Finally Had Sex With Didi – Part 12 (Sex On The Terrace)

Hello everyone, I am Riya back with the next part about sex on the terrace. Read the previous ones if you are new, as this is a direct continuation.

As I laid in bed with Vikas and Rahul, I did not realize when I fell asleep. My eyes opened after some time. I looked at the clock, and it was 11:45 PM. Both of them were still asleep. Vikas’s hand was still above my waist.

I had an urge to pee, so I tried to get out of the bed without waking either of them up. It was difficult. I was in the middle, and they were on either side. But still, I managed to get out.

I went to the bathroom and freshened up. I wanted to get back to sleep as I was exhausted. And I knew if any of them woke up, they wouldn’t let me sleep. I tried my best to get back in the middle without startling them.

But to my bad luck, Vikas’s eyes opened as I was going to lie next to him. We looked at each other. He did not say anything, just smiled and put his arms around me. I also held him close and closed my eyes.

But just then, I felt his hands going down my waist. Rahul was still asleep, and I was getting worried some more action is coming now. I held his hand and stopped him from going downwards.

But there was no way I could counter his strength. Soon his hand reached my thighs, and he started caressing them. And within no time, he started touching my pussy.

My breathing was becoming faster, and I had closed my eyes. Vikas then brought his hand on my lips and shut my mouth tightly. He parted my legs a little with his other hand and started to push two of his fingers inside. I tried my best not to make any sound. I did not want to wake up Rahul.

I started to become wet down there. Even though I was exhausted but my body started responding. Vikas was now moving his fingers in and out of my pussy, and I was becoming more and more aroused. And just then, he increased his speed, and I could not hold back my moans.

I was struggling to hold back and nearing my orgasms. And as soon as I let out one more strong moan, it woke up Rahul. I looked at him, and he was smiling looking at me.

Rahul got up and removed the blanket. He then put one hand over my throat and started choking me lightly. I was already nearing my orgasm, and his hold made me go even crazier.

He came close to me and started kissing me. I was also responding readily, and our tongues finally met. Vikas was busy fingering me with great speed. Rahul and my tongues fighting, his hand over my throat and Vikas’s fingers inside my pussy was too much for me to handle.

I started orgasming uncontrollably. It was my third orgasm for the day. Rahul kept kissing me until I was done orgasming. Vikas finally took his fingers out, and I was trying to catch my breath. I looked at the two of them and said:

Me: Will you please let me sleep today?

Vikas: (smiling) You can sleep tomorrow.

Rahul: Where have we not fucked her in this house?

Vikas: The only place left is the terrace.

Me: (laughing) Are you crazy? What if someone sees us?

Rahul: Don’t is afraid. It’s pitch black outside. No one will see us.

I had no idea what to say now. I knew they would not listen to me anyway. Rahul came to me and picked me up in his arms. They started going upstairs. And in no time, he had climbed four flights of stairs, and we were on the terrace.

It was completely dark. He was right. I was standing fully naked on my terrace, with Rahul right beside me. He pulled me closer and started kissing me. I was too tired to stop him from doing anything.

While we were kissing, Vikas also came up with a mattress and put it on the floor. The two of them wasted no time and got undressed. They were both fully hard. I was standing close to them in that condition, starting to turn me on. I took their dicks in my hands and started stroking them.

They were taking turns to kiss me all this time. The fresh cold air was making my nipples erect. Rahul guided me towards the mattress. He got on his back and turned me around. He was facing my back, and he made me sit on his dick. His dick went inside my asshole in no time.

Once he was inside, Vikas came close to me and parted my legs. He placed his dick on top of my pussy. He was teasing me with it, and once I became wetter, he started pushing it in. I was moaning with pain and pleasure, but there was no one else to hear it.

Gradually, both of them started shoving their dicks more and more. In a few minutes, my holes had swallowed both their dicks. Rahul was facing my back with his dick in my asshole, and Vikas and I were facing each other with his dick inside my pussy.

I was too powerless and was lying on top of Rahul’s chest with all my weight. The two of them had taken full control and started fucking me together. But with two dicks inside me, I was moaning like a bitch. My moans were also getting louder.

They kept fucking me like this for a few minutes, and I was about to reach my orgasm again. I was telling Vikas not to stop as I was coming. But my moans were too loud by now.

Vikas put his hand over my mouth, and from behind, Rahul put both his hands over my neck and started choking my throat. It was as if my body was waiting for this to happen. It only took a minute of getting fucked in this situation for me to orgasm.

With my mouth shut so tightly, I couldn’t utter anything. As soon as I orgasmed, my whole body started shaking. Rahul had a very strong hold over my throat all this while, and it made my eyes wet. Vikas could see the tears in my eyes, but he did not stop as he knew I was experiencing heaven.

Almost half a minute later, I finally finished orgasming. They took out their dicks and pushed me aside. I was feeling like a sack of muscles and bones. It was one of the strongest orgasms I had experienced. I was lying on my belly and wiping off my tears.

Rahul called me to turn around in a very commanding tone. I turned around and got on my back. Both of them were standing right on top of me and were about to shoot their cum.

