First Anal Sex With Handsome Online Friend

A few years ago, I went to Chennai in search of jobs. After a long search for around 2 days, I got a job in a company. I was 22 years old then. The company provided me with accommodation. There were 3 other guys with me.

It was a boring few months. I had to work from morning 8 am till evening 8 pm. Sundays were the only holidays in a week. It had been months without masturbation also. I had decided I won’t masturbate myself after I had experiences with sucking cocks. So, I decided to install the Grindr app again.

I checked for nearby people with the same taste. I did only mutual fun like kissing, 69, and body play. So I needed a guy who does that and also has an uncut fleshy cock. I checked the app every Sunday, until one day, I found a new profile near me.

He didn’t have a profile picture but the name was “mutual fun”. I assumed that this guy was my type. I messaged him and knew our interests. He said that he had uncut cock and he preferred direct meeting than sex chats or sending pictures.

This guy worked in the same company as me. I was afraid of losing privacy. I told him about this issue and he said that everything would be private within us.

He told me that he likes to do everything slowly taking as much time he could take. And that way, he can have a longer duration of sexual fun. I liked that idea and so I decided to meet him. I didn’t know who he was and he also didn’t know who I was.

He then sent me a location and asked me to join there on a working day. It was only around 600 m from my location. We both decided to meet on a Tuesday.

I was nervous and also excited. I went there at 9 am when everyone else in my home left for work. I followed his location which led me to a huge warehouse. I stood in front of it and messaged him that I arrived.

He came out from the warehouse. I got a spark on my cock just by seeing him. He was an employee in my department and I knew him very well. He was surprised to see me also.

About his features. He was 6’2” tall, with a well-maintained gym body. He had a brown skin tone and sexy mustache and beard. He was wearing a shirt and a lungi.

He welcomed me to the warehouse. He told me that he was so happy and surprised that it was me and he liked me from the day I joined the company. I was happy to hear that and went with him.

The place was full of raw materials. He took me to his desk which was in a corner. The desk was wide which could occupy many items. He had a computer and some files and folders on it. He told me to sit on one of the chairs. He was working on something on the computer. While he was doing it, he asked me about my experiences in sex.

After finishing his works, he stood up and told me to stand up. He then started unbuttoning my shirt. As he saw the shyness on my face, he stopped unbuttoning and came closer to me, held my waist and started kissing me. I was in another trance with his amazing kiss.

He made my body close to his by pushing my waist towards his. I was lost in his romantic kiss.

Then he stopped kissing and looked at me. It took me a second or two to get out of that trance and open my eyes. When I opened my eyes, he was looking at me. And by then, he had already unbuttoned the rest of my shirt.

He removed my shirt and threw it over a table fan near us. He then kneeled and started removing my pant. He removed my pants and underwear together. He grabbed my cock which was already so hard and pushed the skin away from the cockhead. It was so wet with precum.

He looked at me and suddenly took my cock in his mouth! He was teasing me and sucking slowly. He sucked smoothly and it was making my cock produce more and more precum. He sucked me for I don’t know how long but it felt like heaven. He was so slow and teasing that I left a lot of precum on his mouth.

The guy then stood up and removed his shirt. He might have unbuttoned himself while he was sucking me. He removed the lungi with ease. He was wearing only underwear and I was naked in front of him. I could say that he has a huge monster under that black underwear.

He made me kneel and lowered his underwear. A big 6 or 7 inches uncut thick cock flowing with precum was visible. He pulled my head slowly to his cock and placed the cockhead on my mouth.

As soon as I opened my mouth, he pushed it in. I sucked his cock. I grabbed his cock and sucked the cockhead which was so thick. I played with the skin licking the insides of the skin and sucking just the skin.

I tried to deep throat but it was so thick and only a half could go in without choking me. So, I sucked only half of his cock and massaged the other half with my hand.

He took his cock out and sat on the chair. He pulled me closer and moved my head to his cock again. I was sucking his cock by grabbing the other half with my hands. So he took my hands away and placed it on his thighs.

