Hot Sex With My Divorced, Beautiful Reader

Hello to all the readers here. This is Kumar writing here again from Bangalore and I am grateful for all the encouraging feedback and comments for my previous stories published here.

The story I am sharing today is also connected to the feedback I have received.

One lovely female story reader wrote to me after reading two of my stories on this site. She was in her late 30s and her name was Vaishali. She was hesitant to write after reading the first story but eventually, she decided to write to me after reading my second story as well.

I got to know later that she was going through depression after a failed marriage which did end in a divorce. She wanted to end her life but she could not do that because of her young kid for whom she was the world.

She told me that she enjoyed reading sex stories that would give her sexual pleasure and she would satisfy her lust by fingering herself. I was the first person whom she contacted after reading the stories and I was lucky to be that person. I treated her with a lot of respect just like I treat any female reader who contacts me.

We started chatting more over the next few days and also shared pictures of each other. On a lucky weekend, she told me that her kid went to her parent’s place and she was feeling lonely. Vaishali asked me if I could come over to her place. I replied in an instant, “Yes, I am on the way”.

I rang the doorbell after reaching her place and I saw a beautiful and hot lady opening the door for me. She asked me to come inside and I gave her a hug which made her smile. She asked me if I want juice or beer to which I answered beer.

We both had some beer and after which we both started to talk about her worries. She started crying while sharing all her sadness. She had taken a lot of time to come out of her failed marriage and now she was successful in her career. But on the personal front, she still cannot come to terms with what happened to her marriage.

I tried consoling her but my divorced beautiful reader kept crying. Then I gave her a tight hug, followed by a kiss on her forehead!

Vaishali then told me, “Please don’t stop.” I replied, “For sure.”

I grabbed my lonely beautiful reader’s sexy ass and pulled her even closer to me. I gave her a nice kiss on her lips and my horny reader responded by kissing me back wildly. Her body started to shiver a little and she was moaning gently.

I threw her on the bed and pounced upon her. I started kissing her neck and her ears, while my fingers were circling over her boobs.

I could feel her hands going inside my pants. I quickly undressed myself to make it convenient for her. My gorgeous beautiful reader’s cold hands started running over my dick while I was still kissing her passionately.

I let go of her bra to unleash the melons that were inviting me to the squeeze party! I pulled my female reader’s nipples and licked them nicely before squeezing her melons to my heart’s content. Then I went down to kiss and lick her navel, eventually sliding down further to her inner thigh area.

I licked the area around her vagina with the panty still on. My hot reader’s pussy looked like already wet. I pulled down her panty with my teeth.

Then I started kissing her wet pussy and started to eat it. Vaishali’s moans were getting louder and then we switched to 69 position. She was enjoying sucking my dick while I was enjoying licking over her pussy.

After we were done with that, I entered my dick into my divorced, beautiful reader’s pussy while we were in missionary position. It took some effort to enter her pussy and she helped me to do it by adjusting herself.

I started fucking the lonely Indian lady in this position and it caused her a little pain as it was a long time since she had sex. Slowly, she started enjoying it. She wanted me to fuck her gently as it was the beginning.

I was about to hit the climax but we had the protection on, so she insisted that I shoot my juices inside her and I did the same. I could feel her vaginal walls tightening over my dick as she also had her orgasm almost at the same time as me.

Then afterward, she wanted me to fuck her in doggy style which was even more enjoyable for her. This time, she wanted me to fuck her wildly and I started pounding her heavily.

Once we fucked nicely in this position, my beautiful story reader wanted to ride me from the top. I kept pulling her bouncing breasts while she was riding me from above and she fell over me once she had another orgasm.

We both went to the shower together and I applied soap all over her. I began massaging all over her body, specifically her big ass, boobs, and pussy. We even fucked under the shower with the water flowing over us and it was too romantic.

We had dinner after some time and I fucked her one more time before we went to sleep. We were hugging each other and slept naked the whole night.

I woke up in the morning with a boner and she was in the kitchen preparing tea. I went to the kitchen and pulled her toward me and then removed her dress quickly before I started fucking her missionary position in the kitchen itself! She told me that this was the kind of enjoyment that she was looking for and thanked me many times later.

My divorced, beautiful reader did not want any serious relationship and I assured about the same. We both have kept our affair a secret and we met a few more times after that day.

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