Navaratri ke Navarasa – Part 3 (Karuna)

As the car drove through the traffic, Sunaina and I were ready for what was to come. Though I had fun in the car, I was not satisfied. Prakash had cum early, and it’s not always comfortable in the car. Ilyas drove us as we cruised into the ornate gates and the five-star there to stop at the valet parking.

As we got down with our belongings, we were guided into the lobby by our hosts. Sunaina and I looked at each other, knowing tonight we would have fun after a long drought of no sex during the COVID. I could feel my pussy getting wet as the elevator made its way up to the higher floors.

Prakash put his hand on my lower waist and also on Sunaina’s as he led us to his room while Ilyas followed. He swiped his card and held the door as he welcomed us to his pretty big suite.

“Make yourselves at home and let me know if you want anything from room service.” Prakash chimed as he walked to his cupboard. Ilyas went and sat on the couch. I kept our belongings on the study table. We went to see the view of the night city from his high room.

Prakash put down a bottle of whiskey and vodka on the table near Ilyas. He also got out some vials of white powder. Sunaina and I excused ourselves as we went to the washroom.

“You’ll take that or what?” asked Sunaina nervously as we adjusted our lipstick and eyeliner. “Ya, one snort only, not more,” I replied. “I’ll avoid it if that’s fine?” she squeaked out. I could see she was not as comfortable as I was with the situation.

We both walked out to find the men drinking. Prakash seems to have divided the white powder into 4 lines with his American Express card. He kept a rollup of paper near it. He handed both of me and Sunaina a drink.

He said, “Cheers to you fine sexy ladies. I don’t know about Navratri happening in the city, but for me, I’m looking forward to the festivities with you all night.” He pointed his glass at me and downed it. He was definitely drunk but not slurry. Ilyas also took his drink while we downed the drink.

Prakash invited us to try the Coke. But both I and Sunaina said after some time. We sat down on the opposite couch. Prakash came to us offering to top off our drinks, and though we did not want it, he poured it. He put the bottle down to take Sunaina’s hand.

He said, “You should sit here.” He took her to Ilyas and, holding her shoulder, placed her near him. “As for me, I have my eye and cock for only one person,” as he turned and walked to sit next to me. He wrapped his hands around my shoulder to draw me closer.

I obliged and got up and sat on his lap. His hands trance my explored navel. One went straight to my blouse front to try to untie the front, which he knew from our session in the car. I allowed it as he slowly revealed my breasts and squeezed one of them.

“Kya mast boobs hai yaar iske, dekh Ilyas!” (What amazing boobs she has, man, look, Ilyas!) He saw them more in the light and turned me over to show Ilyas. He saw them and smiled and was holding Sunaina’s shoulder closer to him. He also started rubbing her thighs.

“Show me yours also, Sunaina.” Prakash looked at her, and she was caught in shock. But then she also untied her blouse from the back to be topless to show her 36C breasts. Ilyas was smitten and started squeezing them with his hands as he felt around her nipples.

Seeing that, Prakash also took off my blouse. Sunaina and I were topless, sitting with older men in a hotel room. The atmosphere got hot as everyone was getting into the mood. I started rubbing Prakash’s cock over his pants. I got up and asked him to stand while kneeling to undo his pants.

He raised his kurta over his head to get out of his clothes. Sunaina, taking a cue, led Ilyas to stand next to Prakash. She knelt in front of him beside me to open his trousers. Ilyas obliged, and we both knelt in front of them as we revealed their aged love rods.

We pushed them down on the couch to sit as we both started our blowjob. Ilyas was circumcised with a nice brown cock with a red cock head. Prakash was uncut with brown foreskin covering the red cock head. Both had trimmed cocks so hair was minimum as we both started on their cocks.

Their cocks were already hard, so it was easy to cover. I was licking the shaft of Prakash’s cock. My one hand was rubbing his foreskin while my other hand went up to rub his chest. His hand held my hair while I looked up into his eyes. I could control him by just changing my grip and lick. He was under my spell.

I then pulled back and took the hair tie from my wrist. I tied my hair to show it was time to get to business. Sunaina was busy slobbering Ilyas’ cock. He closed his eyes and was enjoying it. I grabbed Prakash’s hard rod and started licking him from his balls up.

He went full moaning mode as he got a different level of pleasure. I then licked his cock head and played with my tongue around his penis hole. He started to release precum. I then took his cock into my mouth as I slowly tried to take him in my throat completely.

He wasn’t big, but he was wide. But took him to a certain length and then brought it back around with minimal choking in my throat. I kept taking it in and out. Then took his entire cock down the top part of my throat. I bobbed my head up and down on his shaft.

I deep-throated his cock with my hands under him and squeezed his butt. He just moaned in pleasure, holding my head around the ears. He also started to thrust his cock in my throat as he felt himself face fucking me. Swirling my tongue wildly around the underside of the head of his cock.

I drove his cock back into my throat. He was sweating, and I could feel it on his thighs and brushing against my face. He kept groaning and moaning with pleasure as I became firmer with the sucking. I drooled and slobbered all over his lap, making sure it was a wet and messy blowjob.

