First Time Sex With Sleeping Girl Part – 4

The following morning, after the greatest fuck of my life, Jessi left for work without saying anything. I was eating, watching movies, and getting plenty of rest on my day off. I was thinking about our sex and was getting a hard-on. Her boobs bouncing on my face and me holding her plumpy ass.

It was a dream come true for a regular guy like me to fuck such a hot babe like her. I was eager for her to return home. It was odd since after our two intense sessions, neither of us said anything. I waited for this moment all day long. I was in the room when she returned from work.

She left without saying anything to me, had a shower, changed, and headed out to dinner. We didn’t glance at each other or say anything. After dinner, she entered the room. We exchanged no words. She climbed onto the mattress and fell asleep.

Since I was still on the ground, I climbed on the mattress and placed my hands on her stomach while she faced the other way. She turned to face me the minute I gave her a tight hug. Our face was so close to each other and we stared kissing so passionately.

This time, both of us were so into each other. The kissing was so sexy. Both our tongues met each other licking and sucking each other exchanging saliva and passion for our bodies. We were staring at each other with our faces so near to one another and kissing intensely. This time, we were really into one another.

Our tongues connected to produce a sensual kiss that involved exchanging saliva and a strong desire for one another’s bodies. My dick began to gently rise as our genitals were so close to one another. I drew her closer, and she put her legs on top of me. I could feel the heat from her pussy.

Today my aim was to fuck her ass and smack her ass and make her give me a blowjob. While we were kissing, I attempted to remove her underwear. To my amazement, she was not wearing a bra. Her boobs were only visible beneath her thin nightgown. She was squeezing my ass.

While I let my hands play with her ass cheeks, I tried pushing my finger into her asshole. She stopped kissing me.

Jessi: Not there. It’ll be painful. Insert in the front.

Mike: Kiss me. I’ll insert it wherever you want.

She began kissing me, and I began fingering her pussy through her ass. It felt so velvety inside, and I could feel the moisture rising. With all that kissing and ass squeezing, she began to slip her hands in front of my dick and hold it. She took off my boxer, exposing my aching dick.

She began shagging me, pulling my foreskin up and down, revealing my cock head. She lifted her short nightgown, revealing her pussy. She tugged my dick, pulling the skin back and attempting to push it in her pussy. She began massaging my cock head on her pussy opening till I begged her not to.

She was clutching my dick so tightly that it hurt. While I was pulling back, she grabbed my balls and shouted.

Jessi: Put it inside. I want it completely inside of me.

I pushed my hip forward, and she grabbed it and tried to slide it into her pussy. My cocked head went within, and I stared to go deeper. We were lying on our sides, and my dick was within her. She put her legs on me, extending her hip and allowing me to go deeper inside her.

I was fucking her on our sides and began removing her nightgown. Her bouncing large boobs popped out when she moved the dress on top of her head. Even though I was fucking her pussy, I wanted to remove my dick, insert it between her melons, and boob fuck her.

I began humping her hard, and her tight pussy began to flow juices. I began sucking her tongue and pulling her nipples. They were becoming harder with each stroke. The position was not ideal for powerful thrusts. So I removed my dick from her pussy, which was covered in pussy juice.

I made her lie flat and climbed on top of her. I didn’t want to miss out on that opportunity. I climbed and perched on her chest, resting my stiff dick in between her boobs. My wet dick nestled between her massive boobs was a scene straight out of a dream.

I was hovering over her, slowly sliding my dick forward, signaling her to keep her boobs close. My dick was slowly vanishing in between her soft big boobs as she hugged her boobs close. I started clapping her chest with my balls. I gradually increased the tempo.

I ordered her to push her boobs harder and make it tighter for me. I took off my dick and began slapping it on her nipples. My wet dick was slapping on her boobs and touching her nipples, and then I fucked her boobs for a while. I was so hard now that I wanted to insert it inside her.

So I moved down and placed my dick head on her pussy entrance and pushed it in. She shouted, ‘Aah!’ I began slamming her so hard that my dick was completely coming out and returning. She was groaning loudly, which made me hornier and compelled me to ram her as hard as I could.

