Gift of virginity to daddy on my birthday – Part 2

Hi guys. This is Jasitha Narasimha back again with the continuation of my life story. After my first sex with my father, my darling Simha, I was very happy that my life had turned romantic with the person whom I adored and loved my whole life.

Days were going on so happily with lots of love and sex. I hate using protection during sex and Simha too hates wearing condoms. So, we also had unprotected sex but I used contraceptive pills.

After about 2 months, my brother told us that my SIL was pregnant and that they were coming to Mumbai to celebrate with us. For the first time, I was very tense and afraid that my brother was coming home. It was because things were not the same as they used to be earlier. Now the people living in this house were not father-daughter, but they are lovers. So, I was afraid about my brother finding out about our incest relationship.

I told Simha about this but he was so relaxed and said, “Calm down, baby. Let’s just be a bit more careful. Nothing will happen.” But I couldn’t relax and he hugged me and kissed me on my forehead. I think this would be enough for any girl to be relaxed. But for me, I wanted more.

I was looking into my father’s eyes. He could understand what I was thinking. He kissed my lips and soon our tongues were entangled and he was biting my tongue and eating my lips. I put my hand into his shorts and touched his hard cock. It was hard as a rock already.

I went on my knees and removed his shorts and started giving my dad a blowjob. Don’t know why, but he was very excited this time. He held my hair, choking me with his cock. I couldn’t breathe for some time, but I liked it. I liked the way he was so rough on me for the first time. Maybe he completely accepted me as his wife.

He was fucking my mouth and I could feel his cock hitting my heart. (It was a beautiful feeling and I suggest everyone reading this to try. If you are a guy, your girlfriend will love this and if you are a girl, tell your boyfriend to try this on you.)

His cock was bulging in my mouth and he came inside my mouth. It was the first time my darling cummed inside my mouth. It tasted a bit salty, but it was nice. My darling Simha was becoming wilder and dirtier day by day. I was upset that he had already cummed inside my mouth and he will not fuck my pussy. But within no time, I understood that I underestimated my man.

My father was a man of great energy. He pushed me onto the bed and removed my boxer and panty and started licking my pussy and sniffing it. He bit my clitoris and started to suck my clitoris. I was already in heaven.

I held his head and started to push it more into my pussy. He was becoming restless and started to bite my clitoris harder. I started to moan in pleasure. He heard me moaning and bit my clitoris very hard and was fucking me with his tongue. The bite was so hard that I lost control and screamed hard. I climaxed and he drank my juices. This climax was too hard for me. I collapsed on the bed, tired.

Simha came over me and removed my camisole and sports bra. He was in no mood to slow down. He pressed my boobs and started to suck my nipples. While my dad was busy sucking and eating my boobs, his cock was regaining its strength and was growing bigger. It grew harder and was poking my pussy. I was in a trance, enjoying my darling sucking my nipples.

Suddenly, my man entered my pussy without any saying. He entered completely at once and was giving me very hard and deep strokes. Generally, he goes harder at the end of the session, but this time something went into him and he started very hard. I was screaming in pain and pleasure.

Simha saw me in my eyes and he controlled my screams by kissing me. My father was sucking my lips, squeezing my boobs and fucking me at the same time. He was taking me to cloud nine and to the edge of heaven. He was fucking me very hard like an animal.

He fucked me continuously at the same pace for about 10 minutes and cummed inside me without any warning. I was happy to be fucked by him so hard and passionately.

Both of us collapsed on the bed completely naked. I looked at him and hugged him on the bed and slept on him. He was looking very happy. He looked into my eyes and said, “Let’s not have sex till your brother and SIL go back. Your brother told me that he will stay for a week. Let us stay in control for one week Jasitha.”

I was sad for a while but later I understood what Simha was saying was for our own good. So I agreed.

Later, we went to wash ourselves in the bathroom and we had a quickie again under the shower. I came out of the shower and opened my handbag and took the emergency contraceptive pill.

The next day, my brother and SIL came to our house. I was very happy that my SIL conceived and she was pregnant now. I hugged her and kissed her on her cheek. She said, “Hold on, dear. All these kisses should not be showered on everyone like this. Store some kisses for your husband.”

