First Time Sex With Sleeping Girl Part – 3

I apologize for the extended delay in the story.

So, to continue the narrative. Things altered a little after my unknown session with Soniya. Rani left the house, so the fun came to an end, and my desire for Jessica became more by the day. I wasn’t sure whether she was interested in me. We shared the same room, and she was absolutely okay with it.

Yes, I rubbed her every night after she slept. I virtually licked every inch of her body. But I did not totally fuck her or suck her nipples. So, I can say I didn’t have complete intercourse with her. When she’s asleep, all I can do is massage her boobs and suck her pussy.

We both slept in our rooms one night after a long day. We didn’t have a bed, so there was simply a mattress on the floor where she slept, and I slept with my head on the mattress. I was waiting for her to fall asleep when I slowly whispered her name. She didn’t answer.

So, I decided to test my luck and see what happened. I began to brush my hand against her hips and moved my fingers up and down. She didn’t react to my hands. So I got my bravery and went on top to begin caressing her. She was dressed in a thin cotton nightgown that reached her upper knees.

The fabric was as soft as her skin. She was facing the opposite direction, so her back was to me, and her big ass curve was visible. So I carefully began to rub her ass, not giving it a strong squeeze. I moved my hand and gazed slowly, applying light pressure to feel the bounciness and suppleness of her ass.

As there was no movement from her, I continued my objective to feel her entire ass. I slightly inserted my hand on her ass crack. But it didn’t work because she was wearing panties. So, I shifted my hands to her upper body because she was facing the other side.

I didn’t want to risk her opening her eyes, so I returned to her ass. I stroked it squeezed it, and it was large, soft, and plump like a cheesecake. Then I took a pause and waited for her to turn so I could play with her big boobs. Luckily, after an hour, I guess she turned and lay flat.

So her whole body was accessible to me now. In the dull night lamp, I could see her perfect structure. I gradually removed my fingers from her thighs and moved towards her covered pussy. Her velvety, smooth skin got me instantly erect.

Then I moved my hands slowly towards her flat tummy, making circular motions on it as I got near her enormous boobs. Even after touching her boobs so many times while she’s sleeping, it still feels so fresh. It gives current in my dick.

I gradually began pressing her enormous boobs, which my one hand was unable to cover fully. I gradually began to seek her nipples. But because she was sleeping and they were not erect, it was difficult for me to find them. One hand was pressing her boobs.

The other hand was touching my dick and moving it up and down. I was not able to control it. It slowly moved towards the legs, and I started to kiss her toes slowly. Slowly started to lick her leg and move towards her thighs. I could smell her fresh perfume from there.

I touched her panty and moved to the side and saw her fresh pussy. I began licking outside her pussy. I slid my tongue inside her because it was so sweet and juicy. I began licking it like a hungry puppy without my knowledge. I felt her pussy getting wet.

But because she didn’t react, I began to lick even more. I had achieved the pinnacle of hardness and wanted to push it in, but I was terrified. I also wanted to play with her boobs. So I carefully climbed on top of her, making sure not to contact her.

I gradually parted her legs. I began to move my foreskin down, and my cock head was out. I slowly rubbed it on her wet pussy. I couldn’t contain it after a while of stroking, so I slowly began to enter inside. It was really wet and warm. I’ve never felt like that before.

After fucking her for some time, I wanted to cum. I moved out and cum in my own hands. I cleaned it and went on to proper her dress. I started to play some time with her boobs and slept that night. This went on for a few days.

After a few weeks, Soniya and her bf went drinking. They stole all the money we had in the house, including my laptop and vanished. I had to make a police complaint, but there was no use. I was sad that I got robbed, and now I and Jessi have to pay rent alone for that huge house.

I called Jessica while she was at work and informed her of everything. She returned home that night and noticed how upset I was. She instantly hugged me and apologized, saying, “Don’t worry, I’m sorry.”

We ate dinner and then went to bed. She was on the mattress, and I was on the floor, as usual, with my head on the mattress.

Jessi: Are you okay?

Mike: Yeah, shit happens, and people lie. What can we do about it? It’s weird that you still haven’t left me. I’m sure even you would go someday.

Jessi: No, I’m always going to be there. I won’t leave. You helped me when I was in need. Why would I leave you?

As soon as I heard that, I slowly climbed on the mattress with her.

Mike: Are you serious that you won’t leave me?

Jessi: No, I won’t.

I quickly hugged her from behind. I hugged her so firmly and laid my head on her shoulder that our cheeks were touching. I could feel her breath, and she could feel my heated breath. We were probably in that position for a minute. My palm was on her flat stomach, holding her close and tight.

She then attempted to turn, but my hand was still holding her, forcing her to turn in that tight grip. I gripped her even tighter and buried a kiss on her lips because our faces were so close. I didn’t know how to kiss correctly. I began eating her top lips, and she bit my bottom lip so hard that it hurt.

