Life is not straight line

Hello All. I hope you all are doing well. This story belongs to Prachi Shinde, which will have multiple episodes. Without wasting any time, I will walk through the real incident.

I am Prachi, and married to Amar. We both married in 1988, and our is a love marriage. It was not an easy road for us to convince our parents. Finally, we ran out of the village and got married in Pune.

I was 22 when I got married, and Amar is 27 years old. We didn’t get any support or money from our parents after the marriage, and we both struggled a lot in life.

Amar did not have a government job, but he was a skilful and smart person. He works in a private company along with him. I used to work for another company. I completed my BA, and my English is good.

Our sex life is very good with him. I used to sleep nude beside him every night.
I became pregnant early, and we both decided to have one kid. It was not easy for us. We didn’t get any support from our parents during my pregnancy.

I did not quit the job and managed my delivery. We have a son, and Amar decided to leave this country to earn more. I understand his frustration. He did not get good support from the office, kid responsibility, financial status, and no parental support.

It took close to two years to complete the formalities, and we moved to Dubai. Amar got a good job, and I didn’t work for a few months. Later, I started to work there, and we saved the amount. We both decided on one kid, and I got an operation for not having the kids.

We used to have sex almost every day, and I used to sleep without clothes with my hubby. It’s become a habit for me to sleep nude beside him. After 3 years, we visited the home town. Luckily, our parents started to talk with us, and they showered their love on my son. It’s an emotional movement.

After that, we visited the town again. This time, my in-laws shifted to Pune from our hometown. We bought the flat in the same apartment where my in-laws stay.

After that, we decided to settle in Pune as we earn more money for my kid’s education and other things. We lived close to 15 years in Dubai and came back to Pune. Amar is a Civil Engineer, and he got a job in Pune with a decent salary. I joined a company but left in two years.

My in-laws had passed away, and we got the flat from them. Amar did not force me for a job as we receive rent from my in-laws’ flat.

Amar gave the credit to one of the people in the apartment. He calls him uncle as he is a close friend of his dad. He was not able to return the money, and his uncle registered his house in Amar’s name. We did not force him to register it, but he did so. After a year, I got a job in an MNC company.

During that time, Pune was booming with Western companies, and I had fluent English. Company shift timings were 2:00 pm to 10:30 pm, and it’s perfect for me. I have a transport facility and a work-life balance.

It’s a European company, and its culture is different. I used to work with foreign colleagues in Pune. They are from the UK, and the outfits are seductive and tempting to opposite-gender in the office.

They are older than me but wear deep-neck outfits. It motivated me to join the gym. I reduced my fat weight, and my hubby encouraged me to go to the gym every day. He encouraged me to wear a seductive dress to the office, but I never took it seriously. He makes fun of me that no one sees my boobs and ass.

One fine day, Amar’s uncle passed away, and his flat was not in good condition. We both were not interested in repairing the flat, and we leased it out to a bachelor guy.

That Bachelor person is working in the same company and the same shift as me but a different process. His name is Madhan, and he is a fresher. We both go to the office in the same cab, but he is an innocent person. He always focuses on work but on the girls around him.

We live on the second floor, and Madhan is on the first floor. We have a total of 4 flats in that society. Things were good for the next six months.

One day, my hubby told me that he spotted a girl along with Madhan. He told me that a fair girl was sitting behind him on the bike. It’s a common thing. But my husband told me that the girl looked very beautiful. He told me she looked like me when I was 22.

Then, I opened my Facebook and went through the female profiles of the Madhan process. 3 girls are working on his process, and all 3 are on my friend list. He identified the girl, and she was Divya Mehta. She looks like a Tamanna actress. She has fair, curly hair, red lips, and a sexy figure.

Divya has many followers, but she is engaged and about to marry. I know her very well, and she did not entertain anyone. Later a week, my hubby came back from the market and told me that he saw Divya in the parking lot.

He told me that, “Divya has an affair with Tenant. I will ask him to leave the flat.”

Me: Cooldown, patidev! She visited our house to invite us to her wedding.

Hubby: Oh! When is her first night?

Me: Stop making fun.

Hubby: You had the same measurement when you were her age.

Me: Hmmm.

Hubby: Divya’s boobs are looking like your boobs.

Me: Enough, stop it.

Hubby: Something is cooking between Divya and Tenant.

Me: Stop it. I know her very well.

Then my hubby came near to me and removed my dress. He fucked me and said, “I am missing our young days. Divya looks like you.”

After a few days, he started to talk about Divya on the bed. We both were nude on the bed, and it was like 1 in the morning.

He: Prachi! When Divya is losing her virginity?

Me: Might she lose her virginity? She was married two days back.

He: Tenant might have crushed her pussy.

Me: I don’t think so. He is a good person, and Divya doesn’t have any affairs.

He: She is gorgeous in the nude and must moan loudly on her first night.

I was surprised by my hubby’s comments. I never hear about other women from my hubby. He talks dirty with me, but we never had another woman conservation in bed.

He hugged me and pressed my boobs, and bit my nipples hard. He put his hand on my boob and the other on my ass cheek.

He: Prachi! Ask her about her first night. I am interested to know about her fucking session.

Me: Why are you keen to know about it? You are thinking too much about her.

He: Bitch! I told you, she looks like you. My dick always raises when I imagine her.

And then he came on me and pushed his dick inside my pussy. He fucked me and said, “I want to see her nude.”

Me: Are you mad?

He: You bitch! Please help me. I want to see her nude and want to fuck you.

I slapped his cheeks and said, “Don’t talk rubbish. We have been married for 20 years. I always satisfy you on the bed. Don’t bring Divya in between us. She is a good lady, and I don’t want you to think bad about her.”

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