The room was filled with moaning and clapping of my balls on her pussy wall. We were like two animals, fucking each other as hard as we could. All of the beating and activity was tiring me out. I came to a halt, pulled her up, and forced her to turn so that her back was exposed to me.

I made her stand on all fours in a doggy position. I was going insane looking at her in that doggy pose with her ass up and her back curling down. I whacked my dick on both sides of her ass cheeks, watching the vibration of her plumpy ass. I was then massaging my dick on her asshole and the pussy for some time.

She became so horny from just rubbing in both her holes and not inserting. She started telling me to fuck her fast. As I carefully put my dick into her pussy, she began to wriggle her ass back. I fucked her in doggy stance for a long time before gradually inserting my finger with my dick into her pussy.

It was stretching her so much that she was moaning. Because my finger was so drenched in her pussy fluid, I gradually began to rub her asshole. I spat on her asshole and slowly inserted the same wet finger from her pussy into her asshole. She was in seventh heaven when I was fucking her hard.

She didn’t see what I was doing. I was putting my finger in her asshole and my dick in her pussy. It got her really hot and made her moan a lot. I took my finger out of her hole and grabbed her massive ass and began to intensify the thrust and savagely fuck her. She was moaning so loudly for my strokes.

After a bit, I leaned forward and fucked her in doggy while holding her boobs. Her boobs were swagging front and back as a result of the thrust. All of these insane fucking made me near a climax, and I wanted to yell like in the movies, “I’m going to cum!”

I was banging her ass hard and leaned forward above her, near her ears, saying, “I’m going to burst cum into you.”

“Stop, don’t cum inside me,” she said.

We’ve already fucked twice, and each time I’ve been deep inside her and cum inside her. She instructed me to stop this time. So I took my dick out, and it was extremely wet when it came out of her pussy. She turned to face me and began to use her hands to give me a handjob.

My dick was above her pussy and she was shagging me. I didn’t want to waste the sperm. I want to stuff it somewhere. So I put my fingers inside her pussy and told.

Mike: I want to cum on your boobs.

Jessi: Okay, come up now.

I sat on her chest like tit fucking her and she was shagging me. I bent back and fingered her. I fashioned a hook with my two fingers and pulled it inside her pussy, which was moaning a lot. While she stroked my cock, I slowly moved my ass forward.

I was almost sitting on her boobs, and my dick was almost reaching her chin. Her eyes were closed due to my rapid fingering. She didn’t notice my slow movement where my dick was practically on her face. I put my finger deep inside her.

She was moaning so loudly that I wanted to cum on her face or inside her mouth.  I stopped fingering her and rose a little higher, taking advantage of the opportunity to push my dick inside her wide open moaning mouth. I unleashed all the sperm within her mouth in less than a second.

But she pushed me and a few droplets began to drip over her lips, chin, neck, and boobs. She became enraged and spit all the cum over herself. Seeing my cum dripping from her mouth to her body was really hot. She became enraged and began yelling at me.

I didn’t want to let go. So I rushed on her, lifted her hand above her head, and began to kiss her cum streaming mouth. I got a whiff of my own sperm from her tongue. She tried to push me away, but she couldn’t since I was completely on top of her. I left her after kissing and biting her sperm wet mouth.

She then stood up and went to the bathroom to take a shower. I followed her as usual. We both went into the shower when she stated, “Let’s just take a bath. I’m tired.” We were taking a bath and spreading shower gel on each other. She started to rub it on my balls and dick.

I was getting erect while I was applying gel to her boobs and playing with it. She noticed me hardening up again and stared at me. We both got in the shower, and she began to fondle my balls and watch my dick rise. The cold water on our skin was hardening her nipples.

I shoved her up against the wall and went behind her. I split her ass cheeks and began eating her pussy and asshole. She pushed me and claimed it was dirty. As I was already down I brought her legs close to me grasping her milky thigh. The floor was wet.

I dragged her, causing her to fall on me as we were both in the shower. I was on top of her and began kissing her lips before moving on to her neck and boobs. I started sucking her boobs and worked my way up to her navel and pussy. Now I was on her in 69 position, kissing and eating her pussy.