“Hmmm,” was all I could moan to make him get more turned on. I filled my mouth with his cock. I swished his cock inside my cheeks and got it as deep into my throat as possible. I buried into his lap, his cock completely in my mouth. His thigh pressed up against my cheek, and my nose in his lap.

My eyes brushed against his pubic hair. My one hand was fondling his balls as I planned to milk him. My intensity grew with each trip up and down his love organ. I made loud slurping and sucking sounds with my mouth. I was gagging a little and was salivating.

It was dripping from my mouth and choking his cock and balls and dripping on the couch. His cock pulsed as he suddenly released his hot semen into my throat and mouth in spurts. As his erection flexed in my mouth, I made sure to take all his spurts of hot semen in my mouth.

I pulled back as I had cum and saliva in my mouth. My eyes were welling with tears. I gasped for breath and started to get the taste of whatever cum was in my mouth. I turned to see Ilyas cumming into Sunaina’s mouth. She took it and then turned to look at me, and we knew what was next.

We got closer and started kissing. We shared the cum from the men as they enjoyed the show. Our cum covered tongues played in each other’s mouths. Sunaina squeezed my boobs, and I squeezed hers. We then split and swallowed the cum in our mouths.

Prakash got us a couple more rounds of drinks. Sunaina was starting to get sleepy. Ilyas took her to bed to maybe have some fun early before going out of her senses. I sat on Prakash’s lap while he had a drink. I kept rubbing his hard brown cock.

He rubbed my bareback with one hand while we were lip locked while his tongue explored my mouth. He then switched to sucking my breasts and biting my nipples. His cock was getting harder, and soon he was ready for his next round. He kept his drink on the side table and made me stand up.

He turned me around to remove my ghagra and revealed my soft white butt cheeks with no panties on. My ghagra fell near my feet and ankles as I was still in my heels. He started squeezing my butt cheeks. He started feeling the gap between the legs to run his finger on my pussy slit.

He made me bend down at my hip. I used the table to support using my hands. He felt my butt cheeks and spread them to see my waxed pussy and butt hole. He said, “This is almost like dessert after a good meal,” and started licking my pussy and butt hole. I was enjoying it bent over.

I saw Sunaina getting nailed on the bed with her legs spread in missionary. Ilyas’s black cock went inside and out of her mouth.  Prakash then stood up and held my hands behind me. One hand went over my breasts to make a stand against him. He roughly felt my body from behind.

His hand then went to my neck. He pushed me from behind as he made us walk. He got to the floor-to-ceiling window. He pushed me against the open window to see the night cityscape and the roads from our high-floor room. My breasts were pressed against the glass.

He said, “Tujh jaise randi ko dikhake chundwane mein bohut maza hain” (It is fun to show off a slut like you while fucking.) He then slid his raw cock into my pussy. He pulled my hip back and put his leg on the couch handle for access. For support, my hand held the glass in front of me.

His hands held my hip to thrust his cock into my willing pussy. My moans filled the room while fogging some parts of the window. I realized it had been my fantasy to be a high-class escort where rich men take me to expensive hotels and use me.

The fantasy seemed to have come true in a way which made the sex even more fun. My naked body, with only heels, could be visible to anyone who might look up at the hotel window. A man would be seen pounding me from behind.
Prakash cum inside me after a couple more minutes.

I was catching my breath when I felt a set of hands catch me again. Suddenly a cock went into my pussy again. I turned to realize that Ilyas had taken Prakash’s place as Prakash went to sit on the couch, and Ilyas was continuing his work. His cock was thick, and he thrust while holding my hips.

“Yes! Yes! Fuck me!” was what I screamed. I was getting used like a good slut in a high-class hotel by well-to-do men. I felt Prakash’s semen, my juices and Ilyas’ love juice going down my inner thigh and drip on the wooden floor.

Ilyas pulled my hair with one hand. He started to cum, with his strokes filling me with his warm cum. The window view had fogged with my breath as I was orgasming again from their use, and my legs spasmed as he pulled out his cock. I was dripping cum and sweat onto the floor.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” is all I could whimper. I was losing my ability to stand with my legs spasming from orgasms. Ilyas was supporting me. He turned me around and drew me close to his dark body. His hands were on my breasts, and he started kissing me.

As we kissed, his hands went down my back. He held my butt cheeks as he squeezed them. He then lifted me using my butt. I had my arms around him. He took to the couch Prakash was sitting on and sat down next to him. I locked myself between the two of them.

We all sat in our nudity, sweaty and catching our breaths. Prakash passed me water as we were completely worn out from our activities. My pussy was dripping out white cum from both the men. I enjoyed the feeling of being a slut.

“Want to get some extra energy for fun?” Prakash asked. He brought the tray with white power in line near me.

“I’ve never tried before,” I said nervously.

“No worries, it’s a thin line. Use this and inhale fast, look up and lean back.” Prakash guided me.

