Married Mallu Teacher From School Fucked By Student

Hey readers, it has been some time since I have posted another story. I have got a lot of positive feedback from my previous story and met a few people who contacted me too.

This took place 1 week back during the lockdown in my city. I am a software engineer, 6 foot tall, and with a somewhat athletic physique. I was in Thrissur, Kerala at the time. I will be in Thrissur for at least the next 2 months as well.

On that day, I had gone to the local supermarket for my grocery run. As it was only half a kilometer from my place, I normally walked. As I had collected my items and was going to pay the bill, I thought I saw a familiar face in the supermarket. As everyone had masks on, I wasn’t sure. But she caught sight of me staring at her and called me over.

She had been my biology teacher from school. I was kind of anxious in approaching her as 7 years had passed since school had ended and I was pretty sure she had forgotten me. But it turned out that wasn’t the case!

Back in school, I had a huge crush on my biology teacher. So did most of the boys from our class. My mallu teacher was in her late 30s. She had a pretty voluptuous body with massive breasts and her face kind of resembling the movie actress Nayanthara.

When I was talking to her, I observed that she still looked the same from 7 years back. I couldn’t see her face because of the mask.

When I told her I had come walking, she said she will drop me back at my place on her scooter and that she won’t take no for an answer. As her house was closer to the store, she told me that we will stop at her place first and that asked if I could help in carrying her groceries. While saying this, my mallu school teacher grabbed my right bicep and said that it will be easy for a strong guy like me.

On hearing this, I agreed to help her. At first, I didn’t think of anything unnatural. But a part of me knew that if I had a chance to fuck my sexy school teacher, I would in a heartbeat! But since she didn’t give any absolute indication, I played along.

On the way back, I was sitting behind on the scooter and I could feel her ass touching my dick occasionally. My dick acted in a reflex and got erected to its 6-inch regular self. At one point, my dick was buried in her ass so much that she was basically sitting on it. She didn’t talk much during the trip so I couldn’t gauge her reaction.

When we reached her place, we got out and I saw her almost immediately looking at my bulge! I was embarrassed, to be honest but she just smiled and led me to her house.

Once inside, she gave me tea and snacks and I asked her about her husband. She told me he was in Dubai and that he couldn’t return for the next 4 months. She had a son who was in boarding school at the time. She also told that she was having regular fights with her husband cause of money issues.

With sadness in her eyes, my Malayali teacher said that she was so lonely there. At that point, she sat close to me and her hand was on my thigh! My dick went into reflex mode again and started increasing in length and girth!!

She asked me jokingly if I had still remembered what she had taught in school regarding the human reproductive system. I told her it was something I can never forget.

Her hand was slowly moving toward my dick. When she felt the bulge, I looked at her. Her eyes said that she wanted me now. While she was unzipping my jeans, I kissed her on her neck. I held her face with both my hands and kissed her on her lips.

My married mallu teacher put her tongue in my mouth and we started kissing more passionately. While kissing her, she was grabbing my cock and slowly tugging it. While I was trying to remove her clothes, she ordered me to tear her clothes as she wanted wild sex! I did as she commanded.

I removed my clothes as well. I started kissing her on the sofa again. Both of us were naked, and my hands were cupping both her beautiful mallu breasts. Her right hand was on my dick and her left hand was on my back.

She then told me to stand up. My married school teacher then put my cock in her mouth and started sucking it gently. With her hands, she was massaging my balls at the same time.

After some time, suddenly I called out her name when I was about to cum. She told me she wanted it in her boobs. After busting my load on my Keralite teacher’s boobs, she told me she wasn’t done with me and told me to fuck her in her bedroom.

When we reached her bedroom, I picked her up in my arms and started kissing her breasts. It was the best feeling ever!

I laid her on the bed and went for her sweet spot. It was a bit hairy but I started licking the area and with my long tongue, thrusted it in and out of her opening. I licked her clit and put my right index finger inside her vagina, slowly moving it to and fro. She was holding on to the bedsheets tightly and told me not to stop.

She told me she had her tubectomy done and she can’t get pregnant. This was the only news I needed to hear! I took my 6-inch beast and put it in the married mallu woman’s hole. She was grabbing onto me tightly.

I started gently fucking my teacher in and out. My hands were caressing her breasts and I started kissing her on her lips again. She was making sounds then and again as I increased the speed of fucking. I licked her breasts again and bit on them. Her eyes said she was enjoying every bit of it.

When I was about to cum, she told me to stop and that she wanted to ride me. I obliged again and made her lie on top of me. She started riding me on my dick slowly at first, and once she got used to it, increased the pace. I was at breaking point here and this time, I came in my mallu teacher’s pussy. A few moments later, she had her orgasm as well.

After we satisfying each other, we lay naked on the bed, with her on top of me. I was hugging her and we started passionately kissing again.

She was pretty impressed by my sexual performance as she thought I would be a virgin without much understanding. She told me she wanted another round with me after we had our meals. She told me to think of something creative to do during sex and she went on to make lunch for us.

Both of us were still naked and were having food together. I told her the ideas that I had in mind. She told me that she hadn’t done this before but she has no issues in trying.

After lunch, I immediately grabbed her and lifted her in my arms. She did enjoy this bit a lot.

I was kissing her while carrying her to the bedroom. I placed my teacher on the bed again and with 4 bedsheets, tied both her hands and both her legs to each corner of the bedsheet so she can’t move them! I took some ice cubes from the freezer and began to rub it on her breasts.

Her breasts became harder and I started biting on them. Then I put my dick in between her boobs and rubbed it to and fro. I started kissing her again. Starting with her face, I kissed every inch of her tied-up body. The NRI wife was enjoying every last bit.

Then I took some chocolate syrup from the kitchen and poured it into her pussy. I commenced licking it and moved my tongue in her hole in every direction possible. She was trying to reach me but couldn’t as her hands were tied.

She told me she wanted my dick in her mouth again and asked me to pour the chocolate syrup over my dick. I did this and she started sucking them with more vigor than before.

I thrust my dick in and out of her mouth. She told me to put the whole dick in to which I did. She choked on it but said that she wanted it again. I put more chocolate syrup and she licked it clean off my dick with her tongue. I was almost about to cum again and I told her to stop.

After this, I took some coconut oil from her bathroom. I applied it onto her body and inside her vagina. I dabbed some oil on my body as well including my dick. I then lay on top of my mallu teacher, sliding my body against her.

We started kissing again, licking each other’s tongues. She bit my lip and told me that she wanted it in now. I put my dick inside her again, the oil helped a lot in its motion. My hands were slipping over her breasts because of the oil but I could still fuck her at the same rhythm.

As it was going in and out, I poured some more chocolate sauce over her breasts, neck and face and began licking it. We were both close to climaxing at this point. She told me that she wanted it in her mouth this time.

I took my dick out of her hole and sent my load into her mouth. I poured some chocolate syrup in her mouth too to add to the taste. She gulped down the mixture of cum and chocolate with ease. I then fingered her pussy until she climaxed as well.

After this, we just lay on the bed with our bodies soaked in oil, syrup and cum.

I removed the bedsheets and untied her. We had a bath together and I fucked my married school teacher during the bath again. It was already evening by then and I told her that I should get leaving.

As I was about to leave, she told me I was always welcome there and that I should answer her every booty call on time! I agreed to this as I thoroughly enjoyed the session and there was nothing else to do as of now.

I kissed her goodbye and left the place knowing that I will probably return here soon.


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