Fashion Designer Akansha Mehra

This story is about how life changes once you decide to do something which may not be the right way to do it.

I am Akansha, 29 years old. I finished my graduation in Fashion Design and wanted to start my boutique. My BF Ajit always supported my idea and encouraged me, but it wasn’t easy to get a loan. Being a newcomer and having no concrete asset to get a loan in lieu of, I was rejected by all the banks.

Ajit: Akansha, I think you join a company and then continue pursuing to get a loan.

Me: Ajit, you know I don’t want to work from 9-5 making stupid dresses for a regular company. Come on. I want to create my brand.

Ajit: I know, but it is not easy to get a loan, and we need to earn money to continue with our expenses.

Me: So now you are saying I am a burden on you?

Ajit: No, I mean we also need to think of our future.

Me: You know what, I will stay with my friend tonight.

Ajit: What is this? Wait, Akansha.

I was so angry that I left. I was getting frustrated and decided to meet the Branch Manager of JNP Bank. I reached the bank and was waiting.

Bank Peon to Mr. Rameshar Rao (Branch Manager): Sir, that Madam has come back again.

Mr. Rao: Who?

Peon: Arrey, Sir, same short skirt (winking)

Mr. Rao: Oh, the fashion designer?

Peon: Yes, Sir! Uff, you should make her keep coming here to the bank again. At least we get to see her sexy figure.

Mr. Rao: Biswas, shut up.

Peon: Sorry, Sir. If you say, I will ask her to leave.

Mr. Rao: Wait, send her in.

Peon: Madam, please go in.

I was dressed in a sleeveless white shirt, short black skirt, and high heels. As I walked in, the Bank Manager asked me to sit down.

Mr. Rao: So, Madam, you don’t stop coming. This is your 4th time.

Me: Sir, I need this loan. This boutique is very important.

Mr. Rao: Akansha Madam, how often do I have to explain to you. You do not have any assets, nor does your business plan look viable. You know how much the inflation has increased and you think people will buy your expensive dresses. If you had started an IT startup, you could have got a loan.

Me: But Sir, trust me, my designs are great, and as per my plan, I should be able to repay the loan in 5 years.

Mr. Rao: Nope, we don’t run our bank like this. You may go.

Me: Sir, I am very desperate. Please tell me what should I do to get a loan. I am happy to get a recommendation for my business plan or references from my college professors.

Mr. Rao stopped looking at the documents, took his glasses, and looked at me. I saw his eyes look at me as he slowly let his eyes slide down my face, down to my neck to my open shirt button showing my cleavage. I felt a bit weird and covered my cleavage with my shirt. As soon as I did, he looked at me.

Mr Rao got up and walked towards the file cabinet.

Mr. Rao: Madam, do you see this? We get loan applications every day, and all want money. I have rejected far better loan applications than what you have. Again we all look for certain applications that offer something outstanding than what other applicants can offer.

I looked at him while he spoke, and he slowly walked and stood beside me. He came and kept his hands on my shoulder, pressed it, and continued to rub it slowly.

Mr. Rao: Akansha Madam, there is very stiff competition in our country. Our current loan system has just one more loan remaining for this quarter. Then for the next 3 months, we won’t be able to help you.

He slowly slid his hand onto my naked arms and continued to feel my soft skin. I felt his rough hands feeling me. I wasn’t sure where this conversation was going. I felt a bit weird but didn’t want to tell him to stop and ruin any chance of getting the loan.

Me: Sir, what are you trying to say?

He bent forward from behind and brought his face next to my neck. I felt his warm breath on my neck.

Mr Rao: You are a beautiful, smart, sexy young woman. I am sure you are intelligent enough to know how to make closed doors open.

I dreaded where this might be going, but I was shocked as he said his last line. I stood up and looked at him.

Me: Mr Rao, what the hell are you saying? How can you even ask me to do something like that?

Mr. Rao: Madam, I told you the current situation and what is needed to get you out of your current situation. If you don’t like it, feel free to leave my office. It’s a free country, and you can go to any other bank. Go back and think, and if you want me to help, text me the first three characters of your figure. I have a size in mind (Looking at my breasts), but I want to see if I thought correctly.

I was so mad at him that I just l stormed out of his room. I went to a few other banks, some even refused to meet, and the rest rejected my plan. I went back home angry and frustrated. Ajit and I again fought over my not joining a company.

