Mrs. Anand’s Last Night

It was unnaturally dark that night, and Mrs. Anand appreciated it. The shoreline she was walking on was suspended above the black watery void that danced back and forth hypnotically. The cool sea breeze sent shivers down Mrs. Anand’s spine. She did appreciate it, though.

The chill breeze provided a momentary distraction from her thoughts. The things she had planned to do today would push her firmly past the point of no return. Set against a small enclave part of a massive cliff were Mrs. Anand’s destination, a large bonfire and a series of huts.

Just the sight of those hazy dancing lights in the distance sent her heart racing. She picked up her pace, restraining herself from breaking out into a sprint. She pulled on straps of her scandalous yet uncomfortable beachwear as she walked. She did not feel pain but vulgar, delirious pleasure.

The bonfire in front of the hut cast dark shadows of writhing figures sprawled everywhere around the beach and the hut. While quite a distance away, she could make out what those figures were doing. A bitter, pungent smell assaulted her first. She drew nearer towards the coupled chaos.

She could hear faint moans and gasps rise above the crackling flame or the crashing waves. Her body was already sleek and wet by the time she arrived at the bonfire, eagerly devouring the scene there. The writhing twisting figures, bathed in the warm light of the complicit bonfire, were embraced in passion.

Each was enjoying the shameful display of lust and desire with no concern, their faces hidden in colorful masks. It was a sinner’s masquerade. There was no modesty here. No norms. No conditions and contracts and vows. Ever since she had gotten her first taste, she had wanted to come back. Her body demanded it.

A glint caught her eye as her wedding ring reflected the erotic light of the bonfire. She had hidden this ring in each of her previous shameful escapades. But not this time. Her lover had promised a more addictive game, one that required that ring.

In Mrs. Anand’s mind, carnal desire triumphed over everything else. Hidden in the deep shadows were other people, watching the debauchery shaded in bright orange hues. As Mrs. Anand and her ring approached the bonfire, those hidden started to murmur and talk.

Some even whipped out their cell phones to capture this folly. The ring might have given her true identity away any other time. But for the first time, Mrs. Anand wore no mask. Her curly auburn hair, her long, pale face, and her large, brown eyes naked and exposed for all to see.

Many times she had come here, she had been playing a role. Not anymore. She wanted to come here. She wanted to enjoy this sinful experience, not as someone else, no cosplay, but as Mrs. Anand, the plain, married suburban housewife. She was probably too old to be doing something like this.

In the age of the internet and social media, this was a death sentence. A single upload, image, or video would destroy the life she had built for herself so far. But she didn’t care. Not anymore. She was ready to throw all of it away for that sweet taste again.

Undisturbed, she would drown herself in a sea of endless pleasure and lust. Out of many that watched her stroll across the beachfront, one gaze, in particular, followed her with unmasked, animalistic lust. She felt her heart race as the bonfire removed the veil of darkness that masked his face.

Her young lover had introduced her to this incredible world of pleasure and lust. He stood in front of her, muscular and bronze, his youthful face, his eyes wild with hunger. She reached to embrace him. He dodged her embrace before reaching in for a deep kiss.

“You want to do…,” she had barely the time to start before he shut her up with a kiss. His hands reached behind to give her a tight squeeze. As their tongues twirled and swirled inside, intertwined in their dance, his hands gently moved up her body, sending electric shocks through her spine.

He grabbed her breasts tightly, groping them with force, a mere plaything to him. His fingers slid inside her swimsuit and circled her nipples. Pleasure-like waves reverberated throughout her body, each part reacting in its particular way.

She felt her nipples stiffen, her pussy moisten. Little moans escaped whenever her lover stopped his assault on her mouth. He buried his face into her hair, taking deep breaths, enjoying her sweet scent, kissing and nibbling on her neck.

His arms snaked their way down again, showering her body with gentle caresses and occasional light teasing pinches. “Ahh,” was her only response as she felt him insert his fingers inside her. Over multiple days he had explored every nook, every corner of her body.

Now, he knew which areas to attack. His left hand rubbed the insides of her thighs while his right curved upwards towards a particular spot inside. Oh, how could she resist this pleasure while her body was on fire? When her mind was melting inside with pleasure?

Her lover turned her head to face his. His eyes twinkled, his face twisted in a mean smile. He whispered, “O, look how you are getting off, in front of everyone here. Don’t you think they deserve a show?” He kissed her again and forced her down.

She showered his toned body with kisses as she danced and weaved down towards her shorts. As her body swayed left to right, gazes behind her followed her dance, their eyes oscillating with the rhythm. Their stares enticed her further, and by the looks of her lover’s manhood, him too.

