Fucked My Team Leader at the Call Center – Part 2

Hello everyone, I am Vikarn, back with the second part of my story. First, I would like to thank you all for reading my story and giving me good feedback and ISS for publishing my story.

Let us continue with the story.

After a long time of eyeing Shruti Ma’am, I finally got my chance and enjoyed it a lot. I started planning everything to take it to the next level. So, here’s how things proceeded. The next day, I woke up early, around 5 pm, went to the gym, and worked out for an hour or so.

Then I went to the office and started working. At around 8 p.m., Shruti ma’am called me. She said that she would be coming to the office late because of some urgent work. She asked me to wait for her before I went to dinner.

Around 9 pm, I saw her enter the cafeteria. I went there and sat down at one of the tables. She walked in and sat down beside me. We ordered our food and ate it. I was very excited about this opportunity. I wanted to take it to the next level. But I needed to plan it carefully.

So, after eating, I asked, “Can we talk for a while?”

Shruti: Sure, Vik, what is it?

Me: I wanted to ask if you are OK. You look too tired. What happened?

Shruti: Don’t ask Vik. My younger sister Anupama came from Mumbai today for a couple of days. I had to go to the airport to pick her up, and I have been awake since then.

Me: Oh, so that is why you are looking so tired today. Why don’t you leave early today and have some good sleep?

Shruti: Yes, but I do not know if I can since I got some work.

Me: I understand. If you want, after the shift, I will drive you to your home since you are too tired. I’m sure you won’t be able to drive, and if I drive, you can have some sleep as well.

She smiled and said,

Shruti: Thanks, Vik, that would be great.

Me: No problem, Shruti, it will be my pleasure.

We finished our work, and we left around 6 am. It was only 10 minutes since I started driving. She had already closed her eyes and slept.

We reached her society, and I tried to wake her up, but she was not getting up. I splashed some water on her face. Then she woke up slowly.

Me: Shruti, we have reached. Where should I park your car?

She pointed me towards her parking, and I said, “OK, now I should call my cab and leave.

Shruti: Do not worry, dear, come up for a coffee.

Me: But your husband and Anupama will be there, na. How can I come up?

Shruti: Don’t worry, my husband is not in Delhi, and Anupama won’t mind.

Me: OK, sure.

I entered her home. It was a good 3 BHK. I saw Shruti fall on the couch and close her eyes, and she was looking really tired.

Then, I saw Anupama entering the room. I was stunned to see another hot and sexy woman in the same room. I smiled at her, and she smiled back. Shruti introduced me, saying I was her colleague and came here to drop me off.

Me: Hi Anupama, nice to meet you.

Anupama: Nice to meet you, too.

And then Anupama left for her room. Meanwhile, Shruti said, “Vik, I need one more help. Take me to my room, and then, if you want, you can leave.” I held her hands and slowly took her to her bedroom and put her down on the bed.

Shruti: Thank you, Vik. I really appreciate your help.

Me: No problem.

I stood there for a few seconds, and then I asked, “Shruti, anything else you need?”

Shruti: I want to take a bath. Before leaving, please turn on the geyser, dear.

I did as she said and decided to take this opportunity. So I asked if I could help her in the bathroom. She, with a wicked smile, said, “Of course, dear.” I followed her into the bathroom, and she said, ” Vik, I want to take a bath. Can you wash my back for me?” I said, “Sure, dear, with pleasure.”

I washed her back slowly and gently, and she moaned softly. I asked if she needed anything else. She said, “Yes, can you rub my feet, please?” I rubbed her feet with soap. I must say, she had amazing feet. I never had any fantasy about feet, but seeing her well-toned and cleaned feet, I wanted to kiss them.

So, while rubbing her feet, I took her feet and gave a gentle kiss on her left toe. She knew where it was leading, and she didn’t say anything. She just closed her eyes. I got her approval. I started sucking her thumb and then kissed her knee, and she moaned a little.

I continued rubbing her feet and liking her knee. Using my tongue, I went up and started liking and biting her beautiful left thigh. She moaned again and said, “Vik, slowly, I’m here. Take your time. Don’t bite hard.” I started licking her left thigh.

Then I switched and held her right leg and started sucking her toes. She started rubbing her boobs over her clothes and was continuously moaning. Suddenly, I heard Anupama’s voice. I remembered I had left the bedroom door open.

