.

“Madam, you are looking sexy,” he said.

“How dare you?” She replied angrily.

He came inside and grabbed her hand.

“Did I say something wrong?” He was trying to pull her close.

Just then, Biju uncle entered. The milkman saw him and left immediately.

“So that is how you like to live, huh?” Biju said, getting close to her. She fended herself and didn’t say anything. After some time, they had dinner and were ready to sleep.

But the problem was, it was summer, and she lived in a 1 BHK. And only her room had an AC.

“Let’s all adjust in one room if that’s okay,” Nikhil suggested.

“Okay, I also have one extra bedding,” she said.

“Beta, I have back pain. I hope Nikhil doesn’t mind sleeping on the mattress. We two can sleep on the bed.” Biju immediately grabbed the opportunity. She had no counter-arguments.

But, I knew she would try and wear something much less revealing, sleeping aside her perverted uncle. I immediately called her up and warned her, “Do not try and cover anything more than you already have.” She could not have obeyed, but she did

She decided to sleep in the same attire and removed her panties. Soon enough, the lights were off, ready to sleep. Nikhil was on the mattress below, and her uncle and herself were on the bed facing opposite directions.

Biju was ready with his tactics and a very thin pajama from which one could see his boner. As some time passed, he pivoted himself in her direction. And, pretending to be asleep, parked his crotch on her ass cheeks.

She immediately tried to move forward, but he followed. She thought there was no point. He won’t have the courage to go too far with Nikhil sleeping there.

He constantly ground her ass for some time, with no resistance from her end. In the next step, he laid his hands on her bare waist. An electric current passed through her body, and she was shocked.

Within no time, his hand was circling her navel. He then did what she was most afraid of. He guided his hand above her top on her boobs and honked her. She moaned.

“Don’t make any noise, bitch, or you will wake him up,” he whispered in her ear.

While still pressing her boobs, he started kissing her neck. She was trying to be as quiet as possible. He then grabbed both her camisole sleeves and removed them down her shoulder. Her boobs were out.

“I wanted to grab these forever,” he said, pressing her bare boobs. She was continuously whimpering, with one hand on her mouth and another on his hands.

He then guided his mouth on her nipple, while one on his hand was already in her shorts.

“Shaved, just as I like it,” he said. She tried to grab his hand but in vain. By now, she was herself wet and was enjoying. She later told me she had been horny and excited since the whole day.

He was fingering and milking her, and she was moaning. Then, she turned around and initiated a kiss. It was very passionate, and the uncle was hard like never before.

She did the unexpected. She got on top of him, removed her shorts and threw them on his face. She then pulled down his pajama from her teeth. His hard cock hit her face.

She then guided his dick inside her pussy, and started bouncing. He was a decent five-inch person who had the best fuck of his life. Her camisole was still on, with just her boobs out

Her boobs were bouncing even with the camisole, and he grabbed them. She then got close to him, so he could suck her boobs while fucking her. They then switched to doggy style, and she was moaning loudly.

Soon enough, she gave him a handjob, and he came all over her. She went for a shower, and Biju just lay there thanking his stars. But what they didn’t know was all that had to wake Nikhil up, and he was perfectly aware of everything that had happened.

With utter shock and disbelief, accompanied by a boner, he didn’t know what he was supposed to do.

To be continued.