She playfully pulled down his shorts, his cock fully erect, quivering, waiting for her touch. She knew how to play around too. She knew what excited him, what made him moan and shiver. She took his cock in her hands and caressed it. The crowd behind her shuffled around to get a better view.

She kissed his manhood, rubbing it at the same time. She could see the tip quiver, wet with pre-cum. She licked the tip, tasting the bitter honey. Oh, this taste always switched her on. She could not wait any longer. She took the thing in her mouth and moved up and down in a slow, steady rhythm.

Her hands were massaging his balls. “Look up, woman,” he said. She looked up, ecstatic to see him enjoying himself so much. If he enjoyed her performance, she would be rewarded. She picked up the pace, her head bobbing up and down, up and down.

She could his face scrunch up in concentration, holding on as long as he could. Suddenly, he grabbed her by the throat, forcing his cock as deep inside as possible, releasing a torrent inside her throat. She fought against the reflex to gag. She was still learning how to do that and slowly moved away from him.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” She opened her mouth to show her lover the mess he had left inside her mouth. She swallowed his seed and stood up. He pulled her closer for a sloppy kiss, his hands reaching back down towards her thighs.

As his finger entered inside her again, he whispered, “Do you want to continue here?” It was phrased as a question, but she knew it was not. She could never say no, especially to him. He had opened the door to a world with unparalleled pleasure and wanting and had asked for nothing.

She could do nothing but repay him with obedience and subservience. “Yes, master,” she panted. His face lit up in a grin, contemplating this latest development. “Good, Let’s give them a hell of a show, my dearest.” He pulled her in for another kiss, his hands reaching around the back, pulling on her top.

Her breasts, big and mature, popped out from their restraints, eliciting some hoots from the crowd. Her lover moved his focus to her neck and ears, nibbling on them, while his hands groped her breasts and pinched her nipples. Her body and mind were bombarded with constant pleasure.

It was more sensitive than before. Now, with her inhibitions down, she let her enjoyment show. Her gasps of pleasure moans soon filled the air, peppered in were little comments of enjoyment and advice.

But he did not need advice, he who had mastered her body. “You are not calling me master anymore,” he whispered. So he did enjoy it, she thought to herself. “Yes, master,” she groaned, dipped in pleasure. Both parts of her swimsuit were now on the ground, her body fully exposed to the elements and the crowd.

She could see the crowd was enjoying it as well. She could make out quite a few men with erections. Few couples were making out their eyes on her. “Look, how everyone is enjoying themselves. It’s all because of you, my dear. Aren’t you happy to entertain so many, help so many?” he said.

“Yes, Master!” Something, hard and hot, pressed against her butt. “Master, you are already,” He smiled as he inserted his penis inside. A moan, louder than any before, escaped from her as her body accommodated his penis.

Large, throbbing, and hot, it reached deeper than all her previous lovers had managed before, especially compared to her husband. She tried to ignore the lingering feeling of gloom that had taken root at the thought of her husband.

What was it? That negativity? Shame? Regret? Betrayal? Would he feel the same if he saw her like this? She could only imagine his reaction if he were here, watching her get ravaged by someone else, as strangers devoured her with their eyes, some even recording her.

Would he be aroused by the filthy moans exploding out of her, by the deranged look on her face, contorted in pleasure? By the way, her master fucked her with no respite? Would he get aroused by the knowledge that he could never offer her, provide her with the pleasure she needs that she gets from this man?

This stranger, years younger than the both of them? Oh, she needed to know. Her body responded in kind. She wanted to know. She needed to know. She just had to know. The pleasure she was feeling multiplied as her imagination ran wild in her head.

Thousands of different reactions raced through her head, each only strengthening the pleasure. He would stand there and watch, a dark voice inside her whispered. He would stand there with tears in his eyes as he would reminisce pathetically about the good old days.

How would he react if he knew the whole story? How her lover had ravaged and thundered her, threatening to destroy everything she had built. The storms had awakened something inside her, something she had tried to hide, to conceal.

Still, with every subsequent visit, every encounter, it had only grown stronger. It poisoned her mind, lit an unquenchable fire in her soul that he only kept adding fuel to. How she finally realized that her husband had failed her, as her man. So here she was, her body embraced by another man.

A stranger’s voice to murmur sweet nothings into her ears, another hand to disrobe her, to touch and caress, to lick and kiss and bite. No one else could satisfy her now, only her master. The pleasure she had felt back then, even in the beginning when he was ‘rougher’ with her.

It was something she had never experienced with her husband. She had hated him then, and she had hated herself. For feeling something, for enjoying it, for betraying her husband’s trust, for wanting to feel that sensation again.

That desire to lose herself became unbearable as days passed untouched and unwanted. Her husband did not seem to understand her troubles. His attempts to cheer her up only made her remember the man that had hurt her.

