Struggles of a Stepmom – Part 1 (Hypnosis Goes Wrong)

This story is told from the perspective of a young boy named Akash. He grew up in a regular family. But when he was in junior college, his parents decided to file for divorce. His mother found a new partner and moved in with him, so Akash decided to stay with his father.

At the time, Akash didn’t know why his parents had separated. But soon enough, his father brought home his former secretary Sakshi and introduced her as his new wife. It didn’t take long for Akash to understand that his father had been having an extramarital affair at the office.

Akash didn’t forgive Sakshi for his parent’s divorce. But deep down, he knew why his father had made such a choice. Sakshi was nearly half the age of his father. She was a naive 28-year-old bimbo with no special skills other than a round bubble butt and voluptuous pair of tits.

His horny father was not getting enough sex at home, so he must have hired her to fulfill his needs. She lacked any qualifications for serving in a corporation. But whoever interviewed her was not paying attention to her resume. Sakshi is a tight-fitting shirt would have been an easy distraction for the interviewer.

Akash’s father sensed that he was upset with his new stepmom. So he encouraged Sakshi to spend more time with him. Sakshi tried her best to please her stepson by pampering him with gifts. But all the progress she made during the day would get ruined at night.

At night Akash would hear his father bang Sakshi and her moans reminded him of his parent’s divorce. His father’s sex life had been rejuvenated once Sakshi joined the family. Having a young bombshell roam around the house in skimpy shorts and a tank top made him hornier than usual.

Even Akash, who hated his new stepmom, couldn’t help but notice her body now and then. As a teenager full of hormones, he couldn’t control his emotions.

To get closer to Akash, Sakshi decided that she would drop him off at the college every day. This had an immediate effect on his popularity in college. His classmates suddenly started taking an unusual interest in him. Even the boys who used to bully him earlier began behaving politely with him.

Every morning there would be a group of boys at the junior college entrance to catch a glimpse of his stepmother’s ass.

He could hear the boys in his class whisper nasty things about his stepmom. They talked about how they would fuck her if she were their stepmom. But Akash didn’t care. He was happy that finally, he had found some friends.

Every evening some of his classmates would show up at his house. Among them were Rohan and Vishal. They used to bully Akash until a few days ago. But now, they started pretending to be his friends to spend more time around Sakshi.

They would find excuses to touch her body every so often. Sometimes they would slip into the kitchen and insist on helping her with her chores. While she would be busy, they would brush their bodies against her. She was too stupid to realize their intentions because she thought of them as kids.

Akash also began noticing how naive his stepmom was. After a few months, every man in the neighborhood had fondled her at some point. Men in the locality had realized that she was a young, stupid bimbo who would let them feel her body for any excuse.

Akash realized how his father must have fallen for her. A young curvy secretary who doesn’t mind a little touching must have been irresistible for him. After a tiring day at work, there is a better way to relieve stress than fondling a pair of tits.

Despite witnessing his stepmom getting molested by men, Akash kept quiet. He could have informed his dad about it. But he had little sympathy for his stepmom, who had broken his parent’s marriage. But the real reason was that he secretly enjoyed all the attention he was getting because of her.

After a few months, his birthday arrived. Coincidentally Akash’s father was busy with office work that day. So he couldn’t show up for the party. This meant that Akash was left alone with his stepmom and a bunch of horny boys.

Akash had been planning for this birthday for a long time. He knew that, unlike in past years, many of his classmates would show up. He desperately wanted to impress them all. So he had been practicing some magic tricks for them.

Finally, on the eve of his birthday, Sakshi decided to wear a black one-piece dress. The dress was backless and had a plunging neck. It was short in length and barely covered her thighs. Akash was shocked to see her in an outfit like that.

This dress was barely appropriate for a nightclub, forget about a birthday party. Sakshi’s dress was showing more skin than it was covering. Akash knew that she would be covered in handprints by the end of the night.

Akash: Mom, what kind of outfit are you wearing? Don’t you know that my friends will be here?

Sakshi: Don’t you like this dress, Akash?

Akash: Shouldn’t you wear something more appropriate for the party? Something like a sari.

Sakshi: Don’t be a prude, Akash. You don’t want your friends to think that your stepmom is old-fashioned, do you?

Akash scoffed at her stupidity. She had no idea what was coming for her. Now it was up to him to keep all the boys in check. He knew that he had to be alert. Otherwise, things can get out of hand pretty quickly, especially when it involves a group of boys with raging hormones.

A surprising number of his friends turned up for the party. Rohan and Vishal also showed up even though they had no interest in the party. They realized that Sakshi would need help serving the guests, and they could use that opportunity to get close to her.

But much to their dismay, Akash was not letting anyone get near Sakshi. Much like Rohan and Vishal, other boys were eyeing Sakshi. These young boys had only seen such sexy outfits in porn.

Watching Sakshi dressed in a skimpy outfit was something they had only fantasized about. They were desperately looking for an excuse to get their hands on Sakshi.

After the cake cutting ceremony, Akash got up in front of everyone to perform his magic show. He performed one trick after another, but no one showed any excitement. The boys were more interested in the show that Sakshi was putting up for them.