They got on their knees and came close to my face. And they shot almost at the same time. Their cum was so warm, and it felt amazing in that cool air. Rahul shot straight at my forehead. Some of it came down over my eyelids, and most of it traveled down my hair.

Vikas, on the other hand, ejaculated right over my lips. It got to my chin and cheeks. I parted my lips, and immediately a huge chunk of his thick warm cum entered my mouth. I wasted no time and swallowed it. I loved the sensation as I felt his warm cum travel down my throat.

They had messed me up once again. All of us were tired. We laid there for a few minutes. I was just fucked on my terrace by my brother’s friends. And the most embarrassing part was that I had experienced one of the best orgasms in the process.

They got dressed. I, on the other hand, was drenched in their cum which had solidified by now. My hair was especially messy. They were stuck at multiple places now. Vikas was kind enough to pick me up and bring me downstairs.

When we reached the first floor, I asked him to put me down. I wanted to take a shower in my bathroom. The two of them went downstairs and slept in my parents’ bedroom. My bedroom door was open. And as I entered it, I got surprised.

Sameer and Pratham were sleeping on my bed. I was again afraid to wake them up. I very carefully took a towel and entered the bathroom without making any noise.

I locked the door and turned on the shower. Both of them were fast asleep outside. I got under the water, and Vikas and Rahul’s cum started flowing down my body. I ran my hands through my hair properly to remove all the cum stains.

I could still smell it as it was getting washed down my whole body. Then I took some shampoo from the top shelf and starting putting it on my hair. I was rubbing immensely and properly cleaning my hair. As soon as I was done putting the shampoo on, there was a knock on the bathroom door.

I realized they must have woken up due to the shower sounds. I had already been fucked so many times today, and it was so late in the night. But these guys did not want to stop. I took my towel and wrapped it around me, and opened the door. My hair was still covered in shampoo.

As soon as the door opened, Sameer and Pratham stood as if ready to pounce on me. They did not even wait for an invitation. Sameer came close to me and snatched away the towel, and made me naked.

He threw the towel on the bed. Pratham put his hand on my neck and took me inside the bathroom. Sameer followed him quickly. Both of them took off their clothes. Pratham was fully hard. Sameer was also half erect. I knew I was in for one more fucking session, and strangely I did not even mind it now.

Sameer started kissing me. Pratham still had his hands on my neck. We were very close to each other. I could feel their body heat rubbing off on me. It was turning me on a lot.

My hands were moving on their own. I did not realize when I started stroking their dicks. The shampoo from my hair was oozing out and flowing down my nack, and it was sticking onto Pratham’s chest as well.

Pratham picked up the soap bar and started rubbing it over my boobs. Sameer and I were still kissing. Pratham was holding me from behind and rubbing the soap all over my boobs and front body. Feeling so many things at once, I was aroused, and my stroking speed had increased.

Then Sameer went down on his knees and started applying soap on my legs. As soon as he started massaging my thighs, my legs started to shake. Pratham was very lovingly playing with my whole upper body. The two of them were busy cleaning my body.

Then after a few minutes, Sameer started the shower. I closed my eyes as all the soap started going downwards. Within a minute, I was fully clean, and all three of us were wet. Pratham slowed down the water, and they both started kissing me in turns.

I badly wanted to get fucked now. I whispered in Pratham’s ear, “Please fuck me.” He got behind me and bent me down a little. Within no time, he inserted his dick in my pussy. Sameer was holding my head in his arms.

Soon Pratham started fucking me. From the front, Sameer bent me down a bit more. He gave his dick in my mouth. I was enjoying it a lot. I was getting my pussy and mouth fucked in a slow shower. It was very arousing for me.

Sameer was not able to hold on for long. He started increasing his speed. His dick was going inside my throat with each thrust. And finally, he ejaculated. I kept my hands behind his hips and kept swallowing all his load. I loved the taste of his thick cum. He took out his limp dick from my mouth and went outside.

Pratham was still going on, and he had increased his speed too much. The whole bathroom was filled with our fucking sounds. He became very rough when he was about to cum. He pushed me down so hard I almost fell. And wasting no time, he pushed his whole dick inside my mouth.

I wasn’t prepared at all for this and was gagging very badly. He held my wet hair so tightly. There was no option for an escape for me. I was using my hands to push him away.

He held both my arms with one hand. With the other, he tightly held my hair and kept his dick thrust inside my throat. He was extremely strong, and I was never going to win with him. I accepted my fate and surrendered to him.

A few seconds later, I felt a thick warm fluid inside my mouth and going down my throat. It was finally over. He kept unloading for a whole minute. And like a loyal slut, I was on the bathroom floor taking it all in, waiting for him to move away. Even though it was rough, I felt very aroused by that treatment.

I was catching my breath. Finally, the session was over. He went outside, and I took one last shower to clean myself up. I went outside when I was done, and Pratham was waiting for me with a towel. He helped me dry my body, and as usual, did not let me wear any clothes.

The two of them went to sleep. I went to Sameer’s room and finally rested after so many sex sessions. I was feeling very kinky, sleepy naked on my brother’s bed with the door open. But I was too tired to care now and just closed my eyes.

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