I was very frustrated, and my dream of opening my boutique appeared to be disappearing. Mr Rao’s words kept repeating in my ears. I kept feeling, so yuck thinking about how Mr Rao was. He was a 50-year-old bald black guy with a big belly.

His hairy chest was easily visible from his shirt, and I doubt that pig ever used a deodorant. I was taking a shower and thinking about all this when Ajit walked in and held me from behind.

Ajit: You know na, how sexy you look when angry.

Me: Ajit, not now. Please let me take a shower.

Ajit held my boobs from behind and continued to rub his cock against my ass crack. I was surprised how hard he was, keeping in mind we fought a while back. He squeezed my wet breasts real hard while kissing and biting my neck.

Ajit: Oh, your soft tits are so sexy, baby.

On the one hand, I wanted Ajit to fuck me, but the boutique loan was troubling me. I pushed Ajit and asked him to leave.

Ajit got angry and turned me, making me face him.

Ajit: You are my sexy slutty bitch, and you will let me fuck you. You dirty whore.

Ajit lifted me and pushed me against the wall. He buried his face in between my boobs and started sucking them like crazy while giving a big thrust to insert his big rod into my wet pussy. I moaned as it was a rough insert.

As I moaned in a slow seductive way, Ajit bit my boobs hard. I had never experienced anything like this from Ajit before.

Ajit: You like it, don’t you. I know how to calm you bitches. A nice wild deep dirty fuck is what you need. You like when I talk dirty, don’t you, you dirty little whore!

For the next 20 minutes, we both were in the shower. Ajit had lifted me, and my legs were around his waist and arms around his neck. His cock was within my wet tight pussy, and he continued to thrust me hard. Each time I moaned, he bit my nipples and banged me harder.

Ajit was about to cum, when he let go of me. He pushed me on my knee and inserted his dick between my lips, and started to fuck my mouth. He held my hair. I started to suck his cock. As my lips slid down his hard cock, he unleashed his thick warm sticky cum in my mouth within moments.

I swallowed his cum and sat against the wall, slowly breathing with a bit of cum flowing out of the corner of my lips. Ajit finished his bath and left.

A lot of thoughts were going into my mind, and all of a sudden, I took my phone.

Mr Rao received an SMS: 34D

I got dressed, forgot my phone in the bathroom, and went to bed. Ajit had already slept. Around 11, I went to pee when I noticed a message on the phone. My heart started to beat faster as I knew it would be Mr Rao. I closed the bathroom door, sat down on the floor, and checked my phone.

Mr. Rao: I knew it. My peon had said 34C. But when a woman goes for an important meeting, they usually prefer to wear half-cup bras. It helps to give a nice shape. Now in your case, you have such big juicy mangoes. When those cups pushed your boobs together and created that sexy deep cleavage line, I knew it had to be D.

I was shocked to read Mr Rao’s message and wondering he had been checking me out. I didn’t know what to respond to or should I even respond to. But because my loan depended on his approval, I just responded with, “Hmmm.”

In a minute, he responded.

Mr. Rao: Oh, Akansha Madam, still awake.

Me: Yes.

Mr. Rao: With your response, should I assume you have accepted my solution to your problem?

I was in two minds because there is no turning back once I say yes. I was in such a conundrum that I needed a drink. I made a large drink, and I just gulped it down. I made another, took it to the bathroom, and closed the door. I kept looking at his message and thinking about what to do.

Me: Yes.

Mr. Rao: Good decision, Madam. By the way, Madam, that day when I came near your neck, I smelled your perfume. It was sexy. Which perfume do you use?

Me: Chanel No. 5

Mr. Rao: Wow, you have excellent taste! What are you doing now?

Me: Mr Rao, let’s get to the point as to what you want.

Mr. Rao: Relax, Madam, we will get to it now that you have accepted my solution. But I have to KYC first!

Me: KYC?

Mr. Rao: Oh, Madam, remember when you go to a bank to open an account, you need to enter a form which says ‘Know Your Customer,’ (KYC). I also have to know you first. So what are you doing now?

I don’t know if I was nervous or anxious or both, but I had already finished my second drink. I went and brought the entire bottle and poured another drink. I saw his reply.

