Sweet Affection To Mad Love – Part 1

My name is Viraj. I am 19 years old. Talking about my physique, I am a good-looking, lean guy with a big enough dick. I have been excellent in academics, and have passed all the exams I faced with flying colors. I live in Chhattisgarh. My family is as simple as any other Indian family. As we live in a semi-urban area, like a small town, you will find all our relatives reside in nearby towns or villages.

Talking about my family, I am the only child of my parents. However, I have not been treated specially. I have been brought up in a very typical environment. That is why, I am an introvert, even in my home, I don’t talk to people much.

Coming to the story, I am feeling ashamed and excited at the same time, to narrate to you the beautiful relationship I shared with my cousin sister Rani. I don’t have my own sister from my parents. But since childhood, my cousin sister was my best sister, best companion, and the girl I loved the most. Like, I really love her so much that I can write this line all through this story.

Talking of how she is: Rani is the girl every man would want. I am not saying every boy would want, it because boys have no sense of real women. They only need busty boobs and hanging asses to ejaculate on. But a mature man, who knows what life is, will only love a girl, who has content in her heart. And my cousin sister was exactly like that.

She was not like any surreal actresses or models that you see in cinema. She was a normal girl of the same age as me, with decent assets, for some people, even smaller assets, if you set your expectations to some unrealistic size. Her skin color was the same as the sky of the setting sun, the color of dusk. She was not black, but her color was adequately smoky and sufficient to tempt you to the maximum. Her hair was curly like the cloud lines decorating the sky.

Talking about her personality, she was a woman of her kind. She knew how to heal. From my childhood, I have been invested in her company so much that whenever she visits my house, I forget everyone and chat with her day and night. She laughs at my lame jokes to make me feel good. She is of my age, so she understands me in and out, and the same with me. I think I need to stop explaining about her or else I would spoil this story!

So I am talking about the previous year’s summer. Usually, during summer, my cousin sister’s family visits mine. She was the only daughter of my aunt. This time, my aunt and she came to our house. I remember that day when she rang our doorbell and I ran out of excitement to open the door just to see her. I greeted my aunt and then looked at Rani’s eyes and smiled. She smiled back. We entered the house.

That afternoon, as usual, we were having a beautiful chat with each other. Elders were in the kitchen, and we were in the bedroom, just two of us. Our family members allowed us to spend time alone because they also knew how much we loved talking to each other in privacy. And also, most of our topics they did not understand. So they avoid listening to it.

We were laughing and having a great time together. Suddenly, I felt an ache on my back and decided to rest my head on my cousin sister’s lap. It was not planned, but spontaneous, because we do share that much affection.

Out of nowhere, she started caressing my head with her fingers while looking into my eyes. That smoky dreamy moment was still as ice, melting between both of us. I never had any sexual desires for her, nor did I believe in anything like planning when it comes to love and intimacy. Because these things are enjoyable only when they come out of heart, out of luck. Also, these things can never be one-sided. If you are feeling something for the other person, the other person is bound to feel the same way. That’s simple.

Slowly, Rani also felt sleepy and tired. Then she put a pillow under my head and slept beside me. I could hear her heartbeat. After some time, she turned her back to me and faced the other side. She was wearing a normal kurta (I don’t know if it is called a kurta or not, but it was like a churidar kurta).

I was staring at her her bare neck, wet with drops of sweat, making the curls of her hair stick to it. My cousin was trying hard to sleep but was unable to, and so was I. Soon, I slid myself close to her and turned my back to her. Our backs were touching each other. I believe that if it is something special, it should take time. We both should get more time to work on it.

I didn’t want to make things complicated. Out of a sudden, she sat up. I didn’t want to hurt her. At that moment, I was just happy spending time with her. And trust me, I thought for a moment that this awkwardness might spoil our relationship. So, to cover up the mess, I pretended to sleep and Rani also went out of the room to the kitchen.


I am deliberately keeping the pace simple, because I guarantee you, as slow as the story is currently, in coming parts, it will be more and more tempting as we get closer to each other. In the coming parts, I will explain how I got my cousin sister in my arms and gave her everything from my soul through bodily intimacy. But for that, read the coming parts of this series, with patience. Believe me, you will love this!