I smiled and looked at my father. He was blushing like a kid. I was also blushing at the same time. I felt like kissing my darling in front of them.

One week was feeling like one year for me. I’m not able to hug or kiss my love. I was feeling very uncomfortable like never before. I liked my brother so much but now I am waiting for his departure. Three days went by and I was very restless. Once I tried to kiss my darling but he stopped me and said, “Control Jassi. Please… just imagine if they see us kissing.”

One day my bro and SIL wanted to go to their best friend’s house for lunch. I was happy that I would be alone with Simha for some time. I waited till they went out and bid them bye. I closed the door and looked at Simha like a hungry lioness. He understood what I was thinking. I decided to striptease him.

I removed my kurta slowly and then removed my leggings. He was seeing me hungrily but was not coming toward me. Maybe he was enjoying my striptease.

I was in my black panty and black bra. Now I removed my bra and freed my boobs. My 34d boobs sprung out like they were coming out of their jail. My darling was becoming restless.

I went near him and started to kiss him on his cheeks and then on his nose and licked his ears. Then I went near his lips and started sucking his lips and suddenly bit his lower lip. I am sometimes very wild in romance.

I started touching my dad’s cock over his pants and meanwhile, I removed his t-shirt too. He was happy with me taking control. I saw his body after 3 days and I was very hungry. I sucked his nipples and he was moaning in pleasure. I removed his pants and underwear. He was completely naked and I was in my panty.

I went on my knees and started blowing my father’s cock. This time, I was in charge of this sex, so he didn’t push his cock into my throat. But I myself wanted to get choked with his cock. So I put his cock deep throat.

I was getting choked and couldn’t breathe properly, but I loved it. His cock was bulging in my mouth and just before he cummed, I removed it. He was angry that I didn’t allow him to cum in my mouth.

I told him, “Don’t waste your sperm inside my mouth. That is not the place where you come. This is the place where it belongs.” Saying this, I removed my panty and showed him my pussy.

He smiled and started sucking my pussy and biting my clitoris. Within 5 minutes, I climaxed and he started to suck my pussy more and drank my pussy juice. He came over me and kissed me and started sucking my nipples and I twisted like a snake under him.

He placed his cock at my pussy entrance and entered me with a single strong stroke. He was completely inside me and he hit my G-spot. I was smiling in pleasure and tears started to roll out of my eyes.

He was fucking me so hard. He fucked me for 2 minutes in missionary position and then he made go on my four limbs and entered me from behind. He fucked me in his favorite doggy style. He loves this position.

My dad held my hair from behind and started to ride me like a horse. I was screaming like hell this time and he didn’t stop me. He was also enjoying my screams. The whole house was filled by the sounds of our both bodies colliding while fucking “thap thap thap” and my screams.

My father fucked me for 15 minutes and I understood that he was about to cum. His cock was bulging inside my pussy. We changed position to cowgirl position. His strokes became faster and harder. My boobs were bouncing very high and he caught my boobs and squeezed them very hard. It felt great. He spanked my ass and held my ass and started stroking my below very fast and hard. It was great and I was in heaven.

Suddenly, he grunted loudly and cummed inside my pussy without any intimation.

We were exhausted and I fell over him and my boobs were crushing over his chest. I wanted to sleep like this. But suddenly, I remembered that my bro might come back anytime now. So we quickly cleaned the room. I went inside the bathroom and cleaned my body. I was blushing so much because this sex was very special as it was after 3 dry days.

Just 5 minutes later, I came out of the shower, my brother and SIL had come. My SIL saw me and asked me, “What happened, Jassi? Your face is looking very bright suddenly. Did you apply any cream?”

I said, “No. I did a small workout when you were out.”

She replied, “Please teach me that workout too, baby. I too want to look bright like you.”

I laughed and said ok. But I knew that she already knew that workout and due to that workout, she was pregnant now.

After another three days, my bro got a call from the office and they went back to Bengaluru and my golden days were back. After this, the main story started. I will tell you about that very soon in another part. See you soon guys.