Sukhpreet Becomes Sally – Part 2

Hi, this is Sally again with the second part of my story.

In the last part, you saw I had intense sex with Rakesh. I was naked the whole day. We three just kept kissing and licking each other. We fucked again in the evening.

It was ten at night. Rakesh was cooking chicken and opened up the bottle of whisky. Avneet and I were in our tees which came to our bums and nothing below it. I spoke to Avneet.

Me: That was fantastic sex, I did not have sex for a month, and my husband’s dick isn’t this big either.

Avneet: Yea, he knows how to have sex beautifully. He makes me cum. And since the first time we fucked, I couldn’t help myself. I want it every day now.

Me: And he let you have sex with his friend? Seriously? He did not mind?

Avneet: Yes, I was very horny. We were watching porn, and I saw the double penetration porn. It made me so horny I wanted to try it. And I told him. He agreed, so I got a friend to join us.

Me: You called the guy? Was he your friend? Wow!

Rakesh came and gave us the drink, I don’t drink, but I have tried it with my husband. He made me stop eating chicken too. Avneet took the glass and gulped one down. I was amazed to see that she never drank because the last I knew.

Avneet: Yes. We have an open relationship. Besides, we both have a high sexual appetite. He lets me have double penetration sex at times. And today, I returned the favor by giving your pussy to him. (And she winked at me).

Me: Wow! My husband won’t even let me talk much to guys or let me wear short clothes.

He brought the chicken and kept it on the table. I was looking at it.

Avneet: Eat it. Don’t think, and forget your useless husband. Eat, drink, smoke fuck whomever you want, and wear whatever you want. Enjoy your freedom.

Me: But I can’t stay alone for my whole life, and I don’t even know when he will come here. And I felt sad.

Avneet: Who said you are alone? We are there with you. If you need a man in your life, marry Rakesh. I don’t mind. We will all have threesomes every day. He will fuck all your holes, and he has the stamina to fuck two pussies. Don’t you like him? His cock?

Me: Yes, I love his cock, and he is smart and dedicated too. I was giving it a thought.

Avneet got up, moved to Rakesh, removed his underwear, and played with his dick. Rakesh was hard within no time as a rock. I was also turned on by alcohol. I spread my legs and started rubbing myself.

Avneet removed her cover-up and came to me and started licking me. Rakesh got behind her and began to fuck her like a bitch

Avneet: Aah, aah, fuck. Harder baby, pound me. Ahh. I love you. And your dick. Keep fucking me like this and keep fucking her too. She will be your second wife from now on.

She was fingering me and licking me hard, and making me cum. Avneet also let out a loud moan and came hard on his cock. We both were hugging each other and panting and kissing each other.

Rakesh was still hard as a rock. I made him lie down and sucked his cock for a min; it tasted so good. I turned around and started riding him. He held my boobs and bit me.

Me: Aahh. It feels so deep inside me.

Rakesh: And you have such a wet pussy. (biting my nipples ) Tell me, will you be my wife? I will fuck you like a whore every day. Pound you like an animal. Keep you naked.

Me: Yes, yes, baby. But promise me you will make me a whore like Avneet. Am I allowed to have sex with others too?

He turned me into doggy style. Avneet poured oil into my ass, and Rakesh inserted his cock there. I was a virgin in the ass.. and I screamed at the top of my voice.

Avneet came below me and started licking me till the pain subsided, and then Rakesh started pounding me hard.

Rakesh: Now I have marked you as my whore. All your holes are mine. I will make you fuck men and keep you naked half the time, even in public. Think again. Will you be able to do it?

Me: I will do whatever you ask me. I am your wife, your whore. Do whatever you want with me.

He pounded me for five more minutes and then cum in my ass. We three were tired. Avneet poured another round of drinks, and Rakesh lit up a joint. Rakesh was sitting in between the two of us.

Avneet leaned forward, took a sip, transferred the same into my mouth, and made me gulp it. Then I realized she had given me some tablets. 5 minutes later, I was super horny, and so was Avneet. She brought a bottle and showed Rakesh a drop of some fluid.

I don’t remember what happened after that. But I woke up the next day with my boobs in Avneet’s mouth, and Rakesh’s dick was in her ass. Later, when I watched the video, I was shocked to see the wild sex I had.

I was standing naked in front of the mirror and looking at the glow on my face. Rakesh came in and hugged me from behind, holding my boobs. At that moment, I felt he was the one I had always wanted.

Since then, my life has changed. I told my husband I wanted a divorce and was sleeping with someone. He did not believe me, so I sent him a video of getting fucked by Rakesh.

I work as a waitress on a beachside shack only in a bikini the whole day. Avneet is the manager in the hut, and Rakesh is in the storeroom. We fuck there at least once during our shift. Rakesh lets me have sex with others.

I was madly in love with Rakesh and the life I was leading free and at my own will. How we both got married on an island with Rakesh’s mother and her bf. How we had group sex right after the marriage with people. I will tell you in the next part.

In the meantime, you can enjoy here.