First Ever Sex Experience With Young Maid

I am Saurabh and I am 19 years old, currently studying engineering. Due to the lockdown, I have my lectures online. I have an average body and a good-looking face (or that’s what my friends tell).

The other character in the story is our maid Neha. She is of the same age as mine. She is the next beautiful thing that I have seen after the Taj Mahal.

Our maid has a curvy body that no one can stop admiring. Also, her boobs are round medium-sized but the one thing that stands apart is her ass, she has a big-big ass. Neha was too traditional that she always wore salwar kameez.

Now, coming to the story. After coming to our house, our maid Neha would do the dishes, wash clothes and dry them up on the terrace.

She was studying ITI course so she used to ask me her doubts in her academics. It was our daily routine too. She used to do household chores and then come to my room which was next to the terrace. I would solve her doubts. For this purpose, I also had her number and so, we used to chat a lot and became good friends.

One day, when our young maid was drying the clothes, I got to see her boobs through the cleavage of her kurti. I don’t know why but the kurti she was wearing had a deep-cut, maybe due to an on-going fashion trend.

When I saw our sexy maid’s cleavage, suddenly I started having a very different feeling which I never had before. From that day onward, whenever she came to me for clearing her doubts, I just couldn’t resist checking her juicy boobs and big ass out! I got horny whenever she was near me and soon, I really wanted to fuck Neha hard.

But then there was a problem. I didn’t know if she wanted it too. So I started to plan on how to fuck our maid. Initially, I touched her hands intentionally but showing like it was unintentional.

Days passed like this. I was touching her and staring at her big ass. But nothing more was happening. Then I decided to change my plan. I started touching Neha’s boobs, her ass and pretended as if it was unintentional.

One day, I decided to show Neha my dick! For that what I did was, I kept the room door open knowing she would directly come inside. I pulled my dick out of my pants and started rubbing it. And my plan worked! The maid girl came to the room unaware of my plan and saw me playing with my dick!

As soon as she saw me like that, she was shocked and she rushed out of the room and directly went home. Now I knew I had planted a little seed of having sex with me inside her. All I needed to do now was to water the seed and let it grow.

From the next day, I continued with my touching but this time, it wasn’t only me who was horny, she was also being aroused by my act but was trying to hide it. I continued with my teasing for some more time and I also rubbed my erect dick on her once or twice as of it was totally unintended.

Things now started working my way. The maid was slowly but surely getting into me. She also started encouraging me by accidentally putting her hand on my dick, wearing deep-cut kurti and tight leggings which would show her big ass. Also, she intentionally would not wear her dupatta when she was near me.

Now it was the time as both of us were desperate to fuck each other. But no one had the courage to initiate it. It became very hard for me to control myself and I took the initiative and kissed her one day. And luckily, she responded in a positive manner because she also wanted it. As it was our first time, we were very excited.

Now I was kissing her so madly like it was gonna be my last kiss. Neha’s lips and my lips interlocked like they were made to be fitted like that. We were kissing very passionately.

Then I put my hand inside her leggings and started rubbing her pussy. We both were enjoying it. It was a totally new experience for us. I was rubbing her pussy while kissing her. Her pussy was completely wet.

As I was rubbing her pussy, the horny maid started moaning, “AHH…AHHH..YESS..FASTER..FASTER..MORE FASTER.. AHH….AHHH….AHHHH…. YES….YES..OOOO..FUCK ME..FUCK ME… ”

Then I pulled my hand out and lowered her leggings. I lowered her panty as well. Then I laid her on my bed. Neha still had her kurti on and I was fully clothed. Now she was lying on the bed without leggings. I saw her wet pussy. I felt like it was calling me to come and eat it.

Without wasting time, I started licking my hot servant’s pussy. The aroma around her pussy was turning me more and more on.

I put my tongue inside her pussy and started licking and eating it. Neha was pressing her boobs and moaning, AHH..AHH..YES..YES..OOO..COME ON SAURABH..FASTER..FASTER…AHH…AHH..OHHH YOU FUCKING..AHHH..AHHH..”

Neha continued moaning and pressing her boobs. I put my two fingers inside her pussy and started fingering her. She was moaning very loudly now. My room was filled with her moans and the aroma of pussy.

Soon, Neha was reaching her orgasm, “YES…YES…FUCK…FUCK…I AM CUMMING…I AM CUMMING…YESS…YES..” and she released all her juices all over my face. To be honest, they tasted very very good.

I licked all the juices over her pussy and we started kissing again. This kiss was more passionate than the first one, we exchanged our saliva. It was an extreme pleasure.

Then she put her hand over my erect dick from outside my pants and started rubbing. It was a heavenly experience. After rubbing for some time, she lowered my pants. As she was about to pull my dick out, my mom called me for some work! And all of a sudden, the heavenly experience and pleasure stopped and I had to rush down.

Neha also got a call from her mother as she was late that day. She also had to go home. Our fuck session ended without completion. She got satisfied but I didn’t. And now we don’t know when will we get another chance.

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