Fucked a Dallas store owner’s young wife

Hello Everyone. This is my experience with a young married lady in Dallas, Texas. I am Vishal (name changed), 38 years old and a very successful businessman. I visit Dallas every week to manage my multiple businesses there.

For that reason, I own a second home in a Dallas suburb so that I can avoid staying in a hotel. I also have an office in an office park where some of my clients drop by for meetings once in a while. Usually, I am just at the office taking client calls and meetings.

It had been a few months since my temporary secretary Jaya went back to India. I had been fucking her multiple times every day in the office, and her departure left a void in my sexual life. You can read about that here,

A few months of no action left me a bit frustrated.

A little bit about me: 6 feet tall, trim and athletic body, always well groomed and dressed and take pride in my looks. I have always been complimented on my good looks by ladies.

Anyways, with the holiday season approaching, I usually place orders for gift sets that I give to my clients with a Desi vendor that is a few miles from my office.

I called him a couple of weeks ago and told him to send me pictures of gift sets so that I can finalize them. He has not called me back. He has not been returning my calls for the last couple of days.

Feeling a bit irritated, I decided to go to his store and talk to him. Also, a few years ago, he got married to a girl, Payal, in India. She was 10 years younger than him, and he brought her to the USA.

Payal was 23 at that time. I used to flirt with her a few times, but nothing really happened. I knew she was into me, but I ignored her since she was so young and very skinny at that time.

I parked my car in front of the store and walked in. Payal was standing at the counter, watching me walk in. She greeted me with a broad smile and also complained that I don’t visit their store at all.

I explained why I was there. She explained that her husband went to India last week to attend to his sick mother and will be back after 4 weeks. I joked, saying she was a free bird for the next 4 weeks. She replied slyly what is the use? Some people show interest and then ignore referring to my earlier flirting.

I took the opportunity to hold her hands, looking her in the eye and said I am always interested, and she giggled. She continued holding my hands and said, “Let me show you a few things,” and started leading me.

As I followed her, I felt the stirring in my pants. I watched her hips sway and her ass jiggle in the silk saree she was wearing.

Payal is 30 now, about 5’ 6” tall, fair with a petite body, her ass must be about 34 and boobs about 32C. She looks like Sameera Reddy. She has put on weight in the past 6 years in all the right places after having a baby and looks juicy now.

She turned around and caught me gazing but did not say anything. She locked the front door and turned on the closed sign, explaining it was close to lunchtime anyway. She took me into the back office.

Over the next 15-20 minutes, she showed me various gift set options. During that time, our arms and fingers touched multiple times, handling the items back and forth. There was sexual tension in the air as we made multiple eye contact.

The proximity and her attempts at multiple touches had me in a full-on erection. When she turned around and reached up to get something from the top shelf, I was able to see her amazing navel come into view. That is it – I decided to take a chance and see what happens.

As she turned around to get another item, I stepped up to her and said let me help you and held her waist with both hands. I think she knew I was going to do it. She put her hands down and stood there. I slowly pulled her back to me and kissed her neck.

Payal’s body language gave me the go-ahead. I started planting multiple kisses on her neck while my hands were busy caressing her tummy and navel. I pulled her back into me and started rubbing my erection on her ass. She let out a sigh as I started dry-humping her and, at the same time, tugging on her ear lobes.

I pushed her a little forward, and she leaned forward with her hands resting on the shelving. I bent down and started kissing her waist. At the same time, she pulled her saree and petticoat up all the way, exposing her panties. I stopped kissing and, with my right hand, pulled down her panties, exposing her fair ass.

I went down further, kneeled on the floor and started kissing her ass cheeks. Her breathing became shallow as I started licking her ass crack. My tongue made circles around her ass hole. I wet her ass hole completely and made my way down to her pussy, and started licking it.

Meanwhile, I asked her to hold the saree and petticoat up while I freed my hands and inserted my 2 fingers into her pussy. My 2 fingers slowly started feeling the inside of her pussy while my thumb found her clitoral hood and started flicking it.

Payal started moaning as I started flicking her clit with my tongue. I increased the speed of my in and out motion of my 2 fingers into her pussy. Payal started hissing after about 3 minutes of my intense action. Her legs started shuddering, and she started leaking juices.

