Friends In Every Way – Part 1 (Card Game And Banging Sister!)

Hello ISS readers, what I am about to tell you guys is a fictional work of mine. I hope you enjoy this and support me for further such works.

This is a fictional story of Parth and his elder sister Pramila. Parth is 18+ years old and is studying for B.Tech while Pram-la is 21 years and studying in her final year in the same college. Parth and Pramila live alone in their house as they came to the city of Hyderabad away from their native place just to study.

Ram and his friends Kishore, Revanth, and Arjun always have fun and bunk their classes and have fun at Parth’s house. They just dilly dally and take all other things lightly. Even his sister knows this and about them and doesn’t care to scold them for some reason.

Parth and friends while roaming around on the college campus found Parth’s sister in a classroom which was empty. But even before they could talk to her, a person in the same class started groping her and kissing her! Seeing this, Parth was very furious and wanted to start a fist-fight. But his friends stopped him.

Arjun: Bro, calm down!

Parth: How can I, man?

Arjun: By what it looks, she has given her consent. She wasn’t opposing or any of that. He could be her boyfriend.

Kishore: I will have him and the situation checked, bro. Don’t worry, I have some people who can reliably dig into these kinds of situations.

Arjun: That’s settled then. Let’s wait for what Kishore’s friends have to say about your sister and that boy. For now, let’s go from here.

Parth: Okay, then.

Parth and his friends were not having a good time about that. You might think that they were afraid of the boy or something like that. But why they were not actually feeling good about was seeing Parth’s sister hot, sexy and revealing like that.

For some reason, everyone was turned on whenever they saw her. That was why all of them decided to not group up at Parth’s house on Sundays because his sister Pramila will also be there with him and things will look awkward.

A week after the whole situation, Kishore called Path, Arjun and Revanth and told them to come to his room saying that it was urgent. They all gathered in Kishore’s room.

Kishore told them that Pramila didn’t have a good character. Through his friends, Kishore got some photos and videos of Pramila. He shared those in their group chat.

Kishore told them that Pramila fucks for money and fun with anyone and everyone in the college. Everyone after seeing Parth’s sister naked and hearing all these could not help but think about fucking her. Even their dicks started raising. But no one talked about it and went their own ways.

After a few days, after completing their external exams, everyone met at Parth’s house for a party. They arranged some drinks and snacks to enjoy the night before they left for their native places. Pramila was also in the house. Kishore asked her to join the party as well. She accepted it.

Parth suggested that we should watch a movie before drinking. So, they opened OTT and started watching movies but Revanth decided to play the movie ‘Baywatch’. Everyone was awkward watching the bikini girls in front of Pramila. She noticed and said, “Be free guys, I know that you are awkward but you can open up with me.”

After they completed the movie, all of them together started drinking alcohol and wanted to play cards.

Arjun: We’ll play but we will adjust some rules if it is okay.

Everyone agreed and wanted to know the rules.

Arjun: Whenever you win a game, you get a wish that you can ask from one of the losers. And the loser has no right to decline it.

Everyone accepted it and started playing the cards game.

In the first game, Parth won and asked Kishore to drink the whole bottle of beer without dropping it. In the second game, Revanth won and asked Pramila to post a selfie of herself on Instagram.

In the third game, Arjun won and asked Pramila to remove her dress whenever she lose from now on.

Parth and everyone become rigid and wanted to slack him off but shockingly, Pramila accepted and removed her dupatta. With this, everyone got excited.

They continued until Pramila is all naked!

In the 11th game, Parth once again won and asked Prameela to forget that he was his brother until he said so.

Pramila: Rey thammudu (‘brother’ in Telegu), you naughty!

After saying so, Parth took his sister to his room and started groping, kissing and fucking her! After he came back to the living room, each of his friends started going to the bedroom and fuck Pramila like crazy!

After all of them fucked Pramila in that state, everyone went to their home early in the morning. Pramila and Parth were the only ones in the house now.

After Parth woke up, he find himself naked and remembered the things he had done last night. He ran to the kitchen to his sister to apologize for what he and his friends did but found Pramila naked in the kitchen!

Pramila: Oh, seems like my naughty brother is hungry for some fresh sister cunt. Oh sorry, I thought of you as my brother and I totally forgot about yesterday’s deal!

Parth: I am sorry, Akka.

Pramila: Hey Parth, don’t be. I enjoyed each and every bit of yesterday and cock of you guys like crazy. I want to be like this with you.

Parth: I am happy that you liked it. So be prepared for more fun to come.

Pramila: Haha, okay.

Parth came to his sister from the back and hugged her naked. Pramila felt that his brother’s dick was pointed toward her pussy and started to move her butt in a rhythmic motion to make him cum and active.

To be continued.

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