Wild ‘Sexiversary’ With My Sultry School Teacher

Hey Friends. I’m Arun. I’m 20 years old. I’m here to share with you one of the many encounters with my school Teacher, Maya Iyer. She is 35 years old. She is super fair and looks so beautiful and charming. She has a regular body type with plump arms and no visible belly fat. She has an 8-year-old daughter.

Maya and I have been in a sexual relationship for the last year since I lost my virginity to her on 16th August 2022. After a year now, we planned to celebrate our ‘sexiversary’ on 16th August 2023. The thought first came to my mind on 24th July 2023 after we slept in a hotel room that day.

After our intercourse that day, we lay down nude on the bed and were discussing general things. At that time, I told her, “No matter how many times we have sex from now, we should not miss to meet on 16th August 2023.”

Maya shrunk her face in doubt and asked me, “Why? What’s so special that day? I told her, “That’s the day I lost my virginity to you. So, let’s celebrate our anniversary.”

Maya’s face blossomed in surprise. She opened her eyes wide and asked, “You remember the date as well?” I asked her, “You might have forgotten. But it’s a big landmark day in my life. 5 years of craving came true on that day. How can I forget?” and giggled.

She gave a staring smile at me and said, “Shut up, bluffer. It’s next day after Independence Day. That’s how you remember it.” We laughed it out. As we got up and started dressing up, Maya again asked, “So, 5 years, you craved to have sex with me. Like, right from when you were in 8th standard? Seriously?”

I said, “Yes, right from the time you became my physics teacher, I started getting biological with you in my mind. Now, for the last year, I got the privilege of getting biological with you, not just mentally. But also physically.
She again gave me a staring smile as if she did not trust me.

Though it’s real, I told her sarcastically, “If you don’t believe me, go and ask the toilet commode in our school how many litres of my semen. I have drained in your name inside the commode in those 5 years.”

She laughed out loud. We dressed up and had a last hug for the day before leaving. I continued that topic and told her, “Now I have the privilege to pour my semen inside you.”

She again shrunk her face and said, “All along those same 5 years, I saw you as a kid. But 3 months after you completed your schooling, I released how dirty you are.” I giggled and replied to her sarcastically, “Actually, you are dirty now.”

We giggled it out, sucked each other’s lips sensually and checked out of the hotel. We met about 4 times in the next 20 days. But, from that day, both of us were going wild and were so excited for the day to come. Day in and day out, we were discussing our ‘sexiversary.’

We even went on to put #Sexiversary in our WhatsApp chats when we discussed it. Maya wanted an exact repeat of the day we had a year back. She even went on to ask me if I remembered the saree she was wearing that day. I checked the previous story I shared on ISS.

But I told her, “How can I forget? You were in a lemon-yellow saree. Wearing it, it seemed as if you were nude as the colour was exactly complimenting your skin tone.” She replied with a kissing emoji.

On 14th August, she messaged me, stating she was going to the beauty parlour for waxing. She also asked me to be shaved and ready. The excitement and desperation were peaking for both of us as we waited for the day. Maya said that we would meet around the same time, at 4 p.m., after school.

On 16th August 2023, I left for my college early morning as usual. However, I did not go to college that day as I would not be able to make it by 4 p.m. after college. I went halfway and was wandering around, pushing every second for an hour.

The lust and excitement were hitting the roof for both of us as we eagerly waited for this day. At around 11 a.m., Maya messaged me asking, “Where are you?” I was sitting in a tea stall sipping my ginger tea. I told her where I was.

She replied, saying, “I cannot hold it anymore. I’m not able to focus on my class. I’m going to get permission in the second half. So, get back home before noon.”

I was super thrilled seeing her message. 11:50 a.m. is the lunch break at our school. I gulped my tea quickly, got into an auto and rushed back home. I reached at 11:50 a.m. and closed all the windows.

Maya called me at noon and said, “I just stepped out of the school. I don’t even have the patience to walk. I’m walking 2 steps and running 2 steps.”

I told her, “Neither am I able to wait to put my hands and tongue on your sexy body. Your juicy lips, fleshy soft underarms, big spongy melons, tiny dark hollow navel and that slippery fish-flavoured jelly between your legs are what is all over my mind now. In fact, I would also ask you if you could remove your clothes one by one as you walk towards my home and enter my house nude. That will be helpful.”

Maya giggled and replied, “Idiot, I can afford to ask you if you can get nude before I reach home. Not you.” I chuckled and said, “Yeah, our emotions are the same, but fuck! That’s fine. I will deal with your irritating saree, blouse, bra, petticoat and panty. At least remove the safety pin, tucking your saree to your blouse on the shoulders. I won’t be responsible for tearing off your saree.”