I opened her legs wide, revealing her pussy lips, which I licked like a hungry dog. My stiff dick was touching her face as I licked her pussy. But she didn’t suck it. Instead, she pushed it to her boobs and began to pinch and play with my ass cheeks. I had complete control of the situation since I was on top.

So, I pushed back again. I made sure my dick dropped on her face again, kissing her pussy and inserting my fingers inside her and making her moan. I was also moving my hip and making my dick land on her face repeatedly. My dick was dripping precum.

Every time I moved my hip down, it contacted something in her face. I was dying to put it in her mouth. She was still playing with my ass and trying to avoid my balls and dick on her mouth. After repeatedly finger fucking and sucking her pussy, she finally gave up.

She allowed me land my dick squarely on her mouth and nose. I got up and sat on her boobs, letting my dick fall directly on her face and telling him to lick. But she didn’t open her lips. I leaned back and put four fingers into her pussy so quickly that she screamed, and my dick landed inside her mouth.

Once my dick head was inside her mouth, I began slowly pushing it in. Leaving her no choice but to open her mouth and allow my dick slide slowly slide within her. She just lay there doing nothing while I shoved my dick inside her mouth. I kept fucking her mouth gently and enjoying every second of that expression.

It was a dream come true for me to have such a lovely fair girl sucking my dick. I felt awful for her while sitting on her boobs and fucking her mouth for a long time. So I let my dick out of her mouth and forced her get up. We were both out of the shower.

I carried her to the bedroom, placed her on the mattress, and forced her to sit on my face. I began to eat her pussy and insert my tongue deep within her. And I pulled her body forward with my hands. So we are now in the 69 position, but she is on top this time.

I was squeezing her ass cheeks and eating deep into her pussy when she started playing with my dick. She slowly began fondling my balls with one hand. At the same time, tugging my foreskin down and exposing my dick head with the other. She began giving me a hand job while fondling my balls.

I started to squeeze her ass cheeks spread it well and started to insert both my middle fingers inside her pussy. She let out a huge moan and held my dick so tight. I started locking my hands so tight which squeezed her ass cheeks and spread it wide and it let me insert my finger so deep.

I did what all I can to make her so horny that she starts sucking my dick. But after constant fingering and licking she finally did it. She slowly started licking my foreskin and pulled it down. She started to lick my dick head now which sent a huge current in my whole body.

She started rotating her tongue around my dick head. I was at my peak it made my blood to rush so much into my dick and made it rock stiff. After licking my dick head for some time she took it fully inside. I felt the inside of her mouth and her tongue around my dick.

She started sucking it as deep as she could. I felt my dick head on her throat. After sucking my dick and make it so sloppy she got up and turned towards me and adjusted her dick on her pussy opening. And sat on it, my whole dick which was so wet with her saliva went smoothly inside her pussy.

It was wet with my licking and fingering. She was on top of me riding me now. She was moving her hips front and jumping. It was the best fuck I have ever had in my life. I held her plumpy ass and started to move my hips as well.

She was jumping, making both of us reach the heights of pleasure. I was holding her ass so tight and spreading her ass cheeks.

Jessi: Hold my boobs, hold my boobs and press it fast.

I obeyed her and held both her boobs, and started pressing it. She was riding me in cowgirl. With the thrust and her jumping made her huge boobs bounce up and down. My hand was holding them and squeezing the hell out of her soft boobs.

To make it even more fun, I held both her nipples and started twisting them and pulling them. She got so horny and started to cum that her whole hips and and legs started shaking like it was a vibrator. Thick liquid started to come out of her pussy around my dick.

She fell on me and was lying on me. I knew she got tired as this was almost the third round. So I held her ass and started to ram her. She just lay on me after fucking her hard. She stayed on top of me, moaning slowly. I held her face and started kissing her lips.

She started to kiss me so I took my hands back to her ass. Started to squeeze it hard, hold it and started fucking her deep. After a long fuck I almost reached climax. I started to cum inside her, now my dick and balls were shaking so much and emptied fully inside her.

She didn’t move. My dick was inside her, and we both fell asleep like that with all our fluids around us. Rest in the next story. I hope you all like it.