Her barely covered body seemed far more magical than Akash’s tricks. Meanwhile, Sakshi felt bad for her stepson. She could see his embarrassment after all his tricks had failed. Akash was tearing up with shame. He couldn’t handle any further humiliation. He decided to quit, but Sakshi interjected.

Sakshi: Akash, why don’t you show them your hypnosis skills? I am sure your friends would be impressed by that.

Akash looked at the group. No one seemed interested in his actions.

Akash: I don’t know if anyone wants to see that. Anyways it was getting pretty late. Let’s end the party.

Sakshi: No, we still have plenty of time, Akash. Come on, everyone, who wants to see Akash hypnotize me?

Suddenly the boys seemed excited. They didn’t care about the show. They just wanted Sakshi to stand in front of them so they could feast their eyes on her body. They all cheered for Sakshi to get up.

Akash seemed encouraged by their response. He began the hypnosis procedure by asking his stepmom to focus on the pendulum in front of her. Sakshi pretended to follow his instructions. But deep inside, she knew that all this was just a bluff. She only wanted to please her stepson on his birthday.

So she decided that she would pretend to be hypnotized and follow his commands. All his friends would be impressed, and Akash would end the birthday on a happy note.

After a few minutes, Akash stopped the pendulum and waved his hand in front of her eyes. Seeing no response from her, he cheerfully announced that he had successfully hypnotized his stepmom. Rohan and Vishal, sitting in the crowd, couldn’t believe all the stupidity was unfolding.

They could see that Sakshi was blinking normally. It meant that she was pretending to be hypnotized to help her stepson. They decided to have fun with Akash’s situation.

Vishal: Well, if she is really hypnotized, will she follow the commands given to her?

Akash: Yes, she will. The book I read about hypnosis said that a hypnotized person follows every instruction given to him.

Vishal: I don’t believe you? She is your stepmom. You must have told her to pretend like she is hypnotized.

Akash: I did not plan anything with her, trust me. You can check it for yourself. Just give her an instruction, and I bet she will follow.

Vishal looked at Rohan, and they both grinned at each other. They were sure that Sakshi was pretending. But they wanted to see how far she was willing to go to save her stepson from embarrassment. So they decided to have some fun.

Vishal instructed Sakshi to make a howl like a dog. Much to everyone’s amusement, she did. Next, he told her to get on all fours like a dog and sniff everyone around her.

Sakshi was embarrassed, but she did it anyway. She peeked at Akash, who seemed really pleased with himself. Sakshi was glad that her sacrifice was not going in vain.

Akash: See, I told you she is really hypnotized.

Vishal: A person who is pretending could also follow those instructions. To really check if she is hypnotized, she has to do something no normal person would do.

All the boys began thinking of some challenging instruction that no normal person would be able to do. Meanwhile, Sakshi was getting nervous. What if they find out if she was just pretending all this time. It would be shameful for both Akash and her.

To everyone’s surprise, Vishal next instructed Sakshi to pretend like his girlfriend and kiss him. Akash was outraged by this proposal. But no one else in the room shared his frustration. All the boys were staring right at Sakshi, waiting eagerly for her next move.

Sakshi reminded herself that she couldn’t break her character at this stage. And anyways, Vishal was just a college kid, and it can’t be that bad. As Akash watched in shock, his stepmom went and sat in Vishal’s lap like a girlfriend would.

Without wasting a second, Vishal placed his hand on her ass and sniffed her neck. Akash could see the boys in the room adjusting their pants while some were shamelessly rubbing their crotches. Sakshi hesitantly leaned in to place a small kiss on Vishal’s lip.

But he groped her ass and pulled her close. He grabbed her face with his other hand and inserted his tongue in her mouth. Akash watched helplessly as Vishal molested his stepmom in front of a group of boys. Vishal now held Sakshi’s head in its place with both hands and tongue-fucking her mouth.

Rohan, sitting next to Vishal, also joined the action. While Vishal was busy with Sakshi’s mouth, Rohan felt her fleshy thighs. While doing so, he was also placing kisses on her naked back. On the other side, Vishal paused for a second to catch his breath.

He could see the shock in Sakshi’s eyes. But he knew she was helpless, so he decided to push things further. He loudly instructed her to kiss Rohan as well. Sakshi was paralyzed with fear. She knew that if she didn’t intervene quickly, every boy in the room would play with her.

While she was busy thinking, Rohan had pulled her into his lap. He placed his hand between her thighs and started biting her lips. He was a lot rougher than Vishal. But Sakshi was not worried about her mouth at that stage.

Her main concern was Rohan’s hand sliding up between her legs. But before Rohan could hit the jackpot, the doorbell rang, and everyone came back to reality. Sakshi got up and ran while the boys tried to hide their boners.

Akash’s father had arrived at the right time before a group of horny teenagers could use his wife. The crowd dispersed soon after his arrival. At dinner, Sakshi pretended that she had no recollection of what happened during her hypnosis. But Akash was shocked at his .