Maya gave a long Hmmm and said, “Tear whatever you want, from my saree to my pussy. Anyways, I’ve not pinned my saree to my blouse today.” She then said, “I’m almost there. Just 2 streets away. I quickly put her on speaker, took off my shirt, pants, inner vest and underwear and wrapped myself in a towel.”

I told her, “I’m waiting for you, just in a towel.” Maya replied, “Ah, great!” I said, “But my dick is peeping out of the towel to bathe in your saliva and pussy juice and also gift you a few MLs of what he has.”

Maya laughed and said, “My panty is already drenched. When you touch my panty today, you will doubt if it’s my pussy juice or I have peed in it.” I giggled.
She then said, “Entering your street. Keep the latch open on your door. OK, Bye now!” Saying that, she cut the call.

In a few seconds, I heard the sound of the gate opening. I stood very close to the main door. Maya opened it, got inside quickly, shut the door and latched it from inside. As she turned around, we pounced on each other, jammed our lips and started smooching sloppily.

I pulled her handbag from her shoulder down her arm. Her saree pallu also came down her arms along with her handbag. We were so desperate and were going hard at each other. We kissed tight with a wide-open mouth, engulfed her lips and dipped my tongue inside her mouth.

Maya smooched equally hard. We were, in fact, pushing each other back. Maya was already starting to sweat with her blouse turning into turmeric colour. I loved the mixed smell of her sweat and body spray. I badly wanted to get her nude quickly but was not ready to take my lips off her lips.

Her blouse hooks were to the front of her. Not minding that, I rolled my arms around her bust, tucked my 8 fingers, except the 2 thumbs, into her blouse behind and literally tore it down. Not stopping here, I even went on to rip her bra hooks apart in a flash instead of unhooking them one by one.

I pulled her blouse and bra straps together down her arms. Maya, for a moment, withdrew her arms from around my neck, allowing me to remove her blouse and bra and slip it on the floor. We were still near the main door in the living room. I went down her, pressing my face into her cleavage.

I inserted my middle finger into her hollow navel, kissing, licking and biting her boobs in full desperation. As I dipped my finger inside her navel, Maya started to moan sensually. For once, I looked up at her face. She had her eyes closed, with a narrow smile at the corner of her mouth.

Circling my finger inside her navel, I engulfed her dark brown mammae into my mouth. As her spongy boobs slowly slipped out of my mouth, I locked her fat protruded nipples between my teeth. I sucked her nipples so hard, creating heavy slurping noise with my saliva drooling over her boobs.

I rolled one of my arms around her sweaty waist and sucked her nipples hard with about one-third of my middle finger inside her navel. Maya placed one hand on my head and the other on my shoulder. She continued to moan louder sensually as if she were crying and laughing together.

After almost sucking the blood out of her nipples, I slipped further down, kissing and biting her belly and juicy waist. I was completely out of control that day, and I was not just kissing and licking her glowing, juicy body. I was also biting her wherever I could find some flesh.

As I bit her waist hard, Maya did not stop me but screamed out loud. I loved that “Do whatever but don’t pause” attitude of hers. Grabbing her waist with both hands, I circled my tongue around her navel. In no time, I dug my tongue into her hollow navel.

Rolling one arm around her waist, I first placed my other hand on her thigh over her saree. But then I realized to put my fingers also to action. I raised her saree, dug my hand into her saree, grabbed her panty at the centre and pulled her panty down. Her panty was seriously wet.

I could feel the water sprinkling over my hand when I pulled it down her legs. Maya slowly lifted her legs one by one, allowing me to remove her panty completely. Maya continued to moan sensually as I licked her navel. Licking her navel deep, I again dug my hand into her saree.

I went up, rubbing her inner thigh. Wasting no time, I covered the wet junction between her legs with my palm. Rubbing it, I pierced my middle finger between her pussy lips. I then caressed her pussy hole, circling my middle finger over it. I dipped my middle finger into her pussy in a flash.

Maya widened her legs and started moaning by blowing air out of her mouth. Licking her navel deep, I started to finger her pussy hard and rough, chucking my middle finger deep inside her pussy. As I dug my tongue deep inside her navel, I felt a strong pricking sensation at the tip of my tongue.

I loved that feeling and got even more fired up. I then dug my forefinger also inside her pussy. I drilled her pussy deep and hard with both fingers. I slowly started feeling her pussy juice dripping down my palm. Maya bent down a little, pushing her buttocks back and widening her legs further.