Anupama entered the bathroom and saw me kissing her thighs. She was stunned to see us in such a position. Shruti saw Anupama, and she was shocked to see her. Shruti asked me to stop and quickly shut the door. I was shocked and didn’t know what to do.

I went out of the bathroom, and Anupama was still standing outside,

Me: Sorry, Anupama, I thought you were not in the house.

We knew now Anupama would tell everything to Shruti’s husband. I was waiting in the bedroom for Shruti to come so that we could convince Anupama and defend myself.

Shruti came and said, “Sorry, Anu, It’s not like what you are seeing. I really love Vik, and he loves me too. I will soon get a divorce.” Anupama slowly said, “Didi, don’t worry. It’s fine. I won’t tell anything to jiju.”

Shruti: Thanks, Anu. I really appreciate it.

Anupama: No problem, I will talk to you later about this, and I’ll go now.

After she left, Shruti and I felt so relieved. I asked if she wanted to continue. Shruti said, “Of course, babe.” Hearing her yes, I quickly locked the room this time. I took her to the bathroom and closed the bathroom door as well. Now I removed her saree and her petticoat.

I made her sit on a small single-seater table under the shower and turned the shower on. I sat on my knees and started kissing her thighs again. Now, I slowly made my path upwards with my tongue. I started kissing her pussy over her black panty.

It was completely wet because of the shower. I started feeling the heat and beautiful aroma coming from her panty and pussy. She moaned softly and pushed my head harder. I bit her pussy, and then I removed her panty and opened her legs.

I started sucking her pink pussy and inserted my tongue, and started tongue fucking her pussy. She held my hair and started moaning harder and harder. By this time, my dick was completely erect. I made her stand and came behind her, removed my clothes.

I hugged her from behind very tightly. My dick was already inside her beautiful round ass. I started spooning her, and I unhooked her blouse and removed it from the front. I pulled her bra down, and her beautiful boobs popped out. I held her erect nipples and started playing it.

I was biting and sucking her neck from behind. Now I removed my hands from her boobs and started touching her pussy while drilling her sweet and smooth ass. I whispered, ” I love you, Shruti.” She said, “I love you too. Vik.” I slowly inserted my middle finger in her pussy.

She moaned louder. I inserted 2 fingers inside her pussy while fucking her ass from behind and started finger fucking her hard. In 8 minutes, I felt warm liquid inside her pussy. She started cumming on my fingers. She started moaning very loudly and pulled me in front of her.

She made me sit on the table now. She sat on her knees and held my dick and started stoking up and down slowly. I said, “Oh, Shruti!” My dick was already very hard by ass fucking. When she started stroking, I started to cum. She took my hard dick inside her mouth and started sucking hard.

I cum inside her mouth. Now, after we both had our orgasm, we hugged each other and stood under the shower for a few minutes. Then we both bathed each other. After bathing, I took her in my hands, and we went to the bedroom. I dropped her on her bed.

I lay next to her, and we both were very wet. We sat on top of her and started licking the water droplets from her neck. I went up to her lips and held her lips inside my mouth. I started sucking it hard and sucked and bit her tongue. She was equally receptive to the kiss. She was also sucking was mouth.

Then I removed my mouth and went down. I held her boobs and put them inside my mouth, and started sucking and biting her nipples. She almost started shouting with her moans and hearing that voice. My dick started erecting again. I went down more and kissed her pussy, and tried to insert my tongue inside.

Before that, she pulled me down and held my hard dick. She sat on it and opened her legs and adjusted her pussy on my dick, and started riding it hard. She started moving her hips faster and faster. I fucked her harder and harder. She started moaning louder and louder.

She said, “Vik, harder, I’m your bitch, fuck me harder.” I held her hips and made her lie down. I held her thighs and opened them wide and inserted my dick, and started ramming her hard. She started moaning and shouting.

I said, “Baby, I’m going cum now.” I ejaculated inside her, and she screamed and cum, and we both had our second orgasm.” I collapsed on her boobs, and she held my face and kissed me passionately and said, “Vik, I love you so much.”

I said, “Shruti, I love you too.” We both slept for some time and then I woke up at 1:00 pm. Shruti was still asleep. I left a note saying, “I’m leaving now, darling, and we’ll meet in the office. Bye and Love you.”

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