I used the paper roll and placed it in my nostril. I inhaled a line really quickly. I leaned back, coughing with a sharp hit in my nostril and head. It felt like a bell hit my head, and my vision started vibrating. I coughed and looked around for water as I blinked and caught my breath.

I snorted as I felt something in my nose. Suddenly, I felt very attentive, like I had a very strong cup of filter coffee. But somehow, my vision became sharper. I felt extremely wired as my body had sudden shivers and goosebumps. “Easy, easy,” said Ilyas as he made me sit down.

“Feels like rocket fuel, no?” said Prakash. “Time for round two with some rocket fuel.” I could hear everything more clearly. With clarity also came my sharpness to what I was feeling, along with my being horny. Rather it felt like my horniness was amplified. Like I could fuck all night and day.

I grabbed the tray from Prakash’s hands and said, “Why not let me fuel your body up?” I used the card to put a line of white powder on my breast just above my nipples. I laid back and put another line on the other.

“Kya hua? Nahi chahiye?” (What happened? You don’t want to?) I said with a giggle. They both took a roll and snorted the power off. Prakash licked my breasts and nipples to take all of the remaining powder in his mouth. I grabbed both their cocks as I sat with them in the middle.

Ilyas and I started kissing while Prakash sucked my breasts. Their cocks were getting harder. I could feel Prakash getting aggressive with his nipple bites. I made Ilyas suck my other nipple as Prkash sucked the other.

“Aw, look at you hungry babies. Do you like my milkers?” I inquired. My hands went up and down their love shafts as they sucked and bit my breast. I then got up and turned around to make them sit side by side. I kneeled in front of them to start sucking their hard desi cocks together.

I sucked Prakash and then Ilyas’ while my hand remained on each cock to keep them hard. The men were starting to get high, and felt the pleasure of my blowjob even more. I was intentionally staring at each one with eye contact as they released some precum.

I was in control of these two men, which made me feel amazing. It felt like I was playing dandiya with their cocks in my hands. The sounds of nearby dandiya songs resonated in the room.

Prakash couldn’t take it anymore. He got up and lifted me from my hip. He put me on the couch and bent me over to slowly push his erect cock into my juicy pussy. As he entered me for a third time in the night, I moaned. With my face close to Ilyas’ cock, I continued blowing him while Prakash entered me.

I was in slut heaven as I was enjoying the feeling of two men using me in a spit-roast fashion. Ilyas got turned on and stood up to face Prakash with me bent over in between them. He put his cock in my mouth and held my hair at the back. The men slowly got into a rhythm to fuck my face and pussy together.

Both held me as they pushed their cocks into my wet pussy and drooling mouth. They pleasured themselves, planning to release their love juice inside me. Ilyas aggressively fucked my face while Prakash was hitting my G-spot aggressively to make me moan like a slut.

Prakash was thrusting in my pussy as Ilyas held my face to fuck it with his cock. I was in a daze as I could somehow breathe. Spit was welling down my face, sliding by my cheeks and eyes to the couch. My pussy was dripping with the remnants of cum and sweat.

I was seeing stars as both were getting aggressive pleasure from using my holes. My mind was fading into a sort of slut mindset where my whole being existed to please these men’s cock, and I had no identity. The inhibitions set by the world, my body and my mind were broken.

I gave into this different sort of pleasure. Ilyas stopped and gave me a chance to breathe as I gasped for breath. Prakash stopped and lifted me as he stood up. Prakash then spread my legs. He made me face Ilyas while holding me from the back with his hands using my inner thighs.

Ilyas moved closer and gave him a hand as I was in mid-air with the men holding me up. Ilyas proceeded to put his cock into my pussy. Then held me while Prakash looked to enter. But there was no space, so he proceeded to slowly put his cock into my butt hole.

His cock slowly expanded it. If I weren’t already in a wired mindset, the thing would have hurt. But pain and pleasure had mixed to form a different sensation in my body. Prakash had half of his cock into my butt hole. He then adjusted his grip along with Ilyas.

They started to make me go up and down their love shafts. I started to moan and lose myself in the pleasure and pain of the moment. Their cocks rubbed through the thin separation between my pussy and rectum. My anal muscles could ease slowly to Prakash’s cock while my pussy was getting filled with Ilyas’ cock.

Prakash was enjoying the tightness of my ass. He was vigorously dropping me forward onto Ilyas’s cock, which was hitting my G-spot hard. I don’t remember screaming or moaning. But I remember the two men grunting and enjoying my body. My legs were spread in mid-air with only my heels on my feet.

As they got closer to the window, I could see the night city and the stars. The silhouette of the cityscape, the sound of dandiya music in rhythm to the desi dandiya in my pussy and ass. The faint reflection of me in the arms of two lusty men worshipping my body with their cocks.

It made me feel my feminine energy at the highest. After all, dandiya is played to celebrate and honour the divine feminine inside us. At that moment, a different feminine awakening was happening inside me.

With my mascara dripping from my eyes side, it would seem I was sorrowful (Karuna) at my newfound slut experience. But appearances can be deceiving.