I continued fingering her pussy deep, stinging my tongue hard into her tiny dark navel. Maya kept moaning louder in a pleading tone. In a few seconds, Maya suddenly screamed out loud, tucking both her hands into her hair. I felt some fluid squeezing out of her pussy.

I paused and quickly removed my tongue and my fingers. Maya started moving her upper body in waves with her eyes half closed and smiling in ecstasy. She started to pee in the middle of my living room, though it did not smell urine. Her saree visibly got wet with the fluid flowing down her legs onto the floor.

As she continued ejaculating, she almost lost balance, with her feet trembling on the ground. With shrunk eyes and a smile on her face, she extended her arms and whispered with a heavy breath, “Hold me, Hold me.” I quickly grabbed her hands, stopping her from falling.

Maya came closer and rolled her arms around my neck, jamming her sweaty spongy boobs on my chest. With a heavy breath, she kissed me with a closed mouth for a couple of seconds and kept whispering, “I love you” a few times.
My dick was still itching for her mouth and pussy.

As Maya hugged me and tried getting her breath back, I rolled my arms around her buttocks, lifted her and carried her to my parents’ bedroom. As I carried her to the room, I felt not just her panty. Her petticoat and saree are also drenched now with her pussy juice.

As I dropped her on the bed, Maya actively crawled on her knees towards me, wiped her hair aside from her face and whispered, “My turn now.” She went down, kissing my chest and my belly. She stripped the towel from my waist. She sat on the bed, putting her feet down on the floor.

I stood in front of her beside the bed. She stroked my dick a few times. Looking up and staring at me, Maya licked the tip of my already lubricated dick. Pulling my foreskin down, she sucked the head of my dick, trying to dig her tongue into my dick hole.
This time I grabbed her head as she started getting her mouth fucked by my dick. I loved the tickling sensation as she scratched the top of my dick with her teeth and the heat of her sticky tongue underneath my dick. Maya took almost three-fourths of my dick inside her mouth.

She continued to give me a hot and tight blowjob for some time. She then went down, licking my dick till my balls. Looking up at me, she pointed her eyes to my balls and asked, “How many litres are brewing inside?” Asking that, she sensually engulfed my balls into her mouth, stroking my dick.

I felt I would ejaculate right there on her face. After sucking my balls for a few seconds, Maya slowly came up my body kissing and licking. I tucked my hands into her sweaty underarms and lifted her. We hugged and started kissing as I slowly pushed her deep into the bed. Both of us were on our knees over the bed.

I rubbed my fingers between her buttocks over her saree and squeezed her fleshy buttocks. I then tucked my hand into her saree and petticoat and pulled it out, trying to loosen the knot of her petticoat. I asked Maya to raise her hands.

I lifted her loosened saree and petticoat up, removed them like a T-shirt and dropped them on the floor. After trying so desperately, I finally got her nude. Both of us hugged, kissed, fell on the bed and started cuddling intensely. We rolled over each other randomly, kissing and licking each other.

After cuddling for some time, we stopped and tried getting our breath back with Maya lying over me. She then sat on my waist and slowly rubbed her wet pussy over my belly. She went down, rubbing her pussy over my dick and my balls.

As she continued to caress my balls with her wet pussy lips, I could not control myself anymore. I started getting a feeling that she almost tickled the semen out of my balls. I did not want to ejaculate before I could feel her tight pussy flesh all over my dick.

So, I got up, lifted Maya and dropped her on the opposite side of the bed. Her head was resting exactly where my feet were a few seconds back. I lay over Maya and whispered to her with a heavy breath, “I can’t wait anymore.” She spread her legs wide, allowing me to get between her legs.

She sarcastically asked, “Oh yeah? So, what are you going to do to me?” I chuckled and replied, “I’m going to do the same thing that changed me from a kid to a man one year ago. And I still remember what you said at that time.”
Saying that, I grabbed my dick and rubbed it over her wet pussy lips.

Maya bit her lips and, with a lusty look at me, whispered, “What did I say?” I told her, “You said that I will become a man when you say so.” Just at that moment, the tip of my dick stuck into her tiny pussy hole.

Pressing her lips together, Maya placed her palms on my shoulders and casually asked me, “So?” I said, “So, Happy Sexiversary,” and pushed the head of my dick inside her pussy. Maya gasped out loud, lifting her feet in the air from the bed.

I raised my upper body and locked her wrists with my hands on either side of her head. I started to fuck her hard, pushing my dick deeper inside her pussy. Maya continued to moan loud every time I pushed my dick deep inside her pussy and pulled it back.

My lust hit the roof, listening to her sensual moaning and at the sight of her sweaty, lemony body moving up and down like waves. Her shaking boobs and, importantly, her wet, soft, even-toned underarms.