I held her ass tight to support her and started licking and sucking her juices. I gently sat her down on the bench and started undressing. I pulled down my boxers, and my large 7 inch cock sprung out. Payal kept staring at the vein-popping cock with a large pink hood.

I moved towards her and gently touched her lips with my cock head. I kept it on her lips for a few seconds and started gently moving the cock head from left to right on her lips. Payal looked up at me and opened her mouth, and gently sucked on the cock head.

She slowly brought her tongue out and started licking all around the cock head. After a minute took the whole head into her mouth and started sucking. As she kept sucking my cock she also gently started cupping my large ball sack. I started feeling light-headed with the pleasure.

I pushed her saree pallu off, unbuttoned her blouse and took her bra off. Her fair 32C size breasts were a perfect fit in my hand with pink-tipped pointed nipples. I started kneading her boobs and, in between, gently pulling her nipples. After a few minutes, I gently pulled my cock out of her mouth and made her stand.

She looked at me in anticipation, reached down and pulled the saree and petticoat off her. I gently pulled her into a tight embrace placing gentle kisses and sucking on her tongue. I gently parted from her and placed my throbbing cock in her hand, showing her that it was time.

A smile came over her lips as she acknowledged. I turned her around and motioned her to bend over the office desk, and stepped behind her holding my massive cock. I stepped up behind her and rubbed my cock head on her pussy lips and found them moist enough.

I applied slight pressure, and my cock head made entry into her pussy. She let out a moan as my cock head went into her pussy.

With about half my cock in, I stopped and let her pussy muscles wrap around my cock and adjust to the girth. In a few seconds, Payal moved her hips back, signalling me to enter further. I pushed some more, and about 80% of cock went in and hit her cervix.

I pulled my cock out till just the bulb was inside and gave a short jab of my hips to punch it back in. A moan escaped Payal, and she threw her head back in ecstasy. Getting the signal, I started thrusting my hips and started plunging my cock into her.

Within a few strokes, I built up good momentum. Me being tall at 6 feet, I sometimes struggle to fuck from the back with short ladies. With Payal at 5’6”, partially bent over the desk with her palms supporting her, it was the perfect positioning for me to go at it.

As my cock went in and came out at a rapid pace, my balls clashing against her thighs resounded in the room, along with Payal’s moans. My cock started glistening with her white cum that overflowed and started running down her thighs.

Then I felt her shudder again. I stopped to hold her hips while she orgasmed 2nd time. I turned her around and kissed her, and caressed her boobs and nipples. I sat down on the bench and had her sit on my left thigh and started to nibble on her left nipple. She caressed my head while I sucked both her nipples.

She reached between my thighs and held my erect cock, and realized I had not cum. She asked me if I wanted her to suck my cock. Instead, I lay her on the carpet floor and came over to her, parting her legs for a missionary session. I lay over her and started kissing her.

My cock head brushed against her pussy lips at the bottom. I started to tease her without making an entry. She reached down, held my cock and placed it at her pussy entrance, and tried to push it in. I finally obliged and pushed my cock in smoothly. It went all the way in, and Payal rolled her head back in ecstasy.

I moved in and out smoothly, picking up pace. The whole room started reverberating with the sound of our thighs and my balls coming together, combined with her loud moans. I kept fucking Payal at a rapid pace. Both of us were on a real high with blurred vision and extreme throes of bodily pleasure.

I could sense her body start to convulse with an orgasm, with her pussy muscles tightening their grip on my cock. I came at the same time. I gave one final push and started ejaculating massive amounts of white cum inside of her. She held my head clasped tightly to her, placing numerous kisses while I came inside her. Finally done, I rolled off Payal and lay next to her, and she cuddled into me, continuing to kiss. We finally got up after an hour, and I bid her farewell with a kiss.

For the next 4 weeks, I visited her every day. We locked the store and fucked like crazy all over the store and tried different positions. We were forced to stop when her husband returned.

It has been almost a month now, and I am on the lookout for my next adventure. Any ladies between 25 and 50 in the DFW area looking for a hookup, please reach out to me via email at /cdn-cgi/l/email-protection” class=”__cf_email__” data-cfemail=”3c4a554f54570f087c455d545353125f5351″>[email protected]. Complete discretion and privacy are guaranteed.