I kept nibbling on her upper lips. I attempted to insert my tongue inside her mouth. But she bit my lips so tightly and never opened them that I couldn’t. I was so turned on and kept sucking and licking her upper lip. My hand was on her back until that time.

I carefully moved it down to her large ass cheeks and grasped it securely. I lifted her legs and threw her on top of me. I gradually began caressing her thighs and pressing her ass cheeks. I drew her in, climbed on top of her, and began pressing down.

When she finally opened her mouth and let me kiss her fully, I was above her. I pushed my tongue into her mouth and licked her tongue. I began biting her bottom and upper lips at the same time. My entire body was pressed into her. With all that passionate kissing, she began sucking my lips and kissing me back.

I took advantage of the situation and began to massage her boobs. Both my hands on her boobs, pressing them inside her top and bra. I carefully slipped my hands down and lifted her nightgown above her head. That was the only time we broke the kiss for a second.

Then we started kissing again, and my hands were attempting to remove her bra. I finally removed and discarded it, as well as her panty. I tugged it down with my leg and discarded it. She was now naked, and I was only wearing my boxer shorts.

She was entirely naked beneath me. I began pressing her boobs so hard that my goal of pinching her nipples came true. My hands were mauling her enormous soft boobs. Even though I am tall and have large hands, her boobs did not fit since they were so large. I removed my shorts and threw them.

My dick was rubbing her pussy and tummy so hard that it was leaking precum. It was the nicest feeling in the world to lick her while her soft skin and body rubbed on me. When I tried to slide my finger into her pussy, she was already leaking, and it was extremely wet. So, I didn’t want to squander my time.

I kept my cock head in her pussy entrance and attempted to push it in. It was so tight. She bit my lips so hard and moaned that I stopped pushing it in. She quickly grabbed her hand, squeezed my ass, grasped my dick, and directed it within her pussy. She pulled my ass towards her with both her hands.

My cock head was now inside. I could feel the warm pussy. I gradually pushed it inside. Her hands were gripping my ass, and her lips were biting mine so hard. Now that my dick is totally inside her, I can feel my balls brushing her pussy walls. And she was making it so tight that it was pushing my dick out.

But I made sure it stayed within, so we kissed as my dick stayed inside her. She was squeezing and messing with my ass. Then I gradually began moving my dick in and out of her hot pussy. I got every ounce of pleasure out of fucking her. Even though we were kissing furiously, I could hear her moan.

I gradually increased the speed at which I fucked her. I wanted to suck her boobs, but she never left my lips. She wanted to kiss me all the time. It was very hot moving in and out of her because she was so tight. I kept mounting her till I cum. My hands were on her boobs.

My lips were sucking her lips, sucking her saliva, and licking her tongue. She locked her legs on my back while playing with my ass. I moved in and out of her so much and increased the pace. Fucking her so hard, and it went all night. And finally, I was about to cum, but she never left me.

She locked me with her legs. I ended up cumming fully inside her. It was heaven for both of us. Even after I cum inside her, she didn’t stop kissing me or let my ass go. Finally, the alarm rang. That’s when she realized and let me go. I pulled my dick out of her pussy which was drenched in both our cum.

I didn’t know what to do. She got up and was naked fully and asked me, “What did you do?” Her eyes were so wide, and she looked as if she wanted to kill me. She went to take a shower. I went behind her into the bathroom. She was standing in the shower with water drops all over her.

I went and hugged her from behind. We were both naked in the shower. She turned back, and I just wanted to suck her boobs. I pulled the small stool that was there and sat on it. I pulled her and made her sit on top of me, and started sucking her boobs.

Her huge boobs are right in front of my face. Her pink nipples were so good. I slowly started to lick her right nipple while pressing her left boob. I was sucking like a hungry baby and heard her moan. My dick was slowly raising. She was sitting on me. She was sitting on my dick.

I changed to the other boob, and I was pulling the other nipple. I was rock hard again. I lifted her by her ass and made her sit on my dick which went fully in. I was sucking her boobs and fucking her at the same time. And hearing her moan was so good.

All my sucking made marks on her boobs. I left her boobs and was holding her ass and making her hump on my cock. She was also so passionate and riding me like a horse. And I saw actually how big her boobs were, which was bouncing in front of my eyes.

Looking at that moment, I suddenly started to cum inside her. After looking at that, she sat and rotated her hips, draining my cum. Then she got up, leaving my dick hanging and went to shower and fingered herself to remove all the cum.

I still wanted to do something to her. So I got up and kneeled before her and started licking and sucking her pussy. She started taking a bath and pushed me away. I went out and cleaned myself, and went to sleep. She got ready and went to work. We didn’t speak anything after that till she came back that night.

Continuation in the next chapter.