She had to reach out to him again, one last time, to forget what he had done to her, to move on from what had happened. That was when she fully became his, the truth she had always known made clear to her. There was no going back. There was no normal anymore.

She had been ensnared, and she wanted to be captured. Her master had always exceeded her expectations, each meeting showing her something new, exciting, something more perverse than she could have experienced if she were stuck with her husband.

Her body burned with desire. Glistening sweat and a strong sea breeze did nothing to cool it down. Her master had not slowed down yet, continuing to fuck her. There was no stopping him. He built his rhythm that his lovers would get lost in.

He roughly hoisted her up, reaching in for a kiss, freeing Mrs. Anand from her thoughts and memories. She could see that the crowd had gotten bigger yet, eager couples had started their own engagement. She could smell the lust and desire emanating from the crowd.

A thick haze of pheromones and sweat was haunting the sweet night air. It filled her up, intoxicated her, and left her wanting more. She wanted more, more hands groping, more lips kissing, more cocks ravaging her. They were right in front of her, eager men of all ages and walks of life.

Could she do it, ask strangers to do her, like her master and her husband? Was it wrong? There is no right or wrong here, only pleasure, she reminded herself. She took the chance. “I can not be satisfied with just one dick,” she yelled out. Her lover stopped. “Is that so?”

She turned towards the crowd. “Don’t you guys want to join me?” The crowd was unbearably silent, lost in a moment of hesitation. Then, two men stepped out of the crowd, hesitant but their eyes burning with lust and greed, their cocks erect and eager. Unable to hold on any longer, the men erupted forward.

Their large hands groped at her breasts. Their fingers pinched her nipples. She moaned loudly, new sensations setting off more reactions from her. They hungrily ate and tasted her body, exploring each nook and every cranny. One man forced his cock inside her mouth while the other had her stroke his penis.

Her lover, sensing more weakness, restarted his love-making. Ravaged by both familiar and strange cocks, Mrs. Anand could barely think about anything. The spicy scent overpowered her senses. Hands groping, fondling, and caressing sent her body into overdrive.

“Look, how wet she is getting!”

“What a nympho!”

“A slut, a proper slut!” They called out to each other.

“Yes! Yes, I am a nympho! I am slut, a bitch!”

Suddenly, the dick she was deep-throating erupted inside. Thick ropy cum spurted inside, threatening to choke her. But he didn’t stop, and neither did other men. The assault on her body continued in earnest. More men came over to join the three ravaging her body.

Dicks rubbed all over her, using all of her body to get them off. Between her breasts, between her thighs, sandwiched in her armpits, her hair, nothing was sacred, nothing clean. She could only gasp in pain as one of her lovers forced his member inside her ass.

Pain or pleasure, she could not differentiate them anymore. All sensations just swirled inside her, rippling shockwaves tearing through her body. Moaning was her only reply, only when there wasn’t a cock stuffed inside her mouth. The first time she cheated, it had been so intimate, so personal.

Now, unknown strangers she had never known were violating her. Yet, she could not complain. How could she? The pleasure she was experiencing was extra-terrestrial. She could see that all of them were experiencing the same thing. She could see their faces flush with bliss and pleasure.

She could feel their eager penises explode with happiness, fully enjoying her defilement, marking her with their scent. She took as many men as she could, enjoying everyone’s unique qualities, different shapes and sizes rubbing against different parts of her womanhood.

Each new sensation painted over rusting exhaustion. It threatened to end this fleeting torrent of pleasure. However, despite her best attempts, the activity cooled down after its fiery start. Satisfied men and women, drained of all their energy, shuffled back in bliss.

Mrs. Anand, drenched in sweat, laid down on the cool sand. Yet, she felt that yearning. Her body still felt unfulfilled, unsatisfied. She looked inwards with disturbance. The hunger she felt was not disappearing. The yearning, the heat, bubbled underneath.

Did she need to explore further depravities, embark further in this vulgar journey of self-destruction? What more could she do now? She had shown her face in public, exposed herself to a group of strangers, embraced all of them. She had been Let them do things to her that she had never allowed her husband to do.

Wait, could it be? She sat up suddenly, disturbed by her thoughts. Was her husband the answer? Could she stoop that low? Suddenly, she felt two firm but gentle hands on her shoulders. She turned, eyeing the strong face lined with a mischievous smile, drinking his fierce gaze deep.

Yes, if it was with him, she could stoop that low. She stood up and took his hands in hers, leading him away from the beach. A gentle smile of understanding and resignation lit her face up warmly.

Oranges and reds of the all-knowing sun dancing against her wet skin. Together, they walked to end the last day of Mrs. Anand.