I loved the heat inside her wet and sticky pussy and the way her pussy flesh tightly gripped my dick from all sides. I continued fucking her deep and hard with my balls, kissing her lower buttocks. The bed was also making screeching noise every time I pushed my dick deep inside Maya.

In a few seconds, my dick erupted as I felt a strong tickling sensation travelling through the length of my dick. As my semen gushed out, I literally felt like I was peeing inside Maya’s pussy in multiple instalments. I was overjoyed with the sexual pleasures.

I released her wrists from my clutches. I fell over Maya, grabbing her shoulders from underneath and banging my face on the bed just beside her head. Maya hugged me tight, pressing me hard over her boobs and rolled her legs over my buttocks.

As I was trying to get my breath back, Maya rubbed my back, whispering, “It’s OK. Relax.” In a few seconds, I slowly lifted my head, breathing heavily. With a staring smile at me, she wished me back, “Happy Sexiversary.” We smiled at each other. My dick softened and slowly oozed out of her pussy.

I still felt somewhat horny as the sight of her soft, even-toned underarms crossed my mind as I smiled at her lying over her. Just at that moment, Maya placed her right hand on my shoulder. I stretched her left hand wide open across the bed, fully exposing her sweaty underarms.

As I gazed at her fleshy underarms for a few seconds, Maya raised her eyebrows and asked, “What are you looking at?” I locked her left elbow and lowered my face into her underarms. Just as I was about to lick her underarms, she tried to close her arm, asking me in a stiff tone, “What are you doing?”

For a moment, I lifted my head and asked her, “You waxed your underarms 2 days ago just for me, right?” Maya asked with a shrunk face, “So?” I replied, “So, let me enjoy it.” Maya tried to resist by trying to close her arm.

But I locked her elbow tight on the bed and lavishly licked her broad, soft, soggy underarm, literally drinking her salty underarm sweat. I even went on to bite and chew her juicy, underarm flesh.

Maya, though resisted for a few seconds, relaxed and loosened her arms, allowing me to play with her underarm flesh. I cleaned up the sweat on her underarms and took my mouth off it. I noticed her underarms had turned red with my teeth marks.

Just as I turned towards her, Maya slapped me and said, “You are being so nasty today.” I told her, “Yes, and I don’t like to leave anything half done.” Saying that, I looked at her right arm.”

Maya understood that I was eyeing her right underarm now and gave me a sickening look. I gave a blank expression back to her, not reacting to her expression.

In a second or two, with a shy, filled, narrow smile, she turned her head to her left and raised her right arm. I tucked her palms behind her head, exposing her right underarm to me. I went down, kissing her arms and plunged my face into her underarm, licking, sucking, biting and chewing her underarm flesh.

After cleaning her right underarm as well, I finally rose, slipped myself beside her and rested my head on her right shoulder. Maya turned to me and asked, “Done? Happy now.”

In a very satisfied mood, I shook my head and said, “I got to taste the sweet (looking at her lips), the salt (looking at her underarms) and the spicy (Rubbing my finger over her navel and pussy) part of you, all on the same day today.”

Maya chuckled and turned towards me, sleeping on her side. We hugged each other, sucked each other’s lips sensually a few times and dozed off for some time. It was about 3:40 p.m. Maya slowly tried pulling herself out of my arms.
I also woke up.

As I sat beside her on the bed, Maya rubbed her underarms and waist, looked at me and said, “Idiot. It’s burning. Look what you have done.” As I peeped into her body, I had actually left my teeth marks on her waist and underarms. I closed my mouth with my fingers and giggled at her.

We got up and ordered food. Maya cleaned the living room where she had ejaculated. She flicked my mother’s saree and blouse as I had torn her blouse into two pieces. She actually lifted her blouse and panty near the main door.

I displayed them to me with a staring smile, saying, “See how wildly you have behaved with me today.” I gave a casual expression, “How else can a guy behave when such a sultry, beautiful woman is standing in front of him? It’s a miracle that I held myself back for 5 years. Mind you.”

Maya gave a staring smile at me again and threw her torn blouse and ripped bra on my face. We finished our lunch, and after a final kiss, Maya packed her dress and pieces of it and left at 5 p.m. to pick up her daughter from dance school. She actually left braless and without wearing a panty.

I had also ripped the bra hooks apart instead of unhooking them, and her panty was as wet as it was soaked in a bucket of water for hours.

So, friends, this was my real-life sexual encounter with my school physics teacher, Maya Iyer. Please let me know your feedback on my story about doing kinky stuff with her celebrating our sexiversary. You could also write to me at my email id .