I continued sucking the sexy cock and started moving faster for him to cum. But he placed his hand on my head and said to slow down and suck so slowly.

“Medhuva.. namak innum nera time irukku” ( Slowly, we have so much time).

As I never sucked such a sexy cock, I was so happy to suck him. While I was sucking, he got a call and the manager gave him some works. He told me not to worry and continue sucking while he was doing something on his computer! I don’t know how long but I enjoyed sucking him. I must have drunk a whole lot of precum by then.

He completed his work and stopped me. He made me lie down on the floor and kissed my nipples. I have never tried nipple-play before. He started sucking my nipple and licked it on the tip. That made my tip grow thicker and he was biting it gently. I never felt such a sensation before. My whole body was feeling it.

He sucked my nipple and his hands were over my other nipple. He was massaging the tip gently and I was moaning like a little girl. By then, I was leaking so much precum.

He made me stand up and moved the keyboard, mouse and other files from the desk aside. He made me lie over it started massaging my cock tip. I didn’t know he was trying to lubricate his hand with my precum.

He made his cock wet by my precum and slowly tried to enter my ass. I stopped him and said that I don’t like that. But I couldn’t outrun his strength.

He convinced me that he will fuck me slowly. So I lied down there hoping it won’t hurt much. He started pushing in. It was going in smoothly but was paining a little and I told him to stop. He asked me to relax the muscles.

He slowly entered again. Whenever I contracted my muscle, he told me to relax and I tried to relax. I could feel his flesh inside my ass. He took it out and pushed again. It was smoothly going in but I could feel my ass widening and I was having the tendency to contract. But I resisted it as he was moving so slow.

After he entered maybe a 1/4th or 1/3rd of him, I felt a lack in lubrication and dryness. I told that to him. He took his cock out again and spat on it. He was slow and after each push, he spat on his cock. I felt like it was well lubricated. Also, it was paining and the feeling was a little disturbing.

I stayed there with his cock going inside slowly. He stayed still and started pulling and pushing slowly. My cock was dripping precum over my navel.

He touched my nipples and started massaging them and pinching them gently while fucking me. I tried not to contract my muscles as he said. After a while, the pain was unnoticeable. I was feeling good slowly. He was fucking me slowly while playing with my nipples. He touched my cock and massaged my cockhead with my precum. I felt good.

After a while, I started feeling a strange sensation while he was fucking me. It was new and I closed my eyes. The feeling was getting stronger. I started to feel my ass getting tighter. I think he felt that too.

He started fucking a little faster. I liked it so much. He increased the speed slowly. It was getting intense and I cummed at its peak. Thick fluid coming out vigorously. I felt the orgasm all over my body and he slowed his fucking.

The feeling was not ending. After some time, the feeling strengthened again. He sensed the tightening of my ass again and started fucking faster. On his every push, the pleasure strengthened and within minutes, my second orgasm with so much thick cum reached my chest. I was getting soaked by my own cum.

He stopped fucking and with his cock inside me, he started stroking my cock. I felt so much aroused and had a very big orgasm I ever had and cummed all over my body. It was like he knew how to give a perfect orgasm.

He stopped fucking and stayed there for a minute or two. I felt his cock shrinking and coming out after some time. He told me he already cummed inside me twice. His cock was so dirty and he asked me to follow him.

I got down from the desk and I was unable to walk properly. I walked with him toward the bathroom naked. He cleaned his cock while I had to clean my whole body. He told me that this pain will go off after a few days. When I checked the time, it was already 1 pm. We had a long slow session.

I dressed up and went to my room. I was having trouble walking so I walked slowly. I had to take the rest the next day so I lied that I wasn’t feeling well. I decided not to visit him but the feeling of powerful orgasms I got was pushing me to meet him again.

I didn’t know that I was becoming the slave of his power to give orgasms. I didn’t make eye contact with him for the next few weeks at work but my inner mind wanted to meet him.

So I texted him after 4 weeks.

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