Me: I am sitting in the bathroom and drinking and talking to you.

Mr: Rao: Oh, that’s hot. What are you drinking?

I think I was already a bit high and just responded to him.

Me: Scotch.

Mr. Rao: Now that’s a classy and sexy drink to match a woman like you. By the way, since you are in the bathroom, are you just in a towel?

Me: No, I am in a short sleeveless nighty.

Mr. Rao: Wow, tell me you are naked underneath the nighty.

Me: Wearing a black panty.

Mr. Rao: Nice! So do you stay alone?

Me: No, with my Boyfriend.

Mr. Rao: Oh wow, you are in the bathroom then. What is he doing?

Me: He already slept.

Mr. Rao: Wow, now this is sexy. It’s midnight, bf is asleep, and his gf is barely dressed, drinking and texting me. You’ve made me hard

I didn’t know how to respond to him. At the same time, I continued to drink when he replied again.

Mr. Rao: Does he satisfy you sexually?

I wasn’t shocked by his question but didn’t know why he wanted to know?

Me: Why do you want to know?

Mr. Rao: Well, who knows, maybe apart from getting the loan, you also thought it might be a good idea to enjoy another man.

I was mad at him. Does he think I am slut? And how can he even think that me, who is 5’7, fair, long straight hair with burgundy streaks, 34D-28-34, be attracted to him?

Me: How dare you? Do you think I am slut?

Mr. Rao: Oh no, Madam, it’s just young women like you get bf’s who are all liberal and feminist and all those good things. But when it comes to bed, they can’t give you what you need. Tell me, when was the last time you had orgasm after orgasm with your bf?

Ajit was liberal and a strong supporter of feminism. I was about to write that he gave me an orgasm tonight but realized that it was me fingering myself, imagining him being all rough, wild and dirty while I was taking a shower. It was me who had an orgasm myself.

I actually could not remember when Ajit had last fucked me like crazy. I continued to think when another message came.

Mr. Rao: If a young sexy hot woman like you has to think so much and still not come up with an answer, YOU ARE SEXUALLY NOT SATISFIED!

I was shocked to read the last 5 words of his message. I just gulped my entire drink. I was officially high now. I should just have gone to sleep, but I don’t know what made me respond to him.

Me: You think you know me?

Mr. Rao: Madam, women like you, smart, sexy, wearing revealing dresses, are hungry for attention from men. You like when men check you out. It’s a validation that you are sexy and your body is making those men hard. And the fact that you are alone in the bathroom drinking and chatting with me in the middle of the night while your bf is asleep, yes, I know a bit about you. Let me tell you another thing. Your bf cannot drink Scotch neat. He either needs to mix coca-cola or prefers cocktails.

I was shocked to see that he was correct about Ajit.

Me: Are you following my Bf?

Mr. Rao: Oh no, Madam, I have no clue who your bf is. But I know he doesn’t deserve to get to strip you or play with your naked body. A man who cannot enjoy the pure essence of barrel-aged Scotch has no idea how to caress the beauty of a sexy woman like you and make her moan in orgasmic ecstasy. Women like you need to be worshipped till you moan and cum hard!

I don’t know if it was the drink, his messages, or both. I felt a bit hot and just slid my nighty off my shoulder. My boobs were out, and I just caressed my left boob.

Mr. Rao: You want to be fucked now, don’t you?

I was breathing heavily and didn’t know what to say.

Mr. Rao: Tell me, Akansha Madam, do you want to be banged on your bathroom floor right now?

I don’t know what he was doing, but he had made me wet.

Mr. Rao: Tell me…

Mr. Rao: Tell me…

He kept on sending me messages.

Me: Yes.

Mr. Rao: You have already taken out your boobs and started to caress them, haven’t you?

Me: Yes.

Mr. Rao: You want to send your naked selfie to me, don’t you?

Me: Yes.

My left hand was rubbing my pussy, and my right hand was twitching my left nipple. I waited for him to ask me to send it, but his message stopped. I waited for a while, and I was so hot.

Me: What do you want to see, my boobs or pussy?

He still did not reply.

Me: Tell me.

I kept drinking, and I continued to rub my pussy and messaged again

Me: If you want me to show you my complete nude body, I can. Please tell me what you want.

I don’t know how long I was awake, but I just dozed off at some point.