Fantasy of Housewife Priyanka Shetty

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Let me dive straight to the story. Priyanka Shetty was very clear in describing her fantasy. Priyanka is a married housewife who settled in Bangalore after marriage. Her fantasy was simple. She wanted a stranger to feast her pussy.

She had a meticulously detailed plan on how the feasting of her pussy to be. I agreed, seeing her picture. She was the fairest lady. A small pressure would leave red marks. I had my dick dancing seeing her picture. This story will be limited to explaining her fantasy alone.

It was a weekday. She had perfectly planned when her husband was away at work and her kid at school. I reached her apartment, which was at Whitefield. Matching her picture, she was indeed a very hot and fairest lady I have ever met.

Let me describe her in a few lines. She had a round, chubby-cheeked face, cajoled, big dark eyes, small nose with thick, juicy lips. She wore a red saree with a red sleeveless blouse. Just out of the bath, her free hair remained wet.

She was fleshy and chubby with massive boobs. I could make out heavy thighs with a cake-like shaved pussy between them. She smiled and gave me a small hug. I could smell a pleasant fragrance from the scent she had used on her body.

Her red lips were inviting to be kissed, wildly matching with her red saree. Any man will leak seeing such a hot lady in that provoking attire. The fantasy was on the sofa of the main hall. She did not waste any time.

She turned on the TV and increased the volume to muffle any moans out of the house. She didn’t make any eye contact. The sofa was a massive L-shaped 10-seater with leather skin. I understood her plan the moment she increased the volume of the TV with a song in the backdrop.

I moved closer to her. Her fantasy was to treat her pussy to a stranger’s mouth, that too on the sofa of the main hall. I wanted to kiss her juicy lips. Her body was so yummy. I wanted to lick her underarms, which I rarely do.

Oh god, She turned around, bending with her one hand clutching the top of the sofa and knees pressed on the sofa. Parading her saree draped big massive ass in front of me. “Oh, Priyanka. What an ass yaar? You want me to eat you.”

I dug my face into the saree-draped ass and drove my face pressing around her soft ass cheeks. She started moaning, “Ah, Ya. Please eat me, Madhan. Please eat me.” Her voice was mild and very luscious.

She was dying to treat her pussy. I spanked her heavy ass over the saree. She spoke, “Ah, Once again, please.” I spanked her ass cheek again but painlessly, “Shetty, What, yaar? Your ass cheeks are jiggling to my spank. Ah kya gaand hai yaar tera.”

I asked, “Doesn’t your husband eat your pussy.” She shushed me, “Don’t speak about my husband. For another 1 hour, I will all be yours. Eat me, Madhan.” As per her plan, I lifted the saree messily, freeing it from her knee and leaving the messy jumble of saree around her navel.

Heavy white bum, thick stem-like thighs hiding both of her pleasure holes. A sexy G-string thong hid her cake-like pussy. For a moment, I kept staring at the massive flesh in front of me, waiting to be eaten. “What do you want, Priyanka Shetty?”

“Do you want to be eaten long?” She replied, “Yes, Madhan. Don’t make me wait. Eat me.” Without announcing, I gave a loud and painful spank on her ass cheek. The spank generated a loud sound. Her white ass cheek turned slightly red momentarily before returning to the normal colour.

I grabbed the sides of her ass cheeks and spread them wider, unveiling the tightly sticking thread panty. I pressed my nose on the soft cushiony ass cheek feeling the soft flesh, and kissed slowly every bit of her soft milky ass cheeks.

Every kiss was gentle at first before turning wild, showing urgency. I expected she would ask me not to spank her ass, but she did not do. She instead gave a loud grunt, “Hmmmmm.” I enjoyed kissing her ass cheeks.

I pulled the string of her panty tightly from behind her ass to tighten the panty grip on her pussy. I wet the fingers of my other hand and adjusted the panty into a thread squeezed tightly on the pussy lips. She asked, “Ah, Madhan. Please. What are you doing?”

This act was not as per her meticulous plan. I started rubbing the sides of her pussy, continuing to tightly hold the panty tightened around her pussy. My fingers felt the cake like wet pussy. Her pussy was wet, very soft, and delicate. Her pussy was fair all around except for the darker pussy lips.

I lifted her ass cheeks, pinning her face onto the sofa. I pressed my face between her heavy thighs. My hungry long tongue grazed over the sides of her pussy on both the sides. She moaned, not worried about the surroundings, “Uff. Hey. What are you doing? Madhan. Oh, god, I like it.”

I continued to tempt her by moving the tip of my tongue around her pussy with her G-string panty tightened around her pussy. I stop and ask her, “Don’t your husband lick you?”

Every moment she was madder to get her pussy licked. She replies in a hurry, “Don’t talk about that chutiya. I am all yours now. Please lick me, Madhan.” I teased, “You are mine now. I don’t fucking care. I want to eat you now. I am eating you now.”

I pulled the panty string away from her hungry pussy. I dug my face between those heavy ass cheeks. I spread her pussy lips and pressed my thumb on the clitoral hood. I started licking her pussy from down to the clitoral hood very slowly.

She moans, “Ah. That feels so nice, Madhan.” I continued to lick her pussy, repeating the same movement of my tongue for longer than usual. I could taste her juices as her moans increased in volume.

I could make out her pleasure was on high. I increased the speed of my tongue, moving over a drenched, much wetter pussy. I locked my lips for the final act. With my lips locked over her pussy lips, I try to push my tongue inside her pussy.

I made a slow tongue movement with my lips locked tightly into her pussy. She is at the loudest, “Ya, Madhan, this is what I wanted. Please, Don’t stop. I am ready. Please continue. I am yours. Please don’t stop.”

I moved my face slightly left and right, rubbing on her ass cheeks, continuing to lock my lips and move my tongue in the tight pussy gently.

She shuddered to an orgasm. I moved away from the fountain of her orgasm. I quickly tilted her around, undoing her blouse and bra and eating her boobs. Her fantasy was just to get her pussy eaten by a stranger. But I ended fucking her in doggy style.

Please don’t ask for part 2 for this. This story ends here. Because after just one session, I had to leave because that’s what we agreed upon. This was her fantasy fulfilled. Thanks for the fun. I loved your pussy, damn.

Thank you, all ISS readers.